3.5 Years...No 'Terror'
Attacks - Get The Picture?

By Ted Twietmeyer
And we heard a voice from on high in Washington, "Give up your rights or you'll be attacked...and millions more will die because of it."
And like beaten dogs, the somber, grief-stricken masses bow their heads and obey.
Congress - our 'representatives' - has long been part of the problem and NOT part of the solution. It has aided and abetted the fatal theft of our liberties through multiple illegal, unconstitutional acts and laws it passed without even having read them.
But is ANYONE in the general public sorry for allowing it to happen? Apparently not. More rights are being sacrificed monthly on the great satanic, neocon Zionist altar of lies, which are fed as a steady, daily diet through US 'news' outlets to the American public. Forget the Movietone news clips of WW2...which captive audiences were forced to watch (early brainwashing) for a few minutes in movie theaters before the film they had paid to see lit up the screen.
The electronic media of today is a light year ahead...and makes the Movietone newsreels appear,
in comparison, like a Disney cartoon. Today, we don't go to the theaters for 'news' any longer. Instead, we are drenched in 'news'...sordid, dripping audio and visual images of death, lies, propaganda and corrupted 'truth' which is spewed from countless millions of radios and televisions around the clock. And beyond the sounds and images are, doubtless, embedded electromagnetic frequencies and other unregulated technologies which further program the hive mentality and abject obedience.
Several nagging, thorn-in-your-shoe facts still remain that cannot be denied:
America - with more than 3.6 MILLION square miles - is too large to really protect. If you had one hundred people for each square mile using every man, woman and child (about 280 million souls,) there still wouldn't be enough Americans to guard the continental US. And that doesn't include Alaska or Hawaii. Who will be working in stores, on farms and in restaurants, businesses and factories that haven't closed yet?
So, where ARE all of these terrible 'terrorists' and their attacks we've been promised would happen...for 3 1/2 years now? What happened to the bearded guy (with kidney failure) in the Afghan cave with his cell phone directing the take down of New York skyscrapers? What happened to the numerous threats he made on video and audio tapes...carefully released to an angst-ridden, hyperstressed American public? Or, the scores of 'news' stories which promised us our ever watchful government had 'intercepted messages' and acquired 'intelligence' which spoke of terrible, immient attacks on Americans, both home and abroad? Are these terrorists using Maxwell Smart's silent bombs?
No...the answer is that there will NOT be any new attacks unless they are zionist/neocon government authorized. Logically, everyone knows America is too big for authorities to stop a truly determined enemy from launching one. But there haven't been any. Therefore, future 'terror' attacks MUST be orchestrated. Period. Just another tool of social engineering.
Has anyone asked the most important questions: precisely WHAT is gained by a 'terrorist' attack? No one on this planet does ANYTHING unless something is to be gained from it. There are no exceptions. [2] So, WHO benefits from terrorism - the terrorist? If so, HOW? Somehow the virgin reward story for martyred Muslims doesn't cut it.
Monetarily, there isn't any financial gain unless the government is involved in the event and uses the event to further long term goals. I'll repeat that - there isn't any financial gain from a terror attack unless the government is involved in the event and uses it to further long term goals. And such goals, even those that steal rights from people, are still driven in the end by monetary greed. For example, laws to force vaccinations upon everyone will benefit pharmaceutical companies and kickbacks and perks to those that make the law.
And what of terror? Terror of WHAT?
Historically, terror never has worked for any government in the long term. Hitler did it with his Reichstag fire drama, but in the end it was he that was burned. The ill-fated, truly evil USSR stalked its people as well...until it didn't work anymore and it all came crumbling down. Other than monetary gains and liberties stolen like a thief in the night, there are no other tangible benefits from terror attacks. Socially-engineered mass brainwashing was required to accompany the last attacks on that black morning in September to prevent tough questions from being answered...let alone asked by
the majority of stunned Americans.
Terror hasn't worked anywhere in the world over the long term. You cannot pump up the adrenaline of the public every day. Sooner or later, there is a non-response as people begin to become numb... and the 'terror' boat will sink just as it's doing now. No wonder Tom Ridge jumped ship.
So, what's the point of it? Real "terrorist" leaders already know that when you attack any country, it's quite likely western countries already have intelligence on their plans somewhere in a computer, or in someone's memory about who did it. If a rogue plan doesn't fit in with a black-ops plan then it is pure logic that those individuals will either be drafted into the big plan, or permanently stopped. Countless people of questionable status and political beliefs around the world are already under long term surveillance. Associated with those people are many more, on whom even more data is already compiled. Automated surveillance systems that date back decades take the drudge work out of surveilling people.
Paul Barnett is a contracted political scientist and consultant to the pentagon. He aired all the dirty laundry about the government's plan for world domination on CSPAN television last year, without even remotely displaying one ounce of shame. His performance was a sophisticated brain washing session held at the pentagon. The auditorium lecture was pure social engineering brainwashing assisted with a multi-media spin, complete with flashy animation and sound bytes used for his multi-screen television wall when a chart is changed. His lengthy dissertation was aired last year on CSPAN on "American Perspectives." This video WAS available on CSPAN directly until they removed it. However, in at least one other smaller meeting he did the same presentation (complete with his sound effects for enhancement.) After an exhaustive search finding mostly websites selling a video of it, I finally found a streaming on-line version of it you can see [1]. But please read on first.
Barnett dumbfounded his captive audience who wore military uniforms on the CSPAN broadcast, while some wore standard office dress. The mesmerized audience was a cross section from virtually every branch of the military. Barnett didn't miss one rock to turn over. He boldly bellowed about renewing his consulting contract along with the glories and advantages of war. His main message was about bringing more countries into the "core" (USA.) He strutted around the large stage like a stuffed, carefully groomed and grossly arrogant peacock (no exaggeration if you saw his performance) claiming to have almost ALL the answers to accomplish make USA world domination happen. (Note the word "almost.") The one area he didn't know what to do, was how to HOLD the ground gained in war. It ties up too many troops, thereby preventing moving on to other theaters of war.
Barnett proudly proclaimed that the WTC event, the soon to follow Anthrax event and stock market crash were "vertical events" from which horizontal events can be structured. In an astounding statement, he stopped just short of stating our government caused these events to happen.
The most important comment he made on the CSPAN broadcast was this - "And those soldiers overseas ? They are NEVER coming home. NOT EVER." And it looks like Rumsfeld is making this a reality with his endless broken promises (more than 6 so far, most of them made in early 2004) to our nation's finest men and women about returning home, then postponing it. Now we hear about a new draft being readied. It's important they receive a proper dose of fatal DU toxic poisoning for their own good.
The National ID card - yet another great lie. You'll be biometrically scanned, DNA catalogued. Just like a store item being placed on the shelf. Think that parallel is a coincidence? If you ever had blood drawn anywhere for most anything, then you're in the system already as I am. You'll be receiving your government issue ID card or perhaps a new federal drivers license. A short period of time will be allowed to pass before it becomes mandatory. Then you will begin to hear phony news stories of "fake ID cards" and other propaganda in preparation for the next step. This is the infamous problem-reaction-solution methodology at work.
And the solution the government will use to stop the fabricated ID card forgeries? Chip implants for EVERYONE. You eventually won't even be able to purchase a stick of gum (almost all are now laced with Aspartame if you read the packs) without waving your hand past a scanner. Just think about this. Instead of your purse or wallet being snatched, they will hack off your hand or arm instead. Perhaps the thieves will corner you with a chainsaw, axe or hatchet instead of knife. One more Book of Revelations prophecy about to come to pass - the mark. Ten years ago, everyone laughed at human chip implants as "never gonna happen in America." Now they are clearly on the horizon and no one is laughing anymore.
The government plan is to first chip implant the military. US Army war college documents outlined this plan, as quoted by Alex Jones (who also verifies his sources.) Military implants will be followed by implanting the police, and then the entire population. Everyone will become an "inventoried item." Just like hi-tech modern asset tracking is used in industry (and soon all retail.) But then - isn't this what bankruptcy is? Taking inventory of assets and liabilities? Why should bankruptcy for a country be all that different than it is for a company or individual? The same accounting principles would still apply - just on a larger scale to include people as assets.
On a slightly different (but related) fear statement, NASA recently claimed that in 2012 the earth's poles will shift. This prediction may be the result of a massive asteroid they are not talking about which will impact earth. This may take billions of lives. Could this be why chip implants will be required ? There isn't a soul in the government to my knowledge, that would come forward boasting that chip implants are a wonderful tool in a catastrophe. But the recent Tsunami helps feed the tagging paradigm nicely. High powered RFID excitation transmitters could be used to detect virtually every intact body for recovery. And, in a society devastated with no infrastructure, electronic currency might be the only way order could be maintained.
After a major disaster (man-made or natural) you will do your required daily servitude (read "slave labor") to help rebuild society. Your personal RFID "account" will be credited accordingly. We will return to the way railroad and gold mine workers of the 19th century were treated. The workers took their money they earned in the mines of the company they worked for, to the company's store. (Hence the famous song "Sixteen Tons.") These hard working people ended up with a zero surplus (as it was engineered to be) while living in austere and often filthy conditions. Guess again if you don't think this can be repeated. In the advent of martial law (publicly disclosed that is,) all civil laws will evaporate and anything goes against the people. It may already have been declared back on Sept. 2001, but kept secret to protect financial markets. The world's richest of the rich people are not finished raiding the pockets of the masses. Past and present world history teaches us that when any country's military takes over, they NEVER let go. This is evidenced by world leaders that address the masses in military uniform - a reminder to all who is the law.
This global control scheme for all people, isn't as much about money as it is for the exhilaration of the trillionaires. But then, they too, will soon find that "having is not the same as wanting."
Lay down like a good doormat. Wait for the iron boot upon your face. We saved Europe from Hitler's globalist-staged war which cost billions of allied and American dollars, and hundreds of thousands of American and allied lives. And if we ask the Europeans to save us, instead they will sit back and LAUGH. They will shout for joy, while they watch as America is pounded and forged into a new fourth Reich. Why European inaction? Because all the countries outside North America have known for years that Americans have ALLOWED this to happen. American citizens have boldly espoused how we cherish freedom unto the world and the government (not the American people) have started many wars in the name of freedom.
This helps the government to bring more tyranny upon the unfortunate countries of the world, and ultimately install more puppet governments. Saddam was one of many such puppets, who just got "out of control" and had to be stopped. Of course we all know that rigged elections are very important to bring "democracy" to the world. Organized crime sends thugs to cripple people as a way to send "messages" to others. While on a much bigger scale, the US govt. sends messages to misbehaving puppets by invading their countries and grabbing the disobedient dictator. Venture capitalists punish disobedient startup companies by taking over their board of directors and canning the executives. America does the same thing to those dictators they fund, but just on a much bigger, noisier and more violent scale.
The world is only a chessboard to the global elite trillionaire meglomaniacs. There is no mistake that a handful of these elitist families run this planet, and control IS their only god. They already have all the money they need to buy anything they want, so "intangible assets" become a goal for them. Complete power and control are all that's left for them to attain. These families fear only one thing - the masses awakening too early to their machinations before an effective control mechanism is put in place. It is only when the pompous, arrogant and ruthless elite are on their deathbed, do they realize their entire life was a lie and full of unholy sin. But it's too late. And the sudden realization that they must pay for the suffering inflicted upon BILLIONS of people, far sooner than they ever thought. Imagine the terror they must feel, laying there surrounded by their helpless under-paid entourage that must endure separated toilet paper sheets in a box in the penthouse restroom. They too, are powerless to help. The ultra-rich leave this earth with exactly what they came here with and also what good they did for the world - nothing. Except that they will bring that terrible, undeniable baggage of their lifetime's "accomplishments" with them.
Rejoice that you're not one of them! You will always have a choice no matter how bad things may become. So stand up for what's right and don't be a doormat any longer! Mass awakening is what they fear the most. If this wasn't true, the trillionaires would not wait decades for their plans to come to pass. Subtlety and patience is the game they play so they won't be discovered. There are many plans for global domination, and all in contention with each other. Many will use food as a weapon on people to maintain control. It's all about who gets all the toys (people) in the sandbox (the world.)
But all elitist controllers are afraid of the masses awakening, flatly saying NO WAY and revolting. This is something they cannot deal with, because their minions will become scared and defect.
[1] - Barnett video: Copy and paste the following:
into your browser address bar and press enter. Real player should open and begin playing the video.
(If that link doesn't open Real Player, go to
and scroll down to rtsp://
Geopolitics - The Pentagon's New Map with Thomas P.M. Barnett
[2] - The point being made is that there is always something in mind from any act whether good or bad. In the case of charitable acts the giver gains something from that, as well as the receiver.



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