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From Robert - UK
Dear Jeff,
Re: Bell controvery. As citizen of the UK i would just like to applaud you for the courage shown by you in hosting such a wonderful website. Such diverse topics and viewpoints covered. Many i agree with, some i do not - but it beats the hell out of reading Murdoch's gutter press which is the news source for many in the UK.
Wish there were more outstanding people like you online in UK...but sadly have not found any yet!!
Keep Up Good Work
From Breton Navarro
Jeff -
Most people think Mr. Bell's contrived attack on you was spontaneous...spawned of spite and jealously. I'm sure you suspect, his assault was anything but. It was a textbook diversion, obviousy an effort to slow down your site and program growth.
First, as some have pointed out, you do possess, in fact, most everything he never did and never will. Oh, he enjoys the free ride of automatically being on hundreds of Clear Channel stations and so forth. But you, Jeff, are a journalist with more courage, wisdom, integrity and fairness in your little toe than Mr. Bell will ever have. Bell presents as a superior product huckster and competent talk show entertainer, who has diligently been engineering the minds of millions for years. Bottom line: he is part of the control Rush, like so many others in the media. You were the first to present Operation Northwoods to the public on national radio as far as I know.
From Northwoods (and many, many of your guests) we learned many things, not the least of which is that the CIA had powerful influence and control over most of the mainstream media nearly 50 years ago.
Also, in his email reply to 'Lordbarton', he completely exposes himself...and it doesn't take a genius to read between his vapid, childish, hateful rhetoric: this is not a spiritually advanced soul. Au contraire.
All the above and more notwithstanding, let me hasten to point out that his masters have, no doubt for me, put out a character attack order on you. If my years in the industry have taught me anything, it is that public assaults on other professionals at this highest level just don't happen...they are planned and performed for a reason.
Your work is bothering 'them'...don't stop. Your strength is encouraging many others who watch your site and listen to your guests.
Oh, and Art's comment about you having 'unknown' guests is truly a measure of his desperation. I cannot begin to count the number of brilliant, provocative people you *introduced* to the American public which Bell and others have then later, often years later, had on as guests. No one in radio has ever matched your panorama of material and guests. No one.
So, again, view this ludicrous attack as 1. acknowledgement of your effectiveness; 2. a compliment; and 3. free publicity that you could never afford to buy. 4. a form of broadcasting suicide...ravaging his own listeners who disagree with him is simply cuckoo.
Keep on rolling!

From Warren Palin
Hi Jeff,
As a perennial loudmouth, I can be counted on to have an opinion on just about anything. Up front, I have to say I did not bother to listen to the Art Bell Broadcast because we got exactly what I expected. It was as predictable as the Sun coming up in the morning. The only thing that I couldn't and didn't envision was Art's lashing out at you.
I think there is a simple explanation: You are what Art wanted to be and cannot be - someone who actually challenges with facts and rational analysis the staid presumptions upon which people are wont to operate. Art's soul and words are now no longer his and are owned by others. The price he paid for material success was spiritual agony. No one knows in more gruesome detail the ethical compromises which have brought Art to where he is now than Art. What we heard was Art Bell screaming in pain as his tortured conscience tried to escape the inevitable conclusion: his material success is a hollow and pointless success. He was screaming in agony at the man he wanted to be but no longer is.
Truthfully, I think it was you, and your program, those 7 or 8 years ago when I began listening that caused me to expand my own horizons and caused me to see Mr. Bell for what he is, and it is not a friend of the truth. In his favor, I think at one time there was an interest in the truth, but that was quite a few compromises ago. He knows that, you know that, and anyone with any discernment who has listened to you both for any length of time knows that.
Have you noticed that Mr. Bell no longer has a sense of humor? That there is no longer any joy in his voice as he comes on air? Now it is a forced gaiety - that of someone trying to convince themselves. I pity Mr. Bell but I have no sympathy for him.
Art can scream Anti-Semite at the top of his lungs and through his electronic megaphone into the wee hours as much as he wishes. That does not make it true. In fact coming from Mr. Bell it is a prima facie case that it is not true. He is reduced to casting slurs and rambling forth, parroting the talking points he is given.
My respect for you, which I have stated before, remains undiminished by the hollow screechings of one who has sold his soul for a hand full of silver.
Thanks for all you do.
Sincerely Yours,
Warren Palin
From Brian
My 2 cents about Art Bell.
I used to be a huge fan of Art Bell, while his show was still aired on WABC-77 AM in New York back in the last century. I used to religiously tape the shows overnight and listen the following day at my place of business. I knew of but didn't pay much attention to it at the time.
I was peripherally aware of a lot of conspiracy talk, but the way it was presented on Art's show, good information all mixed up together with a lot of nonsense, made it very difficult to make sense of it all, and at the time I got all freaked out over the Y2K thing. When Y2K came along and nothing happened I really felt like I was hoodwinked. I stopped tuning in to Art Bell, totally pushed aside all that conspiracy talk and forgot about it. Clinton was finally out of office, GW was in, at the time I knew nothing about the Bush family and I thought everything was going to be OK and life would be normal again.
Until 9-11
Upon watching the offical news reports as the events unfolded I began to feel really sick. It started to dawn on me that the News was feeding me a pile of B.S., and if I wanted to find any real info, I'd have go back on the 'net and surf all those "conspiracy theory" websites again. So the first place I looked was, of course, Art Bell's site. What he had on his homepage was that oh-so-familiar eagle with the tear in it's eye and a message that read "God Bless George W. Bush and the U.S.A." Well, I figured, I'm not gonna get any answers my next stop was Jeff Rense.
Never looked back.
Thanks for being there, Jeff
From Kirk Oakes
I have been a steady listener for better than 10 years, through all of the Coast-to-Coast trials and travails.
I have been a Mensa member for 3 times that long and have always considered myself relatively well grounded. I am certainly well read on a diverse number of subjects and look evenly at all sides of any "personally important" issues.
I was very dissappointed with your attitude and approach to the 9/11 'event' possibilities issue on Saturday night. It is your opinion and that is as it should be. However, to denigrate your listeners (and I felt that thrust) and blanket discount the possibility of soberly reasoned and well documented counter evidence to the 9/11 conspiracy theory advanced by the current government is shameful, narrowminded and doesn't show much latitude for a talk show host.
I, for one, plan to follow your advice. THIS wingnut won't be listening in future when you are at the mic. That is too bad, really.
I will, however, continue listening to George.
The future is always hemmed in by the beliefs we solidify. I will work toward creating a different vision. May you one day see the anomolies in the political haystack as you always have the phenominological.
- Kirk Oakes
From David Mamrak
Dear Jeff, I visit your website daily and enjoy all the articles and photo images you present there. I have unfortunately never accessed your online radio show, so I could not comment on it one way or the other.
On the subject of Art Bell & Coast to Coast AM, I have plenty to say.
I have listened to Bell & George Noory for sometime now. No longer.
Art Bell is to put it kindly, "a tool". He loves to hear his voice over his listeners, and will frequently cut them off in mid-stream. As to his views, the NWO couldn't have a better representative. I couldn't believe his views on 9-11, he can't bring himself to accept the US government could possibly have had a hand in this destruction.
Last year on a program with John Lear, Bell was asked by Lear if he had in his possession facts that there was an alien presence on Earth, if he would share them with his fellow countrymen and women. His answer shocked me. Of course he WOULDN'T! The general public couldn't handle this information, even nearly 60 years after Roswell. His answer smacked of the position that only a few humans should be in charge of this information, and it shouldn't be shared with the general public. That was the end of any respect I might of had for him.
Meanwhile, I wonder what is running through George Noory's head when he hears all this. I believe George to be an honest, sincere individual, but how can he sit on the sidelines and listen to this garbage? I wrote him to ask this very thing, but I did not get a very direct answer. It was as if he wanted to criticize Bell but could not under the circumstances.
Well George, if you follow the "Sopranos" from the last season, here is the scenario. Cousin Tony Blundetto comes back into Tony Sopranos life. Unfortunately Tony B. kills some people needlessly. He then "goes off the reservation" and into hiding. Tony Soprano would prefer to ignore the situation and hope it goes away. But consigliere Silvio Dante tells Tony Soprano he must act, not sit back and hope it all goes away. Tony is losing respect within the "family" because he refuses to deal with a close family member. I won't reveal the plot ending, but the situation is resolved. George, it is time to do something. Your name is in the show's title. You lose face by sitting and doing nothing. Thanks, Jeff.
David Mamrak
From Jeanette Woodward-Partridge
I'd just like to point out a few simple things. Bell is with Clear Channel, Jeff Rense is not. Bell gets all the exposure he wants while it's hard to find a station that carries Jeff. Everytime someone mentions the fact that the OFFICIAL line on 911 is crap, you can hear the panic in Bell's voice as he scurries to vilifiy any who question the OFFICIAL fairytale.
Bell used to be the one I listened to, till I found Jeff Rense.
We're listening out here Jeff. Don't stop!!!!!
Support Of Jeff Rense From ''
From Phil Jayhan
First of all, I wanted to tell you that I support you and feel the remarks from Art Bell toward are outrageous and not supported in reality.
I have long come to your website and taken on the task, so to speak, of sifting through the many links you provide on your website. I know your basic policy is to put the news out there if it is relevant, with opposing views if they are out there, and to let people think for themselves and to make up their own mind.
Having said that, the notion or idea that you are an anti-semite, coming from Art Bell, is ludicrous and irresponsible. I have seen you post things from every different viewpoint, regardless of National origin, Race, Religion or Sex. You have shown yourself to be an equal opportunity purveyor of the news.
While you take on a great many subjects which are controversial to say the least, they are subjects which are important nonetheless, and people need to be aware of well as opposing viewpoints.
You provide that service, and you do a really good job of it. In the past, you have posted many articles by myself, or regarding our website, ''
You also declined to run many of the news stories we sent to you.
And you also posted a few websites which tried to 'debunk' the material we have at ''
My point is, that you are fair, and balanced with regards to the material on your website. And you are no more an anti-semite than Art Bell is a Journalist or an honest purveyor of the news.
Thank you for running that article from Christopher Bollyn from the American Free Press.(AFP). The story and its overall implications are enormous: that being the new Homeland Security Czar, Michael Chertoff, is a cousin of the Benjamin Chertoff of Popular Mechanics.
The idea that there is such fear in the Bush administration of being found out about 911, that they are actually having the Homeland Security Czar's cousin trying to actively suppress 911 truth and reality is a sign...not of strength but of desperation. And also makes it easier for average Americans to 'connect the dots' as to who is truly reposnsible for 911.
The fact is they are scared, and realize that the numbers of those who know the truth of 911 are rising faster than they can contain them. And this is certainly a tribute Jeff, to your site and the many other websites which deal with tough issues as well as those of the 911 US Government conspiracy. This shows that they realize they can no longer suppress 911 truth through silence, or by ignoring the many millions of people in this 'movement.'
And that's great news, Mr. Rense! We will be heard, and these issues WILL be dealt with one day, with truth and justice for the victims, and those who committed these outrageous crimes against America. The truth goes marching on. Thanks for your website Jeff! Keep up the good work! "Lets Roll"
Phil Jayhan
From Teresa Lucas
Native Americans Love Jeff Rense
Jeff Rense - you go, yay! Many of us Indian people love your articles of truth. Just think...many thought we died long ago but our people are alive and well...and live on despite their treatment. Thanks, Jeff!!!!!!!!

From Paul Fassa
I had never listened to or even heard of Art Bell until now. But I thought I'd use this opportunity to salute Jeff Bell, James Neff, and the rest of Jeff's staff. My wife, Charlene Fassa, introduced me to around two and one-half years ago. At first, I was skeptical when I saw the graphic of Jeff's bust with that strange look and long hair. It reminded me of a new-age fake guru in Southern California in the "80's who was nothing more than a heart throb sex symbol for the young and naive ladies who were not true seekers. All the UFO stuff did not help my first impression, although I am aware of the reality of UFOs. I thought this was a cult website
But as I looked more, I went from curious and interested to blown away. What impressed me even more, when I started listening, were the radio programs. I was amazed at Jeff's skill as a moderator and interviewer, and the depth and breadth of knowledge that Jeff possessed that enabled him to carry on intelligent conversations with the guests he aired. And the amount of time on the air (Internet) with the variety of guests was astonishing. All with true humility and generosity toward his guests and listeners. Jeff is not a blow hard, for sure, yet he is confident, very well informed, and tolerant with guests of varying stripes.
Anti Semite? Yeah, right. That's why Barry Chamish of Israel is a monthly regular guest, along with Sherman Skolnick, who is also a regular columnist, as is Henry Makow. That's why "True Torah Jews" salutes him also. has become our staple on the Internet. His program is our substitute for TV, which we use only for VHS or DVD. More often than not, we resemble a scene from an old movie or magazine that shows the family sitting attentively around the large radio. Indeed, when there is a guest or topic that we don't care much about, which is rare, we feel that our late evening (we are in the EST zone) is lost. The service that Jeff and his people provide is wonderful.
When one lives in an area where the sheople rule, especially in South Central Indiana, even in a college town where corporatized academes only care about their jobs, one hungers to hang out in a community of like-minded people. Jeff and crew have provided the pillars for that community internationally. And there is no website or radio program that comes close to the variety, quality, quantity of communication and information as Let's all support Jeff Rense and company by purchasing from his advertisers and/or advertising through him. Who needs anyone else anyway?
Paul Fassa
From Jerry Kirkegaard
Hello, Jeff
Well, Bell has finally made his big move. The ***hole has made it extremely clear where he stands and who he works for.
I know his audience has some smart folks listening. That was proven to me by a number of callers who seamed rather upset with Saturday's total serving of crap freely-flowing from the mouth of Ben Chertoff...with full support from Bell.
After this blowout, I would hope that the Airheads who make up a large portion of his listenership would finally see Bell for what and who he really is. It would be a pleasant surprise to see his ratings take a major drop, but I'm not really sure how bright this portion of the listening audience is.
I believe William Cooper nailed Bell dead-on with his statement some time back. The totally absurd remarks Bell directed to you, Jeff, were the result of this pond scum losing control after realizing he was standing alone after the negative 'fast blasts' and later when he opened the phone lines.
Bell is a Pompous Ass, angrily backed into a corner and awakening to the fact that a significant number of his audience were flat-out rebuking him, the topic and his halfwit guest Chertoff. So, he does the only thing he can do and that is shooting off his filthy mouth with lies. Hopefully, this has been and eye opening event for the sheeple of Bell's flock and the start of Bell's rapid demise.
As a side effect, I would pray that the few good honest guests with legitment information and causes would choose not to tarnish their names and reputations on Bell's dog and pony show. It seams to me that Bell is a shill for the Zionists - just follow the money trail up to the offices of the top people who run all these mega-broadcasting organizations.
Jeff, keep up the good fight. You and your listeners know you are correct regardless of who or what bullshit they throw your way.
God Bless
From Patricia Doyle, PhD
I heard about remarks made on a National radio show in which it was alleged that Jeff Rense is an anti-semite, and or posts antisemitic articles on his site. This is simply not true.
Jeff Rense has posted my articles for many years and has invited me on the air on a monthly basis for an equally significant number of years and has supported me throughout. He has prayed for me in times of health crises.
Such a statement about Jeff Rense is completely untrue. I have known Jeff for many years, almost a decade now and I have NEVER, either on or off the air, heard Jeff make a derogatory statement about ANY ethnic or racial group. Jeff Rense is the kindest man I know, and, in the tradition of Will Rogers "never met a man (or woman) he didn't like."
Unlike many broadcasters, Jeff Rense is more concerned about people than ratings. His love for the planet and its inhabitants is obvious by the myriad of postings on his website. He is concerned about the environment, about infectious diseases spreading and killing people and animals around the globe. He is concerned about senseless wars, greed which leads to these wars and is (as they say) a real mench. He has character, dignity and has proven time and time again that he loves his fellow man and is trying to make the planet a better place for all of God's creatures.
Patricia Doyle
From Leon Fisher 3-8-5
No, Art, I Don't Want To Take A Ride
Once again, Art Bell has confirmed his intention to sell out his fellow citizens and support the Corporate Fascist/Zionist cabal which has taken control in Washington.
His Saturday night show which featured Ben Chertoff of Popular Mechanics, in which Chertoff debunked all theories of 9/11, except those of the Bush Administration of course, was, at best, an insult to the intelligence of Bell's audience.
Bell's raving against all those who believe other than the official government version of what happend on that day clearly puts Bell into the same category as all the rest of the rabid right wing radio brownshirts shilling for their Fuerher, GW Bush.
Bell, who made his reputation in radio by suggesting government involvment and subsequent coverups in a variety of subjects such as UFOs, Chemtrails, NASA and Mars, secret societies, and shadow governments, now is trying to convince his listeners that the present crowd in Washington is without any complicity in 9/11.
This is almost as absurd to believe Hitler and the Nazis had nothing to do with the burning of the Reichstag. Nor did Bell and Chertoff mention anything about The Project For The New American Century, which is the blueprint for the events we see unfolding before us. Clearly stated in the PNAC agenda is the need for a new Pearl Harbor to justify a series of wars to eventually control the energy resources of the Middle East.
Keeping this in mind, I find it difficult to be convinced by Art Bell or anyone else for that matter that the present occupants of the White House and those who put them there are not directly responsible for the attacks of 9/11, or complicit in some way. Sorry, Art, but I dont think you or your guest fooled anyone. If I were you, Art, I would go back to talking about alien abductions as that is more believible than trying to cover up for the traitors in Washington.
Leon Fisher
From Kirk
I am a 47 year old native New York City person now
living in Dallas , TX.
Jeff I am a Rense Radio member and LOVE your honesty and integrity. I am part Jewish but I am of Christian faith and I read your site and understand what you say and you are right. I am a longtime listener and advocate of your journalism.
From Arlene Longson
Hello, Jeff. I have been receiving your newsletter for a while and I communicate with Dr. Cantwell once in a while. I support what you're doing.
Although I love Art bell, I am shocked at his attacks on 9/11 conspiracy believers (I'm one).
I feel it in my gut though that this is Just Art's way of sending more listeners over to George Noory cuz I think the ratings are dropping.
Also, there is the very real possibility that Art is fearful of his own career and is afraid that good old GW will put him on a hit list.
It's hard to tell which!
At any rate...Art's attacks sadden me. Considering that he is the king of conspiracy, it is out of character for him to belittle anyone who beleives in anything, no matter how off the wall it may seem. He has always supported people having their beliefs, and this is not like hi. I dare say he must be afraid !
Arlene Longson
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From Royce1966
I heard "Uncle Art" accuse you of running an anti-Semitic website. Wow! That jerk is one of the most sinister jackasses in media today. You have NEVER made any anti-Semitic remarks. And the site is first class!
Keep up the great work!
From James Creed
About 4 or 5 years ago I started listening to Jeff Rense and also listened to Art Bell maybe three or
four times. I could not believe some of the guests Art had on his show and the hogwash (for lack of a better word) that his guests would talk about. However, I am sure that you have your own opinion as to Art. I am writing to point out facts rather than opinion.
Yes, Jeff steps on some toes there is no doubt about that. He knocks politicians, companies, the government and not only the U.S. government, presidents, cops, FDA and the New World Order and others. But how many times have you heard him say: "I am not picking on any ethnic group, there are many fine Jews, Hispanics, cops and a few good politicians." How often have you heard him knocking a
company for polluting or trying to put a monopoly on the food supply or on forced vaccinations then say to the person or company "You're free to come on my program and state your side of the story, just call me up and we will schedule you in."
Now, what does that tell you? It tells you he is a fair man willing to give a person a chance to set the record straight or tell it from their point of view. As far as I know no one has taken him up on his offer. He has posts from right wing and left wing organizations so you can read what you want and make up your own mind.
A while back one of Jeff's guest had an issue with Art in that he wanted compensation for being on the show. This man runs an organization all by himself, using his own funds and asking only for donations to help fund his website and pay for his expenses. Art Bell could have said yes or no, simple as that. I view it as a business deal the guest could chose to do it or decline, no big deal either way. However, Art took to writing an open letter to so and so and started a big feud. Thus turning a private matter into a public argument. If Art makes one million a year he could afford a little something for this guest as he is well known and respected in his field. It makes you wonder how many people actually listen to Art Bell, can you trust his numbers?
Now allow me an opinion, I don't feel it is the size of the audience but the quality of the audience that
will save this country and life as we know it. As much as I hate to say it, I believe that the fix is in and the NWO is here and not going away. I am afraid all we have is hope. Remember, the first thing the NWO wants is to conquer and divide; keep the people fighting among themselves, White against the Blacks, Republicans against the Democrats. Whatever happened to voting for the best man? The second thing the NWO does is paint you with a racist sign: anti-Semitic, anti-gay, anti-family, anti-American or the 'crazy' label and don't forget the conspiracy theorist label. But we know better don't we...
- James Creed
From Terry Newman
Art Bell is way off base.
As a Jewish man, I find Mr. Bell's comments ridiculous and mean-spirited in calling Mr. Rense anti-semitic.
I wrote Art Bell and complained about his savage comments towards Jeff, and to my surprise, Mr. Bell wrote me a very nasty email back calling me 'Anti-Semitic' along with other nasty names. Go figure that.
Let me tell you It wasn't very pleasant receiving such a tongue-lashing from Mr. Bell considering I purchased two CCrane radios and 5 flashlights from him!
"""" Give me a Break Art """""
I also told Mr. Bell that I felt that the Jeff Rense Program would be as popular as his Coast-to-Coast am Radio Show any day of the week but I felt Jeff Rense was kept off many Radio stations because many of them are owned by Jewish owners who dislike Mr. Rense.
Let's be truthful, if you say anything negative towards the Zionist Neo Cons, you're a marked man. The facts speak for themselves!
Jeff Rense is no more anti-semitic then Art Bell's Shadow People. Jeff is the real deal and Jeff has a lot of very interesting material on his radio show combined with his updated website. Art's problem is that he has become rich and famous and he forgets who put him there. Unfortunately, I helped Mr. Bell achieve some of his fortune with my purchase of those cheap made in China slave labor radios he sold me.
Terry Newman
From Robert 3-7-5
I think Art Bell has once again shown his true colors. I quit listening to him several years ago after I heard him censor several different callers on different occasions on subjects I felt were very important...and wanted to here their comments. I believe many others felt the same.
I have found him to be a very self-absorbed individual who is more interested in hearing himself speak than hearing what his callers have to say, unless it has to do with complementing him on how wonderful he is. He would rather talk about "six fingered aliens and the anti-Christ" than real conspiracy topics or something you can actually get close to. I believe it only fair that he invite Alex Jones onto his show for a fair rebuttal to his to failure as both an open or analytical host

From Mark Harper
Hi Jeff,
I've just been reading about Art Bell and his remarks about your website. It's obvious that you are a threat to his sheople listeners. Rest assured, many of us free-thinkers stopped listening to his radio show well over a year ago when we saw what he was really about. Also, I'd like to apologize to you again for even mentioning his show.
Your readers are well informed and without your website and talk radio program, many of us would not be aware of what is really going on in the world.
Thank you and James and staff for all that you do and for opening the minds of those who seek.
Your website has been a bright light at the end of a dark tunnel.
Keep up the good fight!
Peace, Mark
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From Alfred Lehmberg
Art Bell? We're to take the word of a man who can't even make up his mind whether he's a journalist or an entertainer and tried to have it both ways on the Larry King show years ago?
"I'm not an entertainer; I'm a journalist," he said when it suited him, and then later in the same hour, resplendent in a 'beat' black turtleneck and sporting an oversized "medallion" said, "I'm an entertainer, not a journalist...," when ~that~ suited him!
Well, I've got a clue for Artie! With regard to chops, sincerity, and journalistic competence... he's got a long haul down a longer road before he's got the ~remotest~ authorization to even ~talk~ to Jeff Rense... Indeed -- Bell reveals ~himself~ as a not so clever Jew baiter.
..."9/11" is twitchy beyond ~all~ estimations and evaluations and the "fix" is obviously in. No amount of admonishment from a right-wing ClearChannel tool like Art Bell will get me looking in any way askance at Jeff Rense (remembering Artie's roots... he and Michael Weiner-Savage likely went to right-wing summer camp together) and his brave coverage of same. Rense performs a valued service to a long-view America that Bell can't even ~pretend~ to.
Like Peter Jennings, Art Bell should just mosey off to the media elephant's graveyard to let ~his~ tiny tusks bleach in the sun.
Step OFF, Bell. I've turned my back on you. -:|:-

Is Art Bell Skull & Bones?
From T G
Jeff -
I am not thinking of anyone else. I know what I heard. I heard Art Bell admit he was in Skull and Bones many years ago in response to a question from a caller (callers weren't screened then) and I didn't even know what it meant. I asked a friend, and he knew about Skull and Bones. I am positive of this.
Now, when Bell is asked (as he has been) if he is a member of Skull and Bones, he laughs and says, "Sure" ...acting as if he is kidding. But what I heard was Art Bell being caught off-guard and answering honestly. His behavior last nght (and other times) -- this man who lives in a trailer but has made it SO BIG --- confirmed it to me.
From Greg
Hi Jeff
I've listened To Art Bell Show for 12 yrs, and I have heard him flip-flop about a half a dozen times on different issues. But there is one thing for sure: to be SKULL & BONES, you have to have been a graduate from YALE University. Art Bell only had a high school diploma, and a passion for radio...ham and broadcasting. He never made the rank higher than E-3 or E-4 in the US Air Force. He maybe a cronie of Skull and Bones members, but he doesn't have the background credentials to be member. Remember, the guy comes from a trailer park out in the middle of nowhere.
When And Why Feds Took Control Of Coast
From Ted Twietmeyer
On Feb. 23rd 1998, I was a guest on Bell's show along with Richard Hoagland. I discussed my knowledge about the events at Kennedy launch complex 39-B the morning of the Challenger launch leaving out the name of the aerospace corporation involved - information that never saw the light of day previously. The Challenger facts actually scared the daylights out of Bell. And apparently others in the government were listening, too. They already had made my life miserable over it.
The show is not available in the archive, and my name does NOT appear anywhere on the coast website. That is, if you can still find that show description (the audio archive isn't.) The description for the show that night read almost verbatim: "Guests are Richard Hoagland and man who has some things to say about the Challenger." When I noticed this program archive description a few days after the show, I inquired at the network about my anonymous listing. Of course, I was given the run-around. The network was scared silly, or the feds already had contacted them. Probably threatened a license pull, which according to other show hosts I've spoken to is one of their favorite tricks. And it's because Challenger was NO accident.
During my interview on that night's show, Bell constantly asked me to speculate (i.e, lie) about what happened that morning. My commentary refused such speculation and I stated only my own facts, and allowed the listeners to make up their minds. As a result, I was on less than an hour. No fun for the showman because I didn't speculate and BS.
Now the real fun began. Soon after my interview, Bell announced on the air he was "retiring."
To shorten the story, what I found out from a network insider, first-hand, was that government intervention was taking place. Apparently, UFO show material and ghosts were OK. Talking about real facts that might wakeup all Americans is not allowed. (No wonder he hates the 911 truth stories.)
In 1998, the feds began demanding CONTROL of his show's content and demanded guest pre-screening. Bell was fighting this, and was off the air for some time while trying to deal with it. The "problem with the family" cover story was retained. As a result of Bell knuckling under to fed pressure, his home phone number which I had used to reach him was changed and he no longer answered my emails. Apparently, I was now on the "off-limits" list according to his handlers. Does Langley, VA come to mind?
Since that show, I have been on other shows including one on shortwave, and a guest on an upcoming Whitley Strieber's Dreamland show discussing other subjects. So much for being on the "off-limits" list. The feds still don't control everything as they want to.
So now you see my point. Bell is - without a doubt - a controlled NWO asset-distraction. He supports global government as stated in his own book "The Quickening" which categorically supports global dictatorship. What Mr. Bell doesn't know, is that the NWO eats their own young.
At the time of Bell's government censorship troubles, he was broadcasting from a house trailer up in the high desert and earning a 'paltry, meager income.' It must have been tough to live on well into
7 figures a year according to a network insider. That's how he could easily afford thousands of dollars for solar panels and his own hi-tech windmill in his fenced in compound. He bragged on his show how he stood outside one day and "watched the utility company cut the cables to his home."
And Bell's guests? ALL get paid $0. Who knows what he's paid these days to do a show now and then as a hobby for the NWO. According to other broadcasters I've spoken to, a guaranteed
$1 million a year income is a common offer the NWO makes to shut them up and change their philosophy. More like making a deal with the devil. I didn't know about Bell's salary at the time I was a guest for free.
But what is the cost of one's soul? I've always slept well at night knowing I won't ever sell mine as I'm sure Jeff Rense does, too.
Over the past couple years, I have written some extremely controversial articles that were posted here on Yet Jeff has had the courage as a patriot to post them. Kudos to Jeff ! Reviewing thousands of emails 7 days a week is a very thankless job, and one that very few of us could handle.
Ted Twietmeyer
From Fabian
Dear Mr Rense,
I love your show, I have for about 6 years now listening over the net, etc. Anyways, I did not like Art Bell saying that your site was Anti Semitic. I think Art Bell might be very jealous of your pull with the people, and when he was telling us to not listen to his show, I think he was talking about your listeners and fans.
I never realized what a ***king ***hole Art Bell can be. I was very dissapointed in him when he said all those negative things about your site. As a matter of fact, I am going to be writting to him personally and tell him he should apologize to you.
Excellent job making the truth come out about Art, I think it is a service in more ways then one,
From Egreenspot
Bell/Poor - Rense/Great
I, like so many others, was so disappointed in Art's slamming of you and your program.
Your show has done so much more in waking others up to the "Truths" that 'OUR' government keeps from us. I only listen to George Noory weeknights - I can't stand Art anymore, after listening to him since 1992.
I would listen to your program but our radio stations refuse to carry you. Please keep on speaking the TRUTH.
Bell Loves Money - Not America
From John Housand
What has Art Bell been up to lately anyway? Not much, the American Broadcast Network recently resurrected the guy from the dead, how convenient. Art Bell has always seemed to me as a "money first" - truth last kind of guy. Now my perception of him, sadly enough, seems to be dead on the "money".
It makes sense to me why he doesn't need a listenership for his show any longer. He obviously doesn't need the "lifeline" traditional talk shows have survived on, and that's numbers. No, Art Bell has joined the "team". He is a "team player" now.
Like his companion in the business "Rush Limba" (or as I prefer to call him Limba-humbug), Bell, too, can now afford to spend more than his show makes.
It sadly seems all this has more to do with Art Bell's interests than America's. I am sure Art got what he has always wanted - "a piece of the pie." Never mind Art, that the fruit inside that pie has rotted.
So, I guess we should all expect Art to suddenly make a
"splash" back into the limelight with "shocking new"
UFO evidence supplied by his new controllers.
Unfortunately for the NWO, they are going to have to
do something because quite frankly they have brought
onboard a "has been." Other more compelling and
"believable" talk radio hosts (i.e. Jeff Rense) have
really buried Art Bell.
Then again, Art doesn't need a following anymore, does
From Allie F.
Hi there,
I'd just like to send a few comments about the recent posting on your web site regarding Art Bell. Last year I did considerable research into who owns US media and was appalled to discover that the US media really IS controlled by corporate factions linked to the Rothschilds and the Federal Reserve. Carlyle Coutts is the financial backer of Carlyle Industries, and is directly and financially connected to Coutts Bank, the British Throne and Rothschilds.
Clear Channel was purchased by Carlyle-Coutts, which is now the largest owner of radio stations in the USA. Clear Channel owns Art Bell, Coast To Coast (Premiere Radio Networks) and many other propaganda media mouth pieces, like Bill O'Reilly and Beck. So, it's no surprise Art Bell is now spewing propaganda about 911. There is no question to a thinking mind that 911 was an inside job and perpetrated for control of the USA and Art Bell is an insult to thinking people.
I'd also like to thank Jeff and his entire staff for being a bastion of reason and truth in a sea of deadly corporate government lies and media mind control. I've often felt alone knowing how terribly wrong things are in the USA and listening to your program every night is an anchor in reality that is desperately needed for all free thinkers everywhere who have long ago turned off their televisions in disgust.
Your radio show is truly a priceless gem and indeed a treasure beyond value.
Thanks very much.
Allie F.

From Terrence Hill Jr.
Every time someone accuses Jeff Rense or of being "anti-semitic," it tells us three things about them. (1) They don't really pay attention to the site at all, they just skim it looking for something to complain about (2) They are steeped in mind-control knee-jerk reaction to anything that ever dares to question almighty Israel (3) They further prove that there is, in fact, a powerful psychological seduction going on by which Zionists have managed to influence the vast majority to defend Israel/Zionism at all costs, mostly anchored on a twisted guilt mentality surrounding the Holocaust, as if the Jews were the only people on earth ever to suffer persecution or that the tragedies of WWII for the Jews was the very zenith of inhumanity incomparable to all others -- which is simply historically inaccurate.
When dares to examine the unexaminable, dares to question the unquestionable and puts Israel on a level playing field of equal scrutiny along with every other nation on the earth, it shows itself to be independent of mind control and corporate influences --- and that scares the begeezis out of a lot of people who aren't used to unfettered, free-thinking. Well, it doesn't scare Jeff Rense or Hats off! The sacrifices you guys have made are simply phenomenal, and we are all the grand beneficiaries of your hard work and dedication to the truth, whatever that truth may be.
From Jim Mortellaro
Whenever I said something negative to Jeff Rense about Bell and some of the other dingleberries on the air in this country and others, Jeff would always chide me, but in a nice way. He would say to me, "There's room for all of us on the air." As if to say, "Jim, it ain't nice to diss these guys."
Art Bell did the nasty last night whilst entertaining his NWO fellows in another lob at Jeff Rense. To be anti Zionist is vastly different from being anti Semitic. And in this small series of words, is the answer to everyone and anyone who has a rock to throw at Mr. Rense. As each of Jeff's detractors live in glass houses, this rock throwing is more a danger to the throwers than the throwees.
Keep the pressure up, Jeff. We don't call you "White Hat Rense" because of those locks you wear. And by the way, would you please not show all that hair off to those of us who are taller than ours?
Thank you.
Illigitimi Non Carborundum.
Jim Mortellaro

Bell Calls 'Anti-Semitic'
Author: sissyboy7
Subject: Bell
Art Bell had Ben Chertoff on tonight's program. In the half-hour before Art brought out the guest, he was talking about all the hate mail he was getting because he doesn't buy into the 911 conspiracy theories. He read some of the nastier ones. He then refered to the article by Christopher Bollyn of the American Free Press entitled "Bell Hosts Popular Mechanics Mag 911 Debunker" that was featured on
He said that article was posted on in a panic and in a hurry. He went on to say is "clearly, in my opinion, an anti-Semitic website." In the next segment, with Ben Chertoff, he said the site had "Jew this, Jew that" posted everywhere.
Oh, and everyone who thinks the gov't or factions in the gov't had anything to do with 911 are "wingnuts".
Hey, Art, did Clear Channel tell you to say that?
Subject: Art Bell's latest cheap shot at
From: PyroPubs
Sent: Sun, Mar 6 1:07:00 2005 AM
You've probably heard that on his "911 Chertoff" program, at approx. 12.45am CST, Art Bell opined that " I think is an anti-Semitic website."
Not anti-Zionist, mind you, but that ol' canard, "Anti-Semitic Website."
Subject: More Art Bell attacks on
From: PyroPubs
Sent: Sun, Mar 6 1:21:11 2005 AM
"Articles on that site [] are 'jew this, jew that'...."
--Art Bell, 1.20am CST, with Ben Chertoff
"Free access" ??-- funny isn't it, that Art Bell has "Fast Blast" turned OFF now, presumably for the duration of his "objective program". He insults his listeners, calling them nuts, wingnuts, etc. ART BELL IS A CIA ASSET.

From Alton Raines
The message from Bell is crystal clear... Conform. Obey. Dissent is wrong... even "crazy." Do not question the powers that be. Bow to the Illuminati and accept its manifold dictates. Once again, Art Bell proves himself to be a servant of the Status Quo. And those who follow after him and his myopic establishment bottom-line are sacrificing their minds on the altar of mediocrity and complacency. This is why I stopped listening to Bell years ago. It became abundantly clear then that Bell was nothing more than a commercial jingle dressed up like a radio talk show host; he's just a parrot of the system, using the cult of personality to enslave the minds of people far and wide, while cloaking himself in the veneer of a seeker of truth. The only truth that matters to Bell and those like him is the 'pre-approved' truth -- and the Pahrump pablum pusher is more than happy to dispense the SOMA drug that keeps the sheeple docile and under control. Pay no attention to the man behind the curtain. Oz has spoken. Big Brother loves you and is watching over you.
From Rick Aiello
Jeff - Tonight, I was appalled at the comment Art Bell made regarding your site at the outset of his show. He basically alluded to "Rense" as filled with "Jew hater" material, distilling your fantastic website to the lowest common denominator. He also said he was "sick of it."
I guess the lighter side of his comment is that he visits! As you probably can surmise, he is working feverishly with his guest to "get the truth out" on this topic of 9/11. It makes me sick, and yet at the same time more appreciative of the venue you provide 24/7 for the truth on a variety of subjects.
Thanks for being there for all of us.
Rick Aiello



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