Jewish Defense League
Against Zundel Rally
Nazi Alert: Nazis Schedule Feb. 4th Rally in L.A.
Posted January 21, 2005; Updated January 27, 2005
The nazis are planning to hold a demonstration outside the Canadian consulate in downtown Los Angeles on Friday, Feb. 4. Here is the official notice ( of their intentions. To allow them to set foot in our city without an appropriate response would be a Chillul Hashem -- a desecration of G-d's name.
JDL members and supporters, you now have one week's notice to make plans to be here to make sure these bastards NEVER AGAIN wake up with the idea that they can flaunt their hatred on the streets of Los Angeles. They think that because Irv Rubin, HY"D, is gone, they can pull off something like this, but we're not going to let them. This is no joke. We are deadly serious. We need every able-bodied man and woman to be there with us. Put in your requests now to take the day off of work. Make necessary travel plans now.
The nazis have called their protest for noon on Friday, Feb. 4, but we're calling ours for 11 a.m. The address of the Canadian Consulate is 550 S. Hope St., Los Angeles. It's near 6th and Flower streets and next to the L.A. Public Library. Here's a MapQuest Map of the area.
There is absolutely no excuse for you not to be here if you're in California. We need commitments NOW, brothers and sisters. If ever JDL were needed to stand up against our enemies, it is on Friday, February 4. Please tell everyone you know! And please email us if you can give time in preparation for this event.



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