Pepsi-Cola/Coca-Cola, CIA
And The Courts - Part 16
Spy Media React To Suit Against Pepsi

By Sherman H. Skolnick
How do the spy-riddled, oil-soaked monopoly press react to suits against Big Business?
If they cover the story at all, the mouthpieces of the Anglo-American Aristocracy tend to marginalize and heckle private persons bringing accusations and bad news. After all, the journalism schools of the Establishment, the Ruling Class---whatever you call THEM---persistently teach their obedient students that the only dependable statements come from "official sources", such as "for sale Congressmen and Senators", "Banker-Judges", bribe-taking heads of government agencies, and blackmailable and/or criminally insane
occupants of the White House. That is, self-serving statements from the shills of governance, most often ruling without the consent of those governed.
Carefully forgotten is the sorry history of America's fraudulent elections for high office.
News from peons petitioning government tribunals for redress of grievances are on their face suspect. Likewise to be quickly rejected are the statements of activists and reformers addressing calls to action to their fellow citizens.
So it was a typical happening when CBS Network's outlets in Chicago, WBBM-TV and WBBM Radio, received a press release about a suit filed February 15, 2005, in the State Court in town.
It started out, Robert J. Corr, owner of a beverage firm, accused Pepsi of using "corruptly begotten" court judgments, implicating a federal judge in destroying Corr's trademark and contract rights as against Pepsico et al.[Part 15 of this series.]
So a WBBM reporter, John J. Cody, suddenly knows exactly where to reach Mr. Corr. The supposed reporter, an old-timer, apparently did not see fit to consult the damage suit details just filed. No, the reporter wanted instead to immediately tape sound bites of the accuser
In law jargon, the finger-pointer in a civil suit is called the plaintiff; the accused, naturally, are labeled the defendants.
The reporter lures the plaintiff to be "off-guard", by stating "I am very interested in your suit. I will be following the progress of the suit and will be taping sound bites of you in the next few weeks". So the pigeon, thus duped, is led to falsely believe that the wonderful monopoly press is going to greatly publicize his denunciations of Pepsico, several of their units, and their attorneys, named defendants in a civil damage suit. Claims against them as to using corrupt and fraudulently begotten judgments, as to theft of records, misappropriation of trade secrets, interference with business, corporate espionage, and other matters.
The practices of CBS and their local major outlets are typical of Big Brother. The liars and whores of the press have perfected their practices over a period of decades.
Civil rights and anti-Viet Nam War activists were contacted by the network outlets, as well as by the major print media. The targets, too often completely blank on the history of the press and their practices, usually think to themselves "Wow, I am going to be in the NEWS. I am going to be heard!"
The pretended interviews, fully audio taped, filmed, in later years videoed, would consist of eliciting personal data. Do you represent yourself or do you have a lawyer? Where do you work? What do your siblings and parents work at? Where were you educated? Are your activities financed? By whom? Are you sure you know what you are talking about in your damage suit? Who are your witnesses?
The product of such interviews seldom or never went on the air. Instead couriers would deliver transcripts of the interviews to the FBI, or to an unmarked office in Virginia of the American CIA. And delivered as well quietly to the attorneys for the Big Business accused. So that spy-agency paid agents provocateurs could steer such activists into getting busted. "Don't just sit idle there. Come on, let's fire-bomb the Draft Board." Or, that hired guns of Big Business could get a head start in torpedoing the dissidents before they go much in Court.
(Briefly, I taught how to conduct investigations to naive students at a broadcast school---very briefly, until the school bosses could not stomach me further and ran me out. My teaching of how to finger bagmen and corrupters and government-paid provocateurs was terminated. I found out that nearby, in an unmarked office, were working the couriers of these transcripts from the spy media.)
CBS's Chicago outlets are typical of what goes on and has gone on throughout America.
In December, 1969, an elite team of CIA assassins, later falsely described as simply local Chicgo police, assassinated, in his bed while he was asleep, Fred Hampton, head of the Illinois Black Panther Party with his wife sleeping next to him shot through the stomach; she survived and gave birth to Fred Hampton, Jr.; also murdered with Fred was an associate in the black activist movement.
WBBM-TV, Channel 2 Chicago, aired an entirely fraudulent re-creation of the event. They together with WBBM Radio knowingly falsely stated that the police shot Hampton because he was firing weapons at them. The media whores censored the fact that the murder team arrived about 4 a.m. in the morning in a truck they borrowed from the telephone company, accomplices to the assassination. (As I later in 1970 showed with suppressed documents in court, the leader of the murder team, was the same CIA-trained operative within the Chicago police, Daniel Groth, who covered up aspects of the aborted plot to assassinate President John F. Kennedy expected at a football game, some two and a half weeks before Dallas.)
In 1987, right the day before Thanksgiving, Chicago's first black Mayor, Harold Washington, was assassinated with a cup of coffee laced with a near pure mixture of Cocaine causing a fatal heart seizure. (Bank collapses and political assassinations are covered up, the best way either right before or during a holiday.)
WBBM Radio reporters, knowing I tend to be reasonable, said they wanted me for a one-hour live radio broadcast on my exclusive details of the murder of the Mayor, circulated by me through a vast chain of phone lines hooked to my sophisticated telephone message machinery. The news-fakers kept repeating the death of the Mayor was purely natural.
Among the motives I set forth for the murder of Mayor Harold Washington, a few months after his re-election, are some of the following:
===The City contract was soon to expire, with the electricity monopoly, Commonwealth Edison. The Mayor (if he lived) vowed to take over Edison's generating facilities within the city limits; facilities already amortized and fully paid for. Outside the city limits were Edison's nuclear energy generating machinery, a large cost item. Under Mayor Washington's plan, announced for his re-election, he would supply municipal-owned electricty to Chicagoans for as little as ten dollars per month per residence.
At the time, a major owner of Edison, according to U.S. government reports, was the Pope, a faraway absentee owner and landlord as to Chicago.
[A member of our group petitioned the Nuclear Regulatory Commission to forbid the Vatican from proceeding with its plans to build further Nuclear plants in Illinois, already site of the most in the nation. Federal law prohibits a foreign power, such as the Vatican, from owning nuclear facilities in the U.S. The Vatican-owned Edison arbitrarily cut off the electricity to her home, as a reprisal. She won a damage suit against the Vatican after sixteen local judges disqualified themselves, some not even Catholics, but beholden to the Church Hierarchy. [Visit <>, scroll way down to story "Electric Scandal".]
===Mayor Wasington announced he was going to stop the exclusive city bond deals with the Rockefeller banks, highly lucrative to them, and permit Japanese banks to bid on the contracts.
So, with the murder of the Mayor and motives of foul play covered up by WBBM and all the rest of the monopoly press, WBBM proceeded with their plans as to me.
They promised me, that despite having heckled me, and spied on me in the past through their interview tricks, that they would be fair to me. I figured to myself I will take a chance and in a pinch, hollar back louder than them.
They started the one-hour program live by describing me as being as phony as a three dollar bill. I countered by rapidly listing their fraudulent broadcasts and spying on peaceniks, and to cover up the CIA murder of Fred Hampton. Despite my accomplishments of the biggest judicial bribery scandal in U.S. history touched off by me in 1969, and me causing a situation where twenty judges and forty lawyers were sent to prison for bribery; despite that, the WBBM hatchet-man announcer shouted at me that I was a known long-time liar and idiot.
Among subjects absolutely censored by such media as outlets in Chicago and elsewhere of ABC, NBC,, CBS, Fox, and CNN, to name just some of them, are the following:
===non-governmental person's accusations, in and out of court, of bribery and corruption of Federal Judges, state and federal officials, and against Big Business such as the Oil Cartel.
===private persons making accusations, in and out of court or governmental tribunals, against members of High Society and puppets of the Ruling Class.
===Ar a time of fake war hystery and domestic violence orchestrated by the Aristocracy themselves as "foreign terrorism", for the purposes of canceling the U.S. Constitution and Bill of Rights; censored are the statements of private persons as to the war party in the District of Criminals.
The long-time dirty practices of the mass media iare to conduct pretended "interviews" to dupe accusers into divulging possibly negative personal data which can make its way to the accused Big Shots and their attorneys, as well as to Big Brother's spy shop.
A large number of the supposed reporters in the American monopoly press were or continue to be with Military Intelligence, and/or the American CIA, and other lesser known aspects of the espionage community. That is quite true of the Chicago Tribune, its print and website versions, as well as their more than fifty units, print, radio, and tv of their Presslord Empire.
Likewise engaging in these rotten practices of pretended "interviews" to extract background data to feed to Big Busines and their hired guns, big law firms, are those, for example of the financial press, such as the Wall Street Journal and Business Week, just to name a few.
In the Pepsi litigation, it seems evident that WBBM presumed they have a sucker or dupe on the hook, and will grill him, extract from him data as if taking his "deposition", without the safeguards of court rules. And then, mysteriously such transcripts and tapes may find their way to Pepsi's law devils, well-paid mercenaries of Darkness.
In a second talk with long-time WBBM reporter John J. Cody [(312) 951-3810 , <>], Corr with includimg me in a conference call, asked Cody if he is going to do more sound bites. Cody said the matter is too complicated. Corr asked for the tapes to be turned over to him (implying so as to keep them out of the hands of third parties, such as Pepsi and their attorneys). Cody said they were "gone" and Cody would not say where.
I asked Cody about their media practices, such as censoring stories pointing the finger at Big Business. [ In his many years in the monopoly press, Cody, like other mass media reporters, is presumably familiar with the practice of "grilling" private persons as dissidents and accusers of Big Business, not to put on the air but to spy on them. Perhaps Cody stopped the apparent plan of "grilling" Corr because perhaps Cody found out that Skolnick, who fingers media spies, was involved investigating the matter of Pepsi.].
One of the dirty secrets of the monopoly press is that various units, print, tv, radio are adjuncts for what has become the American Gestapo, namely Homeland Security and counter-intelligence oif the FBI including but not limited to WBBM Radio and TV in Chicago, the Chicago Tribune, and the Washington Post as well as other mass media outlets nationwide.
More details of the suit aainst Pepsi: [to be activated soon]
More coming. Stay tuned.
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