'Myth Busters' TV Slams
Free Energy Devices

From Ted Twietmeyer
These self-proclaimed "myth busters" should themselves be busted off television for incredibly bad science. And for assisting the oil companies to increase their iron grip on everyone.
The bad Abbott and Costello pair performed narrow minded, non-scientific testing on what they labeled as "free energy." This is also known as "zero point energy." In a recent episode which aired on 2/20/05, they built their own incarnations (read that as "abortions") of well known devices. These devices were the heat driven wheel and the Bedini machine. As one would expect, the charlatans at "Myth Busters" did some VERY bad replications of both of these devices.
Their first feeble minded attempt to replicated the Bedini machine. In NO WAY did it remotely resemble what John Bedini had designed and built. A Bedini machine uses control circuits, massive coils and back-EMF to charge a battery which powers the machine. An "expert" was on hand from a local university to *help* them build it. Oscilloscopes, ammeters or voltmeters were not visible. No adjustments or measurements were even attempted. They just turned it on, watched it for a few seconds as the battery ran down, declared it myth and began to ridicule free energy technology.
Construction techniques used were a disaster. A motor driven cam operating a microswitch was controlling AUTOMOTIVE ENGINE STARTING RELAYS. One would be fortunate to make these power relays operate at 5 times/second. It is physically impossible for these relays to function any faster. Auto starting relays themselves require up to 12 watts of power themselves. There are far more efficient solid state switching devices to accomplish this. Fast switching is required to create a sufficient number of back-EMF pulses to recharge the battery.
This episode looked like a scene from a redneck trade-school. The closeups of the constructed device clearly showed no working knowledge of magnetics, as the small thick coils did not even contain an iron core. Only at shortwave radio frequencies will a coil of wire not require an iron core. The Bedini machine used massive iron or steel cores in it's construction according to photos of it that were online for years. Construction of the device used on the show, had almost no resemblance to the machine John Bedini had built. But of course, the "mythbusters" know how to build long as you don't take their acetylene torches away.
The show's "other" attempt involved duplicating the heat wheel. Without getting into construction details, their attempt at duplicating the already proven technology was also wrong according to pictures and written accounts I've read of working heat wheels. And these date back at least 10 years. The real working wheels used small propane cylinders, like the kind used on hand propane torches or portable stoves and lanterns. NOT 20 pound RV tanks, mounted radially from the center. No attempt was made to change or adjust fluid volumes, check temperatures or even discuss what their working fluid being used is.
Not one instrument was to be seen anywhere. Their feeble attempt worked, albeit very slower than the second hand on a clock. If they had constructed a replica FIRST of a working wheel, the results would have been far better. Adam (who could be a real life Curly Howard in disguise) took a serious look at the camera for a few seconds, demanding no one send him emails about his work. Who would waste their time doing so ? When it didn't appear to be a feasible concept, like Bedini's machine they immediately ridiculed and condemned it. A large heat wheel may rotate slowly, but it has great TORQUE that can be geared up for useful work. This too, was never considered as a torrent of ridicule on free energy systems was unleashed. Oil companies must have been satisified, especially if they paid thousands for this discrediting stunt.
In both of the above cases, no attempt was made to duplicate a working model first. Instead, apparently they felt "they knew better" about how it should be constructed. Those familiar with over-unity devices know quite well that construction IS extremely critical for a working device to function. And often there are construction parameters that may not appear to make sense to the novice, yet must be followed for the device to operate. Just like your car engine - if everything isn't close to perfect and within a certain narrow range of parameters, it will not start or stay running.
A ceiling fan was used to test another myth that jumping into a ceiling fan could be fatal. A head and shoulders dummy was constructed, mostly from ballistics gelatin. Never mind that the gel is designed to test the stopping power of bullets, and no ceiling fans. You would think the common sense alarm would be blaring loud enough to be heard in the next state when they were building this. Apparently all were deaf to it. And as expected, nothing really happened when the dummy was moved into the path of a home fan blade. That was the myth they were testing. A test using a commercial ceiling fan, such as the fast spinning white fans often seen in warehouses, stores and restaurants did somewhat more damage to the (wrong) dummy. But the neck still was not broken. But this wasn't enough to disprove the domestic myth of jumping on a bed into a fan.
When the two tests could not successfully decapitate or break the neck of their simulated human head, they were not satisified. So the "experts" and their shop slaves constructed their own ceiling fan...with a 3HP gasoline lawnmower engine attached to custom bare steel blades, complete with grinder sharpened edges. When it chopped off the dummy's head (big surprise ?) they all rejoiced as though they captured a living bigfoot.
Truly a new low has been reached by all.
The real dummy wasn't used on the ceiling fan.
No, it was standing on the ground, watching the foolishness taking place above and laughing hysterically. He knows who he is.
We should all be grateful that neither of these guys (or their shop slaves) were around in Edison's or Tesla's time. If they were, you would be reading this about 2 months later, on a typewriter written report in a magazine or newspaper. And by kerosene lantern. I can just see these hyper-coffee people trying to build something as delicate as a light bulb...using an acetylene torch to connect the filament ends to the stem wires.
Having followed free energy research for years using publicly available results, there have been POSITIVE results obtained by some researchers. When these devices function, two things have commonly happened - weight is lost, and the device becomes colder as the load is increased. This known as "negative energy" because the effects of it are the opposite of normal electricity. Although it must be said that many free energy devices have not passed scrutiny, there are others which have passed proof of concept AND scientific scrutiny. The Floyd Sweet VTA is one of the most famous. In front of witnesses in a space of just 4" x 4" x 6", 3,000 watts of power was produced. It was tested using a bank of thirty 100 watt light bulbs. It also lost 89% of it's weight when loaded at 3,000 watts. It was believed to be extracting it from zero point.
Other devices have efficiently broken down water into hydrogen and oxygen, allow combustion to release more energy that required to separate the water. Another device are magnetic motors being manufactured in Japan, which use permanent magnets to generate rotation and electricity. It may be found over time the magnets will weaken and the device will lose energy. But until one of these can be tested in a laboratory in the USA, we will not know.
There are many other devices which can tap into zero point energy we cannot cover here. Some of these have been slapped with a secrecy order by our loving government, which loves oil more than it's own people. The oil people are scared silly by the free energy community and watch it carefully. Oil is what controls ALL of the entire planet, and you can assured they won't give up that control peacefully. The world economy is based on it. Cheney muttered in a press conference more than two years ago, that "the war in Iraq is about oil, and always has been."
I've been concerned for years, that true working devices draw energy from EVERYTHING around them...including people.No one ever talks about the threat to human life. Something like the effects of radium on the Curies, seems to be repeated. One odd thing that seems to frequently happen to free energy researchers, is a serious degradation in their health. Floyd Sweet, a Canadian took ill soon after working his device. The author has learned that a researcher working with a hydrogen closed cycle engine also became quite ill.
If a working device is possible, then perhaps such a device would need to operate in an isolated spot away from where people normally are present. Similar to how a heat pump or airconditioner sits on a slab in a backyard.
Zero point devices may draw from the life force which all human beings have, making them quite ill. The numerous illnesses of many researches (too numerous to cover here) and so-called "accidents" of those actively involved in such research cannot be discounted. Dr. Mallove, who died last year is one of the latest in a long line. His pseudo "accident" in his own backyard was his fate.
Programs such as "Mythbusters" only help increase big oil's grip, by ridiculing any technology that threatens their grip on all of us. The government arrogantly believes that any related technology is too good for the masses, and only *they* should have access to it. Something to think about this week, when you are standing at the pump watching the blurred spinning numbers pull your hard earned money out of your pocket and into the coffers of a giga-corporation.
Ted Twietmeyer



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