Kenny Young Passes On
I have just received the very sad news that UFO Researcher Kenny Young has passed on after a long and heroic fight with leukemia at the terribly young age of 38.
In the eleven years of doing this program and nearly as many presenting this site, Kenny's diligence and professionalism - without fail - epitomized the highest levels of integrity in UFO research.
During 21 years of his sterling commitment to ufology, Kenny was always as good as they get. His reports were rock solid and scholarly in their collection of data, he jumped to no conclusions, and he always conducted himself with absolute dignity - and a special kindness - which everyone could do well to emulate.
In the many hours I was privileged to share time with him on the program, I always came away the better for it and proud to be able to help present the work of someone so devoted to exploring the endless stream of UFO reports and data.
When the name Kenny Young came attached to a report in my email box, I immediately gave it my full attention, knowing that I was about to read another meticulous accounting underwritten by his sparkling integrity.
Listening to voices is not as good as being able to meet someone in person...something I never had the honor of doing with Kenny. But as many of you who have heard him over the years already know, Kenny Young's voice gave him away: he was simply one of the most decent, intelligent and gracious human beings you would meet in this field...or any other.
The unforgettable program we did in June of 1998 in which Kenny played extensive excerpts from the 911 dispatch tapes which some heroic source provided him was a landmark experience in ufo reporting. Those tapes kept countless listeners - and yours truly - on the edge of their seats for nearly two hours while we all 'rode along' with stunned police officers chasing at least one treetop high craft over a good portion of Trumbull County, Ohio.
More recently, Kenny and co-researcher Donnie Blessing, visited the program and reported on the frightening 'Screaming Woman' case of Morehead, KY. Here is the short written report Kenny sent out to before their appearance on the program:

- Jeff Rense


'Screaming Woman' UFO 911 Dispatch Tapes Received
From Kenny Young
The police 9-1-1 dispatch tapes of the November 21, 2003 "Morehead, Kentucky Screaming Woman Incident" have been received. The tapes will be made available online by the start of next week, they contain the voice of the Skaggs Road resident nervously reporting a "woman screaming for help" in a field behind his house. Disturbingly, the caller states to police authorities that the woman was apparently involved in some type of a struggle.
In face to face discussion with this individual on Friday, December 5, he informed researchers Donnie Blessing and Kenny Young that the 2-minute episode of screaming consisted of 3 verbal sounds of "Help me, Oh God, somebody help me!" and 1 long nonverbal scream.
A UFO reportedly descended into this same field mere moments before the screams were heard -- possibly sighted by at least 5 other witnesses from surrounding homes. One witness, a UK psychologist, also informs that others heard the scream, including his son who said that it sounded like "a woman being torn apart." Within 15 to 20-minutes after the UFO departed rapidly to the west, he said, the very location the object descended into was crawling with police and rescue workers.
On the police tapes, rescue officers can be heard - sirens blaring - racing into the field with spotlights to search for the screaming woman that was never found.
Thanks to the Morehead, Kentucky police for releasing this data in a timely manner. The newly acquired police dispatch recordings do not shed any new light on this case, and we are no closer to solving this mystery, either. Details on this incident can be found at
Many thanks,
Kenny Young
UFO Research
Cincinnati UFO Hotline: 513-588-4548
Kenny took extraordinary pride in his work and immersed himself totally on our behalf in each and every case he investigated and presented. Kenny Young was simply a superb researcher...and a very special human being. He will be missed.
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