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1958 - Between Columbus & Laurel, Montana Long Cigar Shaped Craft
Date: 1958
Time: 3:00 p.m. to 3:15 p.m.
Number of witnesses: 6
Number of objects: 1
Shape of objects: Long cigar shaped vehicle with portholes.
Full Description of event/sighting: I am writing this report on behalf of my two aunts and my grandparents who are now deceased. My cousins who were about 4 and 5 witnessed this too. This involved six members of my family. In 1958 they were driving back to Billings from Red Lodge. They were between Columbus and Laurel and there were no other or maybe one or two more vehicles on the highway at the time. As they came up over a rise, they saw a huge long cigar shaped object just cresting over the Beartooth mountains, which are the highest mountains in Montana. Comparable to the Tetons in Wyoming. This object must have been huge, because they could see portholes in the side of it, or what they took to be portholes. They may have been lights, but they could not tell at the time as it was mid-day! This object was silvery in color and sort of blunt nosed at each end. The weird thing was, there were no wings so it wasn't a plane obviously, and it was something none of them had ever seen in their long lives.
They pulled over on the highway to watch it, and this thing must have been traveling hundreds of miles an hour as it crested the Beartooths in a totally straight forward direction, flew directly over them and the valley of the Yellowstone river and as they kept watching, it eventually got directly over the Pryor mountains, so a distance of about 120 miles in seconds and when it got over the Pryors, it just sunk straight down into the mountains, much like a helicopter would if it was landing. Well, this was absolutely no helicopter or anything of this Earth as far as they were all concerned. My grandfather was born in 1885 so he had pretty much seen it all, but this was much different! They were all completely spellbound watching the speed of this thing and how when it got over the Pryor's it just went straight down.
Oh, and the whole time this object was cruising through the sky over their heads, there was no noise what so ever they could hear, but the weird thing was that there was a cloud like formation that sort of shimmered in front of this object as it sped along. This cloud thing looked like a regular cloud basically but it had some color to it, pinks and blues. It was in front of the object the whole time even as it descended into the wilds of the Pryor mountains. This was an event that my family has talked about for years...even before I was born which was in 1967. It affected everyone very deeply as this was an experience they would never forget and never have. My two aunts are now in their 80's and my grandparents are gone now. My cousins were too young to really remember anything, but they heard their moms talk about it all the time, so they are very familiar with the sighting too.
By the way, it was a totally blue sky that day in 1958 except for the cloud-like formation that proceeded the object as it sped across the Beartooths, the valley of the Yellowstone and eventually it's landing spot in the Pryor mountain range. Thanks for taking the time to read this Brian, and for having such a great site. We finally felt comfortable enough to go public with this sighting because of your site, so you have our deepest gratitude. If you have any questions, feel free to contact me, and I do not mind my name being used at all regarding this incident. If I can think of any more to add to this sighting or if I forgot something, I will certainly be back in touch with you. Like I said, feel free to contact me if you have more questions. I think this was an important sighting considering the time period, so I hope it helps with your work.
Take care and thanks again.
My deepest thanks to the person for sending in this very interesting report.
North Queensland, Atherton Tablelands, Australia Sightings - Video
Date: Ongoing
Time: Various
A gentleman wrote to HBCC UFO Research telling me that he and his partner have been witnessing and filming numerous objects in the night skies. From Orbs, Saucers, Triangular craft and unusual lights. He has taken a stack of photos and a great deal of footage and I will be reporting on what the fellow sends along to me.
I'm on the Atherton Tablelands in north Queensland Australia, 3,500 feet above sea level, tropical, sunny days /clear nights, up the road from Tully a well know hotspot the whole place is known for it.
Video clip #1 - North Queensland, Atherton Tablelands, Australia Sightings - Video 2.06 mbs
Video clip: #2 - North Queensland, Atherton Tablelands, Australia Sightings - Video 1.66 mbs
Video clip: #3 - North Queensland, Atherton Tablelands, Australia Sightings - Video 1.48 mbs
Video clip: #4 - North Queensland, Atherton Tablelands, Australia Sightings - Video 7.17 mbs
Video clip: #5 - North Queensland, Atherton Tablelands, Australia Sightings - Video 4.61 kbs
Video clip: #6 - North Queensland, Atherton Tablelands, Australia Sightings - Video 1.95 mbs
To view all video clips:
Thank you to the witness for sending in the report, footage and photos.
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North Edmonton Blue White Star-Like Object Makes Hard Right Turn
Date: December 2003
Time: Approx: 11:30 pm
At about 11:30 pm I was out in the snow barbecuing while house and dog sitting at my in-laws when I looked up in the sky which was very clear as I could see the beauty of the milky way and thousands of stars. Towards the west I noticed a blue white star moving which I at first thought was a falling star about to enter the atmosphere but than it seemed more like a satellite as it was descending. I have seen satellites before and feel I am quite familiar with the night sky. When I had figured on it been a satellite and not a UFO or a falling star it made a hard turn to its right and seemed to go straight up out of the atmosphere into the deep space.. Total time of sighting: 4-5 seconds.
Thank you to the witness for the report.
Edmonton, Alberta Bluish White Light
Date: Jan-March 2004?
Time: Approx: 6:30 p.m.
Jan-March 2004??? Not sure of the exact date. Time: around 6:30 p.m.. From window of the tenth floor facing north looking at the airport tower. Object was pointed out to me by my wife saying "was it that"? About 1-2 kms from us a little higher than eye level, not sure altitude? It was by the airport it stood in place in the sky.. bluish white light. It went brighter and bigger than dim and small than repeated that 1 more time and on the third when dimmed it vanished. *POOF* Both me and my wife looked at each other in awe. Total time of sighting: 5-10 seconds.
Thank you to the witness for the report.
New York City's Central Park UFO Filmed
Date: June 20, 2004
Time: Daytime Sighting
Hi Brian: Here are the UFO photos (vidcaps) taken from the few seconds of video that I shot on June 20, 2004 while in New York City's Central Park. The day started great when I and my wife decided to go for a walk and the minute we stepped out on to the street from our apartment building I looked up, as I've trained myself to do, and saw a UFO flying due East and visible between clouds; a good portent of things to come. Even though I had my digital camcorder with me I was so excited that I forgot to use it! While in Central Park I went to Belvedere "Castle" which is really a weather station but looks like a medieval castle and allows a wide view of "The Great Lawn" and the buildings along the west and east avenues of Central Park and north of 110th Street. I started videotaping distant airplanes for reference and to improve my handling of the camcorder when using its 20X optical zoom at maximum. I was shooting from the rock stairs that overlook "Turtle Pond" and the "Delacorte Theatre."
Looking northeast I could see airplanes ascending from LaGuardia Airport and visible just over the top of the distant apartment buildings. I started shooting with an overall view of the visible foreground area of the park in front of me and zoomed in on an airplane that had just become into visible above the buildings on the east side of 5th Avenue. I did not zoom in on the plane but the area into which the airplane was going to fly into as it ascended. At the same time I zoomed in and grabbed a few seconds of video of the airplane, I lost my footing on the stairs and started to topple forward. I don't remember now if I was aware of the white spot that would eventually become identified as a UFO, but looking at the video I must have been aware of it since when I did get my balance back I started looking for the white spot and passed by it without realizing it.
The reason I couldn't find the UFO again with my eye looking through the viewfinder (which is my preferred method of videotaping) but the camcorder did get, has to do with I consider a big problem that some video-graphers have to deal with and that is the resolution of the camcorder's color viewfinder. The built-in monitor may have more resolution than the viewfinder but I don't think it's still good enough to show such small details as the white spot identified as a UFO. In the first overall-scene photo you cannot see the white spot which as you can see in the close-up photos is a real UFO.
I've had to return earlier camcorders because of this same viewfinder resolution problem when I tried videotaping a balloon and couldn't see the balloon in the viewfinder even though I could see it with my naked eyes and hunted all over the sky and gave up. That camcorder did not have a monitor. And since in the above Central Park situation I didn't know that I was going to include a UFO in my "practice" shooting, I could not have relied on the monitor screen.
I'm sorry to say that after the above incident I had two other UFO sightings that would have been impressive if I hadn't, first, run into technical problem, and not having the camcorder with me for the second and long-lasting sighting that drew the attention of other passersby after they noticed me craning my neck for what had to be about 5 minutes!
Re: the photos below:
#1 - Overall view. The UFO will become visible above and between the two buildings in the center of the photo.
#2 - Close-up of the center buildings with the UFO just becoming visible in the clouds.
#3, #4, #5 - Various similar scenes removing all doubt about the reality of a UFO.
Photos are © 2004 Edward Lopez. Also Edward can be contacted: <>
Photos can be viewed at:
Thank you to the witness for sending in the photos and report.
Huntington Beach, California Object Larger Than A Football Field
Date: January 27, 2005
Time: Between 9:00 to 10:00 p.m.
Hi its (name removed) the day I saw the object was in the month of January and I'm not sure what day it was on but it was at night about 9 o'clock to 10 o'clock the object hover about a haft mile up in the sky. the location is maybe over the city of Huntington beach CA of fountain valley it was very strange something you never ever saw before. I could see clear in the clouds it was rainy over that location and I saw it in the city of Garden Grove CA, it was like in the clouds and what catch my eyes was a strobe of lights orange, blue, white and yellow or more. But that's what I saw. The length of the object from far away it must be massive maybe bigger than a football field. It's unbelievable what that is.
I don't know if that is an UFO or some kind of new aircraft but the object did not move like jets or a helicopter it hover there for a while then move slowly upward then disappear plus its hard to see because of the cities lights. The strobe was like about every one minute or so its weird because it doesn't strobe like an helicopters bacon like on and off but a strobe of unusually lights and can you tell me what the is?????????
Thank you.
Thank you to the witness for their report.
Kaufman County, Texas Amazing Red Triangular Lights Video Taped
Date: February 9, 2005
Time: Approx: 7:00 p.m.
HBCC UFO Research Note: It appears that this type of red lights have been witnessed by many people all across North America over the last few months, and by the looks of these photos here they are still being seen. I would appreciate anyone else in the state of Texas contacting me if they may have been witness to these lights, or anywhere else for that matter.
Hi Brian,
Thought I'd send you some grabs off a taping I did at about 7:00 p.m. on 02-09-2005 to see what you think. I noticed these two red lights going east at not too fast a clip. Looked like two horizontal lights side by side at first with no noticeable flashing lights which caught my attention plus I didn't hear any sound from it. As I zoomed in on it, it shows to have three lights in a triangle shape. I got about thirty seconds or more of it before it went behind my house. I'm not real good at this night time discerning of what some of these lights are, because, heck you can't see the shape, could be anything. Anyway, no flashing lights and no sound, probably not a plane, but I don't know. Thought you might want to have a look.
Additional Information:
The lights were moving from west to east when I first them and continued east. I lost site of them when they went behind my house. They were probably traveling a couple hundred miles per hour if that in a horizontal straight path. I saw them in the southwest and lost site of them in the southeast, whatever distance that is, 25% maybe? I observed them less than a minute total. There's lots of aircraft leaving and entering toward the west (Dallas), but very few in my immediate area, to answer your question, no. It was definitely a vehicle of some sort, was not flares.
Watch toward about the middle of the clip,(about 14 seconds in to it), and it passes a star so you can see it's moving.
Video clip Kaufman County, Texas Amazing Red Triangular Lights Video Taped - Footage 1.21 mbs
To view the video clip:
Thank you to the witness for the report and photos.
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Kaufman County, Texas Brilliant Green Light - Video
Date: February 10, 2005
Time: Approx: 7:30 p.m.
Hi Brian,
I was just getting ready to go inside the house when I caught this one. I have a circle drive and usually park on the side facing west in the evening because this is where I mostly catch something. Then I go park on the other side for a few minutes facing east before going in. It was about 7:30 p.m. on 02-10-2005 after I just caught the shaft of light, and I put on my dust caps on the camcorder and move to the other side. I was looking straight up when I saw this light moving to due north going toward your house. I jumped out of the truck, turned the camcorder on and couldn't see nothing, thought the thing was broke. When I figured the dust caps were still on, I took them off and started taping, lol. As I zoomed in on it, I saw it was green, first one of these I've seen. The clouds were still coming in from the west, but it was still kind of clear in that part of the sky. Lots of green things being seen here lately, glad I got this one. I'm sending you the first part of the taping, about 34 seconds, if you want the other part, let me know and I'll send it to you. And if you need more info, let me know.
Video clip Kaufman County, Texas Brilliant Green Light Filmed - Footage 1.45 kbs
To view the video clip:
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Thank you to the witness for sending in the report, footage and photos.
Kaufman County, Texas Line Of Light In The Sky Filmed
Date: February 10, 2005
Time: Approx: 7:00 p.m.
Hi Brian,
I was out taking pictures and taping today 02-10-2005 mostly of clouds and chemtrails, nothing real spectacular. I guess it was about 7:00 p.m. and I was sitting in my pickup enjoying the radio and a soda and watching the jets and airplanes go to and fro toward Dallas. It was clear skies over my house and area, but the clouds were moving in from the west toward me. I happened to look up at about 11 o'clock high toward the southwest and something was above the clouds really lighting them up. Well of course my camcorder was in the seat next to me and I fumbled to get it on and going while looking at this strange light.It seemed to be right on top of the clouds and not moving much. I could see a line or shaft of light lined up from northeast to southwest. The light it was shining was headed to the south and the line of light was heading to the southwest, very weird,in other words, it was heading in one direction and illuminating the clouds on the left side of it, not like the headlights on a plane or jet would light everything in front, hope this makes sense. Anyway, I nearly watched it too long before I started taping. I didn't get too much of it, but maybe you can see what I'm trying to say. As I was zooming, it was dimming. The clouds were fairly thick in the location where it was and were chemtrail clouds, so the light was 20,000 feet high or higher. I watch jets at this height all the time, and none of them make a light this big, they're just a point of light compared to this. It was a lot brighter than what you see on the tape, I just wish I'd been ready for this one. I'm sending you the clip. Later my friend
Video clip Kaufman County, Texas Line Of Light In The Sky Filmed - Footage 250 kbs
To view video clip:
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Thank you to the witness for sending in the report, footage and photos.
Edmonton, Alberta White Bright Light
Date: February 11, 2005
Time: 5:30 p.m.
02/11/05 About 5:30 p.m. Edmonton view from downtown looking North East towards Grant McEwan College witnessed from 9th story apartment window. White bright light, size unknown?, above and behind Grant Mc McEwan College, bigger and brighter than Venus or Sirius, so bright at first I thought it was a plane landing and thinking it had just turned and its light was facing me as we're close to the city center airport. I've been watching the skies around here for 3-4 years now by this airport so I'm pretty familiar with the area and I've seen planes turn in like that many times and all of a sudden there's a bright light in the sky as cause the plane is facing you. I've seen lots of planes land and take off, the Air 1 cop heli all night many nights for the past 3 years zipping around the city, along with Stars the medic heli also some military and army helis that sometime look black. What ever it was last night it was at the altitude as if it was a plane coming in to land and just appeared out of nowhere abit above McEwan College. It was about 5:30 p.m. were looking at the computer monitor ordering food off B.P's menu online, the computer is against the wall right beside the window all I have to do is turn my head 15 degrees to the left and I'm looking at the area I witnessed it in last night. It was really bright I found it abit low in altitude to be a plane coming in to land, I thought maybe it was Air 1's searchlight than cause it was that bright and seemed like it wasn't descending in altitude like a plane does. Just hovering in low altitude. At that moment I said to my wife in a sarcastic manner "look a UFO", thinking it was Air 1's searchlight.
I looked back at the monitor for 5 seconds still seeing it out of the corner of my eye and than I looked back at it thinking I should grab the binocs which were at arms length on the table but thought I had seen white wings by the lights? Anyways looked back at the monitor for another 5 seconds or so than looked back out and it was gone. I got up out of my seat right away and had my face pressed to the window, which is 2-3 feet away as I couldn't see a plane or heli as I expected. Green and red blinking light of a plane or the red light of the heli. Nothing! If it was the heli it would have been somewhere close in the vicinity and there was nothing. If it would have been a plane it would have crashed into one of Grant McEwan Towers by now or where Safeway is mini mall strip is??? I stood there at the window scanning the sky for something, but nothing could be seen. I was flipping out on my wife who by than had taken my seat and was looking at the menu now "Honey, that really was a UFO"! Total time of sighting: 15-20 seconds.
Thank you to the witness for the report.
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