Cooper - Bell A Marxist,
Freemason & Shill For NWO

From Harvey Rosenthal
Because you are anti-Zionist...not unlike Mayor of Livingstone of London in your general positions - you are open to the same kind of bogus attacks. I heard Art Bell take his usual cheap shots at you this time and thought you might find the following interesting. It's from the late William Cooper about Mr. Bell. Cooper, of course, is not the only one to tag Mr. Bell thusly:
Because of all of these facts I took to calling him Art "Bullshit" Bell" while on the air. I also nailed him as a shill for the New World Odor and a socialist in MAJESTYTWELVE on this website.
I know for a fact that Art Bell has repeatedly visited this website. His visits are automatically registered by the statistics program provided by the server.
World government means the complete destruction of the sovereignty of the United States of America and its Constitution. Anyone who supports such a notion is a TRAITOR. Bell ridicules anyone and everyone who attempts to steer his audience in the right direction, identify the REAL enemy, and stir the audience to valid and meaningful action.
The fact that I have "outed" this Marxist/socialist change agent is most probably the reason he told the bold faced lie last night (August 11, 1998) during his broadcast. Art Bell is a Marxist, a Freemason, a shill for the artificial alien threat, a shill for world totalitarian government.
Art Bell's book "The Quickening" is one of the most blatant, in your face, pieces of new world order propaganda that I have ever seen. It shamelessly advocates the formation of a world totalitarian socialist government.
"Will there be a global government with a benevolent dictator, overseeing global law, global police and a global judiciary in an attempt to make the world cleaner, peaceful and prosperous? If that's what it takes to achieve these ends, so be it." -- from The Quickening by Art Bell, page 309
Buy it, read it, recognize it for what it is, and then send it back to Art BULLSHIT Bell as an indictment of his TREASON... and don't hesitate to call his show and tell him exactly what you think of him and his proposed world government.
Art BULLSHIT Bell is successful because he speaks to and for SHEOPLE. He speaks to and for those who (often) cannot reason, and do not ever think for themselves.
Bell's audience is in the same category as Rush Limbaugh's "Ditto Heads". Can you imagine being proud of being called a "Ditto Head"? If any of these ignorant sheople ever really listened to Art BULLSHIT Bell and if they had the capability to put 2 and 2 together and arrive at 4 instead of 3, they would hang this subversive from the highest Elm tree in the nation.
Art BULLSHIT Bell is a Judas Goat. Follow him and he will lead you to the pens to be sheared and then to the slaughter. That is always the fate of sheep(le).
We have noticed that all the artwork containing Mystery School symbolism has disappeared from Art Bell's website since we exposed them on this webpage. Some of them now appear on an "Artist's Canvas" page and are now attributed to listeners who are supposed to have sent them in. Some of them just vanished into thin air... Magic?
William Cooper
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