'The Method' Is
Being Used On You

By Ted Twietmeyer
Over and over we see it happen, and yet like the proverbial "hide in plain sight" few notice. What is the method?
It's always using the same template, and it goes as shown below:
1. Tell the people that terrorists are located in a certain city. This is usually the dirty job of the FBI.
Part 1A-Simultaneously announce that "there isn't any threat." This is also usually the dirty job of the FBI.
2. Wait a while, usually a few days.
3. Then announce "oh, it's all a mistake." This is usually the dirty job of the FBI.
Let's look at the parallels of the steps above to what salespeople have known for ages:
Step 1
It is part 1A of this step where we are told "there isn't any threat" that SHOULD sound alarm bells in people's heads. If there isn't any threat, then WHY bother us with this at all ?
This first step is equivalent to "planting the seed" as some have called it in salesmanship. By putting this terrifying thought into the conscious mind, it will be recorded by the subconscious and begin to work. It's not unlike people who are hypnotized to recall a license plate number.
This is also how television commercials work. A well designed commercial will pop into your mind whenever you see that unneeded, worthless product on a store shelf. (And that's why that product is on television, because everyone knows its worthless and won't buy it. Like buying oven cleaner when you own a self-cleaning oven.) A clever commercial subconsciously drives some people to pick up a product, instead of a generic brand of comparable content and quality.
Step 2
This waiting step is something like waiting for germination of a seed. The waiting step is to allow the poisonous, useless mind control bilge to sink into public consciousness and take root. Simpleton supporters of our dictator will cry out, "SEE, I TOLD YOU there's a real threat."
Step 3
Dark social planners and psychologists pull the plug on the fiasco. Ever step into a hot tub of water, but after a few seconds it's not hot anymore ? That's why step three is important. Otherwise, immunity to future announcements of "terrorists" will have no effect. People must feel they are "secure" again. This announcement is right on the same laughable level as when a judge's beady eyes peer over his glasses at the jury during a trial and then declares, "the jury will ignore that last remark." Too late.
When the plug is pulled, "The Method" has already done its job. Those supporters of the dictator you heard from earlier ? They are now suddenly mute or can't be found anymore. Or, they will babble dribble to support the lie told in step 1 so they will not have to swallow their pride.
What happened, and why ? It is dark psychological warfare, and it's being waged on everyone. There are several reasons for doing this. Make no mistake about it. If you're reading this, it's most likely because you already have leaped outside the box. And you are part of the minority who has.
But almost everyone else you know in your life has not awoken, whether it be your coworkers, friends or relatives. Christians are among the easiest fooled by "The Method." More than once I've been laughed at for attempting to teach them how this works. Some will come around, and we also know for a fact that some never, ever will. They are also those who will run, not walk to the chip implantation centers. As PT Barnum once said, "there's a sucker born every minute."
The curious thing about psychological warfare is that it's only most effective on those who are NOT aware of it taking place. To be aware of it is to nullify it.
'The Method' is required to support the massive effort of creating an endless war mindset. Can you think of a more despicable mental manipulation done to the public ? A 'terrorist' threat, however it is created, is absolutely essential. Or people will start demanding what they did during Vietnam - PEACE. And all these protesters won't sign up for the 'volunteer armed forces.' Remember that all during Vietnam, it was 100% draft! Few young people today are even aware of this or have been taught this. And this fact makes ALL the difference. It is now widely accepted (as I stated about one year ago in another essay) that a draft will be required to support the next invasion of another sovereign nation. When his happens, 'The Method' won't matter and may become obsolete.
One of the worst problems inherent with this nasty three step approach and keeping the so-called "terror alert" elevated, is the emotional drain it creates on people's lives. Isn't it amazing that no one ever asks why the alert level has stayed elevated for years now, with it occasionally spiking up a level now and then? Brainwashing is what prevents that question from being asked.
'The Method' combined with the endless elevated alert level keeps adrenaline pumping excessively in those still asleep. Excessive, sustained adrenaline leads to many health complications. Yet despite the fact that you and I can see this happening, most people cannot. 'The Method' has been used on America more times since 2001 than most of us can count. But as pointed out earlier, it can only be effective on those who are still asleep.
Perhaps it will be the glare of the sun on the Concertina wire around the camp that will get their attention...



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