Tribute To A Great UFO
Researcher And Investigator

Kenny Young (1966-2005) age 38
It is with a heavy heart and deep sadness that I announce the passing of my best friend Kenny Young.
Back in 1999 when I first contacted Kenny I had no idea what an impact this young man was going to make in my life. Having never researched or investigated a UFO story I had no idea how to go about it. I just knew that this was what I wanted to do more then anything else in the world.
I found Kenny's website and contacted him. My thoughts were then that he would not give me a minute of his time. Instead, he told me that he could use some help with his research.
I happily accepted and for the next 5 years I was taken on the journey of my life. We use to kid each other when we had a hot UFO case by saying, "Keep your seat belt on, we are in for a Ride!"
Over the following 5 years, Kenny and I investigated no less then 75 cases. Some of those where so compelling that they made radio, TV and newspaper articles, including The Jeff Rense Program (The Screaming Woman Case of Morehead, Ky) in November of 2003.
Kenny had an eye for a good case and he taught me what to look for, how to find the facts and how to wrap up a story. One thing I learned early on: To be a good researcher you need to be a good detective. The facts of every case lie hidden just beneath the surface and sometimes you can dig out a true gem.
To top out Kenny's credits, he was a video technician and producer for a local TV show called UFO UPDATE LIVE! He never ceased to amaze me how he could take raw footage we had taped and turn it into a high quality video production.
The world has lost a true hero in the UFO field and I will never forget the fun and hard work we did to help make him that hero!
Kenny, I still have my seat belt on and I'm going to keep on riding! To do less would be a dishonor to you.
Your bestest friend,
Donnie Blessing
Southern Ohio Section Director MUFON
Director for SOAAR
Southern Ohio Alien Abduction Research



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