Larry Flint To Publish
Major 911 Skeptic Article


L"The next big, welcome and ironic breakthrough will hit the newsstands the June first as Larry Flynt features renowned theologian Dr. David Ray Griffin in a four-page Hustler interview/article entitled "What if Everything You Knew about 9/11 was Wrong?"
Hustler is not only a major mass market rag, Flint has exploited it skillfully in the past to break major cover-ups around the FBI, Catholic clergy child abuse, the Clinton-stoners' own sexual scandals, etc. If he gets gratifying feedback on his first 9/11 effort and/or recognizes the need for more investigative follow-through, he could become a formidable ally.
In any case, in this interview he will bring the best evidence for US 9/11 complicity a giant step closer to the mass awareness it deserves."



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