Update On Chemtrail
Oddities In Communications

By Jim Mortellero
Dear Reader:
The last time we wrote about Chemtrails and radio propagation, we had so many email responses with fantastic information that we had to write again with some of our findings. Here are some pictures of Chemtrails and an explanation as to what has happened as a result, we believe, of the spraying. These pictures were taken between the hours of 7AM and 5PM on February 13, 2005. The locations were Duchass county (Catskill Mountains), Putnam County and Westchester County.
Blue Sky In The Morning - This photo is taken in the exact position of another
which appeared on Rense. Only this one is a gorgeous morning at about 7AM.
Note the Loan Sprayer in the center of the photo. Oh, and those leaves are
dead. It's winter. Duchess County.
At State Police Headquarters in Mid NYS the trails expand. This is about
9AM. Ducthess County.
The plot and the spray thicken by 11AM. Putnam and Westchester bordering
Early afternoon, about 3PM. No more blue skies. This stuff is all over the sky.
Meaning everywhere.
Notwithstanding, they continue. It's now about 4PM.
Spraying occurs a day before any front comes through. If the spraying is being done to preclude global warming, then why spray before a storm? Under these conditions, whatever material is sprayed has a better chance of coming down in the rain or snow. Common sense? With the government, who knows?
During most of the spraying and for 48 hours after, we monitor low frequency band conditions. The frequencies monitored are from 160 meters through the AM broadcast band up to about 80 meters. We, that is, a goodly number of amateur radio operators and short wave listeners, have found that immediately after spraying, low band propagation over the areas sprayed begin to look like conditions during a solar maximum. The problem with this is in the fact that there is now a solar minimum and during most of the good band propagation, there are few mif any sunspots to cause such conditions.
A typical example is our own location. We live on a mountaintop about 250 miles from a 50,000 watt AM radio station, WABC on 770KHz. This is within the limit of good reception.  At 850KHz, another 50,000 watt radio station in Schenectady, NY, about 350 miles from us, generally comes in at night in the noise. You can hear it but the signal is weak. WABC on the other hand, comes in rather strong. That station, WGY, is outside of the limit of good reception.
After spraying, the Schenectady station booms in without fade (sans skip) and the NYC station comes in 'in' the noise. Not at all normal. I've received emails from hams all over the country who tell me about 'strange' propagation experiences on the low frequency bands. Again, 80, the AM Broadcast band and 160 meters. But the strangest of all is the following which I personally experienced. This is completely bizarre and I've heard it from a number of hams, including one rather famous amateur radio operator and radio commentator.
This occurs on the 20 meter amateur band and does not appear to be related to propagation conditions, that is, independent of the condition of the band. Transmitting "Test, this is (give the call sign) testing and standing by." Anywhere between 10 and 20 seconds later, and in the noise as if whispering, the same message comes back to me. It's my voice. But by this time, the transmission has had a chance to transmit around the globe (if indeed this is what is happening) a gazillion times. It's as if something out there, perhaps in space, is bouncing that signal back into our atmosphere but there is nothing out there at the time that we know of, and this includes the moon. So it's not moonbounce.
What this phenomena is, completely eludes even the experts. It's just not possible. It cannot happen. And yet, it does. We have a tape of this phenomena of me and two other hams, one being the famous ham I mentioned above, which we will play in a subsequent report. Anyone knowing anything about radio propagation would know this to be impossible. Anyone who has a clue as to what this may be, please, write us and tell us just what the heck you think it might be.
We cannot as yet determine if so-called Chemtrail Spraying is the guilty party, but one thing is certain, that being the more than circumstantial evidence of our experiences on low band and the 20 meter amateur band (about 28MHz) largely AFTER chemspraying. "Something is happening here but we don't know what it is ... do we, Mr. Jones ?" *
Two items which may be of interest.
Spraying in our area occurs every time a front is about to come through. And lately, this has been occurring about 2 times each week at a minimum. There is always spraying going on here and it is of great concern to a large number of thinking people.
I will relate an experience which occurred to me about two months ago. I was on duty in an unmarked cruiser on Interstate 684 which extends from Southern Putnam through Westchester Counties in NYS. I stopped at a rest area (as the truckers refer to them, a "Pickle Park") for something to drink. On leaving, I passed a TV van with it's satellite antenna extended and aimed East. Along side was a news personality and his cameraman filming the chemtrails. Not realizing that my shield and sidearm was showing (hey, I wasn't on 'bidness, I am just a regular guy about to ask a friendly question or two), I stopped my cruiser, got out and smiling, walked over to the TV news personality. His cameraman was standing next to him. As I approached, he immediately stopped filming and their own smiles disappeared from their faces, turning into deep frowns. I obviously made them very, very nervous. After 35 years, you can sense fear, as if they know they were doing something wrong and were about to pay for their crime.
However I was not approaching to frighten them. I was smiling and interested in what they were doing. So I asked the anchor, "Hi, are you guys filming the chemtrails?" No answer. I asked again, even more friendly. The anchor then answered saying, "Uh, no. We were filming auto accidents."
Auto accidents? Up in the sky? What? Superman crash into somebody up there? Still smiling. They froze up and told me the same thing. I then told them that they were aiming their camera at the chemtrails which crisscrossed the sky. They said, "Oh no. Those are merely jet contrails." I responded that contrails do not remain across the entire sky, then billow out to make the day completely cloudy. And by this time I was getting a bit annoyed.
I suddenly realized that these two men were afraid to answer the question because they thought I was going to reprimand them about doing so. The camera person kept his camera at his side, attempting all the while to do something with it and/or the film. Remove it. Tape over it. I don't know enough about the camera but he was trying frantically to do something.
I returned to my car and was mumbling to myself about the last comments the anchor made. Something about a new jet bomber which name I forgot and he was filming those contrails. I replied to ask if this Black Project has so many planes out in the Westchester County skies to leave it FILLED with dozens and dozens of contiguous contrails from horizon to horizon. This guy and his cameraman were afraid of something. And I represented part of that something. Of course, this last comment was a change of tune. At first, they were filming traffic accidents in the sky. (Like talking to a celery stalk)
As a police reservist (up here meaning that I've attended the academy unlike an auxiliary officer), as a reservist for morfe than 35 years, I am usually able to recognize people holding back from fear. It was blatantly obvious in this case. During the 35 (more actually) years I've never heard anyone speak of chemtrails, even though I've asked everyone at hq. for several years now, as one supervisor replaced another, the answer is the same. This included the Statewide meteorologist. Ask your meteorologist. The one providing you with the latest weather on TV or radio, what these chemtrails are. He won't tell you. But he knows. When the weatherman says, "Clear turning to partly cloudy this afternoon ... " he means just that. Ask him why it will be partly cloudy this afternoon when the front won't be approaching until tomorrow afternoon. Ever hear a broadcaster stutter? I did.
From Ted Twietmeyer
Jeff - The police officer experienced precisely what the work of the media has produced to create our police state mentality of fear. The same reason that someone driving 55 down a highway with a 55 speed limit sign, will still slam on their brakes at the sight of a parked police car. The fear is even within the minds of the media itself.
The reporter's silence is no mystery to you, me or other readers who know it all too well. Upon sensing their fear and trying to get them to talk, he should have shared with them his own thoughts about chemtrails to put them at ease. Unfortunately, they most likely either erased the tape or will overwrite it with other news, out of complete fear as he was suggesting. (Broadcast quality digital camera tapes are too expensive to discard, when they can be reused many times.) Clearly Dylan is a good man, and not a typical cop high on a power trip.
Again, it's interesting that the fear the reporter had has an origin from the press itself.



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