Time To Stop
Murdering Children,
Infants With Aspartame

From Dr. Betty Martini
U. S. Federal Trade Commission
Attn: Chairwoman Deborah Platt Majoras
6th & Pennsylvania Avenue, N. W.
Washington, D.C. 20580
January 20, 2005
Honorable Deborah Platt Majoras: Evil this way comes!
It rides an express elevator to ever deeper degradation: the gutter, the sewer and at last to a cesspool clotted by bodies of innocent infants murdered for money. Our elevator operator, Miss FDA chimes: "Going Up: to Better health, Lower weight and a More beautiful you. Step into the aspartame express."
They know! In 1996 FDA listed 92 symptoms, from seizures to death, reported in 10,000 consumer complaints, more than any other food additive before or since! Experts cried Halt! Three Congressional hearings exposed this poison. Renowned physicians protested its approval, as did the National Soft Drink Association. Emory University Professor of Pediatrics & Genetics Dr. Louis Elsas' testimony is recorded in the 8/1/85 Congressional record, page S10842:
"High blood concentrations of L-phenylalanine are harmful to human brains in at least three situations:
(a) In older than 6 months old children and adults with mature brains high blood concentrations will prolong performance time, slow brain wave cycles (EEG) and reduce neurotransmitter production in a reversible manner.
(b) In newborns to 6 months old with rapidly growing brains elevated blood phenylalanine produces irreversible brain damage by slowing migration of oligodendroglia (brain cells) and altering myelin (nerve insulation) formation.
(c) In pregnancy, if the mother's blood phenylalanine is raised in high concentrations, her child's brain development can be irreversibly damaged. "
Irreversible brain damage from phenylalanine! Aspartame is 50% phenylalanine! Yet Ajinomoto ran a full page ad in the Nov 04 Functional Foods & Nutraceuticals with a photo of an infant at its mother's breast with the caption: "Remember your first taste of aspartame?" Would you let an ad say: For a really bright smile, brush with Plutonium?
Aspartame disease was declared a global epidemic by Dr. H. J. Roberts in his 1,038 page medical text Aspartame Disease, an Ignored Epidemic. It has triggered an avalanche of birth defects and retardation. It releases the tumor agent DKP, diketopiperazine, so babies are born with brain tumors. It interferes with the cardiac conduction system causing sudden death. Soon defibrillators will be common as fire extinguishers. Yesterday Renae Wilson of Titusville, FL told me this story:
"My baby got a cold and the doctor put him on a prescription with aspartame. I also bought pediatric Tylenol with aspartame and other remedies. He went to sleep and never woke up. An article about sudden infant death said most cases occur when it's chilly and the baby may have a cold (babies get a cold and receive over-the-counter and prescribed drugs) then die in their sleep. I had no knowledge aspartame was a deadly drug. I used NutraSweet and had all kinds of problems, even symptoms of MS which I learned are be triggered by aspartame. When I quit, so did the symptoms. I believe aspartame killed my son. Little Andrew was 2 1/2 months old."
You can read her entire story at
Review recent articles about SIDS, depleted serotonin, and toxic breast milk. Dr. Richard Wurtman told Congress it lowers the seizure threshold and depletes serotonin. This triggers manic depression or bipolar, insomnia, mood swings, panic attacks, and even suicidal tendencies. It interacts with all antidepressants. Wurtman was threatened by the manufacturer, G D Searle Co, his funding would be cut off if he researched aspartame induced seizures. Don Rumsfeld was CEO of Searle until he became Secretary of Defense for Ronald Reagan. He had the power and connections to silence Wurtman, author of the damning text: Phenylalanine and Brain Function. Wurtman was silenced.
UPI investigation on
Dr. James Bowen warned FDA aspartame is mass poisoning America and the world. What does a poisoned world look like? Hear victims' heart-wrenching stories and see candid experts in the vital new documentary Sweet Misery: A Poisoned World. Hear wife and mother Diane Fleming, serving 50 years in a Virginia penitentiary because her husband, a Diet Coke addict, died from methanol poisoning. Aspartame liberates methyl alcohol, which slowly poisons victims and breaks down into formaldehyde. Medical experts' affidavits declared the methanol came from Killer Kola.
Imagine a baby sipping death from its mother's breast as she seeks to control her weight with sweetener that makes her crave carbohydrates and gain weight, and poisons her mother's milk, so that one morning she finds her child dead in his crib. Killed by Ajinomoto.
RUMSFELD DISEASE APPROVED BY EXECUTIVE ORDER! Listen to Attorney James Turner who with famed Dr. John Olney tried to prevent aspartame's approval. Turner tells what it took to get a deadly poison approved. The FDA attempted to have Searle indicted for fraud and making false statements. Both U.S. Prosecutors hired on with the defense team and the statute of limitations expired. For 16 years the FDA refused to allow it on the market. When Reagan was elected Don Rumsfeld, CEO of Searle, said he'd call in his markers to get aspartame approved. This is documented by a UPI investigation and congressional record. The day after Reagan took office Arthur Hayes was appointed as FDA Commissioner to get it approved.
Reagan knew it might take 30 days to get Hayes installed, so he wrote an Executive Order making the outgoing FDA Commissioner powerless to act against aspartame before he departed. Then FDA set up a Public Board of Inquiry that revoked the petition for approval because it had not been proved safe and causes brain tumors. Hayes overruled the PBOI and let slip the hounds of disease, disability and death on an innocent unwarned population. Soon he became a consultant for the NutraSweet Co's public relations outfit on a 10 year contract at $1,000/day. Hayes then refused to talk to the press. Who ever heard of a public relations guy who won't talk?
Page 18 of the testimony by Dr. John Olney to the PBOI notes FDA admitted aspartame causes brain damage/tumors in neonatal animals. FDA dismissed this admission as irrelevant on grounds that the approved uses of aspartame do not include giving it to newborn humans. Yet the makers actually target the newborn. Dr. Olney reduced FDA's admission to the following syllogism:
(a) Only neonates are susceptible to Glutamate/Aspartame neurotoxicity,
(b) Aspartame will not be fed to neonates;
(c) Glutamate/Aspartame neurotoxicity is irrelevant to the safety of aspartame.
Dr Olney declared: "Syllogisms that begin with false premises lead to false conclusions. The first report of glutamate induced brain damage documented that both infant and adult mice are susceptible". He went into great detail on the combination of glutamate and aspartame which intensifies and synergizes MSG. Attached is Neurosurgeon Russell Blaylock's letter to the Miami Herald countering a NutraSweet's front group, the Calorie Control Council, for recommending it for pregnant women. Also posted on <
Congressional hearings revealed that aspartame advertising deceives the public, as if it were a natural product to compare with mothers milk. Industry has been cautioned about misleading advertising. Merisant (owns part of NutraSweet) sued the makers of Splenda for advertising it as natural when it's really a chlorinated hydrocarbon as are DDT & Chloradane. True, Splenda is bad news, but the kettle is calling the pot black. Both are guilty.
Read the attached 92 symptom FDA report and view Sweet Misery to be assured this poison shouldn't be sold for adults much less to kill infants and erase the brains of our children. Hold Ajinomoto criminally responsible for marketing murder. Drain the cesspool, Stop killing kids!
Dr. Betty Martini, Founder
770 242-2599
9270 River Club Parkway
Duluth, GA 30097
Artificially Sweetened Times
Rebuttal to industry propaganda
Aspartame Documentary: Sweet Misery: A Poisoned World
can get further copies, DVD or VHS, from
Medical Text: Aspartame Disease: An Ignored Epidemic, H. J. Roberts, M.D. or 1 800 827 7991
Excitotoxins: The Taste That Kills, neurosurgeon Russell Blaylock, M.D.
Aspartame Web sites: (click on aspartame)
Aspartame Toxicity Center
Aspartame Information List (click on aspartame)
Letter From Dr. Roberts....
U.S. Federal Trade Commission
ATTN: Chairwoman Deborah Platt Majoras
6th & Pennsylvania Avenue, N. W.
Washington, D.C. 205800
Re: Deceptive Advertising Aimed At Infants and Children
Dear Honorable Deborah Platt Majoras,
I am enclosing a copy of the full-page ad by Ajinomoto that appeared in the November 2004 edition of Functional Foods & Nautraceuticals. It is titled, "Remember your first taste of aspartame?" The companion photo depicts an infant feeding at its mother's breast.
The promo begins: "mothers' milk doesn't contain aspartame, but it might as well. Aspartame is made from things which occur in larger quantities in other parts of our diet, and our bodies digest it completely naturally." It concludes: "The principal components of aspartame are two building blocks of protein, just like those found in eggs, fruit, cheese or fish - and even in mothers' milk."
In my opinion - as a corporate-neutral physician who has extensively researched and published on "aspartame disease" for two decades -- this constitutes potentially dangerous deceptive misrepresentation. The chief reasons are (1) omission of other major components of aspartame, especially the 10% FREE methyl alcohol (methanol), (2) the profound adverse effects of the large amounts of its "two building blocks of protein" on neurotransmitters and other important systems, and (3) the absence of any reference to the terrible reactions induced by aspartame products in numerous infants and children.
I have extensively detailed these issues in several books, more than a score of medical/scientific publications, testimony to the U.S. Senate and an FDA advisory group, and my summarized professional opinion about the unwise use of aspartame products by pregnant women, infants and children. The testimony, "position paper", a brochure of ASPARTAME DISEASE: AN IGNORED EPIDEMIC, and my professional credentials are enclosed. The 1000 - page book reviews only the first 1200 aspartame reactors in my data base (It now exceeds 1400.)
I do not know in how many periodicals this ad has appeared. The potential adverse public health consequences from such promotion are ENORMOUS... based on the documented medical, neurological, psychological, metabolic, immune, genetic and carcinogenic effects of aspartame and its breakdown products. As a relevant point, I cite several breast-feeding infants who develop convulsions while their mothers drank a "diet" soda.
I am grateful for our First Amendment, I nevertheless believe that the power of the federal government to regulate interstate commerce and advertising MUST be invoked here. This includes (1) halting such ads aimed specifically and unfairly at infants and children because they are misleading "in a material respect," (2) demanding corrective ads that underscore the risks of aspartame products, and (3) totally removing aspartame products from the market as an imminent health threat. Indeed, many corespondents have decried their promotion for children as "crimes against humanity."
Let me express thanks for your interest and prompt attention to this profound matter in view of the inevitable corporate and political resistance such action will generate. But you MUST protect our children before it is too late!!
H. J. Roberts, M.D., FACP, FCCP
To contact Dr. Roberts by email:



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