As America Sleeps, The Strausscon
Plan For Iran Is On Schedule

It is a constant drumbeat and will become more so over the next few months: Iran has nukes, or is feverishly working to develop nukes (no easy task), and will ultimately nuke Israel and Europe.
This is essentially the same pretext used to invade Iraq. So blood-thirsty and crazed are the Muslims-and the secular Ba'athist Arabs-they will attack civilized people with nuclear weapons if allowed to do so. It is our task-indeed, our duty-to save the world from Arab-Iranian savagery. Of course, after Iraq was invaded, no weapons of mass destruction were found, so the emphasis shifted from saving the world from Saddam Hussein's Pandora's box of nuke-bio-chem weapons to a selfless desire to deliver freedom and democracy to the Iraqi people, beleaguered for so long under Saddam's tyrannical rule. Of course, all of this is nonsense, so obviously transparent as to be a bad joke, not that most Americans realize, so deep is their sleep and ambivalence.
It must be remembered that Saddam Hussein was a CIA assassin and the CIA worked to install the brutal Ba'ath regime in Iraq. American and European corporations sold Saddam Hussein all the biological and chemical materials he wanted in the 1980s and the Reagan administration encouraged this so long as Iran and Iraq were at war with each other. Iraqi chemical and biological weapons, subsequently eliminated by UNSCOM after Bush I's invasion, were a threat to Iranians, not Europeans and Israelis. All of this is not some outlandish conspiracy theory but historical fact. It should also be remembered that the CIA overthrew a popular and democratically elected leader in Iran and with Israeli help created a secret police apparatus (SAVAK) that was so brutal Iran "had the worst human rights record on the planet, and the number and variety of torture techniques the CIA had taught SAVAK were 'beyond belief,'" as Mark Zepezauer notes.
In other words, the alleged threat faced by "civilized nations" -the United States is so "civilized" it is the only country to actually have nuked defenseless civilians-is a product of CIA intervention in the Middle East. In Iran, as Zepezauer explains, "the Iranian people overthrew the bloodstained Shah, with great bitterness and hatred toward the US for installing him and backing him all those years. The radical fundamentalist regime that rules Iran today could never have found popular support without the CIA's 1953 coup and the repression that followed."
None of this is mentioned in the corporate media as the Strausscons prepare to invade, or at least "shock and awe" Iran, destroying its social and political infrastructure the same way they did in Iraq, resulting in misery for millions of people. As Seymour Hersh documents in his latest article published in the New Yorker, the Strausscon plan against Iran is in motion and has worked behind the scenes "at least since last summer." Hersh also documents the fact the Strausscon "civilians in the Pentagon" are working in tandem with the Israelis to destabilize Iran.
Of course, an invasion of Iran would be insane, considering how badly the occupation of Iraq is going. In Bushzarro world, however, such realities are irrelevant. "Strategists at the headquarters of the U.S. Central Command, in Tampa, Florida, have been asked to revise the military's war plan, providing for a maximum ground and air invasion of Iran," writes Hersh. How they will do this with the U.S. military now stretched so thin is not explained.
None of this is surprising. The PNAC Strausscons, with Michael Ledeen leading the charge, have made no secret of their desire to kill Iranians and replace their government with a "democracy," that is to say a plaint military dictatorship that will follow orders and bow down to Israel. Bush's "re-election" serves as an affirmation of the Strausscon-Likudite Master Plan for the Muslim Middle East. In fact, the Strausscon-Likudite plan is Bush's raison d'etre.
Disaster is up the road and around the bend. Seymour Hersh's article provides further evidence that the Bush Strausscons are on schedule, anxious to kill hundreds of thousands, if not millions, of Muslims in the Middle East (and South Asia as well). It was only a few months ago the corporate media was fantasizing about the demise of Strausscon influence in Washington. As I said at the time, Bush would "win" the election-by hook, crook, bogus terror alerts, and Diebold voting machines owned by Republicans-because Israel's agenda is of paramount importance.
Now America has to live with the result-perpetual war and a further eroding of America's precious treasure and resources. Unfortunately, there is no organized or effective way to stop this madness. It will run its course and eventually reality will grind the Strausscon plan to a halt, in the process economically destroying America and impoverishing its people. Finally, on the day the Strausscon machine breaks and Americans wake up and figure out they were scammed, will they place blame where blame is due or will they look elsewhere, guided by the corporate media, and find new scapegoats to blame?



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