UFOs And ETs In India's
Culture And Arts

By Sudipta Guha
Special Correspondent
India Daily

Country side village residents near Boalput in West Bengal are reporting strange activities in the sky surrounding the Nobel Laureate Rabindranath Tagore's heaven of cultire and arts - the Vishwabharati University in Shantiniketan!
According to poor villagers, these are "Gods" from heavens who really like to understand world's most spophisticated and advanced culture of arts and litterature. UFO sighting, presence of alliens in the area is being reported. According to sources, the University is tight lipped about anything. However, it seems something is going on there specially in the India-China cultural center.
According to some, the aliens are trying to understand creativity and excellence in arts and litteratire. The UFO sightings in India specially in the Hamalayas has increased very heavily in recent days.
UFO presence around Shantiniketan is not new. But the number of UFOs now are so high that villagers are experiencing them every day. Yound children are reporting seeing aliens.
Why are UFOs and aliens flocking towards Shantiniketan? The answer may lie in what Shantiniketan is! It is the cultural heaven of India for arts and litterature. India's all prominent figures starting form Indira Gandhi to Nobel laurete Amartya Sen as well world renowned film maker Satyajit Ray are students of Vishwavharati University in Shatiniketan. It is the heart beat of culture and arts in the east.
First published 11-24-4



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