The Perfect Terrorist Plan
To Level The Twin Towers
Created In 1976
By Greg Szymanski
Exclusive to American Free Press

Our own U.S. Army devised a plan commissioned by Congress to bring down the WTC using commercial airliners and box cutters as weapons.
The laundry list of terrorist warnings handed to the Bush administration prior to 9/11 makes the President and others look like "bumbling idiots or a bunch of conniving criminals" responsible for the mass murders at the Twin Towers and in Afghanistan and Iraq.
These are the harsh words of Timothy McNiven, an outspoken critic of the President's handling of 9/11 and a 29-year U.S. Defense Department operative still under contract with the government.
He says not only did the Bush administration purposely ignore Al Q'aida in the months preceding the WTC attacks, but the situation is even more disturbing, considering his military unit way back in 1976 devised a mock terrorist attack of the Twin Towers exactly like what occurred on 9/11.
McNiven, who first went public in an affidavit included in a 9/11-related federal conspiracy (RICO) lawsuit filed against Bush and others in 2004, claims his unit was ordered to create the "perfect terrorist plan" using commercial airliners as weapons and the Twin Towers as their target.
The publicized version of the study, commissioned by Congress, was to identify security lapses and submit corrective measures to lawmakers. However, McNiven claims the real purpose of the study was to brainstorm how to pull off the perfect terrorist attack using the exact same 9/11 scenario.
The study, commissioned to C-Battery 2/81st Field Artillery, U.S. Army, stationed in Strassburg, Germany in 1976, specifically devised the scenario of the Twin Towers being leveled by Middle Eastern terrorists using commercial airliners and even plastic box cutters to bypass security.
To silence critics, McNiven has successfully passed a credible lie detector test regarding his participation in the study as well as other specific orders given to him by his superiors in case of a real attack on the Twin Towers.
The head of the 1976 mock terrorist plan was Lt. Michael Teague of Long Island, who McNiven says was given specific orders by higher-ups in the military to use the Twin Towers as the terrorist target.
McNiven said he has been unable to contact Lt. Teague, but was interested in his opinion now that "the 9/11 attacks happened the way we planned them in 1976."
"I remember Lt. Teague changed the scenario of the supposed study from a 100 story building to the Twin Towers," recalled McNiven, emphasizing that Lt. Teague was acting on specific orders from unknown superiors.
"He then said he thought it was very strange to be asked to devise a plan to blow up your own home town. But as I watched the Twin Towers really collapse on the morning of September 11th, I realized I was watching the very same thing we devised in the 1976."
Since that ominous realization, McNiven has devoted his entire life to alerting the American public about the similarities between 9/11 and the 1976 study without much success, his story basically being ignored by politicians and the mainstream media.
"Why am I doing this? Why have I spent every waking hour trying to bring this story to the American people?" asked McNiven, claiming he still is following a strange direct military order given to him more than 25 years ago.
"During the course of the terrorist plan we were devising, I made the statement to Lt. Teague that if the WTC was ever attacked like we planned, I'd go public. I was then physically assaulted and told never to reveal anything we were doing regarding the Twin Towers."
However, about a week later a strange turn of events occurred. For no apparent reason, McNiven claims his superiors completely changed their minds.
"I was given the direct order that if the Twin Towers were ever attacked the way we discussed in the 1976 study, I was to do everything in my power to bring the similarities to the attention of the American people.
"I have no idea why they changed their minds, but I was then emphatically told that this order was never to be rescinded - never - because those who would rescind it, would be the very same people who turned against the American people."
Besides taking a lie detector to verify his story, McNiven has made public a detailed list of about 40 names of those individuals who took part in the mock terrorist plan, including Col. Robert Morrison, Maj. Joe Dipiero, Sgt. Middleton, Sgt. Arroyo and many others.
"There were also people from the Defense Department and the CIA who were monitoring the study, but I wasn't able to get their names," he added.
Some of McNiven's most recent assignments with the Defense Department include work on the Northwest Drug Task Force and various other drug smuggling and weapons trafficking cases.
March 9, 2005
"If the people knew what we had done, they would chase us down the street and lynch us." (George H.W. "Poppy" Bush)
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From Carl f. Worden
Folks, I normally don't pass this kind of information on. I hate hoaxes and hoaxers, and I do not suggest the following information is true. However, most Internet hoaxes do not provide names or any kind of verifiable facts because, well, the story is bogus to begin with, and the hoaxer doesn't want to give you the tools by which to prove it bogus... Duh. That's why I always hit the delete button the moment I see that the source of some BS story has to remain anonymous for whatever the reason, and every last one of them has turned out to be bogus!
This information is rife with verifiable -- or bogus -- name and fact information. Much of the information presented here can be verified -- or disproved -- by telephone. The construction of the Twin Towers was completed in January 1972. In 1972 I was still with Circus Vargas and flying commercially on average about every two days. Back then, the big deal was airlines being hijacked to Cuba. Airport metal detectors often didn't work, so the security staff just pretended like they did. But overall, getting a gun onto an airplane even in 1976 wasn't a problem if you knew what you were doing, and I packed heat on every flight. Also, even in 1976, nobody gave much thought to terror or terrorist strikes in the U.S. because terrorism wasn't even being reported much on an international scale at the time.
Sooo, according to this story, the U.S. Army devised a 1976 study on the premise of a terrorist takeover of airliners using box cutters to attack the Twin Towers that had only been completed 4 years before? Who needed box cutters in 1976 when you could get a gun on board with little trouble? That bugs me a little, but I'm still interested in knowing more.
So, without any further fanfare, here's the Rense article (above) that was forwarded to me. Your feedback is welcome, especially if you are able to verify any or all of this.
Carl F. Worden
The Perfect Terrorist Plan To Level The Twin Towers Created In 1976
American Free Press | March 20 2005
Comment: If completely confirmed 100% then this is THE smoking gun, over and above Northwoods, the NORAD stand down, the explosives in the buildings, any other piece of 9/11 evidence. It's going to be interesting to see how they pass this one off as a 'coincidence' - we need to get this on newswires immediately. This is the straw that could break the camel's back.




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