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NEW YORK In an interview to be published on Sunday in The New York Times Magazine, former White House correspondent/escort Jeff Gannon (real name James Guckert) predicts: "At some point in the future, everyone is going to have a picture on the Internet that they are unhappy about."
He also reveals that he'd "like to get back into journalism. I'm hoping someone will offer me a job as a commentator or one of those political analysts that you see on the news shows all the time."
Asked about running a gay escort service, he pulls a Mark McGwire. He does not deny it, but he says: "Don't let that confuse the issue. We have driven so many good people from public service through the politics of personal destruction." But, cryptically, he admits that people in the White House press office "probably treated me better than I deserved."
The one-page interview, by Deborah Solomon, which carries the headline "Blogged Down" and refers to Gannon as a "shill," is accompanied by a warm and fuzzy black and white photo of Gannon in a sweater, a far cry from the naked torso familiar to millions in recent weeks.
He quit his job at GOPUSA/Talon News last month, although in the Times interview he reveals that it was not much of a paying gig, as he only "received a kind of stipend." He said he earned that stringer arrangement with GOPUSA, with no journalism experience, after "a breakfast meeting" in Washington with owner Bobby Eberle.
Gannon denied gaining access to the White House via a special relationship with the press secretary, Scott McClellan, although he admitted trying to "curry favor with him."
Asked about his views on gay marriage, given that he is a Republican, Gannon said that, speaking for himself, "I actually like being alone. I have decided that is how I want to live. I have a dog named Wisnton. I am still the same to Winston, no matter what, and there is comfort in that. Winston doesn't watch the news."
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