'Someone Knows' Avian
Pandemic Is Coming

From Patricia Doyle, PhD

Helllo Jeff: Reading the article makes me think that "someone" KNOWS that bird flu is going to hit, and that the bird flu is going to be more than a natural outbreak.
I have stated on previous shows that I though H5N1 in its present assortment would be low risk in the US. My guess is that when, WHEN, it hits the US, Canada etc it will not be the H5N1 we now identify. It will be a chimera, probably with the Spanish Flu. Now, how would such a chimera emerge? By intention.
If the powers that be expected H5N1 in its natural state, cremation or vaulting of the coffin containing the body of a bird flu victim would suffice to contain the virus from spread into the environment. Shrink wrap? Tells me that it is for much more than manageability of bodies. It sounds more like containment of a bioweapon.
I also read that people with suspected bird flu are asked to stay home. (A death sentence) This was the trend of thought with SARS. Also, in my opinion, a bioweapon. I did ride out SARS at home with a lot of help from my friends, like Cass Ingram, and did not have to go to hospital until I passed the 3 month mark and had lung damage from the virus. Probably saved my life, i.e. staying out of the hospital during the hemorrhaic stage.
My guess is that when the bird flu hits, it will have a hemorrhagic stage. It will be extremely contagious and some will have (a clandestine) vaccine to protect against it. This could be a real depopulation vehicle and baby boomers may take the brunt. Social Security will be happy about this one.
Those of us who speak about about the "strangness" of the outbreak and the oddities in the bird flu genome will probably be called "wingnuts."
This one may be the reason so many microbiologists with expertise in emerging diseases and INFLUENZA have died.
The recent ongoing New York City homeland security research testing air flow around NYC and environs makes me very nervous. In addition, finding out that a lab developed version of the Spanish flu created in 1933 genome sequence was recently found on a pig farm in pigs in S. Korea tells me "someone" may be brewing up a nasty influenza. Human infection is a "jump" away from pigs.



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