Off Math: 120,000 Iraqi
Deaths Vs One American
Schiavo Death

By Sam Hamod, PhD

First, let us pray for the soul of Mrs. Terri Schiavo; would that she did not have the accident and go on life support systems and end up as she has, in a vegetative state, with no hope for recovery.
What is sad and shameful, and even Mrs. Schiavo would agree with me on this if she were able to speak and to think, that men like Tom DeLay and his cohorts in Congress have taken political advantage of Mrs. Schiavo's condition by passing a law in the middle of the night to counteract 7 years of court cases that have been in favor of having her feeding tube removed because there is no hope for her recovery. All of us, when it comes to a loved one, never want to give up; we always hope for a miracle. But none has come in the 7 years of Terri Schiavo's internment in this hospital bed and with a feeding tube; though I would not want to give up either, as her parents do not want to give up, I think it is time they faced the awful truth that there is no hope left"and that they should let her go to her maker.
But what is even more horrific is that over 120,000 Iraqi women, children and men have died from our illegal invasion of Iraq, and more will die from the Depleted Uranium we are shooting in Iraq every day - thousands of rounds of this poisonous ammunition - and yet few, if any, congressmen and congresswomen and senators have raised their voices to stop this killing. (And let us not forget the million plus Iraqis killed and who died in Gulf War 1 and from the subsequet US embargo and quarantine of Iraq for over ten years thereafter. -ed)
What has happened that an American life is worth more than an Iraqi life? Aren't all lives, in the eyes of God, holy and worth the same? Why is it that when an Israeli is killed, the American media stops and puts it in the headlines, but when dozens of Palestinians are killed that the American media ignores the event? Why is it when there is an earthquake in other parts of the world, nothing much is said after the initial report"as if the damage disappears as fast as the news story"yet when there are small floods in parts of America, people go mad and donate so much that the Red Cross often cannot keep up with the donations and new stories?
Something is wrong with our value system. Something is wrong with this alleged Christian, Tom DeLay, when he uses a woman's death for his political advantage, and forgets about the thousands of American homeless who will die on the streets, the families without insurance, the people in Texas who die because they had poor representation, Tom DeLay who has had laws passed to protect his seniority in Congress, all the while talking about "democracy along with his buddy, George W. Bush.
The criminality of this man and those who support him is destroying the morality of America, along with the president who thinks that he can gain in the world by killing people and saying that this will bring them "freedom and "democracy. Nonsense!
It is time the American people woke from their stupor and realized what the hell is going on. It is time they realized they are being conned, played for stupid, milked with flags waving and saying, "support the troops, support the war, or you are unpatriotic.
NO, those who want to bring the troops home are the real patriots; those who know the difference between spending our money on foreign wars and empire and saving our citizens and giving the homeless shelter and the families insurance and medical care"that where we tell the men from the boys, the real patriots versus the flag wavers.
Have you noticed that none of the men who are chanting for more war, those who are voting for more war and more funds for the pentagon"that none of them are willing to serve in Iraq, that none of their children are serving in Iraq, nor their grandchildren or any of their relatives"they make sure to keep them out of harm's way, while they put you, your children and your relatives into battle where 1 of 6 comes home mentally ill, where 150 comes home wounded and 1 in 1000 is killed every week. These are real statistics compiled by our Red Cross, by independent reporters in Iraq and by nurses and doctors and psychologists at Camp Pendleton and other military bases who hear the truth from the wounded when the return.
Too often our "embedded "journalists do not, or cannot, tell you the truth of the wounds and deaths among our men and women in Iraq"but others do. How can you believe there were no deaths and no serious injuries when a Humvee, a tank or a Bradley is blown up with a roadside bomb or mine? Only a fool would believe the stories coming out of the Pentagon of the small losses we are sustaining.
If the losses are so small, why are there so many men in waiting lines to get into military hospitals in Germany and in America? Why are so few signing up to return to the military? Why are the recruiting numbers down so low? Why are so many veterans of Iraq, Afghanistan and Viet Nam coming out in larger and larger numbers against the war and unleashing their truthful attacks against Rumsfeld, Bush and Wolfowitz? You know the answer as well as I do; just admit it to yourself and you,ll be taking the first step toward freeing America of the tyranny of lies that have engulfed us since 9.11 when Bush, Ashcroft and their minions declared war on America and its youth through deception, lies and continued warfare without end, in order to pursue their goal of world domination on our backs and the backs of our youth.
The Terri Schiavo case brings it all into focus, there are those who really care about human life, and there are those like DeLay and Bush who use death for their own ends and couldn't give a hoot for those who are dying. If you have any doubt about this, then ask why DeLay didn't get involved years earlier in the Schiavo case, and why is it that his friends in Texas have a law that allows feeding tubes to be removed, without court permission, when a person has no chance to live. As to Bush, ask why he continually praises our troops, sends them to their death and then cuts the benefits and hospital help for those who survive the war? Something is rotten and you can know it's named, DeLay and Bush.
120,000 Iraqi deaths; 1 brain-dead American death, and the outrage about the 1 death and the ignoring of the deaths of 120,000--this is odd reasoning.



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