The End Of The World
Or...After The Horse Has Gone

By George Paxinos
Recently I noticed a few things, I mean, I noticed them for the first time in context with one another, and I realised that the world, at least as we (think) we know it, has finally come to an end.
The first thing I noticed - quite involuntarily, as I was afflicted with it -- was a mystery illness that is making the rounds even here in Switzerland, a lumpy bumpy, subcutaneous rash, for which no dermatologist seems to have any cure, nor even a proper name, though thankfully, one is not told, as apparently in the United States, that one is simply imagining it, that one has "a mental illness".
It itches like blazes, one scratches until one's skin is raw, and the skin never properly heals either, going from rashy skin-scape of pustules of one-to-two millimetres' diameter, that finally burst, exuding a clear-to-yellowish, sticky fluid, to a broken landscape of thinned skin, red-to-purplish in colour, that looks like the mosaic of a dried-out mud-scape, with oozing lines of suppurating, yellowish skin between little, uneven islands the colour and surface texture of fried bacon.
Strangely enough, they seemed to appear simultaneously with the onset of regular, heavy chemtrailing across our skies, parallel lines of white trails dragged behind high-flying planes, some flying through the night and laying down a spiderweb-like network of criss-crossing lines against bright moonlight, that don't simply dissipate like familiar, ordinary contrails, but seem to have enough dense, particulate matter in them to slowly descend, forming strips of cloud that all run together in a white-out that of a beautiful morning generally put an end what had promised to be a cloudless, wonderful day.
So what? you might ask. "This is to counteract global warming" - if you believe governmental explanations now slowly appearing on the Web, now that the populace has actually started asking hard questions, though the local environmental agency here still has a form letter sent out to inquirers, claiming that Chemtrailing is purely an internet rumour.
Then I got something in my mail today, starting out as:
Mystery Illness Baffles Doctors, Frustrates Patients
February 7, 2005
SAUSALITO -- Is an unknown disease hitting the Bay Area or is it just a case of mass delusion? If you ask intensive care nurse Cindy Casey she'll tell you that the mystery disease is very real and very painful.
Mystery Illiness
Mysterious Parasite Striking Bay Area Residents (Part 1) The Inside Information On Morgellons Disease
Casey is one of at least 150 Bay Area residents battling the illness that is characterized by lesions and strange string-like fibers. Video
-- Video On Demand: Health And Science Editor John Fowler Updates The Mystery Illness Story --
"It sounds really strange, it's kind of understandable why people don't believe us, because it sounds so weird," Casey said. "The lesions start out as bumps that are itchy, little round raised bumps. The fibers are quite alarming."
When she turned to doctors for help, her frustrations began to mount. Casey said dermatologists at her own hospital suggested she was mentally ill ...
Go to the site for the full story, but here another snippet from it:
"Evidence is beginning to mount linking this syndrome to Lyme Disease from tick bites.
"The population of people with Lyme Disease believe this is another infection that travels with the Lyme organism," said Dr. Jennifer Choate, a hematologist who helped treat Dillon. "It makes sense because it is in that group we are seeing this pattern."
Marin microbiologist Jenny Haverty has also be studying the mystery malady.
"I accepted specimens from four different people in four different counties in the Bay Area, and I looked at them very carefully over and over again under the microscope," she said. "The colors and shapes of the fibers of each individual were very, very similar."
Tests on similar fibers taken from Bishop's skin and those of several other patients in the Bay Area show them to be tiny tubes of protein. But how and why the filaments are formed remains a mystery for now."
-- But that is what I HAD! -- last Autumn! -- SOMETHING -- like tickbite, but not quite - it might have been Lyme Disease or Borreliosis - or perhaps Rickettsia, or Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever, just after a period of exceptionally heavy chemtrailing across our skies, and in spite of a full-body rash that was raw, red, scabrous and hard and itched to distraction for almost 16 weeks, and a dizziness as from Tickbite Fever that lasted a full 13 weeks, four doctors, two of whom did blood-tests for the same, one very extensively, told me it was not, and my "symptoms were in no way connected" - odd, that they "just happened" to manifest at the same time and their intensity in phase with each other, eh? -- and one even did suggest I had a nervous condition! ... until I finally managed to convince my good old family-doctor that as a little Augmentin antibiotic I'd had left over from something else had, right at the inception of the dizziness and rash, helped me, he finally put me on a course of Doxycycline, which cleared it all up within two weeks.
So, I was ultimately right about my own symptoms and observations, and the specialists full of horse-apples ... but in one specialist's waiting-room, I had noticed that a full 2/3 of tick-bite patients had an odd, unique and quite unmistakable, racking cough that had also gone hand-in-glove with the very bad flu of last summer, even though they were seemingly all over the 'flu symptoms - was there another mystery here, over and above and beyond the apparent 'flu and the tickbite, was there some common denominator linking them behind the scenes?
Well, the "Mystery Illness" of lumpy skin I had already had - and the apparent tickbite too, so I looked in the site mentioned above, and found this link:
with these pictures:
But! -- Good Heavens! -- THOSE pics I had SURELY seen before! -- but where?
Try here: what is found in those mysterious Chemtrails:
AND a recent article showing those chemtrails so wonderfully - just one of many thousands of wonderful photographs now Web-wide, showing the Writing On The Wall - or In The Sky, done as by the Finger of God -- which more and more people are now looking upward to notice:
So, why would anyone be seeding the clouds with something that has little to do with preventing global warming - else there would now be a big push to reduce world-wide reliance on hydrocarbon fuels, which are mainly causing this by atmospheric build-up of CO2 - but, it seems, has EVERYTHING to do with the spread of some "Mystery Disease"?
Is this the practical application, in action, of the much-talked-about New World Order's hidden agenda, to reduce the human population of this world by over 85%?
Perhaps there is a nudge in the right direction in the fact that I have heard from some correspondents about people working at airports shared by air transport divisions who have been developing the Morgellon symptoms - did something in transport, say chemtrail materials to some remote air-base out of which these chemtrailing operations are mounted, somewhere remote enough to hide the landings-and-takeoffs of innumerable planes, or perhaps only tanker planes replenishing the chemtrailing fluids of satellite- remote controlled planes run on modified turbojet engines with no burners but heat-piped engines fed from mini Americium-242 reactors, like planned for the Mars missions, and air-tanked from, say, for instance, Diego Garcia? -- leak out?
What then IS then the connection between apparent "Tickbite", "Morgellons" and worldwide"Chemtrailing", unless it is the agenda to wipe us all out, the "Finger of God" Writing in The Sky, which none of us has yet heeded properly - in context, I mean?
It is way beyond politics now -- according to Gore Vidal, "Politics" comes from the Greek "poly" meaning "many", and "ticks", "blood-sucking insects" - we are not going to change a thing by all the political discussion on earth, we are only wasting our time. Either we act, by at least protesting and asking petrinent questions, or we are all done for.
If you already know about such things, glad to have you aboard, and welcome! -- but please do not write me, as I am still trying to recover the use of my left arm and leg, after that bout of "Mystery Illness", and can not sit here long enough any more to answer you, as I must try to keep moving to get my circulation going again. So, thanks very much for your kind wishes, but sorry, my health does not permit it any more. Tip: Tea Tree Oil - in some carrier like Lanolin - seems to knock off the Morgellons - sometimes.
And if you wish to argue the point, then please, rather point your nose right back at your favourite corporate news medium instead - don't look at the sky! -- but be not surprised, when one day whatever has been seeded is finally activated -- perhaps by microwave radiation from your neighbourhood-friendly cell-phone towers, as science has found possible to accomplish through biological weapons and microwave-radiation research -- and a blessed, Great Silence finally descends upon our much-abused planet.
I mean, if, for the sake of the world, one had to choose which were preferable, letting Mankind, which does not want to know about these issues, only about its blind consumerism, and which is far too lethargic to even try to stop its political leaders' excesses, turning a blind eye the while to global atrocities against humanity and all other species and our environment itself, freely go on, polluting and destroying our ecosphere, or opting rather for the NWO's plan of global extermination of 85% of all human life and giving the planet and its other species another chance, which would YOU choose?
George Paxinos,
February 8, 2005
From George Paxinos
Dear Kyle,
Thank you so much for your response to my article!
Am cc-ing this prompt to Jeff Rense, as I am sure he would like to pass on some of this information, as you have requested, below, to fellow-sufferers out there.
On Wednesday 09 February 2005, you wrote:
My name is Kyle and I live in Tucson, Az. I've had the same symptoms for 6 years ---- We are constantly being covered in Chemtrails here -- I finally have all my friends watching the skies and they are in shock and awe at what is happening -- It started for me as very itchy, large bumps, under the skin on my left arm at the wrist -- they itched so bad -- I tried every kind of moisturizer in the book with no results. I started calling it the orgasmic itch -- it felt so good to scratch them but, it was a catch 22. The more they itched, the more I scratched, the worse it got until they were open sores that went up my arm all they way to the elbow - none the less I couldn't stop scrathing - It looked awfull and felt even worse (simply put - no relief).
Then as suddenly as they appeared -- it started to clear and they were gone - this had lasted 4 months. Three months go by with no problems - then my right arm at the wrist started with the same itchy bump then 2 then 3 - exactly the same thing as the left -- until it was it had spread up my entire forearm - never under the arm but always on the forearm and never above the elbow - 4 months and it cleared up all by itself -- 3 months go by and all of the sudden both arms at the wrist!!!!
This time I went to the doctor - I'm a bit stubborn about dr's I'd rather go it on my own but, this was way to much to deal with and I needed help. She was stumped. She could find anything that made any sense -- she tried steroid cream, that seemed to work but, only eased the itch it didn't clear up the sores --- to make a long story a little shorter this went on for years 4 months on 3 off 4 on 3 off -- she tried steroid cream, then injections nothing worked -- then she went to a new type of steroid foam -- again nothing -- by the way this foam costs $200 for a 6oz can!!! --- nothing.
One night I was really itching and was going out of my mind -- I went to Wal-Mart to see if I could find anything at all to help. I started talking to the pharmacist that was there and he said you have to heal the skin from the inside out. He suggested vitamin b, beta carotene, zinc and a multi-vitamin -- I thought how hokey does this sound but, I was desperate so I tried it -- I mean what's $15 - $20 compared to the thousands that had been spent already -- 2 days go by and the itching started to ease --- within 4 days the itching stopped completely --- within 2 months the arms were both cleared up. I take 4 zinc, 2 beta carotene, 2 vitamin b and 1 multi everyday --- after it had cleared and there was no itch I tried stopping the pills -- within 2-3 days the itching returns and I go right back on the pills and within 2 days it stops -- I thought maybe this would be helpfull to you or someone out there -- I know what this feels like and nobody should have to go through it - unless the people spraying chem-trails would like some!!!
Six years ago, when all this started, they only sprayed chemtrails on the weekends -- I never saw them during the week, sometimes not on the weekend either. I started documenting it. I was also doing a lot of reading about chem's on the net -- I tried a little experiment -- If they sprayed on the weekends I asked my daughter to tell me how many kids were sick that following Monday in her class (elementary school) sure enough, if they sprayed 7-10 kids would call in sick if no spraying had taken place no one called in!
Just that simple -- this went on for a few years --- now they spray almost everday and our skies are filled with this crap -- everybody I know and my kids and myself are sick and have headaches, flu etc... all the time. Someone is always sick. All I can say is that for now the itchy arm rashes seem to be under control. Something is very wrong --- I have no idea what we can do about it if anything other than spreading awareness about this maddness. Unfortunately people look at you like you're a nut when you try to talk to them about it --- it's like they are asleep..........I hope this helps in some way. Please let me know what you think and if you have any ideas.
Thank You,



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