How To Use Fear And
Make Trillions Of
Dollars From War

By Michael Shore - Israel
Will somebody please ask the millions of American tax paying unemployed people, who cannot get extensions on their unemployment benefits, to explain why the USA is still in Afghanistan and Iraq spending hundreds of billions of US taxpayer dollars to make sure Iraq has a so called "democracy", which is a major insane farce since the Iraqi elections are rigged and irrelevant! Is bombing and shooting and killing and maiming over a hundred thousand innocent Iraqi children, women and men and the killing and maiming of thousands of American soldiers the path to a beautiful, peaceful "democracy"? How many TRILLIONS of dollars are unemployed and employed tax paying Americans willing to "sacrifice" on more wars so that Iran, China, North Korea, Saudi Arabia. Syria etc.etc. etc.can also have so called "liberty" and "democracy"? Considering the fact that the US elections were a total farce of electronic voting machines being easily rigged to change votes so that Bush and other Republican Senatorial and Congressional candidates could "win" the election, it would be a good idea if some "democratic" country could RESCUE America and ESTABLISH "democracy" in America.
Would tax paying Americans choose to spend hundreds of billions of dollars on the Afghani and Iraqi "unnecessary wars for profit" or would they prefer to give that money to the over 37 million Americans {many of whom are children} who are living below the poverty line in the USA? And maybe there would be enough billions of dollars to also give FREE health care to every American. These would be interesting questions to ask Americans in a poll. What if the overwhelming majority of Americans would rather give the hundreds of billions of dollars to their fellow Americans who are poor and establish free health care, would the leaders and members of the US corrupted government be forced to STOP THE WAR and carry out the "will of the People" in a so-called "democracy"?
The Bush/Cheney Mafia crime families run by the Illuminati have managed to STEAL hundreds of billions of American taxpayer dollars and TRILLIONS of dollars of Iraqi and Caspian Sea OIL through FEAR and fear alone. America is NOT being attacked by any so-called "terrorists" or any Nation, and by now many people realize that the atrocity of 911 was a horrific "mass casualty producing event" carried out by Bush/Cheney and key INSIDER government officials to initiate the FEAR in America that has produced TRILLIONS of dollars of PROFITS for the war industrialists and OIL corporations.
It's been over three years now and not ONE American has been killed or even wounded on American soil by so called "terrorists" since the crime of 911. Not ONE person has been found guilty in an American court of law for the crime of 911 or for being an accessory to the crime. Even the Muslim man, Khalid Sheikh Mohammed, who was "captured" and labeled the "mastermind" of 911 has conveniently disappeared instead of being tried in a court of law for the crime of 911. If this guy really was the "mastermind" of 911, Karl Rove, Bush's PR expert, would have staged a trial right before the 2004 elections for the public relations advantage that such a trial would have provided. But obviously that didn't happen because obviously it was all a LIE.
Ossama bin Laden has also conveniently disappeared for over three years now. Every few months, the media somehow receives a new "Ossama" video tape to keep the FEAR going. Now they're talking about upping the reward to $50 million dollars for his capture. It has been reported that there is the possibility the real Ossama has died from the severe kidney ailment that he suffered from, so even if some guy that the US government calls "Ossama bin Laden" is "captured" the average American would not know if he was the real Ossama or a "look alike".It's even questionable if the "Saddam Hussein" that is said to be in US custody is the real Saddam. Saddam was reported to have many look alikes running around and it has been reported that Saddam's family and relatives have said that the man in custody is not the real Saddam!
WAR IS ALWAYS ABOUT MONEY.The Bush government was determined to start "wars for profit" that would benefit the war industrial establishment by hundreds of billions of dollars. Also the Bush/Cheney connection with the oil industry took these wars to countries that had TRILLIONS of dollars of oil that the Bush/Cheney connected OIL corporations could STEAL, once the multi-trillion dollar-armed-to-the-teeth US military easily conquered the weak Nations of Afghanistan and Iraq, which had no real military at all to speak of.
It's amazing how brainwashed the American people are when they do not see the criminal conflicts of interest that exist with Cheney and his Haliburton Corporation and Bush's father's Carlyle Corporation, who are making so many billions of dollars from these unnecessary"wars for profit". .If you want to find out who committed any crime, like the crime of 911, the most important question to ask is "who benefited the most from the crime that was committed?" It is so blatantly obvious that the Bush family, Cheney and other connected government officials are benefiting enormously from these wars and the most important investigation that should be taking place in America is an investigation of who is getting all those billions of dollars from WAR contracts and OIL?
If there was a REAL investigation into the CRIME OF 911, it can be proven that Bush and Cheney and other government officials were involved in the CRIME OF 911 so that all the multi-billions of dollars for war and re-building expenditures in Iraq, and the confiscation of the TRILLIONS of dollars of Iraqi and Caspian Sea oil could take place. Another thing that would come out in such an investigation is the identities of the wealthy "elitist" owners of the war and oil corporations and the bankers that finance the wars, who are behind the scenes and are the major benefactors of the TRILLIONS of dollars being made from these wars. Because the F.B.I., C.I.A. and the Attorney General and the US courts and judges are all controlled by the Bush regime, the crime of 911 will unfortunately not see it's day in court so these TRUTHS could come out!
It is so pathetic to watch naive and illiterate Americans supporting these unnecessary "wars
for profit", and to see young individuals volunteering to be the "war fodder" for the industrial war complex. You don't see Bush's or Cheney's children and relatives or the children and relatives of Senators, Congressmen and high level government officials volunteering to go to Afghanistan and Iraq to risk their lives so the war profiteers can profit from the wars. Shouldn't their children and relatives be the FIRST in the front lines of battle if they think that war is so necessary and "just"? After all they're the ones who voted for war, so isn't it their "patriotic" duty to show their support for war by "donating" their children to die or be maimed "defending" their country in war?
What is it going to take to overcome the severe brainwashing and mind control techniques that are being used, so the People can see such blatant and overt manipulation, which causes war and the killing and maiming of innocent children, women and men by EVIL,sick, insane money and power hungry individuals, who will use FEAR and WAR as their money stream for PROFITS?
Michael Shore



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