A Dissenting Critique Of The
9/11 Commission Report
With Alternative Recommendations
for Positive Change

by Stephen M. St. John
A Citizen Of The USA

Within hours of the 11 September 2001 crash of United Airlines Flight 93 near Shanksville, Pennsylvania, debris that had rained down from the sky over a wide area extending for miles from the main impact site gave best evidence of a shootdown. Within days of the crash, reporters from several established regional newspapers had confirmed from many eyewitnesses the true extent of the debris field and even observations at the time of the crash of a small, white, highly maneuverable military type jet in the immediate area, all of which were filtered out of nationwide news broadcasts. These testimonies were essentially buried. They remain buried. The 9/11 Commission Report simply ignores them in the very worst tradition of The Warren Commission Report on the 22 November 1963 assassination of JFK. One may call both reports terminally under revisionist deconstruction (TURD); the Warren Commission Report is TURD1 and the 9/11 Commission Report is TURD2.
For nearly three full years prior to the release of The 9/11 Commission Report the fourth estate remained strangely silent about the lack of video surveillance evidence at the major high- security ("Category X") international airports from which the ill-fated flights departed on 11 September 2001. Journalists were content with repeated television broadcasts of two Arab men passing through a security checkpoint at Portland Maine International Airport for a flight to Boston earlier that morning. The same dumb silence of the news media persisted after the recent release of video surveillance tapes showing the alleged hijackers passing through a security checkpoint at Washington Dulles International Airport. The public broadcast of this Dulles Airport tape was nothing other than a media event timed to precede by 24 hours the official release of The 9/11 Commission Report. Yet few have noticed that this tape, which was provided to the Associated Press by the South Carolina law firm Motley Rice LLC, lacks a time stamp, which fact alone raises doubts about its authenticity. An Australian researcher claims that the pattern of sunlight and shadow in the background just outside the terminal door indicates mid-day rather than early morning. Moreover, the camera selects from other passersby two young Arab men, then follows them and zooms in on them, which indicates human agency and motive going beyond the normal operational parameters of airport video cameras. How can this be explained? Why is a private law firm the custodian of such evidence properly belonging to a government investigation?
What a weak chain of custody of evidence with respect to all the airport video surveillance tapes for the morning of 11 September 2001! At this rate perhaps we can expect the Halliburton Corporation to give us the Newark Liberty International Airport 9/11 tapes in 2007 and Anderson, Arthur, Bush & Enron AOC (an alphabetical order corporation) to hand over the Boston Logan International Airport 9/11 tapes in 2010! Who knows? Maybe in 2020 Taliban leaders will appear in Rockefeller Center on NBC TV's Saturday Night Live and repeat their quite reasonable offer of October 2001 in the opening skit: "Show us the evidence and we'll give you Osama Bin Laden!"
Debris fields do not tell lies. Withheld video surveillance tapes speak volumes. The 9/11 Commissioners should hang their heads in shame! They have performed very well for their masters who have brought our great nation into an unjustified, immoral, illegal and ill-advised invasion and occupation of two non-belligerent member states of the United Nations and in so doing have blackened the reputation of the USA. In "connecting the dots" in the chain of events leading up to 9/11 and recommending ways and means to prevent such an occurrence from happening again, the 9/11 Commissioners have failed to tell us what actually happened that day. They merely added details to the news accounts of the day. All the elements of national sovereignty being brought to bear on their "war against terrorism" are compromised by their lack of credibility and integrity.
The name Paul O'Neill does not appear anywhere in the body of The 9/11 Commission Report; whereas the name Khalid Sheikh Mohammad appears so many times it was abbreviated to KSM to reduce the length of the report by a few pages. KSM's revelations, like much else in the report, are mostly hearsay and were probably induced by twists and turns and naked games under the direction of Major General Geoffrey Miller, the overseer of interrogations in Guantanamo, Cuba and Abu Ghraib, Iraq. Or, like Emad Salem, who, up to a certain point, helped to conduct an FBI sting operation that went awry and resulted in the February 1993 bombing of the World Trade Center, was KSM a U.S. Government-paid facilitator? Why are the 9/11 Commissioners so reliant on KSM in their report when the U.S. Government refuses to allow his free and open testimony in a courtroom in Germany in the trial of Mounir al Motassadeq? On the other hand, former Secretary of the Treasury Paul O'Neill gives an incisive insider's account of the thinking and motivation of President George W. Bush and his close advisors which is very relevant to the 9/11 investigation.
Paul O'Neill revealed to the public in January 2004 that, commencing at his first National Security Council meeting held on 1 February 2001, just twelve days after his inauguration as 43rd President of the USA, George W. Bush clearly and repeatedly indicated his fixation on taking over Iraq. O'Neill's insider's account shows that George W. Bush deceived his fellow citizens with respect to his position on Iraq and the Middle East during his 2000 presidential campaign, which fact does not recommend him for reelection in November 2004. Beyond that, O'Neill's testimony is, inter alia, strong prima facie evidence of war crimes.
Bush's Iraqi obsession predated the 11 September 2001 attacks by at least eight months and probably for a year or more. Desperate countermeasures to O'Neill's damaging testimony came later in 2004 in the form of Bob Woodward's book, Plan of Attack, and Michael Moore's movie, Fahrenheit 9/11; both would have you believe that the decision-making process for the unprovoked and unjustified invasion of Iraq was entirely a reaction to the 9/11 attacks. However, in addition to O'Neill's testimony, premeditation in the thinking of George W. Bush and his close advisors is reflected in Rebuilding America's Defenses: Strategy, Forces and Resources for a New Century, a document published in September 2000 by the Zionist-Neo-Conservative oriented Project for the New American Century (PNAC), which, on page 51, states: "Further, the process of transformation, even if it brings revolutionary change, is likely to be a long one, absent some catastrophic and catalyzing event - like a new Pearl Harbor." Within months of this publication urging steps toward global military domination, most of the Zionist Neo-Conservatives who signed onto this psychopathic utterance held key posts in the new Bush Administration as the countdown to the "New Pearl Harbor" of 9/11 continued. The 9/11 Commissioners did not examine these circumstances at all.
From the southwest corner office of the 37th floor of a building four tenths of a mile NNE from the World Trade Center I saw the twin towers burning about ten minutes after the south tower was hit. A colleague who earlier had been standing at the window of an adjoining conference room saw the second jet as it approached the south tower from a distance much further out than is commonly seen on videotapes shown on TV. He told me with great emphasis how at first glance the jet's port wing was pointing almost straight down to the ground while the starboard wing pointed almost straight up. As the jet homed in on the south tower it leveled its wings horizontally just before impact. Thus the jet was in a sharp turn as it was aimed at the south tower in the final moments of flight. It was traveling at a very high speed normally reserved for cruising altitude. What all this means is that the gravitational pull inside the cockpit was such that lifting one's hand, let alone flying the jet, would have required prodigious effort on the part of the pilot - even an experienced pilot. How is it, then, that a novice hijacker-pilot could pull off this stupendous feat of daredevil aerial acrobatics when his experience at flying big jets was limited to routine training on flight simulators? Beginner's luck? Hardly. A more realistic explanation is that the plane was flown by remote control in its unerring high speed arcing path to destruction. The very same circumstances apply to the craft that hit the Pentagon. Again, the 9/11 commissioners did not delve into these circumstances at all, but kept to dubious newspaper accounts.
Harking back to the Zionist-Neo-Conservative principals of the PNAC, I note that one of them, Rabbi Dov Zakheim, was the Chairman of the International Division of System Planning Corporation (SPC), which designs, manufactures and distributes highly sophisticated technologies for remote control of aerial vehicles. Rabbi Zakheim left his position at SPC in early 2001 when President George W. Bush appointed him Under Secretary of Defense and Chief Financial Officer at the Pentagon. Thus, as Comptroller, Rabbi Zakheim had command of the Department of Defense's labyrinthine, bottomless accounts for six full months before the attacks of 11 September 2001. As a Zionist, Rabbi Zakheim had an interest in putting American muscle on Mesopotamian patrol. As signatory to a document including a psycho suggestion that "a new Pearl Harbor" would quicken Zionist-Neo-Conservative designs for global military dominance, Rabbi Zakheim had a motive to bring these plans to fruition by finding or even creating such a pretext for war. As a former corporate executive with a background in technologies for remote control of aerial vehicles, Rabbi Zakheim had a way - remote control of aircraft - to create "a New Pearl Harbor" which would launch the USA into invasion and occupation under false pretext. Again, the 9/11 Commissioners failed to take these circumstances into account and to weigh and consider them.
Such a "false flag" intelligence operation, in which the perpetrators artfully place the blame for their criminal act on their enemy, would surely have enough ready, able and willing facilitators in the Command/Control/Communications structures of the military, where Zionist-Neo-Conservatives have very great influence. Moreover, James Bamford, in his book Body of Secrets, gives a precedent for such outrageous, psychopathic criminality. "Operation Northwoods" called for the killing of fellow citizens of the USA in a false flag intelligence operation so as to create a pretext for the invasion of Cuba and restoration of Meyer Lansky's casinos under the guise of retaliation. Approved unanimously by the Joint Chiefs of Staff, their "Operation Northwoods" was immediately rejected by JFK. But this disturbing groupthink in the highest levels of the military and intelligence communities apparently persists along with drugs, tattooed profanity as well as anti-Arab and anti-Moslem sentiment. The 9/11 Commissioners, having not learned from history, did not even look here, even though the elements of motive, means and opportunity clearly converged between the ears of Rabbi Dov Zakheim.
Another Zionist-Neo-Conservative, Philip Zelikow, the Executive Director of the 9/11 Commission, apparently would rather have you believe that these Arab lads flew the planes of 9/11 even though it is very highly doubtful that they had the ability to fly them the way they were flown that day. Little surprise, then, that the 9/11 Commissioners paid no attention to Andreas Von Blow, former German Minister of Technology and Research and State Secretary of the Ministry of Defense, who gives a very strong argument for remote control of the planes of 9/11 in his best-selling book Die CIA und der 11 September: Internationaler Terror und die Rolle der Geheimdienste. Indeed, a computer about the size of a small refrigerator can control as many as eight aircraft simultaneously, and can even take over the controls of an aircraft already in flight. Such a computer can be deployed just about anywhere: in another aircraft, in an office building, in a truck or van or boat. Furthermore, I myself have found that sabotage by remote control is the most likely explanation for two other air disasters that also just happen to correlate with the national security interests of the Zionist state: the crash of a U.S. Air Force EC-135N on 6 May 1981 and the 31 October 1999 crash of EgyptAir Flight 990. The loss of the EC-135N entailed loss of key training personnel in the AWACS program even as a debate raged on Capitol Hill over the Reagan Administration's proposed arms package for Saudi Arabia which included, over vociferous Zionist objections, five AWACS jets. When the EgyptAir Boeing 767 went down, so did a significant number of high ranking Egyptian military officers. They had just been participating in U.S.-sponsored armaments programs which David Bar Ilan, the Communications Director of Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, called "a dire threat" to the Zionist state. Were these mysterious crashes precursors of the remote controlled flights of 9/11? If these are wild and outrageous conspiracy theories, why didn't the 9/11 Commissioners take the bull by the horns and dispose of the matter? Why didn't Mr. Zelikow involve Rabbi Zakheim and Herr Von Blow in the investigation?
Waleed Ash-Shehri, who, according to the 9/11 Commissioners, was a "muscle" hijacker aboard American Airlines Flight 11, was interviewed by the BBC on Sunday, 23 September 2001. He is a pilot with Saudi Arabian Airlines. He denied that he was the hijacker that the Zionist-oriented Murdoch-Zuckerman-Sulzberger media empire said he was. He even somewhat audaciously denied to the BBC that he was dead! Several other named hijackers came forward in the European and Arab press to deny involvement in the "terrorist attacks of 9/11." Why didn't the 9/11 Commissioners confirm or refute these published reports? Why did they take their cues so subserviently from the Murdoch-Zuckerman-Sulzberger media empire? The 9/11 Commissioners failed to consider the interests of the international community by limiting their true audience to President Bush, members of Congress, the military and intelligence communities and club members of the military-industrial complex.
Huntleigh USA handled security at Boston Logan International Airport where, as previously stated, there is a curious lack of video surveillance documenting the hijackers boarding the jets of 9/11. Huntleigh USA is a subsidiary of a Dutch corporation, ICTS International, whose board of directors just happens to consist of nationals of the Zionist state with the single exception of the comptroller, a Dutchman. A "technical correction" added to the Homeland Security Act just before its passage into law renders this foreign actor immune from lawsuits arising from the events of 9/11. Thus, these gatekeepers of 9/11 will never be put under oath in a court of law to answer questions and present evidence about a breakdown in security that ultimately led to invasion and occupation of Iraq. Is this not part of a pattern of obstruction of justice in combination with the 9/11 Commissioners themselves?
Carl Cameron of FOX News reported on "the dancing Israelis" of Liberty State Park who, with apparent foreknowledge, were filming the attacks on the World Trade Center and expressing jubilation over the event. Cameron's in depth reporting on this and other indications of a massive Zionist espionage operation was removed from the FOX website but has been preserved by the Google sweeps of the Internet. Again, the 9/11 Commissioners gave this serious matter no consideration whatsoever. Nor did they address the warning given to New York employees of the Israeli messaging service Odigo two hours before the attacks on the World Trade Center a few blocks away. That the Mossad is expert at forging passports and identities was out of the 9/11 Commissioners' scope; they only had to consult with the governments of Argentina, Canada or New Zealand to confirm this very relevant fact.
Copious photographic evidence indicates that World Trade Center 1, 2 and 7 were brought down by explosions within these buildings. Testimonies from personnel of the New York Fire Department tell of explosions inside these buildings. Radio transcripts and written affidavits of members of the Port Authority of New York and New Jersey Police Department tell of explosions inside the twin towers including in the basement ( Recovery teams noted molten steel at the foundations of all three of these buildings. Steel girders there were still glowing "cherry red" seven full weeks after 9/11 according to LiRo on-site engineering staff ( Burning jet fuel and burning office paraphernalia cannot melt steel or even make it glow. Yet the 9/11 Commissioners conveniently sidestep these crucial facts which support a conclusion of controlled demolition as the cause of the collapse of these buildings. No wonder! Such a conclusion brings us further away from the bogeyman in a tent or cave in Afghanistan. A security lapse occurred on the weekend before 9/11 when engineers had access to the World Trade Center during an unprecedented "power-down" which is another strange circumstance ignored by the Commission.
The 9/11 Commissioners rely on cell phone calls for evidence of what transpired aboard the jets of 9/11. However, cell phone calls are impossible to make from a jet flying above 8,000 feet. Even from below this threshold they are impossible to make if the jet if flying at or near 500 miles per hour. This is because the signal cannot adjust fast enough to connect with successive transmission towers on the ground. Therefore, these fabrications must be totally rejected; when you rule out the impossible, you are that much closer to the truth, no matter how unbelievable it may seem upon first consideration. The 9/11 Commissioners also depend on air phone calls for evidence. While air phone calls are technically possible, such calls must be carefully scrutinized in light of the fabricated cell phone calls. In addition, the previously mentioned technologies for remote control of aerial vehicles are so highly sophisticated that control of an aircraft's communications system cannot be ruled out. Certain intelligence agencies have been known to possess technology enabling a person's voice to be duplicated electronically for the purpose of impersonation.
In conclusion, I find that The 9/11 Commission Report is so faulty and incomplete that it is impossible for me to put my trust in it. I believe that the 9/11 Commissioners have, either wittingly or unwittingly, covered up a highly successful false flag intelligence operation designed to create a pretext for invasion and occupation of Afghanistan and Iraq in fulfillment of the well-known Zionist-Neo-Conservative plan to secure the Zionist state and to take the first step toward military dominance worldwide. The cardinal principle of the 9/11 Commissioners is to save President Bush embarrassment. The 9/11 Commission proved itself to be a mere adjunct to the worst kind of propaganda put forth by the mainstream news media. As a countermeasure to this unfortunate development, I make my own alternative recommendations for positive change.
1) My first recommendation comes in the form of a challenge to President George W. Bush, former Texas Air National Guard part-time jet fighter pilot and to John Lehman, former U.S. Navy jet fighter pilot and a 9/11 Commissioner: Let both of these men take the same routine training that the alleged 9/11 hijackers took on flight simulators for big commercial jets. Then have Bush and Lehman duplicate on their very first real flight on a Boeing 767 and Boeing 757 the truly amazing precision flying evinced in the attacks on the South Tower of the World Trade Center and the Pentagon. Let balloons be deployed to simulate these 9/11 targets. Then let us see if they, with their professional aviation backgrounds, can hit these targets not straight on, but on a sharp, descending curve, as our inexperienced Arab terrorist hijackers have been accused of doing. To make this exercise more fun, let the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) and The Economist magazine predict the outcome according to market fluctuations, particularly on the options markets in advance of the Lehman Bush Boeing Transparency Challenge. Let Airbus award the Servo Flight Director Prize.
2) Let there be a complete, impartial and independent investigation into what actually took place on 11 September 2001 rather than a long, tedious train of circumstantial evidence indicating predisposition, activities and movements of suspects without consideration of other outside actors. Let this new investigation take into account the Talmudic teaching that a Jew cannot inform on another Jew to a non-Jew, which is at variance with the adversarial process of our legal system as well as an effective hindrance in uncovering Zionist intelligence operations designed to put the Arabs in a bad light. Also, let this new investigation avoid altogether the word "reportedly" which the 9/11 Commissioners used no less than 63 times. Loose use of language is conducive to imprecise thinking, which leads to shaky conclusions. The lowest form of journalese does not belong in a report of such great importance.
3) Let there be a review of the FBI vis vis its treatment of eyewitnesses in the investigation of the TWA Flight 800 shootdown on 17 July 1996. Hundreds of eyewitnesses claimed they saw what they thought was a missile streaking up to the Boeing 747 right before the explosions that brought the plane down south of Long Island, New York. One witness saw the glow of the afterburner of this rocket from Norwalk, Connecticut, about 60 miles away, which rules out a mere shoulder-launched rocket. But the observations of these many citizens were totally ignored in the final report on the incident. This abuse of the citizenry of the USA has repeated itself with suppression of 11 September 2001 eyewitness accounts, including those of another jet and a debris field extending for miles from the primary crash site of United Airlines Flight 93 as mentioned above. Whoever was filtering out valid eyewitness accounts from day one shares to some degree the guilt of those who took aim at the Twin Towers and the Pentagon and TWA Flight 800.
4) Let there be a reopening of the investigation into the assassination of JFK, which would be apt for the times. Elected in 1960, by 1961 JFK was locked in a bitter behind-the-scenes struggle with the Zionist state's Prime Minister David Ben Gurion over the Zionist state's nuclear weapons program that had been started at Dimona in the Negev in 1956. This fact was brought to light more than three decades later, in 1991, with the publication of Seymour Hersh's The Samson Option, in chapter 8, "A Presidential Struggle." JFK wanted to end the Zionist state's nuclear weapons program because he foresaw that such a program would only result in an arms race for countervailing weapons of mass destruction in the region. This sound policy ended with his assassination on 22 November 1963 according to the best wishes of James Jesus Angleton, who occupied the CIA's "Israel desk" and was an afficionado of the Zionist state's nuclear weapons program. Angleton, who was also head of the CIA's counterintelligence division, kept files on the falsely accused Lee Harvey Oswald long before the assassination took place, according to researchers James DiEugenio and Lisa Pease in their book The Assassinations: Probe Magazine on JFK, MLK, RFK and Malcolm X. Moreover, Federal Bureau of Investigation memos of FBI Director John Edgar Hoover (29 November 1963) and of FBI Special Agent Graham W. Kitchel (22 November 1963) reveal the future President of the USA George Herbert Walker Bush in Dallas on the day of the JFK assassination and helping to promote the misleading pro-Castro profile of the falsely accused Lee Harvey Oswald so that the Warren Commission would feel compelled to lie to the world under the pretext that it was preventing World War III with Castro's sponsor, the former Soviet Union. We have come full circle now with Bush's son using the same office of President of the United States to wage unjustified war on the false pretext of removing Iraq's non-existent weapons of mass destruction. Deeply rooted treason and corruption have prevented a just and truly comprehensive peace in the Middle East including a region from the Nile to the Euphrates rivers free from weapons of mass destruction.
5) Let there be a lessons learned session for the 9/11 Commissioners who failed to include respect for international law and treaty obligations in their enumeration of the elements of national power: diplomacy, intelligence, covert action, economic measures, law enforcement, foreign aid, public diplomacy, military efforts and homeland security. Their focus is on building a proverbial better mousetrap to catch terrorists so as to replace the one that quite mysteriously did not work on 9/11. They do not have sufficient sense of introspection to ask themselves the question posed by the Platinum Corollary of the Golden Rule: We know what they have done to us; what have we been doing to them?
6) Let the governments of the United States and New York State and New York City make Governors Island in New York Harbor available to the United Nations for dual use as the formal headquarters of the Military Staff Committee and as a ready-made campus for an International Military Academy where military professionals from around the world can meet to study and develop and promulgate protocols and procedures in support of decisions taken by the Security Council which require international enforcement action per Chapter 7 of the Charter of the United Nations. Such an arrangement, which can easily coexist with the Fort Jay and Castle Williams national monuments, befits the rich history and military tradition of this national treasure symbolizing the evolutionary growth and remarkable destiny of the United States. More importantly, such an arrangement will be a demonstration of a renewed commitment by the United States to its most important treaty obligation ever undertaken and a sorely needed way to formulate and coordinate the practice of peacekeeping and to distribute the burdens thereof among all the states members of the United Nations. Let the USA lead as a sovereign equal among sovereign equals according to a solemn agreement among the nations and not as a self-appointed constabulary force according to the schemes of the big spenders at the PNAC!
7) Let the Secretary General of the United Nations exercise Article 27.3 of the Charter of the United Nations which requires a member of the Security Council to abstain from voting in the Security Council whenever this body deliberates on disputes to which such member is a party. Such a measure would put an end to the abusive use of the veto power long exercised by the United States to stall enforcement of Security Council Resolution 242, which is as old as the erstwhile Twin Towers of the World Trade Center, having been adopted into law when the foundations for these buildings were put in place. Likewise, such a measure will hinder the United States from exercising other Security Council resolutions before the ink is dry or even before the document is ratified! The unremitting bias of the USA in favor of the Zionist state has poisoned relations among states, which is a problem that needs correction. International law is the true shield of the Palestinian people. Why deny them this shield?
8) Let the people of the United States be reminded that the law of the land, The Constitution of the United States, provides in Article VI that "all Treaties made, or which shall be made, under the Authority of the United States, shall be the supreme Law of the Land." This includes our most important treaty which brought into existence the United Nations. We have solemnly declared to abide by the Charter of the United Nations, which, in Article 25, states: "The Members of the United Nations agree to accept and carry out the decisions of the Security Council in accordance with the present Charter." Therefore, when Zionists lead the USA into circumventing Security Council Resolution 242 as they have consistently done for nearly four decades, they are flouting not only the Charter of the United Nations but the Constitution of the United States as well! Why does the President of the USA, upon taking office, take the following oath or affirmation: "I so solemnly affirm that I will faithfully execute the Office of President of the United States, and will to the best of my ability, preserve, protect and defend the Constitution of the United States"? For what purpose? Make no mistake about it. The Zionists are pulling on the very foundation for a just and lasting peace in the Middle East.
9) Let the term "anti-Semitism" be fully understood. Arabs and real Jews descend from Noah's son Shem from whose name comes the derivative term "Semite." However, Ashkenazi Jews are the converted descendants of Khazars and are thus mainly of Turkic extraction. Ashkenazi Jews descend from Japheth, Shem's brother, and therefore they are not Semites. Both the Ashkenazi Jews and the real descended by blood Jews, the Sephardim, share genetic traits from a common ancestor, Noah, but of the two only the Sephardim are Semites. And so it is quite ironic that these converted Khazar Jews coined the misleading and manipulative term "anti-Semite" during their long sojourn in central and eastern Europe. This is not to dispute the validity of the Khazar conversions to Judaism but rather to warn that the dire prophecies of Ezekiel apply to the Ashkenazi Jews whom the prophet referred to as Gog, their prototype descended from Japheth. Moreover, Ezekiel foretold that a remnant of one sixth of Gog would descend from the north onto the mountains of Israel, which came to pass after the Nazis nearly exterminated this group. The heart of the problem today is that Christian Zionists, whose support is so crucial to the Zionist state, confuse the prophesied arrival of Gog in Palestine with the prophesied return of both the House of Judah and the House of Israel to this land. In short, the Ashkenazi Jews have usurped the name of Israel. Hence the Almighty's command to the prophet Ezekiel: "Therefore, son of man, prophesy and say unto Gog, Thus saith the Lord God; In the day when my people of Israel dwelleth safely, shalt thou not know it?" This is the great reality check. Know a tree by its fruit: apartheid walls; psychological walls; ethnic cleansing; transferrals; collective punishments; unheard-of atrocities; out and out repudiation of international law; corruption in high places; wishing the untermenschen would just go away; etc. etc.. The United States has put its money on the wrong horse!
10) Let us recognize the spiritual problem besetting the USA, whose foreign policy reflects the modus operandi of the Mafioso statesman Sam Giancana: "Don't ever forget that I'm the 'Justice of the Peace.' If they do what I want, we'll take care of them. If they don't, well, we'll take care of that too." To bribe foreign nationals is to pass the cup of treason, which is the polar opposite of JFK's aim to "pass the torch of freedom." Winston Churchill's 1921 advice to "bribe the Arabs" -revealed in Tom Segev's One Palestine, Complete - is a topping example of where corruption will lead in the long run. We are on the same path right now in Iraq as George W. Bush follows in his hero's footsteps.
11) Let the people of the United States jettison its partyocracy and replace it with a true democracy that includes the option to abstain in each and every category on the voting card. In this way, variables of abstentions will confound prognosticators whose incestuous relationship with the voting process has been described in great detail in Votescam: The Stealing of America by James and Kenneth Collier.
12) Stop the stultification of the American people by reinvigorating the news media. Let the government create its own news media separate from the rest so it can generate its own propaganda openly and not by stealth through the offices of highly paid yes-men posing as journalists. Thus far the bright lights of our news media haven't even identified the need for an adequate explanation for the missing airport video surveillance tapes of 9/11. This is but one example of systemic failure due to political control.
13) Pull all US and UK troops out of Iraq by the end of 2004 and substitute them within a three months transition period with forces from Arab League member states under the direction of the United Nations, which will draw on a restitution fund provided by the United States and the United Kingdom.
Copyright 2004 Stephen M. St. John All rights reserved. Private not-for-profit distribution with proper attribution to author is permitted and encouraged. Stephen M. St. John, Post Office Box 449, New York, NY 10185 Tel/Fax: 212 534 5024 Sole Author of An Eight Part Peace Proposal for Greater Jerusalem E-Mail:



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