100% Confirmation
Is Johnny Gosch

From Tim White
Last evening, I received a call from Ted Gunderson who is presently in Nebraska to interview a central figure in the Franklin Coverup case that is at the root of this "Jeff Gannon" story.
A confidential source of Ted's has - in a conversation with Ted yesterday afternoon - given a 100% confirmation that Jeff Gannon/Jim Guckert is very definitely Johnny Gosch.
Ted has the full backing and authority of the mother of Johnny, Noreen Gosch, to handle this - as only Ted would know how - along with the complete assistance of John DeCamp.
Ted and John DeCamp are the investigators and exposers of the Franklin Coverup. Ted has given me the greenlight to write and post this much so far but for very obvious reasons, I cannot go into greater detail at this time. As I have been told, more information will soon be forthcoming with the authorization to post when I receive it.
Tim White
Viet Nam Vet (Air Force)
Concerned Citizen



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