US Held Responsible For
KAM AIR Disaster

KABUL (Online) -- A source close to the Afghan government has held United States troops responsible for crash of a passenger plane.
Talking to Radio Tehran on condition of anonymity told that the KAM AIR, which was on its way from Herat to Kabul did not land at Kabul airport due to bad weather.
The pilot of the plane wanted to land at Bagram airbase where the US forces have been stationed; however, the US troops did not allow the plane to land.
The source further told that the staff of the plane had informed the US troops at Bagram airbase that it could remain in air for only fifteen minutes. That is why necessary for the plane to land but the US forces did not allow it which caused its crash. Consequently 104 passengers were killed on board the plane.
The Afghan government has launched a probe to know the reason of a crash of a passenger plane KAM AIR that killed 96 passengers and 8 member crew staff.
According to a report of VoA on Monday, Hamid Karzai, Afghan president has assured the relatives of the victims that a probe committee has been constituted to get the reason behind the terrible incident that killed 104 persons on board the plane.
United Nations has also welcomed the formation of the committee by the Afghan government.
On the other hand, coalition forces backed by Apache helicopters have found the wreckage of the crashed passenger plane COM AIR in Sapari mountains, some 25-kilometres east of Kabul. The total five hundred troops of the coalition forces, international security assistance force (ISAF) and the Afghan National Army have not been able to reach the spot where the plan was crashed. ISAF forces are facing hardship due to heavy snowfall.



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