The Lean & Hungry Lions
Of Our Discontent

By Jim Kirwan

"BEWARE - the lean and hungry lions: For in the dusky shadows of success, where ambitions seeds no longer grow - hunger will conceive the deeds that shall succeed - in that self-same place where challenge died! Wherever thoughts are heightened, by a stomach clawing at the backbone - the vibrations of the mind will be more susceptible to truth."
For the last four and half years Americans have been subjected to a catastrophic crescendo of outrage, of racism, of Outlaw leaders, and this has led to insolvency, to national shame and to moral bankruptcy; on top of joblessness, and a public uncertainty that has not been seen before.
In the course of all this time government has been creating a situation that we now must face and fix. There are somewhere between 11 and 14 million illegals living and working throughout the USA, mostly in or near our major population centers. There is an uneasy truce between these guest workers, some invited in, some not - but however these people came to be here, they are now part of the fabric of this country.
The administration is well aware of this fact. And to insure that it continues to be a problem, the government has worked to keep our borders porous so that the number of undocumented continues to grow each day. Now there is about to be an incident in Arizona, a created confrontation with the ceaseless flood of illegals that will be met by volunteers trying to address this problem at the source. There are elements of vigilantes mixed in with those who want to simply call attention to the numbers and the result may send this country into lockdown.
IF, it can be confirmed that Bush has given permission to Mexico to protect their citizens, on American soil as has been alleged - then there will indeed be hell to pay. Because the idea of this single act would enrage a large portion of the American public to the point that actions nationwide would erupt to counter what many would see as an invasion of this nation. All of this could have been avoided if Bush had not sent most of the nation,s National Guard units overseas, to fight in his illegal and unilaterally declared wars of occupation. But he did that so now there appears to be no one to call on, to stop this madness before it begins - hence the rumored complicity with Vincente Fox to "provide protection to Mexican citizens during the coming confrontation.
To grasp the truth of what is about to happen, some background seems in order. After we finished buying the western states from Mexico in 1853, the US undertook a number of cross border incursions and small wars to establish what we would call the New World Order. This was the entrenchment of an oligarchy, where the favored few ruled with an iron fist over the bulk of the population in Mexico. Starvation wages became a way of life and the US intimidated the resisters as needed, to maintain this primitive slave state and to siphon off the real profits, while keeping the resources in the hands of that select few that were friendly not to Mexico but to us. This unannounced coup covered roughly sixty years.
In this way Mexico became a hobbled state that was not its own to direct. These policies are what kept Mexico in the third world, despite their vast resources and a bright and willing work force. US policy created this problem, and new US policies could do much to repair that situation - but our only solution to date has been the Maquiadoras: that American owned blight that parallels the border and feeds the Corporatocracy, hourly!
When one adds to this tragedy, the promise of jobs unending in the USA, coupled with a porous border policy, aided by major reductions in U.S. Border Patrol Agents - you get nearly 14 million illegals working and living in the USA. Many resent these people as they have often lost their jobs to displaced workers. This was a deliberate US policy created to raise the profits of the owners and the welathy that has been going full blast now since 2000. The result means that nearly every major American city now has a population of undocumented workers.
Today many view these people as inferiors, aliens who do not belong in this country. But when one removes the rage of racism, anyone can see that unless we act very soon - we are looking not at aliens but at the future - for ourselves as typified by the desperate lives of these displaced people. Today it is they who are the aliens, tomorrow it may well be we who are the dispossessed and we who will become just people, desperately in search of basic survival.
Into this mix we must add the events that will happen when the "Minutemen," (volunteers or vigilantes), confront the undocumented when they try to cross the Mexican border, beginning on April first.
But this is not the whole story. The real problem lies in the policies that the Bush administration is using to twist players and agendas on both sides of the border for their own ends. With the entrance of MS-13, the vigilantes are about to be used again, for one or more purposes that have almost nothing to do with illegals or aliens, or with the border itself. There could be an issue of weapons and this government's desire to disarm this nation. Or, with a high enough body count of dead Americans, in tandem with the coming war in Iran and Syria the Bandits in D.C. and Tel-Aviv, will lay this burden on the doorstep of those two countries, and close the border (either in stages by states, or all at once), with the idea that Martial Law is the only real answer to this "outrageous invasion" of the USA!
If on the other hand, the body count is not large enough, then the blame will still go to the Iranians and Syrian "agents" believed to be coming across the border for some much larger "secret" future strike "somewhere" inside the US. What is not obvious to most Americans is that the presence of illegals here is not confined to border crossing points. Over time our society has become one that works with these people and what they bring into our daily lives. While this has been a major drain in many cases on our own standard of living, this has become the norm across this nation. If there is real trouble on the border, that sentiment will spread immediately to every major city and to many suburban areas as well. In places like southern California, the effects of this disruption could make the Watts Riots look like a walk in the park.
What needs to happen now is a major policy shift that will encourage those coming across to have much less of a reason to do so - then people here could begin to have some hope of getting back those construction jobs and many of the service industries jobs that have been lost to the slave wages now being paid to the illegals. That will only happen if there is a serious and concentrated outrage coming from within the states. The possible problems that the vigilantes may create on 4-1-05 is that there will no doubt be blood and death thrown upon this open wound of poverty and injustice - that already exists as our Mexican border policy today.
There is very little time left to salvage much from what is about to be - but still - together we must try to find some way to defuse the coming eruption.
George Paxinos said in an article yesterday: "The Plebes of ancient Rome, the common folk who were the butchers, the bakers and the candlestick-makers of the Empire and who kept its nuts-and-bolts running each day, neglected and downtrodden by the wealthy patrician government, until one day they were simply so sick and tired of it all, they all went on strike and the elite awoke to find no breakfast ready for them, no bread-buns on the table, no fresh vegetables delivered, no
servants in attendance, and so quickly give those folk some rights, just to get things running again?
Well, that is where the word "Plebiscite" comes from, the direct vote of the people, which the Plebes did by going out onto the streets and having fun until the elite caved in. We can do that today -- if we just DO IT."
There has been a tremendous outpouring of concern over the fate of Terri Schiavo. But this continuing build-up of disproportional hate and fear will trigger a virtual paralysis of this nation if the roots of this crisis are not realized and addressed now. We can no longer ignore the lean and hungry lives that linger in the shadows of American life!



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