Draining America Into Poverty

By Frosty Wooldridge
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You've all read about Mexico receiving $15 billion annually in wire transfers from illegal aliens working in America. It's the second highest income for President Fox and his cronies. You've read about the $25 billion in wire transfers funneling into South America. To add insult to injury, another $16 billion vanishes into Asia.
In the meantime, you're forced to educate illegal aliens' children numbering 1.1 million at a cost averaging $7,000.00 per child per year for 18 years. Do the math-it'll make you sick. You're also forced to give illegals free health care, food stamps, housing assistance and other welfare benefits-all to the detriment of your own family and standard of living.
Every day, America grows poorer because our senators and congressmen, and corporations--aid, abet and encourage illegal alien migration into our country. When those illegals send back our money to their countries of origin, those corporations make a killing not only from the cheap labor, but from the wire transfers. The latest ploy for banks is lending mortgage money to illegal aliens so they can move into our neighborhoods.
But the real killer arrived in the news this month with a report that the underground of illegal aliens, numbering over 15 to 20 million, cost the IRS $311 to $400 billion annually. Additionally, a recent report by Visa stated wire transfers to Mexico last year reached $40 billion. Who do you think makes up for all that money? You do! In any event, this country suffers unthinkable financial hemorrhaging via our corporations such as Western Union, First Data Corporation and others who eagerly become the transfer panderers for all those money transfers.
As America plunged to an all time $7.4 trillion debt and the dollar is about to be replaced by the Euro as the world's currency standard, how can this illegal alien factor of the "jobs Americans won't do" be ignored as a monumental aspect in the return to fiscal responsibility?
Robert Justich, a senior managing director at Bear Stearns Asset Management in New York is quoted in a Barron's January report, "The report also points out the cost of the underground economy of illegal aliens working in the U.S. is costing the federal government hundreds of billions of dollars in unpaid income taxes and could lead to a higher impact on taxpayers if President Bush's amnesty proposal is passed into law."
Jim McTauge in the Barron's piece wrote, "The underground economy is undermining the effectiveness of the Internal Revenue Service, which is highly dependent on employees' withholding taxes. If the IRS could collect all the taxes it says that it is owed from the underground economy in a given year, then the current budget deficit would disappear overnight. And if the IRS could collect these taxes every year, then the nation would have surpluses as far as the eye can see. The IRS has estimated that its tax gap - the estimated amount of taxes owed minus the amount collected - is around $311 billion in any given year. The agency will produce a new estimate in 2005, and it could be as high as $400 billion, says former IRS Commissioner Donald Alexander."
Barron's noted, "The sheer growth of the underground economy in the U.S. is cause for concern. If Justich's estimate of illegal immigrant workers is correct, the underground economy may now be growing at a markedly faster rate than the legitimate economy. Justich, working with Bear Stearns colleague Betty Ng, an emerging-markets economist, says he's found evidence of a larger illegal immigrant population by analyzing data on construction and on remittances sent from the U.S. to Mexico and other countries. He also had conversations with over 100 immigrants from Mexico, Brazil, the Dominican Republic, Guinea, China and Tibet. And he interviewed local business owners, real-estate sales people and police." Each of us must understand this is an aspect of Third World Momentum growing like a cancer in our country. It sidesteps the rule of law. It undermines our functioning society. It's THE reason Third World societies fail. It's the reason our society will fail if we don't stop the illegal alien invasion. We import millions of people who will not and do not invest in citizenship in our country-but in fact, manifest THE reason for our destruction in the arenas of language, health, education, crime, diseases, hospitals, balkanization and national cohesion.
"President Bush proposes temporary amnesty for illegal aliens already in the country, allowing them to obtain permits to work legally for three years and stay longer if their jobs otherwise can't be filled by native-born workers," writes McTauge. "But if there are, in fact, 20 million illegal aliens, the Bush proposal could engender a situation not unlike the German unification of the 1990s, which triggered huge demand for social services in East Germany. Unanticipated costs here could be enormous."
The relative ease with the reunification of Germany stems from the fact that they were all Germans and compatible with respect for their country.
The problem with Mexico, Central and South America stems from the fact that they don't like our culture, our language or our laws. They do not respect us as they invade us. What happens when the thousands of bumper stickers in Los Angeles that read, "F**K YOU! THIS IS MEXICO" show up all over the country?
What does Mexican-American author Lillian Gonzalez say about illegal aliens? She has lived in Mexico and America for a first hand look: Few Mexicans come to this country in hopes of adopting a new and better culture.
Mexicans believe their beliefs are superior to American beliefs. Mexicans make fun of Americans' love of pets and view it as a flawed value system.
I believe that by allowing the mass entry of illegal aliens from Third World countries like Mexico, we are setting our country up for a setback.
A California caller on the Mark Edwards radio talk show in Las Vegas said, "I saw a sign hung over a Mexican panel truck, which read 'We're taking over --- get ready to get out'!"
That's why you may want to write me for the 28-point action letter for stopping this nation-destroying invasion. For you West Coast night owls, every Thursday you can catch Frosty Wooldridge on Mark Edwards "Wake Up America" talk show on 50,000 watt KDWN-Am-720 10 PM to midnight PT, or on the worldwide internet at
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By lgtfut
Mr. Wooldridge
I enjoyed your article at I think something is being overlooked in many of the stories about immigration into the USA though. These stories are usually missing some vital information or pieces to the puzzle that I would like to fill in at this time. History can teach us a few things and I'd like to pass on what I have learned from a rather unique study of history.
What is overlooked in your article and others is the real culprit behind the push to allow aliens from other countries to walk freely into the USA and not only work here but work here indefinitly and be welcomed with open arms.
Why would this be the case? Who or what is really behind the President and others in power making this happen? Why would the President open up the borders?
The answer is simple if you know what to look for. American natives are financed up to their ears, and we are involved in a war that is probably going to be generations long. In fact we have been involved in conflicts or 'undeclared wars' for an entire generation and more already. Taxes need to be paid. New money needs to be borrowed into existence all the time to keep this country alive. Without new money being created this country will die. The only way new money can be created is by the federal reserve printing it out. It is a known fixed system yes, and doomed to fail and yet those in power keep it alive. Please read on.
The average credit card unsecured debt per US citizen/ family would astound most people. Most couples have more than one mortgage and more than one car payment. More than their share of the population can barely pay their finance charges for their Visa card in this country on unsecured debt. In short the native citizens of the good ole USA are tapped out financially.
In the book 'War Cycles, Peace Cycles' by Richard Kelly Hoskins, what I am going to go over in brief here is covered quite well. While Mr. Hoskins is by most definitions controversial, his interpretation of history is flawless.
Historically it can be proven that 'usuary' societies from the beginnings of the eariliest banking cartels have always followed the same format. To most Americans the invasion of all these illegal aliens coming up from Mexico and elsewhere is seen as an intrusion that should be stopped at all cost. Most citizens don't understand the implications of why our government would allow this to happen let alone condone it. They simply do not see the big picture in the way an international banker would. Proof of this is in the fact that most citizens, like yourself, see this migration into our country as a big negative, when in fact it is most likely one of a handful of things keeping us from complete and utter failure as a nation. In 2001 there were 8.5 million known illegal aliens in the USA. As of this writing the count exceeds 20 million. Why?
To the bankers and lending facilities in the US and abroad these illegal aliens are simply new debters or people with a clean slate to work from. The bankers want to finance these people's homes, their cars, and their lives and put "new money" into existence to pay taxes to pay for the war and to keep the status quo. When the society at large or the natives, become too overburdened with debt this happens and has happened throughout history. Let me explain.
What we are seeing happen right now before our eyes in the USA has happened before and therefore can be easily predicted when you look at it historically. In Rome we see a prime example of the 'ideal war' and it can be easily applied to what is happening today in Iraq, as the situation there is by definition an 'ideal' war to those in power.
According to Mr. Hoskins. The ideal war is one with light casualties that can be spanned out for great lengths of time and almost turned on and off at will over that course of time. Spain's war with Rome is a good case for example. Rome waged war with Spain for many generations. This war went on so long in fact that at times the society forgot they were still at war until the powers that be needed to reignite the flames of passion in the peoples for their cause.
Whenever money got scarce as interest payments took money out of circulation, the Spanish war would be taken off the back burner once again and heated back up.
Does this sound familiar? It should. We have been at war for a very long time with Iraq already. It was just taken of the back burner quite recently for the very reasons I'm writing about and more. This strategy provided the ruling class a convenient excuse/reason to levy new taxes on their citizens which usually meant the citizens had to borrow new money into existence to pay those taxes.
Where did they get this new money you ask? Well, from their always friendly bankers ready to lend money at the drop of a hat of course. How many people do you know that paid their past year taxes with their Visa or MasterCard? When the Roman citizens could no longer be relied upon to borrow this new money into existence there was always an alternate plan B so to speak that has always been found historically in 'usuary' societies.
In times past the slaves in any given society would be freed to create new debters when the need presented itself. This was simply because of declines in the potential borrowers of any native population and not for humanitarian reasons as is portrayed historically.
Authorities are forced by circumstanes to free slaves so that they in turn could borrow new money into existence in the society in which they lived. The slaves were in effect the new clean slate of 'potential borrowers' that was needed.
You see it goes like this. Straight from Mr. Hoskins himself. First usuary causes inflation, then heavy debts are accrued over time by the native citizens, which eventually leads to people that own nothing. They own no land or material possessions at all. In fact they own nothing that can be claimed free and clear because everything is paid for with borrowed money. This leads to lower birth rates, and fewer 'potential borrowers' hence the declining native population, which leads to fewer natives to loan new money to and finally it leads to "IMMIGRATION" of new peoples needed by the bankers to borrow that new money into existence to pay taxes needed to finance the generations long war (s).
Historically the slaves being freed would also achieve the same end result as immigration does for the bankers today. In a nut shell description Mr Wooldridge. A debt free "potential borrower" (illegal alien from Mexico or elsewhere) is more valuable to the banking cartels than a heavily indebted native citizen of the United States of America. This is why the borders are being opened up on all fronts in the USA plain and simple.
I recommend the book War Cycles Peace Cycles for anyone that wishes to become more enlightened as to current events and what is coming in the near future. It isn't going to get any better. In fact it is going to get worse and in pretty short order.
To put this whole writing another way, ask yourself this simple question. Imagine that you are the first borrower. Thats right, you are the very first person to take out a loan right after the privately owned misleadingly named federal reserve was started in the early 1900s. Lets say that you borrow $50 from the newly formed federal reserve. That $50 is all the money that has ever been printed. IT IS ALL THE MONEY THAT IS IN EXISTENCE PERIOD! Yet, although $50 is all that exists you just signed papers saying you would pay back $75. So, the question is, how do you intend to pay back $75 to the federal reserve, when all the money that exists in the world is $50? Answer: you can't.
Now imagine this on a grand scale and you just begin to touch the tip of the iceberg, so to speak, as to the condition of our state of affairs in the good ole USA. We as a nation owe more money by 4 times, (probably closer to 5 times at this writing) than all the money that has ever been printed into existence. It was a doomed system from the start. It cannot be corrected by juggling the books. The fate of this situation is as good as written in stone. Once the new borrowers, AKA, illegal aliens are exhausted and tapped out as the American citizens are look out! It will all hit the fan in one big jumbled mess then, and the only precious metals you will be concerned about at that time will be in the form of lead, not gold or silver.



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