Bottled Water Blamed For Rash
With Fibers, Not Chemtrails

From Jim Mortellaro
Dear Jeff,
I recently read a piece on your site about a strange illness which, if memory serves, was attributed to Chem Spraying. Pustules appear on the skin of the afflicted, which often show fibers similar to those found to be from Chemtrail Spraying. I ran across a site which explains what this disease is, and shows irrefutable evidence that the disease is not caused by chemspraying.
I present this information for your readers' enlightenment...
Morgellons Disease
This condition exhibits as pustules and the presence of strange fibers within the lesion. The bacterium causing this condition has been found. It is named (try to take a deep breath and get someone else to pronounce it) Stenotrophomonasmaltophilia.
The crawling skin feeling is caused by multiple flagella on the bacterium and the fibers are actually produced by the bacterium. Bottled water has been blamed for the largest element of infection and the biggest offender is bottled water from France. One study observed that one-third of the bottled waters from France contain this organism.
The treatment is intensive and requires high dosages of sulfur drugs and antibiotics, although the bacteria appear to be resistant to many antibiotics.
In conclusion, whilst it may not be the best thing in the world, drink water from your tap and stop spending money on sucking up germs for your trouble. Many bottled waters here in the States are also affected.
One nice thing about this mess, is the fact that the bacterium is killed by boiling. Further, if you like bubbles as I do, carbonated water is immune to the bugs. This may be due to the higher base figure and/or the processing of carbonated water.
Search MORGELLONS DISEASE for more information on this unusual and recent phenomena.
Jim Mortellaro
George Paxinos
Jeez, Jim!
Now you've gone and EXPOSED it! -- there is NO MYSTERY any more! That was supposed to be a SECRET! That was the French Government's gift to suck up to the Bush administration for having opposed liberation and freedom and peace in Iraq! Why, all over France, I believe volunteers are standing in line, helping to decant those bottles of water into the US planes doing the chemtrailing!



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