Crew Sees Bizarre Sea-Going
UFO - Strange BC Sighting
Two Unusual Reports From NUFORC

From Peter Davenport
Director - National UFO Reporting Center
Encounter With An Enormous Object Coming Up Out Of The Water
100 Date: 11/12/2004
110 Time: 2:00
120 Duration: 3-5 minutes
130 Sighting City: Galveston
140 Sighting State: tx
150 Sighting Zip: 77550
170 Witnesses: 3
172 Shape: Cylinder
168 Number of Craft: 1
190 Description: I was very delighted to finally find a place to report this object we encountered that evening. My brother, cousin and I were aboard my fishing boat. It was late in the evening and we were returning to port after spending the entire day fishing. I was steering the boat and the other two were out on deck when I suddenly heard them screaming exciting. At first I thought they spotted a whale shark but my brother came running up to the captains house screaming "Look at that thing off of the portside!"
I quickly exited and noticed a cylinder-shaped object about 1/2 mile from us protruding from the water. It was sticking straight out of the water about 45-50 feet and looked to be about 4 feet wide.
The object quickly disappeared under the water and reappeared a few seconds later closer to my vessel. It elevated to the height of 60-70 feet within 5-6 seconds and stayed stationary for a few seconds and submerged again. It reappeared again moving further away but the height of the object rose to a great elevation.
It began moving in the direction the bow of my vessel submerging as it was moving. It was completely under water when it was near my boat. We looked in vain to see what this object was attached to be nothing ever broke the surface of the water.
I reported this incident to a friend who works for the Coast Guard. He said he knew of nothing that would be capable of supporting such a cylinder and elevating itself above the water, and submerging in a few seconds. I'm hoping someone else has reported seeing a similar object here. Any help will be greatly appreciated .
Addendum To Report Of Underwater UFO From Galveston, TX
Mr. Davenport
I think the size of the object rules out a periscope. This object was the size of a support pylon you would see under an overpass. It was huge.
My estimation is that object was at least 4 feet wide, circler and appeared smooth and black. I really have no way of knowing the distance of the object except for dead reckoning.
Without embellishing the size, I still think it broke water and rose to a height of 45-65 feet. The ascent took several seconds and it remained stationary before it slipped below the water. The lapse of time between submersion and resurfacing was 30-40 seconds and within that time frame it moved 300-500 yards while it was underwater. It did indeed change directions. As the object surfaced and submerged it did cause a wake and disturbance in its area.
Its velocity, I guess, was approximately 20-25 knots when it made its final descent as it moved. At no time did we see what the object was attached to if anything at all.
I did not make an official report to the U.S. Navy for obvious reasons. Mainly, I didn't want to suffer any ridicule and I do not want nor am I seeking publicity. I just want a logical explanation as to want we saw. Quite possibly it was something of military in nature.
I do know that it moved in a conscious nature. Something controlled the manner in which it moved. I hope my email sheds some further light and answers some of your questions. Thank you for your time.
P.S I made a typing mistake regarding the time the event took place. It was about 6:00 in the evening and not 2 PM.
(Name deleted)
End Addendum
Two Highly Unusual Objects Put On Major Show Over BC
100 Date: 02/22/2005
110 Time: 20:10
120 Duration: 10 minutes
130 Sighting City: Nanaimo
140 Sighting State: bc
150 Sighting Zip: unknown
165 Sighting Country: Canada
170 Witnesses: two
172 Shape: Oval
168 Number of Craft: two
180 Description: Two bright, large pill shaped objects fly very quickly across the sky, hover and then slowly fade until gone.
190 Description: My friend and I had just got coffee and were walking downtown. We had to wait at the busy streetlights to cross, and while we stood around for the light to change, I looked up in the sky and there was a bright, kind of pill-shaped object rising out of the horizon to the north (or so?) and it was getting what seemed very close very quickly.
I know very well what a regular plane looks like flying at night, and it wasn't like that. There were no individual lights or colours; it seemed more like an ambient orange-red-yellow-white strip of colour. At first, I thought it was an illuminated blimp, but it was moving what seemed very quickly and I don't think one could have gone so fast.
I yelled to my friend, who also saw and was shocked. For a moment, I felt extremely afraid because I thought it might be a burning aircraft or meteor headed our way. It got to be about the size of an eraser on the end of a pencil, before it stopped and seemed to not move at all for about 10 or 20 seconds.
Then, it started moving south (we were facing the east, towards the harbour), much slower than before. It kept moving until it was south and lower in the sky than the moon, about the four o'clock position of the moon. We thought it was immobile again, until we realized that it had moved up a tiny bit...but now was getting very slowly smaller and smaller.
My friend yelled something, and I turned to see another one come zooming up exactly where the other had been. It seemed brighter and bigger than the first one, but travelled the exact same path as the former, albeit a bit faster. The colours were also a little more distinguishable - mostly what looked like overlapping orange and yellow white, with bits of red.
It moved accross the sky until it was about a thumb's length away from the first one, which now could be mistaken for another star in the sky, were it not for its bright red (almost Mars-like) colour and the fact it was still fading away. Then the second flying thing also began to move up a little, and fade out of site.
Soon, the first one had completely vanished, and about two minutes later (we stood and watched the entire thing) the last one, too, became smaller and smaller and more and more red-coloured, and it also went out like a tiny red star. Really weird.
There were plenty of other people downtown that night, so maybe other people saw it too. I have seen lots of different things in the sky but nothing like that - nothing so bright or large. Or something so big move so quickly, and seemingly low (but it was very difficult to tell just how faw away it was)



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