Will The
'Quackbusters' Survive 2005?

Opinion by Consumer Advocate Tim Bole
Will the "quackbusters," survive 2005? No, they will not. And, below are five reasons why...
The primary reason why the "quackbusters" will not survive 2005 is the Federal Court (Cavitat v. Aetna) Racketeering (RICO) lawsuit. Below you can read about that action.
But, even more important, when reading that reason, you'll find the opportunity (March 5th, 2005), for YOU to, understand, get involved in that action, or find how to start your own legal action.
Aetna, so far, has filed four separate "Motions to Dismiss" this legal action, and each of them has failed. The trial is going forward.
Aetna, like several entities, made the mistake of relying on information offered on "" to condemn an innovative health device. Now, they are facing a massive claim for damages.
The "quackbusters," we know, are a subversive operation started in the United States shortly after the American Medical Association (AMA) lost a Federal court case to the Chiropractors (Wilk v. AMA). In that case the chiropractic profession rightly, and successfully, accused the medical profession of attempting, through covert operation, to shut down, or damage the chiropractors as a competitive health profession.. They won their case - and the AMA was ordered to shut down their operation.
About six months later twenty six (26) drug companies began, and originally funded, the current "quackbuster," operation. For several years the "quackbusters," were successful.
Today, the "quackbusters," those you see, are a motley lot, led, they would have you believe, by failed MD Stephen Barrett through his boring, and repetitive, "" website. "Quackwatch. com" is the quackbuster's "bible." On that site, and their dubious "web-ring" you'll find a condemnation of anything, and everything, that competes with the use of drugs, drugs, and more drugs.
Over the last few years, Barrett, his minions, and wanna-bees, have been roundly, and soundly, humiliated in their efforts. Barrett, himself, has been officially declared in a PUBLISHED Appeals Court decision to be "biased, and unworthy of credibility."
Even better is that the once vaunted National Council Against Health (NCAHF), after having been rudely evicted from its moorings at Loma Linda University, lost so badly in Court actions against the Homeopathic profession it owes over $100,000 to its intended victim. The Homeopaths trounced them them in Court - more than once.
In Wisconsin, the NCAHF, still licking its wounds from California, tried to regain some status - but it, through its president, hair removal and ear piercing specialist Robert S. Baratz, was, figuratively speaking, beaten to a pulp there - and humiliated in the media besides.
Barrett,, the NCAHF, Robert Baratz, and others, have all, recently, been named in a FEDERAL Racketeering (RICO) lawsuit in Colorado (CAVITAT v. Aetna Insurance). Aetna has filed four separate "Motions for Dismissal" in this case, and has been rebuffed each time. Depositions will soon begin of quackbuster leaders.
Things are not going well for the "quackbusters,"...
(1) The Racketeering (RICO) prosecutions - On March 5th, 2005 in Dallas, Texas, at 5:00PM, a meeting will be held where famous Civil Rights attorney Walter Gerash, RICO expert attorney Andrew Reid, Washington DC Health Advocate attorney Jim Turner, and some others, will be laying out how to attack the "quackbuster" conspiracy, in your area, using the Federal Racketeering Influenced & Corrupt Organization Act (RICO).
The meeting will be held in connection with annual meeting of the American Association of Biological Dentists (AABD). Information about their conference can be had by going to
The target? Every living "quackbuster," Every one.
If you, or yours, have ever been victimized, or even annoyed, by a "quackbuster," I highly recommend attendance at this, or one of the successive meetings that will be held in various locations throughout North America. If your name, or your health profession, or your area of health interest, is mentioned on, or misrepresented on, "," or any other "quackbuster" website - you need to hear this presentation.
If any entity, including a State or Federal agency, has used ANY information provided by a "quackbuster" conspirator in any manner that could be construed as damaging to your interests - you need to hear this presentation.
If you have been assaulted in any manner by someone espousing "quackbuster" views, either verbally, by personal e-mail, or in an internet chat room, discussion group, etc. - you need to hear this presentation.
As you may already be aware, the "quackbuster" conspiracy is already under RICO assault in Federal Court (CAVITAT v. Aetna Insurance). Depositions will soon begin of certain "quackbuster" leadership.
Run out of a New York ad agency, the "quackbusters," are one of Big Pharma's tools, in the war between "health and medicine."
(2) There is no question that "Big Pharma's" control of health care is over. The pharmaceutical industry, itself, is on the rocks. Merck's "Vioxx scandal" was the beginning of the end. The official North American health system, "Western Medicine," is broken beyond repair, and it isn't going to get fixed.
Big Pharma's going down. With big Pharma murderous profits threatened, will they be able to afford the "quackbusters,"?
The New York Times, as well as other mainstream media, are closely following Big Pharma's demise, explaining - and, and in fact, facilitating it. The Times recently said:
"They (Big Pharma) have tried, meanwhile, to offset their weakness in creating profitable new drugs by pursuing aggressive campaigns to market existing drugs to doctors and patients, impose big price increases and make efforts to extend patents on existing medicines. Those tactics have protected their profits but irritated consumers and governments that pay for drugs, causing a political reaction in the United States and Europe.
Until this year, Wall Street had been relatively patient with the industry, viewing it as a profitable and stable place to invest.
But in the last few months, investors have begun to turn away from the sector. A broad index of pharmaceutical stocks has fallen 7.4 percent this year, while the Standard & Poor's 500-stock index has risen 7.4 percent. The companies that made yesterday's announcements have been among the worst performers this year, with Pfizer shares down 30 percent, AstraZeneca off 22 percent, and Eli Lilly down 20 percent."
Big Pharma's going down. And, with the increased costs of litigation and their consequent settlements, and losses, will they be able to afford, or will they want to manage and fund, the ""quackbusters?"
(3) The Media - What the New York Times, and other major media are NOT YET covering, is Big Pharma's marketing "black-ops," the "quackbuster," operation. As everyone in the "health" world knows, Big Pharma's "quackbuster," operation was designed to damage, and discredit, any, and all, Natural health care methods, herbals, oxygen therapies, energy medicine, etc... - anything, and everything that competes with the use of drugs, drugs, and more drugs.
Every day more information is fed to the major media about this subject.
(4) Internal Squabbling for Control... - It's vicious in the quackbuster" ranks. For years, delicensed MD Stephen Barrett was the undisputed king of rats. But, like in any rodent community, once the king gets weak, or is perceived as weak, the blood begins to flow.
At the moment, there are two others vying for the "top spot." One, Robert S. Baratz, parades three doctorates as his claim to fame - MD, DDS, and PhD. He fails to mention, in his boasts, that he's been unable to hold a job for any length of time.
Baratz is the president of the notorious National Council Against Health Fraud (NCAHF), and is the "medical director" of a hair removal and ear piercing salon in Massachusetts.
A few years ago Baratz, and his claims and boasts, were ripped to shreds in a "credibility hearing" in Wisconsin. He's had a hard time getting "expert witness" work ever since.
The other, is Terry Polevoy MD of Canada. Polevoy, at one time, I believe, was the heir-apparent to the quackpot throne, but was pushed out when Baratz was brought into the top echelon.
Polevoy was once a Pediatrician, but has apparently been reduced in the Canadian health system to "acne care" - hence the sobriquet "Pimple Popper Polevoy," after he was accused (by his own admission) in a child molest incident.
Polevoy is considered to be pretty much of a clown, even I think, among his quackpot peers. His favorite thing seems to be to affect a disguise, and skulk around "alternative" health fairs surreptitiously photographing everything in sight.
Several years ago Polevoy stalked Canadian Radio personality Christine McPhee, and informed her of that action by e-mail, until McPhee, afraid for her personal safety, called in the police.
Lately, though, Polevoy has been making his move for the "top spot," I think, by searching out, and posting on the "quackbuster's," insider discussion group "HealthFraud," any, and all internet criticisms he can find about Barrett and Baratz. It looks to me like Polevoy is trying to convince the New York ad agency that he, Polevoy, should be the top "quackbuster," not Barrett or Baratz.
(5) Failures, and Humiliations... - The Jim Shortt MD case is just the latest in a series of defeats for the "quackbuster," operation. They've had a long run of publicly humiliating losses. Frankly, if I were running the New York ad agency, I would already have dumped them. The operation is an embarrassment and will lead back to the ad agency itself.
In Summary...
We are heading for a health care "Nuremberg..." And, it's about time...
Stay tuned...
Tim Bolen - Consumer Advocate
This "Millions of Health Freedom Fighters - Newsletter" is about the battle between "Health and Medicine" on Planet Earth. Tim Bolen is an op/ed writer with extensive knowledge of the activities of a subversive organization calling itself the "quackbusters," and that organization's attempts to suppress, and discredit, any, and all health modalities that compete with the allopathic (MD) paradigm for consumer health dollars. The focus of the newsletter is on the ongoing activities, battles, politics, and the victories won by members of the "Health Freedom Movement" against the "quackbusters" It details "who the quackbusters are, what they are, where they are operating, when they appear, and how they operate - and how easy it is to beat them..."
For background information on the "Battle between Health and Medicine" go to: A copy of THIS newsletter, and older ones, are viewable at the website
For EVEN MORE interesting and related articles go to
From John Lee
How to Report a Fraud to Quackwatch
Stephen Barrett, MD
If you have been victimized, reporting your experience to us may enable us to help you or help protect others. However, it is far more useful for us to be able to share that information within our anti-quackery network, bring it to the attention of a law-enforcement agency, or post it so other can learn from your experience. To report to us, please send the following information to
Dear Dr Quack;
When the MD/FDA/FTC Death Camp Gestapo Gang quacks like a duck, confessing to iatrogenociding over 3-million Amerikans every year, it's a dead duck. I hope your own ignorance kills you and your entire family, since you obviously harbor homicidal tendencies to the rest of humanity.
R-U-Stupid-for-86ing 45-million aborticided Amerikans, or R-U-Homicidally-Insane?
U-R-Funded-By-Big-Pharma-Bribes? I would provide you the name of the vaccines my wife and I were poisoned with, but the Pentagon ate my shot records (along with those of 700,000 other veterans).
We shall see when so-called "law enforcement" and/or citizens' arrest catches up with our homicidal "superiors".... Murder has no statute of limitations. That's one way to put an end to all those "frivolous" lawsuits against killer doctors. As Shakespeare would say, let's kill all the doctors (herbal docs weren't deadly back then). Under Roman law, death penalties for killer docs was the Hypercritical Oath, and USA is rapidly decending into Roman Civil Law, aka/dba FDA/FTC Administrative Law, and now the USAPATRIOT Act makes every Amerikan a "terrorist" - including killer docs and their killer minions.
My aunt is a neurologist paid over $1-million/year, who confessed to me she never cured a patient, but just milked the insurance money until it ran out or the patient died. My mother-in-law was murdered by her MDs, hospital, Red Cross, Pentagon, Congress and "hospice" that gave her HIV/AIDS/cancer/suicide pills. My grandmother died of cancer when she was 32, back when Media and MDs advertised the "health benefits" of smoking tobacco, while Big Bro's screw d'grat banned cancer cures. Psycho Big Bro calls its crimes "eugenics" and "bioethics". Dr Quack, you should change your name to Dr Death.
My family makes itself VERY wealthy off suing deadly docs for medical malpractice. You ought to contact them for their warehoused case files of killer quacks. My daddy flies his own jet. What do you fly, your broomstick? How many of your patients have YOU killed today? If you want to whistleblow with the pros, then look in the mirror.
Sincerely, go to Hell, and hang with your cohorts in iatrogenocidal crime.
John Lee
"The most stunning statistic, however, is that the total number of deaths caused by conventional medicine is an astounding 783,936 per year. It is now evident that the American medical system is the leading cause of death and injury in the US. (By contrast, the number of deaths attributable to heart disease in 2001 was 699,697, while the number of deaths attributable to cancer was 553,251.5)
Using Leape's 1997 medical and drug error rate of 3 million multiplied by the 14% fatality rate he used in 1994 produces an annual death rate of 420,000 for drug errors and medical errors combined. Using this number instead of Lazorou's 106,000 drug errors and the Institute of Medicine 's (IOM) estimated 98,000 annual medical errors would add another 216,000 deaths, for a total of 999,936 deaths annually. Our estimated 10-year total of 7.8 million iatrogenic* deaths is more than all the casualties from all the wars fought by the US throughout its entire history.
An estimated 164 million people-more than half of the total US population-receive unneeded medical treatment over the course of a decade. What's iatrogenesis? From the Greek roots iatros = doctor & genesis = caused: DRUG IATROGENESIS -- Prescription drugs constitute the major treatment modality of scientific medicine. With the discovery of the 'germ theory,' medical scientists convinced the public that infectious organisms were the cause of illness.
Finding the 'cure' for these infections proved much harder than anyone imagined. From the beginning, chemical drugs promised much more than they delivered. But far beyond not working, the drugs also caused incalculable side effects. The drugs themselves, even when properly prescribed, have side effects that can be fatal, as Lazarou's study showed. But human error can make the situation even worse. As few as 5% and no more than 20% of iatrogenic acts are ever reported. This implies that if medical errors were completely and accurately reported, we would have an annual iatrogenic death toll much higher than 783,936.
In 1994, Leape said his figure of 180,000 medical mistakes resulting in death annually was equivalent to three jumbo-jet crashes every two days. Our considerably higher figure is equivalent to six jumbo jets are falling out of the sky each day."
-- Gary Null, PhD; Carolyn Dean MD, ND; Martin Feldman, MD; Debora Rasio, MD; Dorothy Smith, PhD, Life Extension Magazine, "Death by Medicine", March 2004 (plus 1.5-Million annual aborticides in USA)
"Harold Shipman was being called the 'Angel of Death' by a patient just weeks before he died following a visit from the GP, the inquiry into the serial killer has heard. 'Organised murder' - Shipman 'moved unchecked through families, streets and bit-by-bit murdered the heart of a community,' Richard Lissack, QC, representing local families, told the inquiry.
DR Shipman, 55, is serving life for murdering 15 women patients of his one-man practice in Hyde. But the former doctor, who was convicted in January last year, is feared to have killed hundreds during his 20 years as a GP. Shipman arrest officer dies: Shipman was described by Mr Egerton as 'arrogant.' The former doctor is now serving life for the murders of 15 of his female patients who were killed with lethal injections of morphine. A public inquiry in Manchester is investigating a further 459 deaths."
-BBC News, "Doctor Shipman known as 'angel of death' - Convicted doctor suspected in 474 murders," 2001
"DENVER, Colorado - A US coroner issued a homicide finding yesterday after determining that two hospitals allowed vital organs to be removed from a man before they had proven he was brain dead. William Rardin's cause of death was 'removal of his internal organs by an organ recovery team', ruled coroner Mark Young in Montrose County, Colorado. He said he did not believe the case should be a criminal matter, but suggested it 'should lead to a clarification of what the accepted standard is'. Mr Young said the two hospitals did not follow 'accepted medical standards' or meet state guidelines in determining that Rardin, 31, was brain dead after he shot himself last month. He was a registered organ donor and his heart, liver, pancreas and two kidneys were transplanted into waiting patients. 'I think it (the organ donation) was done in good faith ... but the standard has me thinking about taking the organ donation card off my licence,' he said. 'I don't mind donating organs if I'm dead, but I want to be dead first.'"
--The Australian, "Harvest of organs was 'homicide'," October 06, 2004
"My dad is an oral surgeon, who wires peoples' mouths shut in hospital. He always told me to never sign the Organ Donor Card on my driver license, because greedy doctors kill patients to harvest $500,000 in free organs. They just refuse to resuscitate and the patient dies of 'natural causes'. I didn't believe him, but I see these news reports all the time of doctors murdering patients by refusing to treat them, denying food to patients begging for food, pulling out hydration tubes and denying water to patients who can still swallow - like Terri Shiavo, who is NOT 'brain dead' in a coma."
-Alex Jones, host of radio, WBCR 1470AM, Alcoa, Tennessee, October 7, 2004
Over 30,000 US soldiers and veterans murdered by Pentagon "vaccines", radioactive waste and The Don Rumsfeld's Searle Pharma WMDs, with 512,000 US veterans disabled, so far.



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