Ruppert - No Longer 'LIVE'

By Jim Kirwan
In his event at the University of Washington, Mike Ruppert casually dismisses - as "no longer of any value," the whole of the argument for prosecuting those responsible for nine-eleven.
The events of that day in 2001 were the key to this administration's declaration for global war upon the world; a continuing war in the name of an agenda that only the vile can claim. Hundreds of thousands, if not millions of people have already died around this planet because of the events that day.
This happened because those attacks provided the license needed to overturn our way of life and this government: This was seen by those who created that attack, as the one clear path they needed to begin their all out attacks upon anyone that disagrees with their agenda, regardless of nationality.
Therefore, to dismiss the facts of nine-eleven is to deny those realities which that event set in motion, and that created the possibility for their plans plans that still seek to steal not only lives, but the dreams and hopes of billions of people around the world.
Anyone who has ever faced death, personally, knows the value of resistance and the crucial nature of even tenths of a second, when it counts. It would appear that Mike has no knowledge of that kind of contest. Those who advocate capitulation in the face of intimidation do not have the character or the spine to lead anyone anywhere - and in his latest unveiling at the University of Washington, it seems he unveiled something he may not have intended.
For a man of his reputation to adopt the stance that Mike took in that presentation, leaves open the possibility, that he may be unwittingly doing the bandit's bidding for them. When anyone opts for money over principle, for personal opportunity over innovation, or seems to - then this can call into question much more than just the issues at hand. Mike above most others, should know that there are many other ways to fight this criminal enterprise, aside from the courts of this land, which the bandits obviously now own.
To forego 'other options' because legal maneuvers at the moment have been blocked, is to be more than shortsighted, it can be seen as cowardly. The enormity of the crimes committed on nine-eleven, and the arrogance of the public theft that resulted in the murder of so many innocent people, must not, cannot be forgotten or abandoned. Above all - given the conflicted and growing anger of the public, it is not up to any individual writer to call for others to just "forget it." But then it is always much more difficult to 'find a way' through the neo-con world, than it is just follow the simple-minded rulebooks. Apparently, some people are still unaware that rules were often made to be broken?
Those we are fighting against have no rules whatever - but this does not allow us the same latitude. What naturally constrains the rest of us ... is common decency and a real respect for continuing life and the facts at issue in any event.
To many, the appeal in Mike's remarks of January 15, appears to be "just get on with your orderly life" (or Mike's version of the Bush phrase: "Just Go shopping"). This position borders on journalistic capitulation, because it can be self-serving, and could be seen as an extension of the way he began: which was by charging people for what he had to say. Either a contributing writer contributes to the global dialogue or he charges for his thoughts: Ruppert has apparently chosen the money trail, which potentially makes his words and thoughts vulnerable to suspicion. From the start - his "compact" with his readers has been one of a conditional trust - one based on who can pay and who cannot.
There are always options - because there are always choices. Those wordslingers who work in the thought-mines of activism know this for the fact that it is. Whenever a writer becomes consumed in the bogs of those political tar babies that are abundant now - then he or she can sometimes appear to have capitulated rather than to have chosen to fight.
Mike is advocating "the healing process." As it stands, he is advocating sewing up the patient with the spent lead still inside the body politic of the patient. The world has been critically wounded by the attack upon us all, that 911 actually was. We cannot simply pretend that this did not happen, so we cannot "just go on with our lives." If actual "healing" is what is sought then let us examine the attack, and trace the evidence back to those who committed this crime against humanity - then we can sew up this almost terminal patient - and begin to live again.
Just because previous political crimes and or assassinations remain unsolved, does not mean that 911 must follow in those footprints. This was an outlandishly bold crime, and the evidence of that fact is everywhere - what seems lacking here is the courage and the creativity of those investigating to bring sufficient information to the public in a clear and comprehensive way. Prosecutors love having overwhelming evidence, but in this case the truth must find its own way to get into the light - and that can't happen if we just put this on the shelf - and then pretend it did not happen.
Those who live in the trenches of this war, those who continue to speak, to write, to film or to draw, will be those who continue to challenge these bastards; even if that has to be done from afar. But to advocate surrender to the comfort and convenience of "just going along to get along" is not only counter-productive to confronting this problem, but - it is a certain path to confinement, to surrender or to death.
In his address today, Bush speaks about "Freedom" a lot, but he forgets that the majority of the world is seeking to be free from HIM and from the influence of the USA. Nine-eleven gave Bush this secret language to use, to "free the peoples of the planet from their prisons" - and to put them into ours.
People, whether here or abroad are nothing to these puppet-masters, except fuel for their purposes. The public is to be used up, whether as cannon fodder, as corporate slaves, or as useful idiots who sometimes chose to 'cave' rather than to challenge the rules. That is a choice that every one of us must make - yet in no instance - will anyone be served by the policies that are now about to be unleashed by those who have plotted and planned this nightmare for over four decades. To 'cave' is to choose to live one's life in chains and "on your knees," whereas to choose life will cost all who make that choice dearly.
The KEY to all of the above then - is and has been - the events of nine-eleven, without
which none of this could have happened. Consider the massive disfigurement, the brutal and often senseless death, the wanton destruction of cultures, of places, and of human life. This is being done to people worldwide in our names, and with our money. To simply walk away from the sole initiating event because its becoming problematic cannot be part of any workable solution.
To even consider dumping the arrogance of those initial attacks (by this government on their own people) as "no longer a useful tool in political activism," goes far beyond the pale. This would seem to be out-of-line for anyone with a stake such as Mike has in this continuing and still unfinished resistance to fascist domination. Perhaps Ruppert will do a follow-up to this latest 'appearance' - and perhaps he may choose to clarify his position for those of us who care more about the resolution of this crime, than whether or not that outcome is "comfortable."
By Jim Mortellaro
Whoa! Time out here, folks. I know, there are a goodly number of people who think, perhaps even believe, that our government is responsible for tripping the fuses on the WTC on 911. But that case is not only not closed, it is rather ludicrous to consider in light of the possible reasons for the 'anomalies' observed during the collapse of the WTC. The number of reasons is a very large number indeed and only one is ... Bush did it.
Anything is possible. So why lay blame on the government? Why not assume that it was a carefully planned attack, so carefully planned as to place squibs in just the right places to bring the WTC down? Squibb placed by the bad guys. Or that the two buildings just came down on their own? Why is it that Bush or his Neocon friends are to blame for just about everything?
To this writer, it is possible that our government had responsibility in bringing three thousand people to their deaths along with dropping the WTC down like a stack of balsa. But it is so unlikely that our leaders are to blame, and that frankly, if such a thing were ever proved, this nation would collapse just as easily as the WTC seemingly easily collapsed.
Sorry, it doesn't compute. Not to this writer's mind. Some take it as fact. It is not fact. Not yet. Perhaps not ever. Like the assassination of JFK. Possible. Becoming more likely every time I think of that pristine bullet which passed through the bone and cartilage of two human beings.
But it is possible.
And that is the point. No proof exists. Not even proof which the ACLU would use to prove their case in court. ACLU gets away with quite a lot. But thus far, not even their brand of cause and effect for the little guy is fodder enough to motivate anyone with half an ounce of gray matter. In my opinion.
Unless and until such undeniable proof exists, it is merely an effort to divide our country in pieces. Two to be exact. And that, dear friends, is wrong.
By George Paxinos
Well, folks,
Mortellaro's comment is reminiscent of Project Blue Book and other old UFO explanations, "light from the planet Venus refracted through an inversion layer of swamp gas escaping from a weather balloon" to paraphrase Tommy Lee Jones in Men in Black.
Too, it says it all:
If a Zionist-type "plausible explanation" of "logical, rational debunking" is more palatable to the American People than Jim Kirwan's cold, hard look at the facts, then the American People ARE sheep, ARE Goyim, the Human Cattle which the Zionists like to call non-Jews, and deserve all the evils brought down upon them by their own stupidity:
Now they have Michael Chertov for Homeland Security, with Russia's Yevgyeni Primakov and od German STASI Marcus Wolff assisting: how far can one be led, not even bleating, toward the slaughterhouse, before the axe falls?
By Mr. Ding
Kirwan's carefully non-accusatory rant concerning a public and well-weblicized position recently taken by Mike Ruppert is seriously well-crafted and keenly honed, a surgical instrument with which to wager against the blunderbusses of blatant, unapologetic, God-told-me-to-do-it "friend-winners" and "people-influencers".
I concur wholeheartedly and unreservedly with Kirwan's superbly well-expressed opinion that "The events of that day in 2001 were the key to this administration's declaration for global war upon the world; a continuing war in the name of an agenda that only the vile can claim. Hundreds of thousands, if not millions of people have already died around this planet because of the events that day."
Here is the 'piece de resistance' of his alternative to the Ruppert capitulation, whatever its genesis: "Just because previous political crimes and or assassinations remain unsolved does not mean that 911 must follow in those footprints. This was an outlandishly bold crime, and the evidence of that fact is everywhere. What seems lacking here is the courage and the creativity of those investigating to bring sufficient information to the public in a clear and comprehensive way. Prosecutors love having overwhelming evidence, but in this case the truth must find its own way to get into the light - and that can't happen if we just put this on the shelf - and then pretend it did not happen."
The guidance function of his considered wisdom is generalized in this second-last paragraph where he urges recognition that "The KEY is - and has been - the events of nine-eleven, without which none of this could have happened. Consider the massive disfigurement, the brutal and often senseless death, the wanton destruction of cultures, of places, and of human life. This is being done to people worldwide in our names, and with our money. To simply walk away from the sole initiating event because its becoming problematic cannot be part of any workable solution."
My hat's off the Kirwan, the true and truly understated peace-bringer, compared with whom Jim Mortellaro's comment is s rancid blanket of appeasement and rabid don't-rock-the-boatism.
Keep on carryin' on Jim - the "EMERGE-ency" is doing wonders for your succinctness and clarity.
A++ (IMHO)
By Muehlbauer
Jeff, I have to agree with Jim Kirwan, but, isn't it really scary to know there is a good chance the event's nine-one-one could be proven in a court of law to have been a Government Conspiracy with the President and Vice President in-on-it all the way up to their necks?
Nevertheless, can we let such a thing as 911 was, i.e., MASS MURDER, mass murder wherein the political leadership had a bloody part, can we allow such an event to pass without assigning guilt and giving over proper punishment and still remain a nation? Is it worse to take the leadership on, knowing the collapse of the Government will bring about hardships for us all. Worse than, allowing the leadership to commit acts of murder and against innocent citizens and GET AWAY WITH IT?
Those PUT OPTIONS, the way the President acted in that classroom nine-one-one, the manner in which two separate Towers came down in exactly the same manner though impacted at different levels, though the "fires" in the Towers were not identical as relating to volume, heat intensity, or ferociousness.
Actually three buildings "collapsed," in exactly the same manner: the WTC towers and Bldg. #7. We know WTC 7 was a demolition job because Mr. Silverstein, THE OWNER, SAID SO!
I don't know what Jim Mortellaro is talking about, do you? It sure does look like old Ruppert has thrown in with the big money-murderers; I think it is strange that Ruppert was not hooted out of the meeting when he proposed we should 'just forget' about 911 as a viable political tool. I mean, wouldn't a person think the only reason people even went to the meeting was so they could gather for their own information more information assigning guilt for 911 to the Government? Can we believe people went there to hear: LET'S JUST FORGET IT?
The verdict is in: President Bush and Vice President Dick Cheney were somehow in on it. It's just that the public is in a wait-and-see mode, waiting to see if the price of a gallon of gas goes too high, or, waiting for 'Jesus' to show up.
I want to thank Jim Kirwan for this article and, I want to ask Jim Mortellaro: is old Ruppert splitting the take with you or WHAT?

By R.G.
(email protected)
(Responses by Mr. Kiwan)
Mr. Kirwan-
Ah, Mr. G, thank you for writing, even if you did get the name wrong.
I am appalled at your smear piece. This is very shallow and irresponsible journalism. I would like to know- were you present at Mr. Ruppert's presentation in Seattle- or not? That is a yes-or-no question.
Had you read the piece you would see that it was written in response to the article that was written by Ken Levine. I was not in attendance at the University. Perhaps, your comments should be directed at Mr. Levine, if Mike's words were taken out of context - or misrepresented.
If you were not present at that event, on Saturday, January 15th, 2005, then your article is a gross piece of uninformed distortion. You have utterly misrepresented the gist, and also the specifics of Michael Ruppert's talk at the UW. If you were present at the event, then the article you have authored is a gross piece of intentionally slanderous distortion.
You make about a dozen really terrible insinuations, to convince your reader that Michael Ruppert has abandoned his principles, and the ongoing struggle to uncover the truth of what happened on September 11th, 2001. What your motivation might be for this attack on a prominent writer and researcher is open to speculation. I was present at this event, and it was obvious throughout that Mr. Ruppert has dedicated the lion's share of his time, energy and life to uncovering and proving these truths, and placing them in a meaningful context. That is the essence of investigative journalism.
I disagree. Mike has contributed a great deal to many many things over the years, but so have many, many others. He has not proven himself to be any kind of "white knight" in my book, but that in itself has no real standing beyond my personal point of view. Here's something I received by way of comment that I found illuminating -
NOT ONE NIGHT'S SLEEP by by Michael C. Ruppert From Sept.11 2003 Riverside Event
"When it was my turn to speak I made it clear that I would always be the "pit bull" on 9/11, and that I would never be satisfied with any explanation that fell short of complete government foreknowledge, criminal involvement and full participation as an accomplice and principal in those attacks. This brought one of the largest ovations of the night..."
Promises, promises.... Somewhat like a Kerry backdoor routine in microcosm.
You also begin your article with an outright lie- that Mr. Ruppert, in your words "casually dismisses" "the whole of the argument for prosecuting those responsible for nine-eleven." You use quotation marks to indicate that he stated that this argument is "no longer of any value". This is absolutely untrue. Michael Ruppert expressed no such sentiment nor did he utter these words, and I can prove it.
Read the article that I was responding to - and you will find the quotation marks refer to statements made therein.
You go on to say that "to dismiss the facts of nine-eleven is to deny those realities which that event set in motion", which is obviously the opposite of Mr. Rupperts work. There was no dismissal of fact, as both the lecture itself and the question and answer period demonstrated. Any sober, rational person who was in attendance at this presentation would agree.
Mike wrote a book about all this in which he seeks to create the basic framework for all of 911. All all of that was definitely a plu, which is why (what the article says in terms of this new interpretation), was such a disconnect that I felf theneed to dispute this new assertion.
Obviously you are motivated to discredit this researcher. There is no need for me or anyone else to defend Mr. Ruppert's work. His lectures, book and > website all stand on their own merits. It is unfortunate that you have chosen to slander and distort the both the message and the messenger, especially in this important area of global geopolitical research. You imply and insinuate that Mr. Ruppert has compromised his principles for money; that he is urging people to forget about the events of September 11th, 2001; that he has abandoned the issue; that he advocates "surrender" to "comfort and convenience". Each one of these is obviously untrue to any person who was paying attention to his presentation.
I was not there, so I cannot say for certain. Read the article:
The last paragraph contains these words, regarding the attacks of September 11th, in quotes: "no longer a useful tool in political activism". Although you do not specifically attribute this quote to Mr. Ruppert, the way the sentence is structured implies that he actually said this. He did not utter these words, nor did he express any such sentiment. In fact, he expressed quite the opposite, which, again, can readily be proven. But is obvious that you are more intent on deliberately slandering Michael Ruppert than anything else, including accuracy.
That is your opinion - I'm certain that if Mike feels slandered that I will hear about it.
You are the one with compromised principles. Mr. Kirwan, your writing in this article amounts to a collection of untrue distortions. It is not the truth at all.
Each of us makes up our own mind about what has transpired, regarding the work of others. That is part of the discussion, always has been and always will be. You disagree wholeheartedly with my assesment of the article written by Mr. Levine, which is your right - however, none of us are perfect - including Mr. Ruppert. And since he has seen fit to attack others with impunity, of late, I thought that perhaps there might be a pattern looming here. My explanations of how I see 911 go to it's role in the events now unfolding. If the thrust of Mike's presentation ran counter to that view - then my criticism still stands. But your part in this is based on a misconception about what I was responding to: this was clearly indicated by the link to the story which is located at the top of the article.
Thanks for writing,
By S. K.
(email protected)
Hello. I came across your essay via and I am compelled to make some comments and ask some questions.
1. The big one is that NOWHERE in your article do you make a reference to Peak Oil. To omit this and to make the claims you do only shows that you do not fully comprehend the dynamics nor the stakes involved. This isn't the Bush clan seeking power because "they just want it and they are evil." This is global competition--cutthroat competition--for the remaining energy sources.
I fully comprehend the importance of Big Oil and their bastard offspring Peak Oil. What you apparently missed is that the license to steal and to murder )en masse) came from 911. Had that event not occurred, then we could never have licensed the invasion of either Afghanistan or Iraq, which were both always about oil, not terror. You need to clearly see the Index page which the bandits have for their agenda - without the set-up (911) there can be NO GRAB for oil or footprint, or much of anything else, because all of that is illegal under international law. Howeer with 911 in place, we could and did choose to use that excuse to do whatever the hell we wanted to.
Get over the fascination with "insider thinking" this is an old-fashioned and outright theft of resources, and a common takeover of lesser defended nations for the passion and the greed of a very few from the corportocracy that still rules this planet. "Peak Oil, is and has always been a sub-topic. Have you any idea how much oil and fuel our military wastes on these operations around the planet - if they gave a damn about "Peak Oil" then why do they manufacture tanks and other equipment that barely get a mile per gallon? Aircraft, and military vechiles consume vst quantites of what they say they need to save for the world.
The "point" my friend is to run out of oil - so that they can blackmail the world into doing what the owners of that oil dictate. However, again they screwed it up - we were supposed to have an easy time of it in both wars. Nothing could be further freom the truth - we signed the pipeline deal in Afghanstan, only to have Pakistan renigg on the final leg of that pipeline to the sea - and then we blew the invasion of Iraq, and now all of that is out in the open and Russia, together with 4 other nations is challenging our imperial aspirations, on all fronts from monetary to military - and we're about to get physically evicted from Iraq, just as we were evicted from Vietnam - that's what the book on Peak Oil is all about!
Russian Missiles To Syria, Venezuela And Iran? Why?
2. What are YOUR suggestions? You concede that going the lawsuit route is a waste of time, which Ruppert said almost two months ago, which many of us knew, as we watched those buildings fall over and over again, would be the case three years ago. If you pay attention to history and politics and study humans you can pretty much predict what will happen, when, and why.
You are doing exactly what the puppetmasters are counting on for us to do - there are many more ways than courts to solve this problem. Get creative and you'll see that not all the options are written down: Here's what I wrote to someone who wanted to know what exactly those ways might consist of.
(an email to Jim Kirwan:) mentioned in your article that there were ways other than the legal system for solving the problem at hand. What are these other "ways"? --JWS
Dear JWS,
Never underestimate the power of public perception or the propensity for people to react when they finally become convinced that they've been played for suckers - that realization can surpass the judgment that any court could ever hand down. The problem is that it has to be a decision that is spontaneously arrived at - and then you have a rebalancing of the society that has allowed itself to be held captive for far too long. . . I believe that this society is nearing just such a point.
- kirwan
This was followed by:
OK, Jim, lets say that "flashpoint" has arrived -- a week has passed. Now what? Self-appointed leaders? Automatic unity among all of the diverse groups in America? (Remember, it can't be done through constitutionally legal means.) What is the "way," Jim? --JWS
Chaos my friend is the price of folly: and since this nation "bought" into this dictatorship through inattention and arrogance, we will have to pay the price of all who hunger for empire - and that will be the dissolution of whatever it was that we once were.
There are real life consequences for all that we've done over the decades, and it's not about being Americans, it's about being unreal when it comes to how we've treated other people, and the world. What goes around comes around as the peasants say - and I believe it's our turn in the crucible of past experiences. . maybe I'll be dead wrong, or maybe I've underestimated the scale of the destruction - but I can assure you that nothing here will ever be the same again - for that is the legacy of having allowed the pirates to steal all that they have stolen from us - for all these many years. . .just my solitary viewpoint!
3. Ruppert charges for what he says. He has a subscription service at his site. BIG DEAL. You think he can AFFORD to do this out of the kindness of his heart? In case you missed it, food, rent and clothing (not to mention EVERYTHING) is still under lock and key, or still needs to be EXCHANGED for. Call it barter, call in trade, call it purchasing and selling, whatever. Some people think that the world will always suck or that people aren't really being cool until they give away everything to those petty, selfish or stupid enough to expect otherwise. LIFE is give and take. Do yourself a favor and look into "reciprocol altruism." You scratch my back, and I'll scratch yours. That is how EVERYTHING has always worked, works now, and will always work. Do yourself a favor and stop deceiving yourself into thinking it will ever be otherwise.
You can put that bit of coloquial wisdom where the sun doesn't shine I've been a writer for a very long time, and there are some mediums where one is paid, and some where no one is expected to get paid. Books are one thing - the net is quite another. In my opinion, Ruppert is greed-oriented, and he's always has been phobic about copyrights and getting paid, over (in my opinion) distribution and information sharing.
I've been earning my living in the arts for over forty years, I don't need lectures on how you think things work - when you've walked the walk, and talked the talk - get back to me..
Maybe you were once into Ruppert and what he was saying and maybe you now don't like what he has to say. Fine. Go the direction you see fit to. Make the investments you think are necessary and/or worthwhile to make. That's what we all are or should be doing.
You're delusional if you think this is about investing in anything beyond ideas and facts, as they exist, and as those facts are being twisted to fit into a variety of agendas. the last thing any of us needs is someone with yet another overarching agenda to begin to try and sell the public on what we need to value or forget - and that's exactly what Levine's article referred to - concerning what Mike is now attempting to do.
And finally, if you think ANYTHING can stop the ruling elite machinery, then all I can ask is, "Haven't you been paying attention?"
First thing you need to do is get yourself down to the local pawn shop and see if you can buy back your spine and those tiny balls you obiously have lost - nobody "wins" this game until there has been a surrender - and you've already conceeded, so your opinion is of zero value.
Write me again - when you find some guts - there is no place at the table here for cowards or those who have already decided how all this will end -
By Jeremy Lynes
An Open letter to Mike Ruppert
Dear Mike,
I have been a member of the 9-11 truthout movement since first being exposed to the overwhelming evidence presented in your video, Truth and Lies of 9-11.
Like many, I immersed myself in the facts. I fought to expose this crime, passing out videos and pamphlets and instigating conversations that cost friends and money. But I maintained a sense of hope and dignity beyond measure. This struggle was the only way that I, a U.S. citizen, could look in the mirror and live with the fact that I live a lifestyle at the expense of innocent people around the world.
Now you tell me to duck tail and run. You say that the harsher realities of physical needs are too pressing to continue to seek justice. You say "let's be practical."
I know what is pressing. The world is going to hell in a hand basket due to selfish political visions, peak oil, imploding Wall Street, and that's the good news. I know we have to feed the baby, tie your camel and all those other expressions that say we err if we think we can survive on dreams alone. So I agree, we need to prepare for the coming carnage.
But to abandon the fight for justice in this flight from hardship is to abandon the human spirit itself. To give up on 9-11 truth movement is to say to the world it's all over, we give not a whim for civilization. We are back to red tooth and claw. Sorry world, guess George Bush Jr., the Phaeton of Presidents, who never even attempted to hold back the reins of the war horses as he crashes his daddy,s chariot, will let loose unstoppable terror upon the world because we're too busy digging holes to bury our gold in.
Mr. Ruppert, please reconsider. I have heard much rumor about your motives from other factions in the movement. Say it isn't so. Don't cross this river.
Jeremy Lynes
From Charlene Fassa
Hi Kirwan,
Thanks for your truthful commentary on Ruppert. It was indeed very mild and balanced. I can see Ruppert's attack dogs are on the prowl again. Too bad, sincere yet critical reviews of Ruppert and his work, more often than not, serve as Pavlovian bells, signaling the otherwise docile dogs to attack the imagined trespassers, in order to protect their master. The question is why does the master need attack dogs?
On the other hand, genuine disagreement is all part of the "game" and to be encouraged. My feeling is that Ruppert and company don't want a "game"---they want a cult like following of true believers. It seems Ruppert isn't really interested in the free flow of informed opinions, and ideas. Ruppert and his sycophants are operating like an intel operation. The intel motto is this: ALWAYS ATTACK NEVER DEFEND.
BTW there is much evidence available via the internet to substantiate my take on Ruppert's tactics with those who vocally disagree with him. Anyhow, thanks for your courageous commentary. I say courageous, because you might soon receive a letter from Ruppert's lawyer demanding you stop defaming him or else....!
Best wishes,
Charlene Fassa

From John McIntyre
Jeff, Just a word about the uproar over Mike Ruppert's recent comments about 911. I don't think that anything that he said in that speech is really all that new. On page 14 of Crossing the Rubicon, Mike wrote: "...a huge collective effort has kept 911 in the public eye, expanding the window of opportunity for a real resolution. That window is now closing rapidly, and once the'official' inquiries into 911 are declared complete, it may be too late for any successful change in the American political landscape."
Mike Ruppert hasn't changed at all. He knows that the attention span of the American public is predictably very short. Many people don't have the will to fight for anything anymore. Not even for the truth about 911. A new dark age is rapidly approaching. I only hope that there is enough of a faithful remnant out there who have been stocking their personal libraries with the literature of true freedom. Maybe someday an exhausted and disillusioned populace will once again listen to the wisdom of the ages. But that time is not now. No, now we are once again going to have to learn the lessons of history the hard way.



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