Gideon To Raful's Rescue

By Barry Chamish
My new lecture, The Secret War Against The Settlers, played well last week in four Yesha villages.
I begin the lecture by presenting two blown-up, laminated photos of the suspicious circumstances surrounding last month's death of Raphael "Raful" Eitan. For those unfamiliar with the issue, have a look first at my website:
Then read an overview at:
The photos I show at the lectures are wider and more revealing than the one on my site, which was scrunched by scanner restrictions. They reveal:
Photo one - Raful's Volkswagen parked parallel to the edge of a pier in Ashdod harbor. The car is smashed on all sides but nowhere moreso than on the roof above the front passenger seat. There, it is certain that something very heavy fell on it. Some have speculated that a heavy block or other port-building equipment caused the damage. The official inquiry lead by Ashdod Port manager Shaul Rotem, which lasted at best a few hours, concluded that a giant wave smashed the vehicle and swept Raful into the water where he drowned. The problem is the vista reveals a quiet port protected by distant breakwaters where the biggest waves are barely ripples.
Photo Two - Raful's body on a pier at the Navy base 1.5 km. distance from the car. This is the exposed part of the harbor yet no wave comes close to topping the pier. Both photos had to have been taken shortly after the body was recovered at 9 AM since resuscitation efforts are in process.
It was at the lecture in El-Kanah before a full house that I had a surprise visitor; the General Manager of the Israel Ports Authority, Gideon Shamir. A high level debate ensued.
Mr. Shamir, a well-spoken gentleman in his late fifties stood up, introduced himself and asked to examine the photos for two minutes. He added that he had been on the scene later that morning and had seen Raful's car. The crowd was silent as he examined the evidence and I was tense, not knowing if my conclusions would be borne out or not. He had the advantage by his respected position.
After the two minutes passed, Mr. Shamir noted that, "The picture is an illusion. It shows the quiet side of the harbor. But Raful drove on a breakwater and you don't see that the other side is exposed to the waves. That's where the killer wave smashed the car and swept him into the water. Those kinds of waves are rare, but once a year we get one of them which bypasses the breakwaters and are strong enough to push a tractor in the water. Raful fell into the quiet side of the breakwater and probably hit his head, went unconscious and drowned."
It looked like I was sunk. My conclusions were about to be exposed as wrong, or worse, they could be viewed as fraudulent. So, nervously, I fought back. I showed him the dents on the driver's side of the car which looked like a very sharp object caused them. I queried, "You don't believe a wave caused these do you?"
Calmly, Mr. Shamir replied, "No, of course not. But Raful was a terrible driver and got into scrapes all the time. These were probably there before the wave hit."
It was something I hadn't considered. It then occurred to me; Shamir wasn't hesitating. He had immediate answers ready. He had prepared for this debate. I was at a much worse disadvantage than I thought. I had to think fast. I showed him the floor of the road and said, "The car is smashed. All the windows are shattered. Why aren't there glass shards and debris next to the car?"
He replied, "When I got there, there was glass everywhere."
I'm not even sure if it was a lucky question or good thinking, but I replied, "So where is it?"
Breakthrough. Finally he stumbled.
"No, I'm wrong. The floor was clean when I saw it. The wave would have swept all the shards into the bay."
And then some expert help from the audience. A tall man in his thirties noted, "You have to look at the weight distribution of the vehicle. A car is like a boat; the motor is the anchor and the rest of the car would float without it. If a powerful wave hit it, the car would never have remained parallel parked. As an example, look at the photos of the Asian tsunami. After it hit, the cars were strewn at all angles, but none remained parallel parked. Most cars were pushed by the wave. The only ones which suffered the kind of damage we see in Raful's car actually fell into the sea."
But, he added, if a block or heavy object had fallen on the roof, we would see paint chipped away and that is not visible. So I had to be wrong on that point.
The debate was evening out. I went in for the kill. "Mr. Shamir," I asked, "If Raful fell into the quiet side of the harbor, wouldn't his body have stayed in place" Then I showed photo 2. "How did it float to the exposed side of the breakwater? Why was it found over a kilometer away?"
Now he got stuck. "It could have been taken there," he answered.
I asked, "Would anyone really do that?"
He offered no answer.
The confrontation ended and I concluded the evening by signing books. Then a most telling incident occurred. Gideon Shamir came up to me and asked, "What was the motive?"
The very next night, 30/01/05, I set up my table at a huge rally for Gush Katif in Jerusalem. As
150,000 Jews sang and danced their homes away, I told a prominent attorney what happened at El-Kanah. He made a huge offer. If I got one wave or water engineer to sign an evaluation that a wave would not have caused the damage to Raful's car, or caused his body to float 1.5 km. distance, he would get the legal ball rolling to get to the truth; pro bono.
An appeal: Are you, or do you know someone qualified to examine the photos and write an evaluation? I'll send the evidence to anyone so qualified and willing to voluntarily sign a professional affidavit.
More volunteers needed.
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