No Trust Left In America
Or In The World For
The Bush Administration

By Sam Hamod, PhD
PRINCETON, NJ -- The lies being told by the Bush administration to the American people about Social Security, about our "success" in Iraq, about the causes of attacks on our country and now the attempted killing of the Italian journalist, Ms. Guilana Sgrena, have become too much for anyone to believe. No intelligent American or foreigner believes anything emanating from the Bush team.
At this point, I do not believe a thing Bush says or anything his military says. Ms. Sgrena makes clear in her statements that: 1. there were no warning shots; 2. the first shots at the car came from a tank; 3. the shots did not emanate from a checkpoint; 4. her car was not speeding; 5. the Italian embassy had told the Americans she would be coming out in a convoy. Yet, the American troops tried to kill her and he companions by firing over 400 rounds into her car on its way to the airport. She said she remembered upon being released, her captors told her, "Be careful of the Americans, they will try to kill you so that you cannot tell the truths you know about Fallujah." How true, how prophetic this was...
What is also ironic is that her car had passed through security checkpoints and was in a zone where there was no more need for "security checks." That leaves us with only one conclusion-- our troops meant to kill her because of what the American government feared she would say about the massacres and bombings in Fallujah.
Then, tonight on "60 Minutes," CBS pointed out that America has been, since the Clinton era, secretly whisking people from various countries into other countries where they are summarily tortured and abused in other ways. The countries that participate in this little American torture game are Uzbekistan, Egypt, Afghanistan and a few others-and I'm sure others we don't yet know of.
When the American authorities were questioned about this, they just smiled and said, "It's perfectly legal." When Scott Pelley asked if the information gleaned from this torture would be, or had been, used by the U.S. government-a Mr. Sawyer replied, "Of course we use it, but we don't know if it's gotten by torture." With that he used his patented snake smile, smiling as if he'd just eaten a mouse called "decency/morality."
These events lead most of us to despair. But we must not despair, we must stand against this barbarism that has taken over our country--led by such barbarians as Bill Clinton and GW Bush and their cronies. Anyone who thought Samuel Berger was any better than Rumsfeld had best check out the recent disclosures of behavior by both men-you'll see they are cut from the same cloth and Clinton from the same cloth as Bush.
We must never forget the thousands who died in Albania while Clinton was dallying with Monica Lewinsky, or the millions who died in Rwanda while she felt his cigar between her thighs, or the hundreds of thousands of Iraqi children who died while Bill Clinton denied his role with Monica on national TV. The same is true of GW Bush, hundreds of thousand of Iraqis will die from the Depleted Uranium he is using in Iraq, beside the other thousands who have died from American bombings in Fallujah, Ramadi, Baghdad. Most of these people innocent women and children--never having done a thing against America except trying to protect their families, their homes and their country.
If we try to think about the most horrible things a nation can do to other human beings, you will find this Bush administration is doing it to others and to us. Hitler reborn? Possibly. Senator Byrd was correct when he said that this regime was like Hitler in the taking over of the media and lying to the American public and to the world. Senator Byrd owes no one an apology for speaking the truth.
We have come to a time when no one believes America's words to the world, and no intelligent American believes what Bush or what his minions say. Decent Americans, when abroad have to apologize for the evil Bush and his cronies are doing to the world--breaking international law, killing people at will, taking people into confinement without prima facie evidence and then holding them indefinitely. Not only immmoral and unethical deeds, but also illegal actions.
To say this is a sad state of affairs would be an understatement. It means that all the things our nation stood for during WWI and WWII (and in between) are lost, erased by the deeds of a bunch of evil neo-cons and by a dunce who relishes doing their bidding.
Sam Hamod writes on international and domestic affairs; he is the founder of 3rd World News and was an advisor to the State Department; he may be reached at
c. 2005 sam hamod



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