Defying The Lord
Of The Flies
By Jim Kirwan
Way back there when we were naive about the intentions of this gang of thugs, there was a time when people thought about the why and how of what we did or did not do as a nation. In that time, things needed to make some kind of sense, before the public would simply sign on, or off, on whatever the government wanted to do. That seems like very long ago, and yet, that was only fifty years.

In Harry Truman's time, the congress and the people figured out how to vote themselves real money - and from that day to this we've had a running battle with this metaphorical flight, that we've nicknamed "the world of the future. " In this losing battle we've cast ourselves as Mercury, the ancient messenger of the Gods (for our daring and the promise of our power). It would,ve been more accurate to see ourselves not as Mercury, but as Icarus, that flawed seeker who died because he flew too close to the Sun (that nuclear furnace that gives us all life).

This is shorthand for what is happening to our dreams of Empire.
Over the intervening years, the public gradually lost consciousness until we finally found ourselves in Vietnam. Had the country been 'aware' of world events in the late 1960's it is likely that Vietnam would not have happened. But we were not awake - so the nightmare happened! Then in the 1990's had we been paying attention to the rape and plunder done to all of us by Clinton, it is very likely that there would have been no Dubya, in any form. But we were lulled to inattention by a very bright and very 'sold out' president, so we accepted the appointment of Bush (12-12-2000) and no one major, even blinked.

However for all of us who were preoccupied: we had a lot of help in failing to awaken. Education was completely revamped to eliminate any real knowledge of our actual history in the world,
The arts were also shredded, so that self-expression was destroyed before it was possible to become a professional choice, and finally we were all subjected to this obscenity of permanently managed news.

We have endured the murder of so many people as part of the bid to steal the world's supply of oil that we no longer even think about the enormity of what we've done. Instead we seem focused on what it will supposedly take to "win " this utterly failed endeavor.

Simply put - this happens because 'people' cannot force themselves to believe that there is a madman in office, and it's easier to just fall back on staid phrases of a certain patriotic flavor, than it is to realize that this imposter is sending our loved ones out to die for the Corporatocracy, and for the massive and illegal profits that are amassed by stealing tax money, through secret no-bid contracts that support the on-going major crimes against humanity. Faced with these facts. many choose ignorance and knee jerk responses to patriotism, while avoiding the courage required to view the truth.

What has happened to us is not complex or even mysterious as most of us do this correctly every day in our normal lives. Whenever we have a decision to make, we weigh the risks and balance the costs, before we act. The cost of any action is always measured against the price of any action and must be part of any decision. What happened to our common sense when it came to 911? Why would any small nation even remotely entertain the thought of such an attack - they would not! So why would the USA be so afraid of something that will never happen?

What minor nation could ever expect to survive a real attack upon this nation, for more than 24 hours? That would be committing suicide, especially if their attack was nuclear. How could the public here have been so blind that they missed this obvious fact? The USA under our current dictator has gone into the world with a huge ego, threatening friend and foe alike with extermination or conversion, for all who disagree with us. The Bush Doctrine of 2002 cannot succeed, because that premise (that we are all powerful) is false!

Moreover, the plans that were put in place have consistently failed; yet rather than taking stock and making corrections, those in power are calling for much more of the same in still more countries: instead of rethinking their current folly. Much has been made of the elections in Iraq. There were equally promising fake elections in Vietnam as well - and ultimately we lost there, Just as we shall lose in Iraq. The only questions are the actual cost of this folly in both blood and treasure, to us, as well as to those that we are exterminating.

So far we've destroyed two nations, but we've yet to catch Osama bin Laden, whom Dubya says is and was responsible. We,re going into the fourth year now, with massive death tolls and $300 billion in treasure. Yet not only are we not safer, we are almost prisoners of Tar Baby Bush, so entangled have we become in these fantasies of Empire. In this process we are now less viable, less prosperous, and we are beginning to see the end of our own way of life, as part of the price for arrogance and denial. That price for all of this, is far too high by any standard. If real protection was the goal - then we've lost bigtime - not to an external enemy, but to the Bushwhackers who have been the real enemy all along.

This will only change when the balance of power shifts and not before. When that happens the media will attempt to lead the charge against the same people they have been shielding, because no one involved in this ever trusted any one, including their co-conspirators. Whether that's someone at the top of that hyena pack that they have become, or anyone among all the vultures that serve their every need. The key to everything now lies in finding that passion point within the body politic that will allow the public to find their own way so that this curse of the political vampires can be dispelled completely.
Many simply do not believe that this can be accomplished, that the government has already gotten complete control over the direction and the possibilities that make up our individual lives. Those same too many, fail to understand how often these same fools have failed at whatever they have tried to do. They may control the reins of government but they do not have the capability to carry out their obscene plans: the numbers of us are simply too large for them to ever complete this task.

Corruption is as old as humanity, but the failures of that path are also well documented. The reach of the Cheney's, the Rove's, the Rumsfeld's and all those implicated in this pirate's charade, are far shorter than they would have the world believe, and since none of them understand the smallest detail about what it means to live - they will never understand what the will to resist them is really all about. They have damaged the world severely, and placed all life in jeopardy in their haste to grab the spoils and shoot the survivors of this game: the game they think of as "all that matters. "

Add it all up and it is clear. Afghanistan, Iraq, Iran, and N. Korea: this has never been about those countries: and it has had nothing at all to do with either real freedom or genuine democracy. This is criminality 101, on the global scale, and when the public no longer buys in to all this theft, then it will end. It took them decades to put us to sleep, but once awakened the hungry lion of the public's backlash will wipe them from the planet.

How much longer will these people be tolerated, when will enough be enough? Terrorism? That is nothing but a shadow-puppet for them to drag out whenever we are about to see the truth. After all, who profited from 911 in the long run, who had both the opportunity and the motive necessary to pull it off? Americans are not gods to the rest of the planet, we are simple and deluded children who have not earned the respect of other nations, and who cannot control our most basic appetites. The Bushwhackers feed those amorphous appetites, and our most primitive emotions as well.

We are becoming a nation that is trying to emulate the society in "Lord of the Flies, " and in that process we have broken faith with our children, and their children's children. What we will leave posterity, if we allow these creatures to direct us further, will be a planet and nation that will be hostile to life as we know it - in every way - for generations to come. We must finally begin to "Come From the Shadows " - and to live again in the sun!




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