Mass Firings - Sharon
Fights To Prevent Military Coup
*Special Report*

By Barry Chamish
Recall that in the wake of PM Ehud Barak's total cave-in to the PLO at Camp David, I was informed that the military was planning a coup to prevent the implementation of what would have been the end of the Israeli state. I detailed the plan as it was related to me by a high ranking officer, and a year later AP confirmed the near-coup, exactly as I reported it. The details are found in my book Save Israel.
In the past few weeks, I have been receiving similar, but sketchier reports.
PM Sharon is now scrambling to prevent another attempt at a coup d'etat. The top echelons of the IDF, Shabak and intelligence community have all reached the same conclusions: the planned Gaza withdrawal will be a security disaster. Once the withdrawal is over, Israel will no longer be able to secure its southern coastal flank. This will be the first step in the dismantling of the country.
To put an end to the coup discussions, in the past week Sharon has fired the highest ranking security officers in the country: IDF Chief of Staff, Gen. Moshe Yaalon, Shabak chief, Avi Dichter, while a member of the Knesset Foreign Affairs and Security Committee, Col. Effie Eitam, was removed from proceedings for attacking Sharon, and his leadership of the National Religious Party was suspended.. Sharon is rushing to replace the trio from their positions with his own loyalists but the race to squelch the coup will be close.
The initial plan was simple and quick. A platoon of six tanks would break down the Knesset security fences and surround the building. Those inside would be given twenty minutes to clear the area. A second tank backed by an infantry squad would take over the Israel Broadcasting Authority studios, a mile away. A smaller force would take over the studios of the government radio stations in downtown Jerusalem.
To prevent a counter-attack against the Knesset forces, an announcement of the takeover would be broadcast by TV and radio, urging supporters to join the forces at the Knesset. Estimates are that over 100,000 Jerusalemites would join the soldiers at the Knesset within an hour, while 250,000 would show their support for the coup within half a day. At that point, a new rule by a military triumvirate would be announced.
Support for the plan is strengthening and Sharon's mass firings of the nation's security heads, may not prevent it.
end of extra report
My planned American tour is slowly taking shape. Too slowly for me. Only Los Angeles has confirmed. New York and Ohio have not finalized.
The results of the last report on Daniel Pipes campaign to slander me widely are remarkable. I now have reports from numerous editors confirming that Pipes and his two flunkies threatened them if they continued publishing me.
I request an attorney to work on contingency when I arrive in America. I sought legal advice when Pipes was in Jerusalem recently and was told I have iron-clad cases against Pipes for slander, and just as good cases against the Jewish Press and AFSI Outpost for reprinting his and his gang's slanders without consulting me. The claims that could be legitimately demanded would be significant. All I need is the right attorney.
As for the Israeli branch of the Pipes crusade, a lovely complaint is being prepared for Haifa police to investigate. We've got the lunatic on harassment and a first class felony, extortion. If anyone has saved correspondence to help my cases, please send them on to me.
As usual, you can order my English books; Who Murdered Yitzhak Rabin, Israel Betrayed, The Last Days of Israel, Save Israel! and my latest, Shabtai Tzvi, Labor Zionism And The Holocaust, from me at



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