Famous UFO Crashes


Famous UFO Crashes: Maury Island, Tacoma

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Famous UFO Crashes: The Plains of San Augustin, New Mexico

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Famous UFO Crashes: Aurora, Texas

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Famous UFO Crashes: Roswell, New Mexico

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Famous UFO Crashes: Tunguska, Siberia

At 7.00am on 30th June 1908 near the lower Tunguska River, Siberia, a large explosion occurred. The explosion was so massive that ...

Alfred Lehmberg
...And how could one forget the probably better documented crash at Flatwoods, Braxton county WV, in 1952? This crash was, perhaps, better documented than any of the preceding, forgetting there's credible testimony that physical evidence was retrieved...
Please allow, Jeff, this defense of same:
I heard Stanton Friedman say that Frank Feschino's recent book on the Flatwoods "monster" and a crashed UFO would probably never win a Pulitzer. He's likely right.
Only... you'd be taking Friedman well out of context if you left it there. Maybe it's not for the reason most immediately thought of -- that reason concerning suspiciously judgmental mainstream assessments that it wasn't good enough. Polished enough. Detailed enough. Cited enough...
...Appropriate enough. Pertinent enough...
...Important enough?
I'm betting that's not Mr. Friedman's thinking, either. Verily, he seems to have a key understanding just how important Feschino's book on the affair actually is.
Indeed, a close look at Mr. Faschino's book and detailed research begs the question. ~Is~ it good enough?
The reader discovers he doesn't have to squint his eyes very much, at all, to begin to wonder if that might, indeed, be so. That's right. It might be *good* enough, after all...
What did Mr. Pulitzer exhort the intrepid aspirates for his prize to do, ~anyway~, but:
a. Unflinchingly ~study~ the social, political, and moral realities of fellow human beings.
b. Make ~accurate~ records of the expressions regarding the character displayed by these fellow individuals, and...
c. Report, equally unflinchingly, on the principles of the aggregate world condition as it is, and has been... reflected by the persons ~employing~ these principles.
I submit that a case could be made that Mr. Feschino has abundantly addressed each of the preceding points in turn... and in spades. That's right.
...But he'll never win a Pulitzer. He can't. To recognize Frank Feschino for a Pulitzer is to knock a supporting cornerstone from the edifice of a stagnant, officious, and largely illegitimate "status quo" we all continue to endure. Feschino can't get a Pulitzer, flatly, because the establishment lacks the sack it needs to cut its own throat to ~give~ him one.
I won't pretend that this is ~enough~ justification for an establishment's reluctance to take its own life. Some throats, very likely, ~should~ be cut, I suspect, but I digress.
Be much of that as it may, Frank Feschino took more than 15 years of his life to rationally actualize on one startling set of very unsettling conclusions about a crashed UFO. These were conclusions sensibly kindled by a chance serendipitous interview he'd made near the start of his remarkable quest, an interview ~startling~ ...even during a ~first~ investigative wash! After that interview the data would accumulate steeply over the next decade and change what began as a garden variety school project... and turn it into a life's work / consuming occupation.
In this investigative effort he was, again, ~unflinching~ in a study of the sociopolitical realities revealed to him. He was made aware of moral and ethical sub-realities that these larger 'realities' further implied. Indeed 'Reality' was revealed, considered, and then assiduously chronicled by him. In the final analysis (and we'd have never heard about it otherwise, good reader), Feschino came, he saw, and he wrote it down.
The data ~are~ revealing. Feschino reports them to us in detail. Indeed, we weren't in 'Kansas' any more after 1952... and may not, I submit (remembering a wealth of ancient history indicating same), have ~ever~ been in 'Kansas'.
...We're not in 'Kansas'... now. Get used to it.
That aforementioned tumultuous "interview", an interview, incidentally, with the ranking military person very ~peculiarly~ involved with the Flatwoods affair (...a hard as nails hero of the second world war...) occurred in a moment of idle interest born of distracted and tentative ~conjecture~ on the part of an unassuming Mr. Feschino. Mr. Feschino's initial interest, actually, was with regard to a little film documentary he might put together about the Flatwoods "myth," for school. What it turned into would be a taproot into the most important events of our (or any other) time, or... yes...
...Even ~more~ compelling evidence that we are not alone in billions of years of space, time, and surface area... a googleplex of alien surface areas and maybe even a googleplex of aliens to inhabit them! More than the reader ~can~ imagine is hidden behind a grain of sand held at arms length, sir and madam. The warm breath of unguessed infinity is only the beginning of the beginning for all of us.
...We are not alone, folks. An antithesis is ludicrous. Moreover, all the major propeller heads, a few of the high-domes, and a smattering of the leading-edge, vetted, and credentialed intelligentsia think it's ludicrous, too. I digress, again. Sorry.
Something occurred in Braxton County, West Virginia September 12, 1952. The data are beyond convincing. Something occurred as surely as flying saucers came close to landing on the White House lawn in July of the same year... and they ~did~ come close to landing on the lawn, reader. Believe that, too.
In the town of Flatwoods, Braxton county West Virginia... on a warm Indian Summer evening and interrupting playing children and relaxing adults at the end of their working day... multiple objects interacted with multiple witnesses, people were made ill, and a dog ran home in gibbering fright... then subsequently died. None of the participants were ever the same again.
Justifying a Pulitzer, Mr. Feschino makes a durable record of the expressions of character displayed by ~dozens~ of individuals concerned with, and material to, this affair... people both guilty and innocent in the affair... by persons both truth telling and glibly ~lying~ regarding the affair... by folks both brave and cowardly, warm and cold, by persons encountered on a foggy 'audit trail' Feschino was compelled to plod... a trail ~rife~ with dead ends, detours, and official double-dealings. It's quite a ride. Mr. Toad has nothing on Mr. Feschino.
Moreover, the satisfied requirements for Mr. Feschino's Pulitzer seem to steadily resolve.
Verily, Mr. Feschino risked bodily harm on numerous occasions during his investigation. This threat would come, ironically, as a result of the very persons from which he'd have to draw his story. Consider.
In fourteen years, Mr. Feschino was too often mistaken for the same kind of cheap-shot reporter or faux-journalist investigator who'd glutted the area since that fateful night. These were the axe-grinding skeptibunkers coyly generating the disdain, the derision, and the patent disrespect stalwart Flatwoods witnesses had had to ~endure~ for half a century -- an unwarranted contempt and ridicule imposed from 'above' that innocent people had unjustly suffered... punished by their own society for having the temerity to stand up and report the highly strange account they had all had on that bizarre September night. The "Mothman Mechanism" at work again.
I suspect Feschino had had his shirt-front grabbed more that a few times by this angry group of betrayed citizenry. He was so threatened on more than one occasion.
Again, with regard to Pulitzer, the questions remain begged. Has not Mr. Feschino reported on the principles of the aggregate world and the condition reflected by them? Has he not spent many years tirelessly trying to ferret out important details that would have gone undiscovered and unreported but for his painstaking research and unflinching perseverance? Has he not validated a couple of generations of innocent persons trying to come to grips with the inexplicable thrust upon them? Has he not vindicated these people to some extent and alleviated some of their suffering as a result of his work? Such a person may have earned ~more~ than a mere Pulitzer at the denouement.
Does 'Nobel' have a category that applies?
All things equal? Feschino earns his Pulitzer. He has more sack than ~many~ who've aspired to that prize, I suspect. Moreover, I'll bet Mr. Friedman agrees with me. Feschino wins ~my~ award, at any rate.
Along those same lines, Mr. Feschino can not be faulted for his brave attempt to fill the societally imposed "information void" (he suffers with the rest of us) by starting at the ~end~ of an incredible story rife with suspicious details and curious facts... and then working arduously -- modeling, graphing, and plotting backwards on that stark trail... trying, thoughtfully, to connect these ephemeral dots... flesh out one ~more~ 'official' story that won't add up from the 'official' account... This is a key concept, folks.
Indeed, his admitted speculations and clearly identified personal beliefs may actually add up, ironically, to the astonishing conjectures he reports in his book. It just may be, reader, that there ~was~ an aerial battle with ET out in the Atlantic that night in 1952. It may ~be~ that 8 to 10 American jets were destroyed in that struggle, their crews lost. Perhaps one Lt. Jones and crew, valiantly sacrificing themselves, even ~rammed~ one of the UFOs, bravely, with his plane in the one-sided fight ~we~ likely provoked...
It may be.
Given that a postwar American military was aggressively over-touchy and otherwise spring-loaded on the balls of their very twitchy feet... especially after the repeated over-flights of prohibited airspace in Washington D.C. the previous July... it's ~not~ that much of a stretch that it would react decisively to multiple UFO's and their blithe transgressions of an imaginary fighting line on the coastal ADIZ (Air Defense Identification Zone) with state of the art jet aircraft, folding-fin aerial rockets, and exploding 50 caliber machine gun fire! Further, Feschino's speculation is ~not~ unreasonable given the statement by Benjamin Chidlaw, a four star general commanding the very high profile "Air Defense Command", to wit: that many "planes and crews" had been "lost" trying to "intercept UFOs"... these are his words, it's reported.
Mr. Feschino is not making the story up, at any rate, I'm confident. Mr. Feschino is trying to make sense of the very real story that is already there. Extant is a ~sincerity~ in his book, as a result, that ~this~ writer can relate to and find some substance in.
Additionally, I don't believe, especially after having spoken with him for a couple of hours (where I asked some pretty pointed questions), that Mr. Feschino has it in him to write a sociopathic fiction, fobbed off to the credulous as fact, to crab their dollars... then smirk at that reader's "nose-bubble credulity" as he orders up goth hookers and greasy cheeseburgers. No, Feschino's only telling you the credible story he knows, or... he is otherwise hanging some 'substance' on the astonishing facts that he has uncovered.
Moreover, his book publisher, predictably weighing size against profit, winnowed down the manuscript to 350 pages, about a third of its former size. There is more there, more to the story, than you get in the published book, reader... witnesses you don't hear from... unsolicited and credible reports about other involvements, other sightings in the area, and still other startling corroborations of fact and circumstance attendant to the whole astonishing affair! It's breathtaking, actually.
Also, it's all very hard to discount. Increasingly so.
An extraterrestrial being (or artifact of et intelligence) arrived Earth-side in a damaged craft... rightly or wrongly terrorized an entire ~town~ of good, sober, and horse-sensed people in September of 1952, and then the government worked furiously, if deceptively, to cover it all up... impugning the honor of the aforementioned citizenry (and ourselves!) in the process... Tragic, needless, and senseless sadness.
As Feschino wrote to me in the inscription of the review copy he sent:
"The questions and answers I have provided in this book are only the beginning..."
I suspect that quote comes up as a bit of an understatement from Mr. Feschino. But that's my feeling. I'm comfortable going with it. I submit you can too.
Get more info about Mr. Feschino's book at:
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