28 Point Plan To Save America

By Frosty Wooldridge
Dear Fellow American -
Thank you for writing. It is vitally important that you send this letter out to all your networks. This is how we create an avalanche of public action, protest and 'voice.' We're creating critical mass in the US public and once we do that, Congress and this president will not be able to continue in their destruction of our country. It's gaining by the day and your voice will be a part of this "critical mass" of protest.
You may not be able to do all these points. However, do what you CAN do from all the following points. Work with your strengths!
Be sure to join and become a faxer. It's free, quick and easy with pre written weekly letters. It takes five minutes per week to become one of nearly 100,000 Americans taking action.
For more weekly expose' reports by Frosty Wooldridge, go to and and
Things you can do:
Each of us follows in the footsteps of Thomas Jefferson, Lincoln, Madison, Franklin, Washington, Susan B. Anthony, Ike, Dr. Martin Luther King, Eleanor Roosevelt or any American who cared about the future of our country. The hour is late, however, the hour is not up. The time to take action is now. I urge you to declare yourself an American citizen who inherited the same responsibilities that Jefferson or any foot soldier from Valley Forge all the way to the jungles of Vietnam and Iraq. Most people don't realize it, however, it's growing into a huge crisis for our country. We've got over 15 million illegal aliens in this country with around another 3 million pouring over our borders each year in addition to the 1.3 million who come in legally. We're headed for an added 250 million Americans in 50 years which will leave us struggling with an unsustainable society. Our kids are going to inherit a mess.
At the same time, we must be compassionate, yet, we must ensure our nation's viability so we can help the Third World out of its population crisis.
1. Nationally, check out or and become a member of this excellent grass roots organization that works to stop illegal immigration and reduce legal immigration to a sustainable 100,000 per year. Roy Beck is the head of it and is one of the finest men I know. You can join for free and you can send pre written faxes every week and sends them for you. It's great. You'll have up to the minute information. Pass this web site on to all your friends and have them pass it to their friends. We are in danger of losing our country, our language and our way of life.
2. Ask or or Larry King Live or any other shows to interview Frosty Wooldridge, Terry Anderson, DA King, Dr. Madeleine Cosman, Linda Muller, Kathy McKee and others. They will debate and create a national discussion. If you have time, write the same letter to all these news commentators:
Joe Scarborough at Joe.Scarborough@MSNBC.COM
Laura Ingraham at
Mike at
Sean Hannity at Bill O'Reilly at
Rush Limbaugh at
Lou Dobbs at and
Chris Mathews at Hardball@MSNBC.COM
Peter Jennings at
Dan Rather at
Brian Williams at
60 II at
NPR at or or
3. If you like to write and write a lot, you can become a writing member of our team that writes letters to newspapers all over the country several times a week. You can rebut someone's pro growth, pro destruction of habitat, pro massive immigration piece in the NY Times, LA Times, etc. If you're interested, write:
3. Also, go to and ask for a local contact in your state. In Colorado, tell all your friends about In California, California Coalition for Immigration Reform at: We're gaining thousands of ordinary citizens each week who find it unacceptable that our officials do nothing about massive illegal immigration and no one is thinking about the world our children will inherit from our irresponsible actions today.
4. Call toll free to your senators and congressmen and demand they enforce our immigration laws, put troops on the Mexican border, and stop any amnesty of illegal aliens. 1 877 762 8762. Tell them to join the IMMIGRATION REFORM CAUCUS with Tom Tancredo.
6. Illegal aliens bring us thousands of cases of TB, hepatitis, leprosy and other deadly diseases. Our children are at risk as 1.1 million unscreened illegal alien kids attend our schools. Websites that explain diseases and further actions you can take: and and
7. Also, you can go to my web site for all my editorials and send them around to your friends to wake them up.
8. Support organizations that enable impoverished people around the world to stay in their own communities (where they would rather be), create a decent living through entrepreneurship, training, and providing seed money to start home grown business. Examples include the Women's Opportunity Fund, Christian Children's Fund, Accion, Technoserve, Seacology, the Grameen Bank, etc. A search on might reveal many more.
Also, I urge you to support organizations that provide families with the resources and knowledge that promote family planning via birth control, so that couples can have smaller families and provide a better way of life for their fewer children.
9. BUILDING CODE ENFORCEMENT: (Great tool to use against employers suspected of employing Illegal Aliens). Look around within and or around the establishment for violations, frayed carpets, blocked fire exits, out of ADA compliance restrooms, poor lighting in parking lots, restrooms, etc. In restaurants look for all of the above and add cold water, no soap, paper goods, signage to wash hands before leaving, insects flying around, cold or improperly heated foods (contributes to food borne illnesses and buffets need to keep food maintained at 140 degrees), at a buffet, and see the food forming skins, that,s dangerous and a health violation.
The above is a partial list, if you think there are many, many others we can use against the absconder supporters. In the meantime, if you see or hear of a violation in any of the above REPORT THEM, FILE A COMPLAINT - Especially if you or someone you know gets sick after eating out!
DEPARTMENT OF HEALTH AND WELFARE Too many people living next door? 10 people in a 3-bedroom house? This is a health code violation and you should/could report such observations to your local Department of Health and Welfare!
DEPARTMENT OF HOMELAND SECURITY Remember 9/11- the DHS asked us to report suspicious activity such as unusual numbers of persons living or frequenting a home or apartment! So, call and report it to the DHS!
Before consummating any agreement for services to be performed on your home/apartment/business, ASK the owners, managers, etc., to verify that any/all employees that they will be sending to your establishment ARE IN OUR COUNTRY LEGALLY!
A)Have them assure you that they either do not employ illegals, or will not be sending any to your home/business, etc.
B)Mention to them that you are working with the DHS on a special project and that you cannot have any "illegal aliens" working on your premises. That such a violation, even if only suspected would be cause for an investigation and if he/she is in violation of current immigration law(s) it would result in fines being levied in the amount of 10,000.00 per offense.
You could even ask them to sign a form to this affect, sort of an affidavit (making a legal statement to that fact).
10. Write President Bush at or fax him at 202-456-2461 and call Ph. 202-456-1414 and demand he deport 15 million illegal aliens and enforce our immigration laws.
12. Additionally, my new book, 'IMMIGRATION'S UNARMED ARMY--DEADLY CONSEQUENCES' is available at 1 888 280 7715. It is an action handbook that will give you ideas for saving America. It's also on and and It will create huge controversy and feature an action list for saving America. It calls for a 10 year moratorium on all immigration into this country. After that, a maximum of 100,000 per year and they must speak English before coming to America.
13. Call Border Patrol head Asa Hutchinson at 202 282 8355 and demand that Border Patrol maintain sweeps and continue enforcement by arresting illegal aliens and their employers. The more calls the more you effect change.
14. Join and help elect leaders who will stop this immigration invasion of our country.
15. To report illegal aliens working on a job site to B.I.C.E. Ph. 1 866 347 2423 toll free.
16. These are some of the most important web sites you can support: or 1 800 913 9976 in NYC
A vote on the Free Trade Area of the Americas (FTAA). If FTAA passes, there will be no borders to protect. The FTAA is the forerunner of a Regional government of the Americas, excluding Cuba, patterned after the EU. We must persuade Congress to vote the FTAA down. Here is the web site:
17. Write letters to these powerful people in the media and tell them what you want about illegal immigration. Do it every week. You must be relentless with emails. Snow Blitzer Schieffer Russert Matthews Stephanopolous
18. For those who would like bumper stickers on illegal aliens.
19. Become a volunteer in the Minuteman Project. For info: This project is going to create a national debate as thousands of military veterans and civilians will line up on the border beginning April 1, 2005 for one to four weeks standing guard over our borders.
20. Write letters to the editor, call TV and radio stations and demand they report the realities of this illegal alien invasion.
21. Visit and
Our country's English language is under assault. If we lose our most cohesive aspect of our culture, our language, we will lose our country.
22. Report irratic drivers, hit and run drivers as you wittness such events. Illegals who drive without a license usually show little respect and or knowledge or our driving rules/laws and this will reveal itself via this disrespectful bahavior. I once assisted the capture and arrest of a simi-truck driver who ran a car off the road on the Long Beach Freeway, by calling the CHP (California Highway Patrol), who have a toll free nbr., 1 800 TELLCHP. NEVADA HAS *NHP - WE NEED TO USE IT!
23. PASS OUT FLIERS (in Spanish and English) to those who loiter at "daylabor" work sites. Advising them of the IMMIGRATION LAWS (chapter and verse) they are violating and the potential consequences of their ILLEGAL presence and continued presence can and will have if they remain undocumented in the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA.
24. Have that same flier state: "we are photographing and will be reporting" their presence and suspected "ILLEGAL STATUS" to the B.I.C.E. Also, post these pictures on our website, while at the same time alerting/informing B.I.C.E., that we've found what they've had trouble locating - ILLEGAL ALIENS crossing our borders daily!
25. Hand these fliers to both the ILLEGAL ALIENS and those that would hire them at these daylabor worksites!
26. (This is the part I want to talk to the lawyers about): Put under citizens arrest anyone you/we suspect of violating these, our ILLEGAL ALIENS AND THOSE THAT WOULD BREAK OUR LAWS TO HIRE THEM!
27. If ever you are in a car accident and either file a law suit, or have one filed against you by a suspected ILLEGAL ALIEN, inform the Judge of their illegal status or suspected illegal status and subsequently subpena the B.I.C.E.!
The ILLEGAL ALIEN MAY WIN HIS OR HER CASE, but the Judge is obligated to enforce the LAW, AND THE PRESENCE OF A/THE B.I.C.E. OFFICER will be convenient/obliged to take this absconder into custody!
28. On Monday, join me on "America's Broken Borders" a weekly radio talk show with outstanding leaders from across the country who are making powerful strides to stop this illegal alien invasion of our country. It's on the air at 6:00 PM Pacific Time each Monday. 1. or 2. In the middle under 'presents' you will see 'Listen Live' 3. Click on that icon 4. Look for at the top, 'to listen live right now, click here, 5. You'll see a bunch of time zones. Click your time zone 6. A monthly schedule will pop up for you and you'll see that 'AMERICA'S BROKEN BORDERS' is on Eastern, Central, Mountain and Pacific Time. 7.Click on your time zone 'listen East' at that time and you'll hear the program that day 8. If you want to hear it again on Saturday night, they play it again at 9:00 PM PT
A lot of people feel despair about this crisis. Did they feel despair in 1776? Sure. Did they sit back and feel sorry for themselves? No. Remember: That was their time, this is ours!
"Will you surrender, sir?" "On the contrary," said Captain John Paul Jones. "I have not yet begun to fight!"
"Conviction without action is worthless"
You must be consistent and relentless in your quest to save our country.
Best wishes,
Frosty Wooldridge
P.S. Send me more ideas to make this action letter even more effective.
There are rare times and places, in the long human story, when outbursts of human genius supply human civilization with the supreme wonders of human greatness. It is the contemplation of these that raises the mass of mankind to levels not unworthy of the divine image in which we were created. Such moments of supreme achievement are to be found in the Periclean Athens, in the Florence of Medicis, and the London of Elizabeth--and Shakespeare.
However, never before--or sense--has political genius burst in such profusion on the human scene, as in the British Colonies in America, in the latter part of the eighteenth century. The period of the American Founding, from the Revolution to the Framing, Ratification, and Inauguration of the Constitution, saw political thought and action in the service of human freedom, of a wisdom and power unsurpassed even by the glory of Greece or the grandeur of Rome. Every human good we enjoy today, is directly or indirectly, a legacy of what the Founders wrought, and Lincoln preserved.



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