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Brian Vike, Director
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Release Date: February 5, 2005
Da Nang, Viet Nam USMC Vet Observes Objects Following Jet Aircraft
Date: 1968
Time: Late/early a.m.
Number of witnesses: 4
Number of objects: 8
Shape of objects: Just a dot in sky except for one, very bright red/blue light.
Full Description of event/sighting: We were sitting at the end of the flight line watching the Phantom F-4 jets take off on a bomb run when we saw the first of strange lights in the sky. They seemed to follow the jets, as a matter of fact (after talking with a mate in the tower) they were following the jets. At first there were only two lights, but in no time there were eight objects close to the jet aircraft. We thought they were MIG'S and radioed the same, but to our dismay no MIG aircraft were seen on the radar at that time.
They continued to follow for quite some time, now this is where it gets kind of weird. The jets came back to base and the pilots were saying they were being followed by an, quote - "Unidentified Aircraft". As the airplanes landed and the objects followed them to with in approximately 1000 feet of the run way. We could vaguely make out a shape of two of them, they were oval in shape with lots of lights and a very strange amber glow. The objects hovered for about 20 seconds, then they all shot off at a high rate of speed and were gone.
Thank you to the witness for his report.
John Tosti Story - Regression With Dr. Woodman Medical Amnesia Hypnotherapist
HBCC UFO Research Note: At the end of this report I have provided a link below to the full story about John Tosti's experience.
The Iowa regression with Dr. Woodman medical amnesia hypnotherapist.
John initially did not think that he could be regressed. He was prepared to tell Dr Woodman that he was sorry that he had come all this way and it did not work because he was a poor subject. However this was not the case and he turned out to be an excellent subject. It was not as he expected for it was rather easy that he thought. John was talking one minute to the Doctor and in another moment found himself on the beach feeling the sun, the breeze and the smell of the ocean. It was like he was there and then suddenly he was crouching down behind the tree staring at a bright light.
Regression sessions with Dr. Woodman, hypnotherapist , medical amnesia specialist.
John initially did not think that he could be regressed. He was prepared to tell Dr Woodman that he was sorry that he had come all this way and it did not work because he was a poor subject. However this was not the case and he was in for a surprise. It was not as he expected as all. John was talking and found himself on the beach, not talking to Dr. Woodman but feeling the sun, the breeze and the smell of the ocean. It was like he was there and then suddenly he was behind the tree.
Dr Woodman: "You tell me that you are aware of something coming towards you and your friend was the first to go down to the ground and hide himself behind this tree and then you followed suite?"
John Tosti: Yes
Dr. W. "Tell me then what you saw when this happened."
JT: "I see a I see a big red glowing ball. It's down in the gully. It is not the moon - I thought it was the moon but it is not the moon. Jim is asking me; he wants me to get down on my knees. Jim is on one knee. The red light goes out. I see that they have lights on their heads like coal miners. I am worried about Jim getting shot. I'm thinking that they are hunters and they are walking straight towards us. I am on my knees now and I am behind the tree. Jim and me are both behind the tree.
I look around the tree and I can see them, they are walking straight towards us. "
Dr. W. " What was your feeling at that time, were you scared?"
JT "Yeah, I was thinking that it was hunters and I did not want to get shot. I have got to be still and not make any noise "
Dr W. " How far away are you as you watched them?"
JT " Probably about 100 feet - maybe 50 feet away, they were walking right towards us and making a lot of noise. I could hear them walking towards us. The rustling sound of their footsteps was getting louder. I am telling Jim not to move because I don't want Jim to get shot. I am thinking that if they are hunters and we just lay still they won't hear us so they won't try to shoot us." "For some reason, I am looking around the tree again and I can see them, they are right here, they are right on the other side of the tree where we are at. I got my gun and I took it off safety and I am trying to put myself in between me and Jim because I don't want nothing to happen to Jim. (The memories recounted are traumatic to John and the fear in his voice is apparent. His voice now sounds audibly distressed on the regression tape)
Dr W. "You're safe, very, very safevery safe, you are in Clinton Iowa, this happened a long time ago. Take a deep breath in .and out . tell me what happens next."
JT: " We are standing there and all I can see are the lights. They are on their heads and shining on my face. I am raising my gun up. I am telling them to get the hell out of here. I don't want them to be here. This is my land and I don't .. I will tell them to leave for trespassing. They are still standing there. And Uh ..OH it's strange they look like I can see one of them and it looks like a fireman."
Dr. W. "Why do you say that, can you describe what you see please? "
JT: "Yeah, he has got, uh, a hat on. It looks like a fireman's hat.
Dr, W, " With a light on? "
JT: "With a light on. He has got a . it looks like a long jacket on.. It looks like a fireman."
Dr. W. " Is he a big guy like you? "
JT: "Yeah, he is big, I think he is bigger than I am. I am trying to figure out what is going on. And the other one behind him is trying to get over to Jim. He looks like a fireman too."
Dr. W.: " So you tell them to leave, from your property and he does not leave, so then what is the next thing that happens? "
JT: "He is just standing there. He has a funny looking smile on his face. "
Dr. W. " OK, what is the next thing that happens, very, very, safetake a deep breathe and let it out and when I touch your hand you are going to be twice as deep and twice as safe. What happens next?"
JT: "I can hear Jim and Jim is behind me and he is telling them too to go away. Jim is raising up his gun and Jim says that he is going to shoot. And they are not listening to us. They are just standing there. They are not moving.
Dr. W.:" So what happens next? Move forward in time. Safe, very, very safe, it happened a long time ago and you really want to know what happened. Allow your thoughts to come out. "
JT: "I am just seeing black. I can't see."
Dr. W. " Move forward in time, what is the next thing that you can see? "
JT: "I see a. it looks like I can see Jim and Jim is screaming. He was screaming at the telling him to let him go. Don't touch me. Jim was getting really mad. I think Jim thinks that he is going to try to shoot us. I don't know. Jim is mad and that guy was trying to grab him or something. I am trying to pay attention to the guy who is right in front of me and I can hear Jim and he is telling him to let him go and
I am getting cold. I am feeling cold.
Dr. W. " That's fine just relax. You are in Clinton Iowa and very, very safe. What is the next thing you know, are you cold?"
JT: "I am cold"
More to follow.
Thank you to John Tosti.
County Clare - Cliffs of Mohr, Ireland
Date: September 21, 2003
Time: Daytime
Message: Two years ago I was visiting Ireland and took a number of pictures with a digital camera. At one location (Cliffs of Mohr) I observed a small object on the picture. Upon enlargement . . . it appears to be a "V" shaped object with light and dark surfaces. Would be interested in seeing this file? If so I can probably supply the date and time if necessary.
Additional Information:
OK Brian . . . here goes
I was traveling to Ireland, specifically County Clare, and more specifically the Cliffs of Moher on Sept 21, 2003.
I took a few pictures of the cliffs using my 3.3 mega pixel digital camera. The cliffs are about 800 feet high above the water on the west coast of Ireland. I took several pictures of the cliffs hoping that some would come out OK, the weather was some what overcast that day. I did not visually see the object when I took my pictures. Only when I was viewing the digital pictures on my computer did I notice a "speck" above the cliffs. When I zoomed in on the speck I was surprised, to say the least. One of our local UFO people suggested that It might be an "artifact" on or in the camera, although none of my other photos (immediately before or after) showed such an artifact.
Attached to this e-mail is the picture (028.jpg) and an enlarged part of that picture (028a.jpg).
If there is any additional information that I can supply, please advise.
If you have difficulty with the attachments, perhaps were can do something else, again please advise.
Best regards,
Photos can be viewed at:
Thank you to the witness for sending in the report and photos.
Traveling Towards Coolangatta, Australia A Bright Red Flaming Object
Date: Possibly March 4, 2004 ?
Hello Brian,
I was performing a search on your website and I found an article of a person who had witnessed strange occurrences in the sky on March 4 2004. It could have well have been the same night for all I can remember.
HBCC UFO Note: The person is referring to the Tweed Heads, Australia Sighting which can be found at:
Around that time of year, I also saw an object in the sky in the same area. I currently live in Banora Point, which is around 10 Km south from where this person had witnessed the event. I assumed the object was an Aircraft, as there is an Airport in Coolangatta, and planes fly around this area. But now that I have heard other reports, I must comment on my sighting.
My family was in our car driving towards Coolangatta, when we noticed a bright red, flaming object in the sky. It was moving around the speed of an average airplane. We pulled our car over and got out to look at the object. My family insisted that it was an aircraft, or something earthly. But the object was a bright red and it looked as if it was on fire.
The object was very strange. It looked to be around an altitude of 1000 feet, but the flames appeared as if the object was close up. It is very difficult to explain, but imagine the flame of a candle. Except the flame is bright red, and hovering around 2 Km away from you in the sky. The object looks far away, but the flames still look as if they were close up.
We were getting worried. Perhaps it was an aircraft on fire.
We then remembered a small shop that was on this road that we were traveling on. I believe the shop sells GAS/Butane products such as Gas bottles for Barbeques etc. On this shops sign, there is a fire lantern that burns constantly all days Saturday. We firstly assumed it was this shops lantern, but the shop was a couple of meters down the road. However, the
light in the sky was moving slowly out to sea, so It couldn't have been it.
The time was around 9 to 10:00 p.m. This object could well have been the object that this other person had seen. It was located above water out to sea, offshore of Coolangatta near 'Twin Towns', the area where a person saw lights in the clouds.
My parents were quick to assume that it was an Aircraft Beacon- and refused to stay in the are any longer. Unfortunately, I didn't have a camera with me at the time, but I will try and send a photo of where we were and where the object was in the sky.
I now make sure I have a camera with me at all times.
Thank you to the witness for this report.
Aliso Viejo, California Object Leaves Acrid Type Odor In The Air
Date: January 16, 2005
Time: 9:00 p.m.
Number of witnesses: 3
Number of objects: 1
Shape of objects: Round
Full Description of event/sighting: large glowing "ball" 2000 feet approx. hovered, then traveled at high rate of speed south. Faster than any plane etc. Appeared to drip fire. After hovering again it then sped off and disappeared.
Additional Information:
Hi Brian, I am 53 and the other two witnesses were my son 14 and my friend 27. It was a clear calm Sunday night at 9 PM on the date I indicated in my report. I am a (removed by HBCC) for a national department of agriculture organization. I have never had an interest in UFO's or have taken the reports seriously. We had just returned from a weekend in Palm Springs CA.
We were standing outside my home talking and suddenly moving into our vision over the roof tops a large glowing ball came into view. None of us had ever seen anything like it before. It was not at a high altitude in my opinion. I travel in airplanes weekly, and I estimate the object at first glance was 3000-5000 ft in the air. It "glowed" and was a yellow white color. It seemed to move slowly almost floating and my first thought was that it was a large balloon with a light of some sort inside.
That dispelled when the object moved very quickly south and seemed to gain altitude. It moved much faster than any airplane or helicopter I have ever observed. There was no trail or vapor of any sort behind the object as it moved. In a span of a few seconds it traveled approximately 5 miles. (I am 6' tall, and if I hold my arms up and pointed to the sky at a 45 degree angle with both arms in opposite directions, that is how far and fast it moved in 5 seconds or less!) The object then seemed to hover again in the distance, and began to "drip" a fire like substance or pieces of itself. It then just disappeared. The entire experience was about 20 seconds.The only other phenomenon was that immediately afterward the air around us had an acrid type of odor, which dissipated very quickly.
We were astonished and I did not report it, but immediately listened to the news etc, to see if any other reports came in, but nothing. I had told my parents about the sighting and several days later she mailed me a newspaper report from The San Gabriel Tribune which spoke of these sightings earlier in January than mine and the article also mentioned you and your organization. This prompted me to contact you.
I hope this helps and am curious if you could explain this if there is some answer.
Thank you to the witness for the very interesting report.
Phoenix, Arizona Bright Day Flasher - Video
Date: February 2, 2005
Time: 10:52 a.m.
Brian, Well life is good here I got a new lens for the camera and got to use it today. It's a windy day blowing from the east to the west and I got a lot of objects that was travailing that direction. But this thing popped up and I have never seen anything so shinny! It was moving east to west but it made a move to the north and continued going north for the rest of the sighting! I have caught orbs before but never had one pulse like this one. It would shine very bright and then go dim and continued doing this pattern while moving in a counter direction of the wind. Thanks Brian.
Thank you to the witness for the report, photos and footage.
Photos and Footage copyright 2005 Mike Di Silvestro.
Video clip #1 Phoenix, Arizona Bright Day Flasher - Video 2.41 mbs
Video clip #2 Phoenix, Arizona Bright Day Flasher - Video 2.90 mbs
To view video clips:
Colfax, Wisconsin Retired Parole Officer Observes Strange Object
Date: February 3, 2005
Time: Evening
Message: Last night I was driving down to the local grocery store here in Colfax, Wi when I noticed an unusual light moving erratically through the night sky. I am aware of the approach to the nearest airport and the typical movement of airliners and this object was moving fast, had bright flashing lights and was erratic appearing to stop and slow down and then moving quickly up and off again into another direction. I decided I was going to drive out of town and follow it, as it looked to be headed out near my brothers house when suddenly in my head I heard this voice say, if you follow this you could have a flat tire and then what are you going to do. I am a retired parole officer though and also a practicing psychic and I felt compelled to follow this thing. So, I continued on the course down Highway 40 and a minute later my rear left tire blew out. Call if what you will, I think it is weird. Divine intervention perhaps. Real coincidence? perhaps. My undying investigative however will not be overcome by a flat tire the next time, and shall I observe these lights again I will no doubt do my best to figure out what the heck is going on here.
Thank you to the witness for the report.
Kelowna, British Columbia Two Unknown Objects ?
Date: February 04, 2005
Time: Daytime
Here are a couple of pictures I took over Lake Okanagan in Kelowna today. One of the pictures appears to have two objects in the sky. If you look down diagonal left of the bigger object, towards the center of the picture, there is another smaller object that is farther away. The picture of myself was taken first, and if you look in the picture of myself, there is nothing in the sky or anything to indicate there was dirt on the lens. This picture of myself was taken about eight seconds before the picture with the objects. The camera was sitting on the ground for both pictures. The one of myself was on the timer. Then I walked over to the camera and pressed the shutter again as the camera was on the ground, and it took a picture right away because I forgot that I had to reset the timer for another auto shot. It's hard to tell but maybe you can get a better look. And the funny thing is after I took that second picture and packed up my camera, I thought to myself it would be amazing if a UFO appeared in one of my pictures. So maybe it is wishful thinking, although I am fairly intuitive. I took the pictures at Paul's Tomb which is just a bit north of downtown Kelowna, on the east side of the lake. The picture is looking north over the lake. Hope to hear what you think.
Thank you to the witness for sending in the report and photos.
Nanuet, New York Circular Front - Back Triangular Appearance
Date: February 5, 2005
Time: Approximately 12:30-12:40 a.m.
Location of Sighting: Heading west on rte.17 , approaching palisades parkway which was about 5-6 miles away.
Number of witnesses: 2
Number of objects: 1
Shape of objects: The front end was circular, and the back had came to a triangular appearance.
Full Description of event/sighting: First off this object was moving at an incredible speed, my brother and I coming home from work were having a good conversation, and then bam it just shot across the sky in maybe a second to a second and a half. But we both clearly saw the object flash across the sky. The object was moving so fast we had no explanation, we thought possibly that it might be a missile. While I could not make out what it looked like I can say, the color was a bright white, the direction it was moving towards was west, it had a circular front, in the west direction, and the backside had a trail of the white light coming back to a point triangular like. That object shot across the sky and left us baffled. I would be more content knowing others had seen this same image, or had light to shed on what it was.
Thank you to the witness for sending in the report.
Brian Vike, Director
HBCC UFO Research
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