Gannon Cannon - Part 2
Bush Treason Violence In
D.C. Whorehouse Mess
By Sherman H. Skolnick
The mother and husband of a Chicago U.S. District Judge are found dead in her house. For hours, the local police and the F.B.I. would only say that they are conducting an investigation of the deaths.Nothing more.
But from the beginning, the oil-soaked, spy-riddled monopoly press strongly hinted it might be caused by those linked to Matt Hale, a white supremacist who reportedly had members of his group, World Church of the Creator, some years ago inflict murderous violence on several blacks and Jews in Chicago.
District Judge Joan Humphrey Lefkow had several years ago punished Hale. Later, Hale was accused of plotting to kill Judge Lefkow.
Federal criminally prosecuted for so plotting, Hale was found guilty and since 2003 was locked up in the Chicago Federal Jail, a unusual triangular building, under special stringent provisions reserved for "terrorists". Sentencing of Hale was scheduled for April, 2005.
{A revealing detail of the plotting trial of Hale was that a federal judge from Indiana was brought in for that purpose.bbof the Hale plotting trial in Chicago. Quite a character, that Judge previously barely escaped being removed from the bench. That Judge had a live-in girl friend who had an additional boyfriend in the dope business. The Indiana Judge was accused of obstructing justice by corruptly keeping the FBI from inquiring into the dope trafficking.]
After many hours, the mass media finally announced that Judge Lefkow's 89-year old mother and husband were found in the basement of the Judge's home, both having been shot in the back of the head. The lapdog press never mentioned that Homeland Security was involved in the inquiry.
As a result of the apparent prior threats by the white supremacists, both the Judge and her home were under police protection. The press liars do not bother to raise the question: HOW could the Judge or anyone at her house be endangered by an assassin or assassins while under full police protection?
[We had previously dared mention that Miohael Chertoff, new head of the Gestapo-like Homeland Security, was a pliable member of the homosexual media and political underground we wrote about in our "Overthrow" series, part 24.]
To continue the focus on Matt Hale and his group, the media hasten to point out that neither the Judge nor her husband are Jewish.
What the press -fakers failed to mention are details necessary to understand the operation of the U.S. District Courts, such as the one in Chicago. They have both a civil and criminal case docket. Over the more than 48 years of our operation as court-reformers, we have uncovered details that really hot cases are listed only on the secret civil and criminal dockets. With the help of friendly sources, we now and then have been able to wiggle out details of those secret cases.
The U.S. Attorney in the District is the Chief Federal Prosecutor. For many, many years the policy was to have a local attorney become the Chief Federal Prosecutor in Chicago. And he would stay at that post for upwards of five years and then would get a highly lucrative job with a major law firm protecting Big Business from any possible federal scrutiny similar to the corrupt way the prosecutor would likewise protect bigshots and high society folks.
Supposedly to break that clubby system, in recent years brought in from New York has been Patrick Fitzgerald. He has also been given the role more or less as Special Federal Prosecutor in the Valerie Plame Affair.
Using her maiden name, Plame has been a deep cover operative, supervising some 70 overseas penetration agents for CIA, in countries extremely hostile to the U.S. Many of her team used cover reportedly as overseas officials of Coca-Cola Company, an adjunct of the American CIA. Her husband, former U.S.Ambassador Joseph C. Wilson, had criticized George W. Bush relying on false data, that Saddam Hussein supposedly was purchasing uranium, called yellow cake, from a place called Niger.
Someone high, high up in the U.S. government leaked out documents blowing the cover of Valerie Plame. The result was that many of her 70 CIA agent team were identified and murdered. That is treason subject to extreme penalties under federal criminal provisions.
The Special Prosecutor became aware that D.C. Escort Service operative, Jeff Gannon most likely alias Johnny Gosch, received the secret details directly from George W. Bush himself, either upstairs in the White House or across the street in an Executive office building.
Gannon trained in whorehouse services as a penetration agent for a super-secret U.S. agency, was an expert in torture techniques called S-M. Gannon alias Gosch became a top-level consultant on torture methods to Alberto Gonzales, who was soft-ball questioned about this when being affirmed as the new U.S. Attorney General. Gonzales had informed Bush that torture was most likely okay since the "terrorists" were not, he claimed, subject to the Geneva Conventions for humane treatment of war prisoners.
Reputed weirdo, Michael Chertoff, who likewise used Gannon alias Gosch as a torture consultant, likewise gave apparent advice to George W. Bush that mistreatment of "terrorist" prisoners is not subject to the Geneva Conventions of which the U.S. is a signatory.
Apparently problems were developing in subpoenaeing Jeff Gannon alias Johnny Gosch as to data on blowing the cover of Valerie Plame. Not in open court, the Special Prosecutor took up the federal grand jury problems reportedly with Judge Lefkow. Those working on the problem secretly were well aware that pulling on the whorehouse chain would bring in George W. Bush himself, as a federal criminally indicted defendant having committed treason directly using Gannon alias Gosch.
In the press, a neighbor of Judge Lefkow is commenting on the double murder, "I hope it does not involve anything on her docket, because if it does, then judges everywhere would be fearful."
Who if not the Bush White House and the Gestapo-like Homeland Security would want to put the "terrorist" fear into judges everywhere?
----that Judges have to follow orders in Hitler's America and protect bbthe head man, acting like a Dictator.
Of the 14 members of the House and Senate who are apparent "pals" of Escort Service operative Gannon alias Gosch, has been U.S. Senator Arlen Specter (R., Penn.). He is reportedly suffering from an erarly version of AIDS.
Cynics claim that if Specter got AIDS from Gannon alias Gosch, that it would be a suitable punishment. Specter in 1964 sat on the infamous Warren Commission and created the phantasy that became Warren Commission Exhibit 399. that supposed lone assassin Oswald shot a bullet found in pristine condition laying on a hospital cart in a hospital where President John F. Kennedy was pronounced dead. How did it do such damage to Governor Connally and the President and yet remain in perfect condition as a bullet?
A revealing incident occurred in Lefkow's courtroom where she was at the time a U.S. Magistrate Judge. I was a litigant in Lefkow's courtroom as to my efforts complaining about the corruption of federal judges in the courthouse.
As I left I was stopped while sitting in my wheelchair and with my friends right outside the courtroom door. A top U.S. Justice Department official had flown in specially from Washington to confront me right there. He said, "Mr. Skolnick, you have to stop investigating and going on the air and in the court record about the Chief Bankruptcy Judge being corrupt and parking offshore 141 million dollars skimmed off the bankruptcy rackets and not having paid income tax for years".
I quickly retorted, "It is all true. I put into the court record, and not disputed, the transcript of an interview I and a tv assistant did with an official of the IRS Intelligence Division, confirming the Chief Bankruptcy Judge's offense."
He answered, "You stop doing your obstructions of the court or I am going to the Chief Judge and together we are going to put you into prison, do you understand?"
At that point, the deputy U.S. Marshal in Judge Lefkow's court came to the courtroom door and said, "Look, Judge Lefkow is hearing everything you people are saying. You have to get away from this door. You are disturbing the proceedings".
I responded, "Hey, if the Judge is hearing everything, then she knows I as a litigant in her court am being threatened with harm by this top government official right at the Judge's door. What is the judge gonna do to proteczt me, a litigant in her court, and a tv commentator, huh?"
All the deputy Marshal said was, "Get away from this open door."
Later, the Justice Department official was a named defendant in a lawsuit by me, but I got no court remedy.
As to the two deaths at the Judge's house, only one network, and only one time, mentioned that the two deaths are linked to the Valerie Plame case. The rest of the monopoly press is pushing the cover up, that it is all Matt Hale's team.
With George W. Bush being totally implicated in the D.C. whorehouse mess and blowing the cover of Valerie Plame, can the highly politicized, highly corrupt FBI and Homeland Security continue their cover up?
And with the murder of two members of Judge Lefkow's family, are judges everywhere now fearful of assisting anyone, including the Special Federal Prosecutor, of identifying George W. Bush as to his treason himself blowing the cover of Valerie Plame?
More coming. Stay tuned.
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