The Overthrow Of The
American Republic - Part 70
The Clinton Syndrome

By Sherman H. Skolnick
Real-life events of the more or less recent past, could read like a super-hypped fiction book. The problem? Big-time book publishers are not inclined to tell the factual truth about the murder of JFK and a lot of other happenings.
Why? Simple.. The publishing cartel, made up of just a few handfuls of mega-corporations, like the rest of the oil-soaked, spy-riddled monopoly press, is not inclined to disturb the well-planted fairy tales of our era.
This non-fiction story could begin at the time Hillary Rodham Clinton, Vincent W. Foster, Jr., and Webster Hubbell were lawyer-strategists for a firm providing worldwide bank computer software services.
In retrospect, some claim there were "trap doors" built in to some of the software so that spying could be done on banks, both friend and foe. Of course, the firm denied it was occurring.
For various reasons called "The Rabbi", Foster was more or less the kingpin. All three were tight with the Espionage Establishment.
In the 1980s, Foster became the "mystery man" in the purloining of vast amounts of super-secret U.S. military missile codes. Friends of the U.S., Israel became the beneficiary of secrets relating such as to Iraq. Since Iraq regularly threatened harm to Israel, maybe these "secrets" should have been routinely shared with Israel.
No one within the U.S. bureaucracy was prepared to later explain how Jonathan Pollard, a low-level naval analyst, was able to walk right through security with such large quantities over a period of time of secret documents each having built-in devices to trigger off alarms.
All this happened while Foster law partner Hillary was wife of the Arkansas Governor,Willam ROCKEFELLER Clinton. [As to ROCKEFELLER Visit, series on "Wal-Mart and the Red Chinese Secret Police".]
For the first few months of the Clinton White House, Foster was Chief Deputy Counsel. The FBI Director, William Sessions, had a very elite team investigating corruption of both top Democrats and Republicans, Most would consider that a forbidden task.
On flimsy and ridiculous accusations, Sessions was sacked in July, 1993. The very next day, Foster was murdered. Each with different reasons, Bill and Hillary were part of the cover-up calling the Foster death a "suicide". He was found dead in a Civil War Memorial Park laying next to a cannon. The site is part of an area next to the American CIA headquarters in Virginia under twenty four hour satellite imaging surveillance. Every blade of grass is observed. The satellite imaging showed his dead body was moved from near the White House parking lot to Fort Marcy Park.
So there were images available to immediately disprove that Foster was a "suicide". [The National Reconnaissince Office, NRO, is in charge of such imaging. The head of that program, Daniel Potter, was later murdered to silence him.]
Because of Clinton domestic policy blundering, Clinton was faced in 1994 with a Republican majority in Congress. He offset this by having prior knowledge, and permitting a federal office building in Oklahoma City, to be blasted apart with multiple explosions, internal and external. [See "The Final Report" mentioned later.] 169 died as a result, including numerous children in the federal office building nursery for employees' children. Bill Clinton falsely publicly blamed it all on "domestic militias" threatening to "overthrow the U.S. Government"
Questions remain about the role of domestic surrogates acting for or with several thousand Iraqi militingsary defectors resident in Oklahoma City, brought into the U.S. by Daddy Bush knowing full well some were double agents.
[Timothy McVeigh's Chief Criminal Defense Counsel, Stephen Jones, in a little-mentioned 185 page petition in a higher court prior to trial raised these issues from both the open public court and the secret court record. I was one of the first after the multiple bombings to publicly raise the question of domestic dissidents as surrogates for Iraqi military defectors implicated in the bombings. Some 2,000 Iraqi ex-soldiers with their families reside in and around Oklahoma City funded and paid for as to housing and expenses by the U.S. Government.
A recent book by a former Oklahoma City-area investigative tv reporter also goes into this. (She was fired for pursueing the issue.) "The Third Terrorist: The Middle East Connection To The Oklahoma City Bombing", by Jayna Davis, April, 2004.
Also see "Final Report of The Bombing of Alfred P. Murrah Building, April 19, 1995" published in 2001 by the "Oklahoma Bombing Investigative Committee", pages 476-477. Referring to the Washington Times, Oct. 18, 1993.
By 1996, there were several scandals possible to burst from just below the surface to wreck Bill Clinton.
[1] Appointed by Bill, U.S. Secretary of Commerce, Ron Brown, had secretly arranged with Bill's blessings, U.S. financial, industrial,and MILITARY secrets to be conveyed to Red China.
Ron Brown told close friends he is not going "to take the fall" for Bill Clinton. Brown was facing federal criminal indictments. Brown went on a business trip to Yugoslavia with a planeload of engineering company executives promoting European business.
A small airport expecting the plane had their key employee under orders to intentionally move over the guide-in beam. On April 3, 1996, t he plane crashed into a hill. Of those onboard, only two survived. A woman stewardess who walked from the plane apparently uninjured. She somehow arrived at the hospital dead, her main artery mysteriously having been cut.
The airport official? What happened to him? Shortly after the crash, he was found shot in the chest, supposedly a "suicide". In violation of procedure, the U.S. Military and others conducted no aircrash investigation, writing off the aircrash as merely "an accident". And, of course, there was no inquiry into the airport employee's "suicide". And shortly after this "suicide", another airport employee was found dead, likewise explained away as a "suicide".
A whistle-blower later in a U.S. government laboratory showed a camera picture from the x-ray of Ron Brown's head, showing he had been shot through the top of his head with a .45 caliber weapon. For daring to speak out, the picture maker was fired and black-balled. [Search "Ron Brown" for stories about the assassination of Ron Brown, such as one by WorldNetDaily.]
Ron Brown was a partner in the very clout-heavy lobbyist firm headed by Tommie Boggs, son of Congressman Hale Boggs (D., La. and having been a member of the Warren Commission as to the death of JFK.) who disappeared in a plane flight to Alaska after having made public statements expressing misgivings of the Warren Commission conclusion that Oswald was the "lone assassin".The Congressman disappeared , October, 1972, a monh before Nixon was re-elected President. The Congressman's daughter, Cokie Roberts, later falsely said her late father was satisfied with the Warren Commission statements.
At the same time Ron Brown was murdered, his partner, Tommie Boggs, was the victim of an attempted assassination. [Tommie was no angel. According to a story in the Wall Street Journal in 1982, Tommie Boggs was the lobbyist for Central America Death Squad leaders.
[2] Somewhere embedded in U.S. History is the tradition that if the Commander-in-Chief is to be arrested for treason, that the ones to do it have to be the Navy and Naval Intelligence. So a group of dissident Admirals and Generals was formed. In military jargon called "flag officers", they had compiled proof that under the Uniform Military Code, they are authorized to arrest their Commander-in-Chief for treason. If he has them arrested for mutiny, the flag officers, if not assassinated, would prove at Courts Martial, that Clinton committed treason, aiding and abetting sworn enemies of the United States of America. Namely, that Clinton and a gang of confederates were conveying U.S. financial, industrial, and MILITARY secrets to the Red Chinese Secret Police. Further, that Clinton, like his predecessors, was allowing, permitting, condoning, and acquiescing in, that the Red Chinese Secret Police were, with impunity, operating in sizeable numbers. on U.S. soil. And were committing mischief and murders to the detriment of the U.S.
Moreover, from time to time in the White House, Clinton was breakfasting with Wang Jun, the head of the Red Chinese Secret Police. Of course, there were conflicting interests in the situation. Purported "Independent Counsel", Kenneth W. Starr, supposed to be investigating the wrongdoing of Bill Clinton and Hillary, was the UNREGISTERED foreign lobbyist for the Beijing Red Chinese government. And even moreso, Starr had as a private law client, the selfsame Wang Jun.
So, the Clinton Justice Department, at any moment, could wreck Starr and have him arrested.
For security purposes, the dissident "flag officers" went out of uniform and were sheltered by French authorities in a Paris suburb. Seldom, if ever, mentioned. The French played a crucial role in assisting General George Washington cause the surrender of the British army at Yorktown. By the later Treaty ending the American Revolutionary War, there is a secret proviso, that France is to have the rights for ever, to come on U.S. soil with open or clandestine military force and intelligence operations, by way of assisting their bound-in-blood ally, the American people.
So, when Britain invaded America again, in the War of 1812, French troops aided America in driving the British off our soil, after the Brits in 1814 had burned down the U.S. Capitol. Many thousands of dead brave French troops are buried in the U.S.
So, as to Clinton, the dissident "flag officers" amounted to upwards of twenty four. Their team leader, according to historical tradition, was the highest naval officer in uniform, Admiral Jeremy Boorda, Chief of Naval Operations. Those that assassinated Boorda, on May 16, 1996, using two different caliber weapons, no doubt took especial delight that they had snuffed out an "American Jew", and thus had fulfilled their bloodlust revenge because "The Jews killed Jesus" and that "The Jews" were plotting against the rest of the world.
Another "flag officer", dissenting against Commander-in-Chief Clinton's treason was General David McCloud, head ot he Alaska Military District. Assassinated by a sabotaged plane crash, McCloud had been in a position to know what the American CIA and FBI had done to coverup what was done with Congressman Hale Boggs and his fellow airplane pasenger, Congressman Nick Begich,Sr. (D., Alaska) when their plane was crashed and seized by a highly secret U.S. group in Alaska. By the way, WHO drove Cong. Boggs to the airport? Why a young man named Clinton.
So by assassinations, the patriotic military coup, attempting to counter Clinton White House treason, was aborted.
[3] After the murder of Vincent W. Foster, Jr., his widow, Lisa, on January 1, 1996, married an Arkansas Federal Judge, James Moody. [She had previously leaned on Bill Clinton to make her new intended husband a Federal Judge in Arkansas.] The Judge and his son Neil moved into the Foster residence. The new stepson was curious. In the absence of his parents, he from time to time rummaged through the home pursueing rumors that the house had records somewhere linked to reasons why Bill and Hillary covered up the murder of Vincent W. Foster, Jr.
It was late August, 1996. The stepson had struck gold! He had records relating to the reasons Bill and Hillary had ulterior motives to falsely accept the conclusion that Foster was a "suicide".
Scheduled for Chicago was the Democrat Convention. The found documents could be revealed on the first Tuesday of the Convention. After all, some fifteen thousand journalists and media moguls and technicians were expected to be there.
A press conference by the Foster stepson would destroy Clinton. No doubt, the only other good choice for President candidate would be Albert Gore, Jr. The stepson contacted independent-minded journalists in Chicago who advised him to hold a Convention press conference upon very short if any notice, so as to be on the safe side.
The stepson did not mention to these journalists that he also contacted Washington Post hotshot Bob Woodward who promised one million dollars for the story.
The stepson had no understanding of the realities and dangers of the monopoly press. The stepson, still wet behind the ears at 29, bragged to his young pals he was about to become a millionaire. And that Bob Woodward told him that the Washington Post would go to press just about the time before the Tuesday Democrat Convention blockbuster press conference, and that Woodward would deliver him a certified check for the one million dollars.
On the Sunday before the supposed scheduled Tuesday press statement, Neil Moody drove his car to the parking lot of a pancake restaurant and there met Bob Woodward. Others in the parking lot heard shouting and screaming coming from the car with the stepson and Woodward. Some of the stepson's pals were nearby.
Suddenly, Woodward got out of the car with the stepson hollaring at him, and Woodward shouting back and slammed the door. The car took off.
The police later discovered the car, with the stepson dead at the wheel, and the auto smashed up against a cement abutment. Interviewed by the Chicago independemt-minded journalists, the local police said they cannot figure out how the car got that way. It was physically impossible, they said, for the car, on its own to get into that position. They said that the only way the car could be there as if some OTHER car slammed into the stepson's car at great speed and pushed the car into the cement abutment.
So the treacherous Bob Woodward, a creature of the intelligence apparatus, apparently was the pilot fish to put an end to the stepson's dream of getting one million dollars for the secrets of Vincent W. Foster, Jr.
[For background to Woodward's dirty business, see Scroll way down to the story "The Late Grand Dragon of the Washington Post". Also, Overthrow, part 69, "The Secrets of the Monopoly Press through website links on home page. Also as to Bob Woodward and his Big Lie about Nixon and Watergate, see "Silent Coup: The Removal of A President" by Len Colodny and Robert Gettlin, published 1991. ]
[4] In July, 1996, a group of elite French intelligence officers had completed their work in the U.S. They had proof of Bill Clinton's treason with the Red Chinese Secret Police. This data was useful to support the dissident American flag officers from time to time taking refuge in a Paris suburb.
These French intelligence operatives and their team leader were scheduled to take off from New York bound for Paris on TWA Flight 800. Of the upwards of 60 French nationals on Flight 800 were eight or more of the team. Was their team boss fore-warned? He refused to join them on Flight 800.
An Israeli flight of El Al was supposed to be in the slot for take-off. Instead, Flight 800 took off and shortly thereafter was hit with two missiles. They came up from the water from a former Soviet submarine, by 1996 owned by Iran, with a Russian mercenary crew. Some contend the operation was also orchestrated by a renegade group of The Mossad, Israeli Intelligence.
The missiles caused the plane to blow up and all on board died and the plane parts ended up on the bottom of the ocean. With fore-knowledge and so much as ordering it to happen, Clinton in the beginning refused to order a U.S. dredge operation to get up pieces from the ocean bottom. So, the French gathered a crew of some 300 technicians, and just as they were set to take off for New York, Clinton relented. He ordered a vast dredge operation.
From the way the plane pieces ended up on the ocean bottom, it was clear some external weapons had shot off the front of the plane.
Pieces by pieces, as retrieved, were located in a high-security warehouse operated by the FBI.
Later, the FBI accusd an investigative reporter of somehow getting from that warehouse certain pieces of the plane which he apparently had a laboratory analyze. The reporter's conclusion was in a book contending missiles hit Flight 800. "The Downing of TWA Flight 800" by James Sanders. Also appearing on our Chicago-based public access cable TV program, Sanders contended the FBI wants to jail him because of the publication of his book. He asserts residue of missiles is on some piece of the plane retrieved from the bottom of the ocean.
Bill Clinton did not want any suspicious data showing foul play brought down Flight 800 to come out before his 1996 expected re-election as President. About a week after the re-election, Pierre Salinger made a highly controversial statement from Paris. For some years previous he had been stationed there as ABC TV Network Chief Foreign Correspondent. [It was in the period after 1988-89, when the American CIA subsidy had been transferred from CBS to ABC, to help fund ABC's overseas news bureaus. for intelligence gathering not news gathering.]
Salinger could be manipulated. Having been Press Chief in the John F. Kennedy Administration, Salinger knew plenty of JFK assassination secrets. After that period, he lost a great deal of money in a Bermuda venture. Some claim he should have been prosecuted and jailed for fraud and swindle. So he took up residence in Paris.
[Visit website, for series on the murder of JFK, Jr., "What Happened to America's Golden Boy", particularly Part 4 and supplements and update of the same. As to how Salinger was apparently in a position in France to conceal the remains of JFK, Jr., and his wife and her sister, keeping the bodies secret when Senator Edward Kennedy (D., Mass.) falsely stated to the press that the bodies were cremated when they were, in fact, shipped to France to be kept secret by Salinger. The bodies bear marks of an explosion, proving sabotage not accident in the plane crash of July, 1999.]
Salinger's post -1996 election statement was that a U.S. warship, the USS Normandy, a guided missile cruiser, was part of a mock exercise offshore New York and by mistaken friendly fire shot down Flight 800. NBC right after his press release immediately heckled him down, riddling him with impolite so-called "questions" usually reserved to confront "enemies". Some later claimed the Salinger episode was disinformation by him to sidestep the Clinton order to take down that plane because it had French intelligence operatives with documents proving Clinton committed treason.
The several hundred eyewitnesses who saw missiles coming up from the water to Flight 800 were not allowed or asked to testify at hearings of the highly politicized, conflict-of-interest trap, called the National Transportation Safety Board.
The NTSB and the FBI released a flood of big lies, that Flight 800 was downed because of a defect in a fuel chamber being ignited somehow.
[For background visit, series "The Secret History of Airplane Sabotage".]
[5] Instrumental in much of the foregoing has been Rahm Emanuel. In various of my prior website items, we mentioned how he raised three million dollars, by apparent blackmail, to jump-start Clinton's presidential campaign starting in 1991.
Rahm Emanuel is an expert in blackmail which he politely refers to as "opposition research". For the first couple of years of the Clinton White House, Emanuel, as White House advisor, had an office desk right up against the door to the Oval Office. He once bragged about this on a local TV Program in Chicago.
He has been the Acting Deputy Chief, for North America, of The Mossad, Israeli Intelligence. During the first Persian Gulf conflict, Emanuel, with dual U.S./Israeli citizenship, went to Israel to serve in their intellience and defense forces. [Emanuel is no stranger to political assassination. His father was reputedly part of the Israeli assassin team that murdered Sweden's Count Bernadotte, part of a U.N. team in Palestine in 1948.]
About 1994, leaving Clinton White House service, Rahm Emanuel became Managing Director of Wasserstein, Perella Company, He and they were reputed experts in money laundering huge amounts of illicit funds, through the Chicago Mercantile Exchange, for the Red Chinese Secret Police. The clandestine funds reportedly came from secret weapons transactions in which Red China, Israel, and others participated, as well as from stolen and smuggled gold dealings for and on behalf of reportedly international swindler Marc Rich. Other secret Red Chinese funds came from the selling of human body parts harvested from political prisoners in Red China, condemned to death as their heart, lungs, kidneys, livers, and such were needed, for example, by Rockefeller's hospitals at the University of Chicago, a center for such transplants.
To attempt to get the corrupt treasonous stink off themselves, Wasserstein, Perella with Rahm Emanuel, merged into Dresdner Bank.
[For details and background, visit <>, series "Wal-Mart and the Red Chinese Secret Police", series on Marc Rich, series on "Red Chinese Secret Police In The United States", particularly Part 3 as to harvesting human body parts for sale in the U.S.]
From the huge profits of these clandestine dealings, Rahm Emanuel bought himself a chair in the U.S. House of Representatives. He became Congressman from Illinois' Fifth Congressional District. Some time previous, the district was represented by Cong..Dan Rostenkowski, who became a defrocked Congressman having been sent to federal prison for embezzling funds from the private bank of the House of Representatives.
Through family links, Emanuel is tight with those in Hollywood. That is what we call, by the German word, Hofjuden, Royal Court Jews who do the bidding of royalists, such as the British Monarchy which has been from before World War Two, pro-Nazi and tied to Adolf Hitler. They anger Christians in that the movie -makers fail and refuse to produce any movies depicting holocausts against Christians such as perpetrated by Soviet butcher Josef Stalin.
[Visit, series on "The Ash Wednesday Plot", on websites linked on that Home Page.]
"Rosty" as he is called,, was a sizeable stockholder in a Chicago-area bank, Garfield Ridge Trust & Savings Bank that reportedly was a transit point and money laundry link from the CIA dope funds from the Mena, Arkansas dope airport and the Mena Bank owned by the Clinton-Bush linked ethnic Chinese Riady Family also financially linked to Ron Brown. According to published reports, the Riadys apparently had one or more of their people as officials of the Commerce Department .linked to Ron Brown. The funds from Mena went up through Rosty's bank and then, reportedly, to the Chicago Mercantile Exchange, laundered as some other supposed transactions, benefitting Bill Clinton, Daddy Bush, and Ollie North jointly with Marc Rich, the international swindler headquartered in Zug, Switzerland.
Aiding and abetting these political and financial gangsters has been Michael Chertoff. As a key official in the Criminal Division of the Justice Department, Chertoff played an important role in falsely designating the death of Clinton White House Deputy Counsel Vincent W. Foster, Jr., as a "suicide" when there was covered up pleny of evidence including satellite imaging, showing Foster was murdered.
Chertoff as Chief Counsel of a Senate investigating committee supposedly inquiring into the criminality of Hillary Rodham Clinton, reportedly sabotaged his own work to corruptly protect Hillary.
To help the American Gestapo go forward, White House occupant and resident George W. Bush has appointed Chertoff head of Homeland Security. Chertoff has previously demonstrated his suitability for all this by being an ostensibly corrupt Federal Appeals Judge.
The patriotic military coup to arrest Commander-in-Chief Clinton for treason was aborted by political assassinations of at least ten of the dissident "flag officers".
Now a much larger group of "flag officers" vows to grab their Commander-in-Chief George W. Bush for treason, as authorized by the Uniform Military Code. Some of their reasons include documented proof, that they have, that Bush,Jr., under the supervision of Daddy Bush, had prior knowledge of 9-11 and together allowed, permitted, condoned, and acquiesced in a faction of the Anglo-American Aristocracy to murder three thousand Americans; that this dastardly treason was falsely blamed on "Arabs" as patsies; that the invasion of iraq was not authorized by the U.S. Constitution, and has caused many thousands of Americans to be slaughtered as foreign invaders, forty thousand Americans or more seriously wounded, and upwards of a hundred thousand Iraqis, some as partisans, resisting foreign invaders, to be killed while their country was defiled by a foreign army under command of a criminally insane leader.
See, "Bush On The Couch: Inside The Mind of the President" by Justin A. Frank
No legitimate American purpose has been served by the foregoing treasonous acts and doings of Clinton and then Bush.
More coming. Stay tuned.
By Sherman H. Skolnick
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