US Secretly Pulls 25,000
Troops Out Of Iraq

By Omar Al-Faris - JUS
Alleged Pullout Debunked By Soldier In Iraq
From Bob
Our media in the US has done a good job of educating the rest of the world. The strategy is to put some truthful element into the story and load it with things that are difficult or impossible to confirm. We do not have 65 military planes available to move 25,000 troops. All troops are also shipped by plane. I doubt that 40 American ships could be found for transport. 25,000 troops are equal to a plussed up division. Troops that were held over for the elections are starting to move out. They are in good spirits, though.
Thank you for questioning bogus information.
(Soldier on duty in Iraq)
Original article
In an abrupt move, American occupation forces withdrew 25,000 troops from Iraq over the weekend, according to Islam Memo.
Citing reports from their correspondent in Basra and other eye witnesses, more than 65 military jets left Basra airbase and 40 American ships left the port of Basra, all carrying the troops to Kuwait. The sudden departure was also confirmed by Mr. Kamal Albasry, an administrator in charge of Um Al-Qasr port.
Many of the extracted troops were said to be mentally and physically impaired, unable to continue their military duties, and had therefore been deemed inactive. US military officials had previously announced that some troops would be withdrawn under the guise of handing more responsibility to the newly formed Allawi "National Guard" however it was indicated that these would be small numbers over time, not the significant evacuation that occurred over the weekend. There were no official US military statment on the departure.
Eye witnesses described the state of the departing soldiers as one of great joy and happiness. Children were seen giving their farewell to the departing troops by throwing stones and shouting at them.
US Military Bans Journalists, Photographers and Cameras
As more and more people became aware of the mass exodus of American troops out of Basra, many came to take a peek and some with the hopes of photographing the event. American and British occupation forces quickly closed off all major roads leading to the city. The Americans also prohibited journalists from approaching any military convoy. One journalist was arrested and his camera was confiscated after he took pictures of large numbers of American soldiers entering Basra airport on their way out of Iraq.
During the withdrawl, several fighter jets, reconnaissance planes, and unmanned spy planes filled Basra skies over Basra. All satellite, mobile phones and internet communications in the city were also scrambled to black out information pertaining to the event.
Mujahideen Bid Farewell With 30 Rockets; US Transport Plane Downed
In the meantime, Mujahideen targeted the Basra airport with an assortment of powerful rockets as well as 12mm mortar rounds while American soldiers were withdrawing. Over 30 rockets were said to have been fired as an act of "farewell". The number of casualties is not known.
Sources in Basra reported that an American transport plane was shot down an area east of the city as it made its final approach towards Basra airport at about 6pm Sunday, local time after it came under attack from ground fire. No further information on the incident is available as of press.



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