'Jewish Good Fortune,
Russian Tears'

The following summary and translated portions were done by Eric M.
A letter to the Chief Prosecutor in the Russian Federation.
For complete Russian text see:
This important letter was published in a Russian newspaper called Rusí Pravoslavnaya (Russia the Orthodox), which is the religious supplement to the newspaper Sovyetskaya Rossiya (Soviet Russia), a newspaper under Communist Party control that goes back to the Soviet days.
The letter is long - just about nine full pages - and is a real indictment of Jewish racism in the past and present. The letter basically says that this Jewish racism is anti-state extremism and therefore Jewish national and religious organizations should be banned.
The letter begins by pointing to recent publications of some Jewish book called the Kitsur Shulkhan Arukh which consists of extracts from the Talmud and is full of hostility to non-Jews. The book carried recommendations from leading Rabbis that it should be studied in Jewish Yeshivas - which, by the way, the letter says, are funded by government money.
The letter goes on to quote several examples of Talmudic racism of the sort that Israel Shahak documents in his book. These Talmudic doctrines provoke hostility to non-Jews, which the letter says, comes out not just in theory but in practice.
The letter says that a majority of anti-semitic acts in the world are done by the Jews themselves with a provocative aim: "so that punitive measures will be taken against patriots." This they illustrate with several examples from recent Russian history.
It says that "in the Tsarist empire the Jews, after unsuccessful attempts by the Tsarist government to give them the status "of everybody else," they lost their equality in the 19th Century, not because they were Jewish by blood - since the empire was multinational; nor because they were not Christian - since the Muslims and Buddhists and others weren't Christians either; but because the Jewish religion is anti-Christian and a human-hating doctrine to the point of ritual killing. Many examples of this ritual extremism were documented in courts." And they quote by title a specific investigation carried out by one V. I. Dalí in St. Petersburg in 1884.
The letter goes on to say that Jewish aggressiveness constitutes a form of Satanism.
The letter next describes the capitalist restoration in Russia as a "Jewish Revolution" and says, "the well-known Jewish publicist L. Radzikhovsky calls this a "democratic-capitalist revolution" and says "The Jewish and Jewish-oriented intelligentsia, which constitutes in Russia one of the chief carriers of western-liberal ideology, became the ideologue of this revolution." Therefore "Jews have a large specific weight in Russian politics and business, when compared to that in any other Christian country." This he calls the "good luck of the Jews" which was also the title of his article (in Novoe Russkoe Slovo, 17 January 1996.)"
Then the article goes on to give specifics about the big Jewish oligarchs, in particular noting how their practices resulted in the "humiliation of the Russian people and provoked hostility among the Russian people to the Jews." Moreover, the letter says, in order to retain their illegally acquired wealth from the state this "governing stratum is attempting to turn the people into a mass without faith and tradition."
"Parallel with accusatory statements against Russian patriots, much more aggressive statements by Jews regarding non-Jews are printed in Jewish newspapers published in the Russian Federation. For example, in the organ of the Russian Jewish Congress, "Yevreyskie novosti" (2002, No. 16, page 9) the Knesset deputy A. Lieberman called for the forcible expulsion of the Palestinians from Israel. Accordingly the Palestinians - in violation of UN Security Council resolutions! - are not only thrown out of their homeland (4 million refugees), but their activists are murdered along with their families. Thus does the Shulkhan Arukh show up in the state policy of Israel.
"And the Jews of the Russian Federation support it. The Russian Jewish Congress states that one of its aims is 'to conduct actions of solidarity with the people of Israel, carrying out political lobbying for the interests of Israel' (Yevreyskie novosti, 2002 No. 15, page 5). The same goal is also pursued by the state Institute for the Sudy of Israel and the Near East, the leader of which, Satanovsky, simultaneously headed the Russian Jewish Congress.
"Jewish communities all over the world carry out such 'political lobbying' for the interests of international Jewry to the detriment of the interests of the countries in which they live, and particularly in the USA. That state has become an instrument for the attainment of the global aims of Jewry. And they try to mask the racism of their Shulkhan Arukh by slapping the charge of anti-semitism (ie., allegedly racial hatred) on all those who do not agree with their morality, their activities, their wars.
But such a reversal of concepts is a crude forgery, as should be clear to every unbiased judgment. One can say that the whole democratic world today has fallen under the financial and political control of international Jewry. . ."
The letter says that they don't want Russia to share this fate and so they are seeking a "ban in our country of all religions and national Jewish associations as extremist."
The letter is signed by:
V. M. Klykov, people's artist of Russia,
A. N. Krutov, Deputy to the State Duma, editor in chief of the magazine Russkiy Dom,
A. A. Senin, editor in chief of Russkiy vestnik,
M. V. Nazarov, publications chief of Russkaya ideya,
K. Yu. Dushenov, editor in chief of the newspaper Rusí pravoslavnaya,
V. V. Khatyushin, deputy editor in chief of Molodaya gvardia,
A.V. Dzikovitsky, editor in chief of the newspaper Kazachiy vzglyad,
T. G. Basova, editor in chief of the newspaper Marsh Slavyanki,
V. F. Kalentíev, editor in chief of the newspaper Otchizna,
And others (in all more than 500 signatories, among them 19 deputies of the State Duma).



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