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Release Date: February 4, 2005
Northwest, Bloomington, Indiana Hovering Disk - Video
Date: Late 1990's
Time: Approx: 11:00 p.m.
Witnesses: 1
John Tosti was driving west, on some old country road's. He noticed something flashing above a field. He turned South, to get beside the object, and start filming. The object just sat there and flashed vertically in the sky, then moved Northwest and disappeared.
Thank you to John for the photos and footage
Video footage and photos are © 2005 John Tosti.
Video clip Northwest, Bloomington, Indiana Hovering Disk - Video 1.89 mbs
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UFO Over Canton, Texas, Van Zandt County 15 To 20 Witnesses
Date: 1966
Time: Unknown
Message: As one of many people, including the sheriff, who saw a definite UFO over Canton, TX, Van Zandt County in the spring of 1966, I'm surprised to see there are not any records of this on any site I've visited.
An enormous ship sat still over an area near Canton for a good hour with three small ships flying away from and back to the big ship. The big ship had what I would call square windows all the way around it located between the top portion and the bottom portion of the ship. Blue, red and other colored lights rotated counter clockwise in these windows.
The one I call the "mother ship" sat still and there was no sound at all. At lease 15 to 20 of us watched this from the same place. The sheriff made phone calls to senators and to several authorities in an attempt to get someone out there to see what we were seeing. I was 15 at the time and I'll never forget what I saw. My Dad and the sheriff's brother are no longer with us to relate the story but myself, my sister and the sheriff are still living.
The "mother ship" was the size of a city. It was located over the east, southeast side of Canton over farm land rather than over the actual city. We first spotted the small ships coming in from a west, southwest direction. When they flew away from the big ship they went south but curved out to a westerly direction.
Like I said, I was surprised there wasn't an account of this shown somewhere. Now there is.
Thank you to the witness for the report.
North West, Bloomington Indiana Black Ball Of Fire
Date: Late 1990's, Wintertime
Time: Evening
Witness's: 2
Sky conditions: Clear.
John Tosti, and a friend, were North West of Bloomington, this object appeared in the sky, the video doesn't show detail, but this craft appears to be on fire, John's partner says he wants to drive up the road to get closer but John said "Hold on lets see what it does", then it, shot off at a high rate of speed, and that was it.
Thank you to John for the photos and footage
Video footage and photos are © 2005 John Tosti.
Video clip North West, Bloomington Indiana Black Ball Of Fire- Video 1.30 mbs
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Granite Shoals, Texas Sphere
Date: 1998
Time: 10:00 p.m.
Number of witnesses: 1
Number of objects: 2
Shape of objects: Sphere, orb, or ball shape.
Full Description of event/sighting: I have been searching the internet for reports of sightings that are similar to the objects I observed 7 years ago, during the summer of 1998. I found a number of sightings on this web site that are very similar to what I had observed at that time.
I have never observed a UFO before or after the event I will describe below... this is my only sighting:
I arrived at my home about 10:00 p.m. and grabbed a beer and went outside to relax on the deck behind the house. My wife was working late that night, so I was alone. I set my beer down on the railing of the deck and I was leaning on the railing and looking down at the lake (I have a home on Lake LBJ in Granite Shoals, Texas) when a movement caught my eye over to the left. A water tower is located about 3/4 of a mile away, with a red light on top of it.
I observed two (2) orange globes, orbs, or spheres that were just then rising up from behind the water tower at a slow rate of speed. My first thought was that I was observing two hot-air balloons rising together in unison while firing their burners, which is something I have seen before on several occasions, although not anywhere around Granite Shoals.
However, I was startled when I realized that my first impression was not correct. Both of the spheres were perfectly round and uniformly luminous, unlike a hot-air balloon which is elongated near the bottom and \"flickering\" while being fired.
I have always been curious about UFO sightings, and have tried to keep up to date with UFO research over the years, but I decided that I would remain skeptical until I observed such a phenomenon with my own eyes. I finally got what I wished for in spades!
My adrenaline kicked in and my heart started racing while my mind attempted to correlate this observation with anything that I may have seen before. My internal database was coming up empty, and I experienced the spine-tingling and goose-bumps that accompany the realization of observing something completely unidentifiable and mysterious.
I had a relatively long time to think about it, because I observed these objects for about 90 seconds or longer. I looked around to see if anyone was around on the shoreline so I could point it out and get the benefit of a second eyewitness, but it was pitch dark (no moon, I realized later) and most people are inside at that time of night anyway.
I observed the glowing orange spheres rising in perfect unison slowly into the sky, side by side, then they both zig-zagged in perfect unison twice, then continued straight upward until they reached a very high altitude. Then both spheres disappeared instantly, in unison, as if a light switch had been flipped off.
When they were gone, I collapsed into a chair because my knees had turned to rubber, and I was feeling faint and disoriented from the experience. I kept my eyes fixed on the area where they disappeared, thinking that they might reappear as suddenly as they had disappeared. I waited for about half an hour before I could convince myself that they were not coming back.
I told my wife about the experience when she got home, because she could tell I was visibly shaken and upset. I could not sleep well for several nights afterward because my mind refused to give up on figuring out what I had observed.
I have not spoken of the experience except with a close friend who had seen a UFO before, although he had not observed orange spheres, but rather an object that was more like the triangles that have been reported here and elsewhere.
Thanks for providing a forum to allow me to get this event reported properly.
I am curious to know if anyone else has seen these orange spheres in the Central Texas area, especially around Lake LBJ.
Thank you to the witness for the report.
Outside Of Houston, British Columbia Object Hovering Over Farmhouse
Date: Late July or early August 2002
Time: About 9:00 or 10:00 p.m.
Message: I also heard the sounds from one of the sightings on Hungry Hill near Houston in Late July or early August 2002. Up until now I did not want anyone to think I was crazy so I didn't say anything. Late one evening during the Houston Drag Races a flying machine of some sorts hovered directly above my farmhouse for a few minutes. I went out on the patio to look but there was too much fog to see what it was.The sound was unbelievable. It sounded like some kind of turbine that I had never heard before. Very smooth sounding and very close to the roof of my home.
Additional Information.
Hi Brian
I think it was about 9:00 or 10:00 PM. It was the same weekend as the Houston Drag Races so there was noise all week end. However I have never heard this type of engine sound before and I have spent most of my career around helicopters and other turbine type engines. This sound was like a high pitched incredibly smooth sounding turbine but nothing I had ever heard before. When I went out side on my patio I could tell it was hovering just over my house but the fog would not let me see it. You could tell by the sound that it was very close to the top of my house. Don't know if I'm particularly happy being one who was close enough to hear it.
Thank you to the person for their report.
Hastings Point, NSW Australia - Unearthly Encounters
Date: Mid 2002
Time: ---
Number of objects: 2
Shape of objects: Punch Biopsy Markings.
Full Description of event/sighting: I have read an article in your archive, dedicated to the mysterious 'Punch Biopsy' markings.
In mid 2002, I woke one morning to find what looked like a spider bite on my right leg. The bite, around the calf-muscle region, was around 7mm to 10mm in diameter.
After reading a number of these related articles, I realized that this marking was very similar to those of other "victims".
After a week, the area became very swollen, and I was admitted to the Hospital Emergency Ward. The doctor summarized it as an 'Infected Insect Bite', and I was given a number of antibiotic medications to use over a number of days.
At the time, the marking was very similar to what other doctors call 'Punch Biopsy', but he believed it was just an infected bite.
I still have a scar of the marking, but it is very difficult to see. I am shocked to see that it is relatively in the same spot as other victims, but it is located on the leg. Maybe there are many more people with this marking, but don't know what it could actually be.
Thank you for your time.
Additional Information:
Hello Brian, thanks for your super fast reply.
Yes, I believe I may have had contact with extra terrestrials in the past.
I remember when I was about 5 Years of age, and was asleep in bed. I woke up around midnight and saw that I was surrounded by three dark, very tall figures standing around my bed. They were a lot different from a 'Gray'. After I had noticed them, I fell back asleep again. You would think that if you saw something like that, you would be pumped with so much adrenalin that it would be impossible just to fall straight back to sleep. After that experience, I have always had trouble sleeping and was afraid of the dark.
Even today, I still wake at night in terror of something in the dark or outside.
A few years after the incident, I wake up in the morning with scratches and bruises that weren't there the day before, or where I never injured myself.
The most frightening of these cases was when I woke up one morning to find my pillow soaked with blood from a bleeding nose, and my foot broken. I could not have broken my foot by myself, as I didn't realize it the day before, and that day - I had stayed inside playing Nintendo. So, somehow I must have broken my foot in my sleep. At that time, I was around 10.
At that age, I enjoyed science, electronics and space. I would always find time to read a few UFO books from the library. I was interested in UFOs, and sometimes even asked my teachers if they had ever seen any. One teacher said that she thought she had seen one day. She said that three bright lights were flying randomly out on the Horizon. They joined together to form a triangle and flew over her head.
Around the age of 12, I believe I witnessed an alien abduction from my grandmother's house in Murwillumbah, NSW Australia. It was late at night and I had just gone to bed, when on the Horizon I saw a bright light.
It was beaming a spotlight or something down on the area below it. This object was maybe 100 to 200 Meters away from me. At first I thought it was a search Helicopter, but I could not hear any engines. Murwillumbah was a quiet town, mainly populated by quiet, religious people who keep to themselves. I didn't know if anyone was abducted that night, but it would
have been very difficult to find out as everyone rarely speaks. Most people live by themselves.
One day I asked my grandmother if she believed in UFOs. My grandmother is strictly religious, but she told me of one of her experiences with what she believes to be a UFO. Apparently she was driving with her daughter about 12 years ago from today, when she noticed lights following her down the road.
She told me that there was no one around, and the area she was driving in was deserted. She said the lights followed her a couple of kilometers down the road, before rocketing off and flying over her. Being strictly religious, she then told me that the Devil controls the airways, and that they are demons trying to change our beliefs.
Fortunately, I am atheist.
Even the most religious parts of my family believe in UFOs! During that time, I have had dreams of aliens, dreams of meteors striking the earth and other similar things. I currently live on the Gold Coast, which is 300Km from Hastings Point, but every one of these strange dreams occurs at Hastings Point.
I didn't really think much of UFOs until I visited your website. Then I realized that I might have had an encounter. Before I visited, I didn't understand why or how things like this happen. Now I know a reason.
My friends and family think I am crazy, pursuing an impossible belief. But I know that they are ignorant, and do not deserve to believe in something such as this.
I have the proof, the videos and pictures - but they turn their nose up and mock me.
This is the way life is. Sadly, it is bread into society that things like this are foolish. UFOs and Conspiracies are just fads that people make up.
If a conspiracy had evidence, it has the right to be believed and is equal to the other side of the story - making it an opinion.
So many people today believe in UFOs, so many that the UFO side of the story is more prominent than the belief that there are none. Every day, there are more and more people with evidence, but there are always more and more people opposing it. If only people could see the truth - what really lurks in the dark, then we would finally see what is right.
I'd like to thank you for your time, and your great website that has shown me that there are other like minded people out there that share the same opinions as I and that know the truth.
Now I know that I do have a voice.
Thank you to the person for sending in the story to me.
Saint-Georges de Beauce, Quebec Four Orange Lights
Date: March 19, 2004
Time: Approx: 9:10
Location of Sighting: At home in the city.
Number of witnesses: 9
Number of objects: 4
Shape of objects: Orange lights.
Full Description of event/sighting: It was about 9:10 at night when the phone rang. It was my daughter. She asked me to go out and to look at the sky, I did this immediately. What I've seen has totally captivated me! I screamed at my wife and at my youngest daughter to get out of home, so they can see that.
Our eyes where locked at the sky and we saw 4 orange lights that slowly traveling the sky toward west direction, of our geographic position. They were keeping a precise distance between them.
My wife bring me my little binoculars and I saw a little more closer. It was like ovals objects, and the center of theses things seemed to be of a metallic gray. Each objects was surrounded by a orange luminous hallow. Theses objects were disappeared one by one like if they extinguished.
I'm a rational and moderate men, but this observation made me realize that the more skeptical persons can be confuse.
P.S: (I speak mostly in French, so, sorry if this text have some mistakes) I've decide to contact you about what we saw because I think that your site is one of the most serious and professional that I found.
Thank you for your reading, and congratulations for your work.
Thank you to the witness for this report.
Spotsylvania County, Virginia Two Disc's Glowing Just On The Horizon - Filmed
Date: January 19, 2005
Time: 3:30 a.m.
Number of witnesses: 2
Number of objects: 2
Shape of objects: Disc
Full Description of event/sighting: I was surfing the web late on January 19, 2005 when I remembered I had left a kerosene can I had filled that night to heat our home with. It was still outside in my van and as I went to retrieve it, I saw the two objects glowing just on the horizon, about 1-2 miles away again. I have seen them many times before this past summer in this same spot and did not have my camera handy. I assumed in the past that they were planes? This particular night I did have my digital camera close by and went to my porch and took this amazing photo. I can send you a digital picture to any email address you wish, this is no hoax. This pair of UFO's was there for about 10 minuets and one ascended down to the ground and the other was hovering above tree tops.
From the photo it appears to be a disc and has a reddish orange glow. This is a must see photo! The picture of the disc is really great with no blur, there however is from my movement a spot on the left side of the disc that is a little out of line still very clear. Please email and I will send you a picture? I do not want my name published and would like to remain anonymous. Please take this sighting seriously.
Here are two pictures of the crafts I saw on January 19, 2005 at approximately 3:30 a.m. Please review it and let me know what you think it was photographed with a Fuji finepix 4900 4.3 megapixels 6x digital zoom
Thank you to the witness for the report.
Mesa, Arizona Possible Triangle Sighting
Date: February 1, 2005
Time: 00:50
Location of Sighting: Mesa, between Crismond and Ellsworth on Brown Rd.
Number of witnesses: 1
Number of objects: 1
Shape of objects: I think it was a triangle.
Full Description of event/sighting: On the way home from work I noticed a bright red light and it was moving very slow. After about 2 minutes of driving and watching it a bright blue light appeared right next to it (same size). The lights looked like police lights when a police officer pulls you over. Anyways, the object was moving really slow and it was heading Southeast. After about 2-3 minutes the blue light disappeared and another red light appeared in front of the other red light that was lit the whole time. I wasn't very far away from me but far enough where I couldn't tell if the lights were separate or part of the same object. In my personal opinion I believe it was a triangle sighting.
Myself and a friend of mine work the second shift and have been reading up on these triangles and I have seen some rendered images and I do believe these lights were part of the triangle object that has been seen all over the world. I know for a fact that it was not a plane or a helicopter. It moved too slow. I also know for a fact that it was not a Dirigible because I have seen them before at night and they illuminate the whole object. This was definitely something else and it was pretty intense to watch. After about 15 minutes the object still heading southeast was pretty much almost out of my site. At this time I got home and was able to watch it from my home. From my home it could have been mistaken for a airplane but when I was driving home and it was much closer I knew it was not a plane or helicopter. The colors looked alot like the images I have seen lately regarding triangle sightings.
Thank you to the witness for the report.
HBCC UFO Note: Although there is no mention of an object being observed, I found this of interest due to the number of reports coming in over a strange noise of some sort. Some of course related to the UFO topic.
Calgary, Alberta Electronic Humming Noise
Date: February 1, 2005
Time: Between 11:00 p.m. and 1:00 a.m.
I was reading from one other person on here who was in Fredericton NB Back in 1985 they said they heard a electronic humming noise. Last night when I was on the pc here, it was between 11:00 p.m. and 1:00 a.m. I was playing my games at It was quiet because my mother was sleeping. Well I heard this noise that sounded quite like that. I looked outside and our backyard light went on and made me jump. But the noise would rise and fall.
The humming was really weird. This only lasted I think was between 1 and not even 4 minutes. I'm in Calgary in the SW part of Haysboro. I cant seem to get the noise out of my head. Because of last night I couldn't sleep, and when I did get to sleep, waking up in the AM as I had a really bad headache. The skies last night was very cloudy because we get Chinooks. And last night there weren't any this time (Chinooks). The clouds looked as if it was going to snow, but it didn't. Today Feb 2nd I saw what looked like storm clouds, My mother pointed out to me about the chemtrail that this one plane looked very dark, even tho it was not very sunny out today. I have never seen dark chemtrails before so I'm wondering if that's normal or not.
Thank you to the person for the report.
Brian Vike, Director
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