Feith May Be Charged
With Leaking Intelligence
Good Riddance, Douglas Feith

By Kurt Nimmo
Reuters reported last night that undersecretary of defense for policy, Douglas Feith, the third ranked civilian in the Pentagon, has announced his resignation, not due immediately, unfortunately. "Douglas Feith, the Defense Department's top policy officer and an architect of the U.S.-led invasion of Iraq, announced Wednesday that he would leave his job this summer for personal and family reasons," reports Reuters. "Before the Iraq war, Feith oversaw Defense Department officials accused of selectively using uncorroborated intelligence reports to build what turned out to be the false case that President Saddam Hussein had stockpiles of banned deadly weapons."
But here's what Reuters failed to mention: Feith may end up in the hoosegow "for leaking classified information to The Weekly Standard," according to Karen Kwiatkowski, who once had the misfortunate of working with the "arrogant" Strausscon. The memo, dated October 27, 2003, alleges Osama and Saddam were buddies, an accusation we know is pure horse feathers. Laura Rozen, writing for the American Prospect, however, believes it is "unlikely that Feith will face time for the leaked memo. But he may well be forced to look for a new job soon. As he knows all too well, regime change isn't pretty."
And so it appears this is what has finally happened. Naturally, when a politico is booted out because he is a political liability, it is politely described as a departure for "personal and family reasons."
Two down-the first being Richard Perle, who resigned as chairman of the Defense Policy Board due to "ethical problems" related to his shady dealings with Global Crossing, the bankrupt telecommunications company-and about half the Pentagon to go, or at least it's "civilians," who are almost exclusively Strausscons.
In the past, both Perle and Feith have been accused of passing classified information to Israel, a crime punishable by a firing squad in some countries. Due to his treachery, Feith was forced to leave the National Security Council, but he was soon back in government, his crimes apparently forgiven, or at least overlooked. In August, Feith's name was linked to Lawrence Franklin, who served in the military attache's office in the U.S. Embassy in Tel Aviv in the late 1990s. Franklin is suspected of passing classified information about Iran to the American Israeli Public Affairs Committee and Israel. Fore more background on the Lawrence Franklin espionage scandal, see Juan Cole's Pentagon/Israel Spying Case Expands: Fomenting a War on Iran.
As an interesting side note, Cole cites Eric Margolis' research forging a connection between the Strausscons, in particular Michael Ledeen, and SISMI, the "notorious . far right, even neo-fascist" Italian military intelligence service, "deeply involved in numerous plots against Italy's democratic government, including the 1980 Bologna train station terrorist bombing that left 85 dead and 200 injured." It appears SISMI concocted the bogus Niger uranium documents Bush used in his effort to establish Saddam Hussein as evil incarnate and thus invade his country. Moreover, "Senior SISMI officers were in cahoots with celebrated swindler Roberto CalviFascism and the Republican Party.
Feith is a real piece of work-a Likudite Zionist, double-dealing spy, and war criminal. Under the direction of Rumsfeld, Feith and Paul Wolfowitz created the Office of Special Plans, a custom-tailored lie factory in the Pentagon's Near East and South Asia Affairs section, run by Deputy Undersecretary of Defense William Luti. Abram Shulsky, "a scholarly expert in the works of the political philosopher Leo Strauss," as described by Seymour Hersh, was the Director of the Office of Special Plans. "The office was charged with collecting, vetting and disseminating intelligence completely outside of the normal intelligence apparatus," writes Julian Borger. "In fact, it appears that information collected by this office was in some instances not even shared with established intelligence agencies and in numerous instances was passed on to the National Security Council and the president without having been vetted with anyone other than political appointees." It can be stated with a large degree of accuracy that, thanks to Feith and the OSP, the United States underestimated the Iraqi resistance, prompting Gen. Tommy Franks to call him "the fucking stupidest guy on the face of the earth," according to Bob Woodward.
In addition to being a war criminal, Feith is a war profiteer, probably one of the lowest professions imaginable, coming in right behind serial murder and slave trading. "In 1999, his firm Feith & Zell formed an alliance with the Israel-based Zell, Goldberg & Co., which resulted in the creation of the Fandz International Law Group," explains Disinfopedia. In fact, Feith & Zell changed its name to "Fandz International" after Feith wormed his way into the Bush administration, just so folks wouldn't get the wrong idea. Some of them did, regardless.
Disinfopedia continues:
According to Fandz's web site, the law group "has recently established a task force dealing with issues and opportunities relating to the recently ended war with Iraq. . and is assisting regional construction and logistics firms to collaborate with contractors from the United States and other coalition countries in implementing infrastructure and other reconstruction projects in Iraq." Remarked Washington Post columnist Al Kamen, "Interested parties can reach [Fandz] through its Web site, at Hmmm. Rings a bell. Oh, yes, that was the Web site of the Washington law firm of Feith & Zell, P.C., as in Douglas Feith [the] undersecretary of defense for policy and head of-what else?-reconstruction matters in Iraq. It would be impossible indeed to overestimate how perfect ZGC would be in "assisting American companies in their relations with the United States government in connection with Iraqi reconstruction projects."
"Feith is a self-proclaimed Zionist - not a Labor Zionist but a right-wing Zionist close to the Likud party and the Zionist Organization of America," explains Right Web. "The Middle East Information Center described Feith as an 'ideologue with an extreme anti-Arab bias,' remarking that 'during the Clinton years, Feith continued to oppose any agreement negotiated between the Israelis and Palestinians: Oslo, Hebron and Wye.'" So thankful was the Zionist Organization of America for the work of Feith and his father, Dalck Feith-who was a militant in Betar, a Zionist youth movement founded by Ze'ev Jabotinsky, an admirer of Mussolini-have done in the name of killing and impoverishing Palestinians, it bestowed the elder Feith with the Centennial Award "for his lifetime of service to Israel and the Jewish people," while Douglas received the "prestigious Louis D. Brandeis Award." In Bushzarro world-dominated by Zionists and admirers of Jabotinsky, Rabbi Moshe Levinger (founder of the right-wing ultranationalist, religio-political syndicate, Gush Emunim), Mussolini, and Machiavelli-awards are handed out for facilitating the murder of school children and blowing up mosques and homes, often with people inside.
Feith's former law partner, Marc Zell, an Israeli citizen, is a supporter of the rabid and murderous Israeli settler movement. "American-born Mr. Zell, 50, became interested in Zionism in the mid-1980s and made several trips to Israel-one of them sponsored by the Gush Emunim (Bloc of the Faithful) movement, which claims the territories occupied in 1967 were given to Israel by God," writes Brian Whitaker for the Guardian. "In 1988, at the start of the first Palestinian uprising, Mr. Zell moved with his family to the Jewish settlement of Alon Shevut on the West Bank, acquiring Israeli nationality."
As noted in yesterday's entry here, Natan (Anatoly) Sharansky, the Israeli minister of social and diaspora affairs and leader of Yisra'el Ba'aliyah, the Russian immigrants' party in Israel, and Bush's new-found bosom buddy, hates it when British newspapers report these sort of things, declaring it anti-Israel bias and anti-Semitism. But then the truth hurts, doesn't it, Anatoly?
Finally, the case history Douglas Feith, who reached the upper echelon of the Pentagon and Bush administration, reveals just how far the Zionists have penetrated the United States government. Bush's foreign policy-indeed, the invasion of Iraq and the so-called "war on terrorism" -are all Likudite contrivances designed to benefit Israel at the expense of the American people, who have paid Israel billions of dollars over the years to kill Palestinians and stir up trouble with their Arab and Islamic neighbors. Douglas Feith and the Strausscons are directly responsible for killing 100,000 Iraqis, a crime of Hitlerian dimension.
If we were not caught in a Bushzarro reality warp, Douglas Feith-and Richard Perle, Paul Wolfowitz, David Wurmser, William Kristol, Charles Krauthammer, Elliott Abrams, to name but a few of the more prominent Strausscons-would be arrested and packed off to the Hague to face prosecution for war crimes and crimes against humanity.
Unfortunately, Douglas Feith will likely end up writing policy papers and giving speeches for one of a handful of Strausscon "think tanks" in Washington, pulling down a handsome salary. So it is in America, where war criminals such as Henry Kissinger-and former presidents such as Bill Clinton and Bush Senior-are allowed to walk free, considered "elder statesmen," create law firms and consulting services, write best selling books, are interviewed and pampered, and have libraries built in their names. If excusing and ignoring these crimes-indeed, often celebrating them-demonstrates anything, it is that America is suffering from a dangerous and what will likely sooner or later prove to be fatal pathology. For as Germany learned, sooner or later the rest of the world will respond to this murderous pathology and put and end to it for good, more than likely economically since the United States military, at least in a conventional warfare sense, is unbeatable, mostly due to its fearsome stockpile of nukes and other marvels of high-tech mass murder and destruction. Of course, this will also mean the destruction of the tiny outlaw state of Israel, since it cannot exist without remaining a dependent suckling parasitically fleecing the American taxpayer.



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