Gannon Cannon - Part 3
Bush/FBI/CIA/IRS Role In Murders Of Federal Judge's Family

By Sherman H. Skolnick
They dare not tell you about it. That would antagonize their patrons, the Aristocracy. Knowing how to survive is the spy-riddled, oil-soaked, massive tax-cheating Monopoly Press.
Details you need to know:
In 1995, formerly with the IRS, was Chicago U.S. District Judge Wayne R. Andersen [312 435-7xxx]. He had on his civil docket a troublesome piece of litigation. Among the charges and claims in the suit was that top officials of the Chicago IRS had secretly taken for their own personal benefit, and not for the public Treasury, some fifty million dollars belonging to a tax-payer. And that some of this ended up with Bill and Hillary Clinton to keep them from going to prison for embezzling a savings and loan association in Little Rock, Arkansas.
Each District Judge, to deal with their heavy docket of cases, and to hear evidentiary matters, has under their wing a U.S. Magistrate Judge. So this hot potato was steered over to Joan Humphrey Lefkow, at the time a U.S. Magistrate Judge.
Judge Lefkow kept resisting hearing the facts of the top IRS corruption. After all, Judge Andersen's wife also had a role previously with the IRS and became a State judicial official. I was one of the accusers prepared with all the facts, yet Lefkow cut short the hearing. Apparently by pre-arrangement with Judge Lefkow, waiting just outside her open courtroom door was a top Clinton Justice Department official, who had flown in especially to confront me.
In the presence of my associates, the top honcho told me as my wheelchair rolled out the door, that I have to quit putting into the court record details of the IRS corruption and mentioning it on my weekly Public Access Cable TV Program. Such as, that the IRS was covering up that the Chief Judge of the U.S. Bankruptcy Court was part of a federal courthouse gang that illegally skimmed off some 141 Million dollars from the bankruptcy rackets and had it kept offshore. And that such Chief Judge had not paid taxes for some 30 previous years as corruptly approved of and condoned by the Chicago IRS.
I retorted that it was all true; it was in the court record and not disputed by IRS. He said if I did not stop, he was going to the Chief Judge and have me grabbed and clapped into jail, wheelchair and all.
Lefkow's Deputy U.S. Marshal came to the open door and said the Judge could hear everything we were saying and wanted us to get away from the door. I told her to get the Judge to do something to stop me from being thus threatened as a litigant in her court right at the Judge's door. The deputy said the Judge refused and that the Judge said we should get away from the door.
My investigations from that point forward convinced me that Judge Lefkow was aiding and abetting Judge Andersen in covering up top-level massive Chicago IRS corruption.
Judge Lefkow and her now murdered husband, Michael Lefkow, a church official and lawyer, were very tight with the writers and owners and operators of a Chicago-based entertainment weekly, called the Chicago Reader.
The publication greatly profits from sex ads, including those from "call boy" and "call girl" operations, that is, traveling whorehouses. Some of the advertisements seek to reportedly make available some of the teen-age prostitution ring supervised by Daddy Bush, from Omaha, through Chicago, to the District of Columbia.
The Escort Service, or whorehouse, operated by Jeff Gannon, possibly alias Johnny Gosch, reportedly used ads in the Chicago Reader as part of their activities to use sex to penetrate public officials and to spy on them for blackmail and espionage purposes. According to some accounts, Gannon stayed upstairs at the White House with George W. Bush and entered the White House without being logged in as required.
In the years past, the CIA and FBI operations in the Chicago-area used a series of so-called "massage parlors" to secretly;photograph various public officials in sexually compromising situations. These units drew in patrons through sex ads in the Chicago Reader. The highly corrupt Chicago IRS, aware of these activities, did nothing to stop the massive tax-cheating condoned and arranged by the FBI and the American CIA.
The guru, consultant, and apparent fund-raiser for the Chicago Reader has been Don Rose. In a series of college seminars, public speeches, and authored articles, starting about 1969 and thereafter, I fingered Rose as the apparent brains behind CIA agents provocateurs including Rennie Davis, Abbie Hoffman, Jerry Rubin, Tom Hayden, and others.
For example, Rose reportedly used a CIA successor front to the American Civil Liberties Union, ACLU, to supervise the provocateurs that confronted the police and the National Guard, at the 1968 Democratic Convention Riots in Chicago.
[Visit <> series "Anti-War Movement" for highly detailed account.]
Through CIA conduits, pass-throughs, and fronts, as Foundations, Rose reportedly manipulated, as purported consultant, many of the civil rights and peace movement figures. He got them massive publicity only if they followed his orders. Favorable press coverage was arranged by Rose through a family-member of his, a top official of the American CIA's wire service, United Press International, UPI.
Rose was a prolific writer and could write numerous articles under various pen-nanes, as if he were a man or a woman. He was the publisher and principle writer of the "Hyde Park-Kenwood Voices", a publication circulated near Rockefeller's University of Chicago. "The Voices" sought to make it acceptable for CIA-paid provocateurs to throw bags of excrement at the police, and to make sexual perversions and dope "fashionable". These ideas, as their guru, Rose robbed off onto the writers, owners and operators of the Reader.
As I numerous times in the past detailed, Rose's activities were financed, in part, by front groups acting for the Vatican and the Catholic Church hierarchy in Chicago.
Starting in 1991, I was a regular panel member, and starting in 1995, moderator/producer of a weekly very popular Public Access Cable TV Program in Chicago. Later in the 1990s, we fingered a top FBI official, heading their "counter-terrorism" unit, for protecting and whitewashing the Russian mafiya in Chicago.
The Russians took over a great deal of the Chicago "Red Light" district, and were specialists in stealing identities from credit cards, and peddling very superior counterfeit currency. All this while the top officials of the Chicago FBI "counter-terrorism" unit and the U.S. Secret Service, failing to enforce anti-counterfeit laws, granted near total immunity to the Russian criminals operating in the Chicao-area.
The Russian gangsters in the Chicago-area ostensibly became a bigger and bigger financial force with the sex ads and related matters in the Chicago Reader.
Judge Lefkow's murdered husband, Michael F. Lefkow had interesting connections. He was a lawyer and church official. He was Secretary of the Episcopal Church Diocese of Chicago Standing Committee and member of St. Luke's Episcopal Church, in Chicago's northern suburb of Evanston.
For 2001-2002, he chaired the Chicago Bar Association Referral Service. He initiated a referral panel of lawyers for victims of clergy sexual abuse.
Some contend he got kick-backs for helping the Catholic Archdiocese knock out claims regarding priest sexual abuse, thus saving the Church many millions of Dollars.
Lawyer Lefkow's close pal, Michael Miner, of the Chicago Reader, wrote a lengthy piece for the publication for the week of February 18, 2005, just prior to the double murder of Judge Lefkow's husband and mother. The article, entitled "Did Shanley Get Screwed?", tended to support the Boston Catholic Archdiocese. Some contend that lawyer/church official Lefkow may have assisted Miner with little-known data to marginalize those who somehow remember or later recall sexual abuse by priests. Did lawyer Lefkow assist with ideas to knock down claims of sexual abuse victims, saving the Church hierarchy many millions of dollars of claims? If so, was he paid under the table accordingly?
The Special Federal Prosecutor in the Valerie Plame Affair, reportedly needed the assistance of judges in the federal courthouse to behind the scenes assist with some federal grand jury problems which may lead up to a federal criminal indictment of George W. Bush himself. Most of the federal judges in the federal courthouse in Chicago are GOP appointees. Judge Lefkow, on the other hand, was appoinred to the U.S. District Court in 2000 by Clinton.
Did the Special Federal Prosecutor find it necessary to "persuade" Judge Lefkow to help with the grand jury problems, by twisting her arm somewhat as to the foregoing? And did her apparent unsavory business links and that of her husband tend to come out as a result?
The murder of the Judge's family members appear to be a political assassination. And in such, the press-fakers almost never ask the obvious question: WHO BENEFITS? This series raises questions the liars and whores of the press are fearful to ask.
More coming. Stay tuned.
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