The John Tosti
Encounter Regression Session

Brian Vike, Director
HBCC UFO Research
The Iowa regression with Dr. Woodman medical amnesia hypnotherapist.
John initially did not think that he could be regressed. He was prepared to tell Dr Woodman that he was sorry that he had come all this way and it did not work because he was a poor subject. However this was not the case and he turned out to be an excellent subject. It was not as he expected for it was rather easy that he thought. John was talking one minute to the Doctor and in another moment found himself on the beach feeling the sun, the breeze and the smell of the ocean. It was like he was there and then suddenly he was crouching down behind the tree staring at a bright light.
Dr Woodman "You tell me that you are aware of something coming towards you and your friend was the first to go down to the ground and hide himself behind this tree and then you followed suite?"
John Tosti "Yes"
Dr. W "Tell me then what you saw when this happened."
JT: "I see a I see a big red glowing ball. It's down in the gully. It is not the moon - I thought it was the moon but it is not the moon. Jim is asking me; he wants me to get down on my knees. Jim is on one knee. The red light goes out. I see that they have lights on their heads like coal miners. I am worried about Jim getting shot. I'm thinking that they are hunters and they are walking straight towards us. I am on my knees now and I am behind the tree. Jim and me are both behind the tree.
I look around the tree and I can see them, they are walking straight towards us. "
Dr. W "What was your feeling at that time, were you scared?"
JT "Yeah, I was thinking that it was hunters and I did not want to get shot. I have got to be still and not make any noise."
Dr W. "How far away are you as you watched them?"
JT "Probably about 100 feet - maybe 50 feet away, they were walking right towards us and making a lot of noise. I could hear them walking towards us. The rustling sound of their footsteps was getting louder. I am telling Jim not to move because I don't want Jim to get shot. I am thinking that if they are hunters and we just lay still they won't hear us so they won't try to shoot us." "For some reason, I am looking around the tree again and I can see them, they are right here, they are right on the other side of the tree where we are at. I got my gun and I took it off safety and I am trying to put myself in between me and Jim because I don't want nothing to happen to Jim. (The memories recounted are traumatic to John and the fear in his voice is apparent. His voice now sounds audibly distressed on the regression tape)
Dr W "You're safe, very, very safevery safe, you are in Clinton Iowa, this happened a long time ago. Take a deep breath in .and out . tell me what happens next."
JT "We are standing there and all I can see are the lights. They are on their heads and shining on my face. I am raising my gun up. I am telling them to get the hell out of here. I don't want them to be here. This is my land and I don't .. I will tell them to leave for trespassing. They are still standing there. And Uh ..OH it's strange they look like I can see one of them and it looks like a fireman."
Dr. W "Why do you say that, can you describe what you see please?"
JT "Yeah, he has got, uh, a hat on. It looks like a fireman's hat."
Dr. W "With a light on?"
JT "With a light on. He has got a . it looks like a long jacket on.. It looks like a fireman."
Dr. W "Is he a big guy like you?"
JT "Yeah, he is big, I think he is bigger than I am. I am trying to figure out what is going on. And the other one behind him is trying to get over to Jim. He looks like a fireman too."
Dr. W "So you tell them to leave, from your property and he does not leave, so then what is the next thing that happens?"
JT "He is just standing there. He has a funny looking smile on his face."
Dr. W "OK, what is the next thing that happens, very, very, safetake a deep breathe and let it out and when I touch your hand you are going to be twice as deep and twice as safe. What happens next?"
JT "I can hear Jim and Jim is behind me and he is telling them too to go away. Jim is raising up his gun and Jim says that he is going to shoot. And they are not listening to us. They are just standing there. They are not moving."
Dr. W "So what happens next? Move forward in time. Safe, very, very safe, it happened a long time ago and you really want to know what happened. Allow your thoughts to come out."
JT "I am just seeing black. I can't see."
Dr. W "Move forward in time, what is the next thing that you can see?"
JT "I see a. it looks like I can see Jim...and Jim is screaming. He was screaming at the telling him to let him go. 'Don't touch me!!' Jim was getting really mad. I think Jim thinks that he is going to try to shoot us. I don't know. Jim is mad and that guy was trying to grab him or something. I am trying to pay attention to the guy who is right in front of me and I can hear Jim and he is telling him to let him go andI am getting cold. I am feeling cold."
Dr. W "That's fine just relax. You are in Clinton, Iowa and very, very safe. What is the next thing you know, are you cold?"
JT "I am cold."
Dr. W. "Where are you?"
JT "I am still beside the tree and by this fireman. He is trying to grab a hold of my gun and I am telling him. Don't touch my gun. He grabs my gun and he is trying to take my gun away from me.
Dr. W. "Does he succeed in trying to do that? "
JT "No, I am trying to fight with him. I don't want to shoot. He is trying to take my gun but I am freezing. I don't know it was like he got my gun.
Uh, he is trying to grab me. And I am trying to fight him. I can't fight he is too strong, I can't get away from him. He is trying to take me. He is trying to drag me. He has got me by my jacket. "
Dr. W. "What does he do now that he has you by the jacket?"
JT "He has got me"
Dr. W. "Is he dragging you along the ground? OK which direction?"
JT "Down into the gully. I am scared. I can't find Jim
Dr. W. "OK lets let Jim fend for himself for now, very safe, "
JT "He is throwing me down into the gully and I can't get away from him. I am trying to kick him but he does not feel it. He is taking me down into the ball. I can see the ball. It is a shiny ball. There is a hole on the side it and he is trying to shove me into it and I don't want to go. It is cold. "
Dr. W. "You were very scared weren't you at the time, but you are quite safe now. Something that happened a long time ago, relax, sleep, sleep, sleep and what is the next thing that happens to you, are you in the hole or did you stay outside of it or?"
JT "He shoved me into the hole. I'm in this thing and I can see somebody and it is not a fireman."
Dr. W "What do you see?"
JT "It's a boy"
Dr. W. "A boy?"
JT "A small boy. He looks like he is about, a little boy, about four years old, maybe five? And he is asking me something. He is asking me what I am doing."
Dr. W. "How is the boy dressed?"
JT "He has got a shirt, a red shirt on and a pair tight slacks. And I am asking him, Where am I?
He says that I am in his room and I am asking him: What is this place?"
Dr. W. "Does he seem friendly?"
JT "Certainly, but I am scared, I don't know where I am at. "
Dr. W. "You survived it, it happened a long time ago. And you always will survive. OK, deeply, deeply relax. Take a deep breath. Very good, you are twice as relaxed as you were before. Now what is the next thing that happened to you, does he show you around or continue talking or what happens next?"
JT "He is; uh, standing there and just looking at me and I am trying to find out where I am at and I am asking him and he does not really say He says that I am in his room. I ask him if he has seen another person in here. I am looking for my friend and he says that my friend is still outside. So then I ask him how do I get back outside and he said that I can't go outside and that I have to stay in there."
Dr. W. "Sooner or later you do get back outside again for you are sitting here right now inside my office"
JT "He is telling me to lay down"
Dr. W. "On what? "
JT "On the floor"
Dr. W. "On the floor? Do you do that?"
JT "I don't lay down, I sit down against the wall. And he tells me to wait here while I was sitting up against the wall."
Dr. W. "What does the seat feel like, can you describe it?
JT "A rock."
Dr. W. "A rock, it is hard then. Is it rough or smooth?"
JT "Rough. He (the young boy) is walking to the door. He opens the door, leaves, and then shuts the door. And I am by myself and I don't know what is going on."
Dr. W. "You are safe, relax, you are a very strong guy and you will survive, you did survive and you know that. Very good, very, very relaxed."
JT "I see the doorknob move and somebody is coming in. The little boy is standing there and he is telling me to come in."
Dr. W. "Do you follow him?"
JT "Yeah, and he takes me to a room and it has a bench on the wall and there is another person in there."
Dr. W. "Do you recognize who it is?"
JT "No "
Dr. W. "Is it a small guy or a big guy or?"
JT "It's a big guy and he looks like a hunter. He is looking at me and he has got a strange look on his face and I don't think he knows where he is at either."
Dr. W. "Do you sit down or what?"
JT "No, I am standing and the little boy is holding my hand and he walks me over to the bench where this guy is and he tells me to sit down. He is telling me something (the hunter). He is telling me that he does not know what is going on. He is trying to get out and he can't figure out how to get out. He said that he has looked around to find a way to get out and he can't get out! I am worried about Jim."
Dr. W. "Relax, Jim was alive, too"
JT "He tells me uh, that uh, he was hunting and somebody shoved him in a hole in the ground. I am asking him who? And he said that he did not know. (At this point in the regression restraints were applied to John for protection as he was becoming agitated)
Dr. W. "Just relax. If you want to relax then just go to your nice warm Florida beach -you can do that. Just relax, you are safe. OK. And if you want to go to bed you can go to bed. All right, do you understand? Do you want to talk about it? Now what happens next, do you sit down? Does the little boy continue to hold you hand or what? "
JT "No he is walking towards the door and now he is going into the other room"
Dr. W. "Is he still wearing his red shirt?"
JT "Red shirt. He shuts the door and this guy is telling me something about how he is afraid that he can't get out of here and he wants to go home and he is asking me where this place is."
Dr. W. "Like the blind leading the blind isn't it?"
JT "I don't know where I am at. "
Dr. W. "So jump forward in time John what is the next thing that happens?"
JT: "He is getting up and he is trying to find a way to get out. He is going to go to the door where the little boy is at in the other room. The little boy is standing right there and he swings the door open. The little boy won't let him go into the other room. He is trying to tell the little boy something. He is trying to ask the little boy how to get out of here. The little boy is pushing him. The little boy is trying to shut the door. He (the hunter) is mad and he is kicking on the shut door."
Dr. W. "So that little boy manages to shut the door?
JT "The door is shut"
Dr. W. "That is one way to get your madness out isn't it- to beat something?"
JT "Yeah he is screaming at him."
Dr. W. "What are you doing in the meanwhile? Still sitting on the bench against the wall?"
JT "Yeah. The little boy is coming back. He has got something with him. He has a mask and he is trying to put it on my face. I am trying to ask him what he is doing and he is not telling me. He is putting the mask on my face. It is a mask and it is put over my nose and mouth. He is smiling. He is grabbing a hold of my left hand and he is taking me into the other room."
Dr. W. "Are you wearing a watch John?"
JT "No. (The other hunter) is trying to ask the little boy where are we going. The little boy just keeps pulling me. He is pulling me through the doorway."
Dr. W. "Does the other guy come with you?"
JT "He is trying to. The little boy pulls me through the door and he is trying to shut the door. The little boy wants me to sit down. The little boy is sitting down. He is trying to the mask is not on right or something so he is trying to put the mask on right. It's not working right or something. He is messing with the mask. He is telling me that I can go away from here in a little while."
Dr. W. So did you sit down on what, a bench or a table?"
JT "The floor. I am asking him where am I? Why am I here? He tells me don't worry and I am asking him where Jim is. He says that he is still outside. The boy is doing something to my arm. He is looking at it"
Dr. W. "Which arm?"
JT "My left arm. He is trying to scoot over. He is getting next to me to look at my arm. Looking at my arm and hand. He is getting up and he is going to the door and going into the other room."
Dr. W. "So you are in this room sitting on the floor and what is the next thing that happens. Is there anybody else around?"
JT "No. I hear a noise, a sound like a.. a sound like a real high pitched whistling sound."
Dr. W. "What else do you see in this room. Take a moment to look around"
JT "It has got a railing; A rail. At one end of it looks like a rail"
Dr. W. "A handrail?"
JT "Yes a handrail."
Dr. W. "What height off of the floor?"
JT: "Maybe about three feet."
Dr. W. "Does it go all the way around the room?"
JT "No, it just goes around part of the room. "
Dr. W. "Is it a circular room?"
JT "Half of it. Half of it is circular and half of it looks like a normal room and it's not very big. I smell something funny, I don't know if it is the mask or what. I want to take the mask off. I am getting ready to take the mask off. The little boy opens the door and tells me
Dr. W. "Not to take the mask off? Relax. What is the next thing that happens?"
JT "He shuts the door."
Dr. W. "What is the color of the walls, John?"
JT "The top half is red. The bottom half is silver."
Dr. W. "So does the railing form a kind of boundary between the red and silver?"
JT "Yes. I want to get out of here. I do not want to be here anymore. Oh, I want to get out. I am getting out. I am looking around. The little boy comes back into the room. He sits down besides me now on the floor and he is holding my left hand. He asks me if I want to play a game. I am trying to ask him what kind of a game. I can't get off my mask. He is taking my mask off. I am asking him what kind of a game and he is saying Hide and Seek. I am asking him where I can hide. There is nowhere to hide. He is getting up. He is taking me over to this large gray 'spot' on the wall. He is telling me that I can hide in there. I am telling him that I cannot hide in there because it is a spot. He is pushing my hand into it. He is trying to tell me that I can go into the spot. He said to go into the spot so I am trying to climb into the spot.
And I am in the spot and there is somebody in there with me."
Dr. W. "Is somebody in there with you?"
JT "I don't know, I can't see. I can hear him. Somebody is grabbing my hand and somebody is pulling me. OhMy head is sticking into the next room. I see a is a little gray guy. He is sticking something up my nose on my left side."
Dr. W. "Does it tickle?"
JT "No it hurts. He stuck it quickly in and out and it still hurts and he is pushing me back into the 'spot'. I get the feeling that he does not want me to see him."
Dr. W "Would you describe him for us?"
JT "He has got a skinny body, and it looks like his eyes are really spaced far apart. And, uh, he has got big eyes. And his mouth it looks like a skeleton's mouth. It looks wrinkled. And he was moving really weird."
Dr. W. "What do you mean by that?"
JT "Quick, Fast. He is shoving me back into the spot and I feel something tugging at my other leg. I am being pulled back into the other room by this little boy. He is asking me if I am going to hide from him."
Dr. W. "Who was puling on your leg and which leg?"
JT "The little boy on my left leg. I am in the other room with him now and he is asking me when am I going to hide from him. And I am telling him that I don't know where to hide. I am asking him who was that in the other room. And he said it was nobody."
Dr. W. "So you don't trust him anymore. Was he lying?"
JT "Yeah, He is pointing at the wall and he wants me to hide in the wall. And we are walking over to the wall and he pushes me into the wall and I see a bird on the outside. I am outside I see a fireman and I see Jim. I am outside on the ground. The little boy pushed me through the wall. Jim is asleep. He is asleep on the ground."
Dr. W. "Is he still holding his shotgun?"
JT "No, he is on the ground to the right. They dragged us up the gully. The one fireman dragged Jim across the creek. And then the other went.well he is dragging me like over to the tree and he is pushing me. He is pushing me and he is shoving me real hard and I fell down. I feel like I have got to go to sleep."
Dr. W. "What is the next thing that happens?"
JT "I get up. It is daylight and I am looking for Jim and I can't see him. I am getting up and walking and I see Jim. He is in the briar patch. I am looking for my gun. I talk to Jim and ask him if he is okay. Jim has his arms upheld and is waving them back and forth. He is trying to get out of the briar patch. I am looking for my gun and I see a bunch of leaves piled up. I go over there and kick the leaves and found my gun and Jim's gun was there, too."
Dr. W. "Do you feel safe now?"
JT "Like I want to go home. Jim is across the creek now and he has got a bunch of scratches on his face. He has got a like stunned look on his face. I gave Jim his gun and he was telling me that he wants to go home now. So I told him let's go back to the barn. We walked back and it was about a quarter of a mile."
Dr. W. "When you get to the barn do you tell him what your experience was like?"
JT "Uh, he is talking to me about the three lights over by the tree. He is telling me not to say anything about them to anybody about it because he does not want people to know. He does not want people to think he was crazy. We changed our clothes there and I remember that my nose hurt and it was bleeding a little bit."
Dr. W. "Does he notice that? And what does he say about it?"
JT "Yes, he tells me to get a napkin because my nose is bleeding."
Dr. W. "Do you tell him how it got to be bleeding?"
JT "No"
Dr. W. "So you don't tell him anything about your experience aboard this sphere?"
JT "Never have, I did not know. I did not remember."
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