Terri Sentenced To Death
Without Due Process

By Sue Miller

As a greatly concerned citizen closely watching and emailing and calling senators and judges and the president, speaking out to friends, and in public, and reading the alternate media-- there seems to be one aspect that may have been underplayed in this.
The judge has ordered Terri's FEEDING TUBE to be removed. (However, nurses testify that this was inserted for the nursing staff's convenience, as it would take too long to feed her by mouth every day. She apparently CAN swallow, although she has never been allowed access to testing and physical therapy.) BUT, DID HE OFFICIALLY SENTENCE HER TO DEATH?
Did he rule that she was not to be kept alive by extraordinary measures (i.e -a feeding tube...many people have feeding tubes- it's not life support or a respirator) or did he rule that she was to executed by dehydration and starvation?? This would rather overstep his powers, wouldn't it? After all, Terri is still protected by the Constitution and has the right to 'life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness'...
Remember Shakespeare's 'The Merchant Of Venice' ? (We had to read it in public high school in the original text--this dates me--it was wonderful) Portia, the young lawyer was arguing in court for the life of a man who had been unjustly sentenced to have a pound of flesh removed from his body by Shylock, a Jewish moneylender in payment for money borrowed and not repaid. This would have effectively killed him. Portia's speech "The quality of mercy is not cometh down from heaven like the gentle rain..." is one of the all-time classics of literature. Then she finished by saying that Shylock could have his pound of flesh, as the court had awarded. BUT as NOT A DROP OF BLOOD had been asked for or granted, NOT A DROP OF BLOOD could be shed in getting that flesh, or Shylock would be in violation, and subject to death.
This, of course, rendered the award moot.
Terri's feeding tube has been removed, but WHERE HAS SHE BEEN SENTENCED TO DEATH AFTER DUE PROCESS by a jury of her peers??? Why can't SHE BE HYDRATED/FED BY MOUTH ?? By ice chips, or eyedropper at first? Or via IVs?? Or even hydrated through her large intestines, via water enemas? (Not common today, but practiced by healers in the pre-M.D. days..) At least enough to buy her--and our country!!!---a little time! People are waking up to the true facts here, and soon will not stand for this, because they can see very clearly where the road is leading for us all! But if Terri dies now, they will go back to sleep!
WHY WAS THE YOUNG BOY ARRESTED FOR TRYING TO TAKE HER WATER? (What a photo of Amerika...) But, it was for TRESPASSING, wasn't it? Where are the doctors and nurses who have the right to be in the facility? How can they stand by and let her die? Where's the Hippocratic Oath they had to take??
And what about the 'husband'? Isn't adultery a crime or misdemeanor in the State of Florida?? Isn't living with, and fatherind children by, another woman proof of abandonment? Why can't legal guardianship be stripped from him by virtue of adultery and abandonment? Where are the 'pro-family' people on THIS one?
What about insurance fraud/ unjust conversion?
Sue Miller
Chapel Hill, NC



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