Karl Schwarz Replies
To Bell's Attack
Chertoff, Popular Mechanics Article
From Karl W. B. Schwarz

Hello Art, George,
Your recent "Art Bell" interview with a US govt / Hearst shill (Chertoff, Popular Mechanics) and calling Jeff Rense and myself "wing nuts" was a pretty cheap shot.
Have you read my book "One-Way Ticket to Crawford, Texas"? No?
It documents over $500 billion in white collar crime in the US since Michael Milken to the current time. Only families were plowed under by wealthy elite snobs, including many who probably listen to your show and George Noory because they can no longer sleep, their lives being upended by fraud and corruption. Their sense of justice in this nation now being just a hollow promise to the point they no longer have "peace and quiet" in their lives.
Have you read the Crawford TX Lone Star Iconoclast interview with me? No? Bridas Corporation, Afghanistan, pipeline, only remaining obstacle as of 9-11-2001. They won in our courts by the way and that alone is the key to opening it up, proving it all. Bridas confirmed it all to me.
Heard any of the 80+ radio interviews I have done since Sept 9 to better understand why America listens to me probably more than you? No?
I was on Jeff Rense last night, 9-10 PST.
Why speak of NWO when it was 9-11 that was the event that they have used to cram that down the throats of America? I have heard both of you talk of NWO and never close the circle.
Afraid of who is behind it? I say you are.
Sibel Edmonds, FBI translator, drug trafficking, money laundering, foreign names, American names involved in 9-11and not in Arabic - in Azeri, Farsi and Turkish. Why not disclose that, other than it exposes the official story as a lie? That translation did not even name Osama bin Laden.
Are you aware that one of the key American names involved in 9-11 has fled the United States? He did that as soon as he was sure we were on to him.
Are you aware of the Navel Intelligence file that Spitzer has? Or that the Pentagon section hit by the vanishing 757 was the ONI section investigating what is in that file?
How do you feel about liars, thieves, charlatans, mass murderers being our leaders? That file names them and their illegal deeds.
I am not upset with you Art. Rather, thanks for introducing me to millions who probably had not heard of me before your "expose" with a govt shill. The hits on my website site [and sales of my book] went through the roof, thanks to your approach to dealing with the truth.
That alone will help with what we are doing now - a sequel book "Revoking the License to Steal" and a Political Action Plan that will make America rise up. We are going to show American who, how and what to do about it.
There are really only three options - roll over and accept that America is dead, or move elsewhere, or stand up for this nation. I chose the latter and believe you chose the first option.
Shame on you, and do not profess to being a patriot when you are not.
The Truth will stand on its own, and the Truth will come alive in "05!
Stay tuned.



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