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Brian Vike, Director
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Release Date: January 30, 2005
HBCC UFO Research gets asked alot if I would like older UFO sighting reports. Yes I do, and many of the older UFO reports are really interesting, so please do send them in. Thank you.
Bloomington, Indiana Unknown Craft - Video
Date: June 2004
Time: Evening
Hello Brian,
Witness: 1
Sky conditions: Overcast
This sighting was filmed by John, in June 2004, John filmed it with a Canon ES-900, Across the street from his house, in the western sky.
The object is actually Orange/yellow, it somewhat resembled the craft caught by Dusty Crites, on your webpage here:
It was that shade of orange, the object hovered, for a few minutes, the traveled slowly from west to east. The object was vertical in the sky, and gave a bright orange glow, that you can't see in this footage. Only on the DVD and straight from the film can you see the true color and brightness of the object...
There is more footage where you can see the full duration of the clip.
Video clip Bloomington, Indiana Unknown Craft - Video 1.89 mbs
Video clip can be viewed at: 40
Thank you to John Tosti for the report, photos and footage.
Photos and Footage © AAARC 2005
Salem, Illinois Cylindrical Craft
Date: July 25, 2004
Time: 2:18 p.m. CDT
Number of witnesses: 2
Number of objects: 1
Shape of objects: Cylindrical
Full Description of event/sighting: I wish to state that before I give the details of the sighting that I been an avid aircraft watcher and enthusiast for over 40 years, an amateur astronomer for 40 years and a licensed Amateur Radio operator for over 25 years. My Sister is a capable aircraft spotter as well and acquainted with the night sky too. I have waited this long to report the sighting,because I have been trying to exhaust all avenues available to identify the object before I classify it as an unknown. I also wish to preface this report by stating a similar object was sighted twice by a young man (who is also an avid amateur astronomer) I worked with at a local college, his first sighting was on July 22, 2003 , just north of the college and then about a week later north of U.S. Hwy 50 near the Shattuc Road turn-off for the college. In both instances he was visibly upset by the experience,because he could not identify the object. I would also like to add that no mention of the objects was recorded in any of the local or nearby newspapers or spoken about on any of the local radio stations. I guess we where the only ones to see it. Centralia has a FAA VORTAC south of town and we are at a convergence of aerial highways, so there are a number of civil and military aircraft that over-fly our area on a regular basis. Scott Air Force Base is 40 miles to our west. Salem is to the northeast of Centralia on U.S. Hwy 50 and next to Interstate 57.
UFO Sighting-Salem,Illinois 25 July 2004 @ 2:18pm CDT
Sky condx- Sunny, no clouds, unlimited visibility. Temp- 80-85 degrees F. Sun Position- to the west passed zenith. Wind - light to moderate Object Angular Altitude during sighting- varied from 50 degrees to 90 degrees above the horizon.
Direction of travel when object was sighted- northbound on College street near the intersection of College street and U.S. Hwy 50.
No other aircraft noted in the vicinity. Salem-Leckrome Municipal Airport is approximately 1 to 2 miles to the northwest. There was no aircraft visible from our location to be in the landing pattern.
My Sister and I were on our way to the Salem Super Walmart when we turned north on College Street in Salem from Whittaker St. and proceed toward the Hwy 50 intersection. We had been engaged in general conversation when my Sister exclaimed she saw something up in the sky. I was in moderate traffic and driving so I tried to see the object and drive at the same time which was proving difficult.As I neared the intersection she began to scream at me that the object had stopped in midair! Now my Sister is the pragmatic sort and a UFO skeptic and to have her screaming at me as she was hanging out of the passenger window that an flying object had become stationary in midair was extraordinary. I cleared the intersection and as I did I got a brief 2 to 5 second glimpse of the object hanging serenely there above us. It was a milky white cylindrical object with rounded ends. There was no appendages of any kind.The surface outline was generally distinct and smooth without any bulges,but there were no visible ports or doors nor was there any sound from the object or visible exhaust from a propulsion system.
The milky whiteness of the object gave it a slight fuzzy look and its altitude I would have to guess,possibly 7,000 to 10,000 feet. It could have been lower. After my brief glimpse I had to return watching the road and my Sister exploded with a second howl that the object was backing up. It was backing up! The object had originally been traveling slowly on a westbound lateral track, then stopped and remained motionless for several minutes( where I saw it) and then reversed itself backward along its flight path and began traveling eastbound! It did not at any time bank and make a 180 degree left or right turn or pitch up or down and complete a reversed loop. It just stopped in midair, backed up or reversed itself along its line of travel and went to the east at the same slow speed. It didn't turn around, it just backed up. My Sister continued to relay reports to me as I drove northbound on College Street.
The object began to slowly shrink until it was a tiny white dot and then she lost it completely-it had disappeared! A few moments later it reappeared as a full white cylinder now angling toward the northeast. Again the object exhibited the shrinking act again and finally disappeared for good.
Approximate duration of combined sighting- 5 to 8 minutes.
Additional Note: The following Sunday my Sister and I returned to Salem out of curiosity. We were traveling northbound on U.S. Hwy 37 (Salem is intersected by U.S. Hwys 50 and 37.) when just south of Salem I saw the object this time. My Sister didn't see it. It first appeared as a polished metallic cylinder reflecting the sunlight, then transisitioned to the milky white color, then began to shrink to a white dot and then disappeared. This time it didn't reappear, though the sky condx were similar to 25 July in all respects. I shouldn't have lost it at all. I saw Cessna 172 at a later day while observing from the same position south of Salem and easily tracked it as it flying across the city on its way to Salem-Leckrome Airport. After a year of investigation I have no explanation as to the identity of the object. I have tried over the last year to view high and low altitude aircraft in all conceivable weather and lighting conditions to see if perhaps if we misidentified a known aircraft,but the object still defies explanation.
I have seen the B-2 Stealth Bomber in flight over Centralia in daylight and though it is hard to see against the blue sky, it can still be identified as a B-2. I have seen the B-2 refueling over Centralia, also in daylight, and then again was easily identifiable. My Sister is still skeptical about UFOs and thinks the object was a Black Ops aircraft of some sort. I was on the fence regarding UFOs, but my views now have tilted toward the existence of such craft. I recently saw on the Coast to Coast AM website several photos taken by someone who saw the same object we did. If I can locate the photos I will send them to you. Finally, I probably would have dismissed the sighting as a mis-identified aircraft if the object had not exhibited anomalous motion. Too anomalous. After all the years reading about people seeing such objects we are now apart of that group.
If you have any questions regarding this sighting or require additional information, please email me at the above email address and I will be happy to assist you.
Thank you to the witness for the excellent report.
UFO Filmed Over Canada From A Boeing 767 - Video
Date: December 2, 2004
Hi Brian,
I went back home, to Eastern Canada on December 2, 2004. I took West Jet, and the plane was a Boeing 767. The plane took off in Vancouver, Canada at 10:30 a.m. One stop to Toronto, then to Moncton, NB. About a hour into the flight I asked the flight attended, if I could take some video out the window, she said sure, ''No problem''. I could see the sun setting in the background, a beautiful dark orange. I got as much video as I could before it went totally dark.
When I got home on Dec.7, 2004, I have watched the video, and I didn't see anything unusual. Last weekend, I decided to watch it again. While watching it, I noticed something black, on the top right hand corner of the screen. I rewinded it, and put it in slow motion. Visible, is a black object, hoovering around. Then it looks like it comes closer to the plane, and sticks out beside the window. To me it looks like a hockey puck, or cigar shaped object. You can also notice a small plane, going down in the clouds. Take a look at the clip I'm sending you, If you can't make it out, I'll send you a DVD.
Photos and footage © 2005 Mark-Murph2
Video clip: UFO Filmed Over Canada From A Boeing 767 - Video 846 kbs
Video clip can be found at: 49
Thank you to the witness for sending in the report, photos and footage and allowing HBCC UFO Research to display the footage.
Axis, Alabama Cigar Shaped Craft
Date: January 13, 2005
Time: 9:15 a.m.
Number of witnesses: 2
Number of objects: 4
Shape of objects: Aircraft DC-9 ? and metallic cigars.
Full Description of event/sighting: Approx: one year ago in January of 2004 a coworker and I saw a cigar shaped craft approx 4 miles out moving to the NNE slowly (600 MPH) at approx 5000 feet. The time was approx :9:20 a.m. Seven to ten days later, myself and the security guard saw a similar cigar shaped object moving due west at a higher altitude directly overhead, time was approx 4:30 pm. Object appeared to be moving at a much higher speed ( went from about 10 o'clock position to horizon in less than minute
First cigar had a dark spot mid-ship, second object had 4 dark spots evenly spaced, brushed aluminum in appearance. During the last week in Jan 2004 at approx 2:00 pm I observed what appeared to be a DC-9 approaching the plant at a low altitude from the SSW as it passed directly overhead it disappeared, approx 2 seconds later the roar of the engines suddenly stopped.
On Jan 13 of 2005 I observed what appeared to be the same type of plane approaching from the north headed due south at low altitude again. I pointed it out to a coworker and said watch this plane it looks like the disappearing plane I saw last year. Shortly after it passed the 2 o'clock position it disappeared with the sound, suddenly ending a second later. As it passed overhead it appeared to have a Airforce emblem on the wing in a light gray color. Both planes sighted where all white with no other identifying markings visible. Both planes had two engines attached to rear fuselage like old DC-9's.
Sky's where clear and blue on all four occasions. Daylight Stealth! I work at a chemical plant located on the north side of a slight hill approx: 3 miles south, south west of a major power plant ( Barry steam plant)
Thank you to the witness for the report.
Port Townsend, Washington Lights In A Pyramid Pattern
Date: January 18, 2005
Time: Dusk
Then on the 18th we were driving at dusk from one peninsula away from ours. We were about to cross the Hood Canal Bridge (a big floating bridge that opens for marine traffic-often submarines from the Bangor military base) when we saw what at first looked like 2 airplanes flying directly above one another-about 100 feet apart. They each had 3 white lights in a pyramid pattern. They swooped around in a way that planes can't and then disappeared (into the water? we couldn't tell).
A little bit later we saw a huge bright light in the sky-bigger than a star, hovering over Port Townsend (which is near Whidby Island-there is a military base there). After a minute it developed a whole bunch of colored lights around it and then suddenly disappeared. During the drive home-about an hour and 20 minutes, we saw at least a half dozen different objects-some triangular 3 light objects, some bright lights with colored lights around. We also saw some planes, and it was easy to tell the difference.
Thank you to the witness for the report.
Phoenix, Arizona Jet And Dark Object Plus Jet & Orb Clip
Date: January 19, 2005
Time: 5:34 p.m.
I was going through some video of a plane with a short contrail, maybe chemtrail, at sunset and the location of the sun made the contrail/chemtrail light up like there was a fire in the sky right behind the plane. If I didn't see the plane then I would have guessed it was a meteor cutting through the atmosphere. When I looked through my binoculars to see more detail I noticed a black object next to the trail wobbling towards the North very slowly. I thought it might be balloons but since the wind was coming from the Northeast that day and the object traveled North I ruled the balloons out.
Unfortunately it does have the characteristics of balloons except for another thing, it moved in a straight line. It never gained altitude. The object might have been 1000'-1500' high and probably 15'-25' in diameter. The object was probably 5 or 6 miles from my location, not close enough to make me 100% sure but it did wobble against the wind, there were no wings and it went in a straight line never gaining altitude. That's not normal and that's why I sent this to you. Also, I almost forgot to tell you, this was the third time in 4 days that I have seen an object by a chemtrail of some sort. That's not normal either. What are the odds that balloons are going to pop up right next to a chemtrail that many times. I will send you the other clip as well.
Video clip #1 Phoenix, Arizona Jet And Dark Object 3.40 mbs
Video clip #2 Phoenix, Arizona Jet Trail And Orb 2.67 mbs
Date: January 22, 2005
Time: 12:32 p.m.
Thank you to the witness for the interesting
report, pictures and video footage.
Video clips and pictures are ©2004RichG.
To view photos and clips: 48
Satsuma, Alabama Another White Object Filmed
Date: January 23, 2005
Time: 10:28 a.m.
Was outside this morning in Satsuma, Alabama at 10:28 am when I noticed a flash in the sky south of my position about 75 degrees up next to a small cloud. Having my digital camera with me I decided to put it in movie mode and shoot a little video in the general area of the flash. Upon downloading the clip and watching it I found a fast moving object in several frames. The total clip length is 16 seconds. Satsuma
This is the first frame that the object appears in at 5.34 seconds into the video. The object is at the top of the frame to the right of center.
The object appears again in this frame at 6.43 seconds at the top of the frame right of center again. In the very next frame at 6.47 seconds the object can be found nowhere. (did not include that frame here)
Then in the very next frame at 6.50 seconds the object appears again as seen above at the top of the frame, left of center. After this the object does not appear for some time.
The object re-appears in this frame at 15.66 seconds. Its hard to see in this frame capture so I have drawn a circle around it.In the very next frame at 15.69 seconds the object cannot be found (again that frame is not included). I take it that the object must have be in the cloud in that frame.
Because in the very next frame at 15.72 seconds the object re-appears in the upper part of the frame left of center.
No sound was heard and the wind was out of the north around 20 mph gusting higher. Temps in the 20's.
To view photos: 28
Thank you to the witness for the interesting report and photos.
Port Angeles, Washington Saucer Shaped Object Constantly Changing
Date: January 27, 2005
Time: 5:10 p.m.
Number of witnesses: 4
Number of objects: 2-3
Shape of objects: Constantly changing.
Full Description of event/sighting: Coming out from picking up my son at after school program, looked up to see what at first looked like a big funnel cloud shaped puff of smoke. As I pointed it out to my son, it changed into a saucer shape, but also for a second looked like a flock of birds (lots of little shapes w/in one big shape). It quickly became clear it was not birds, and we stood there for 10 minutes watching it. It changed shape, and shimmered, and bits of it seemed to break off and then come back. I kept changing shape. It would turn sideways it seemed, & become almost invisible, then become very clear again. It most often retained a saucer-like shape.
It stayed in the same general area in the sky. Another mom & her son came out & we pointed it out to them. They watched it for a while also. It kept changing between looking very dense & looking almost invisible. My son said it looked like a "UFO that's cloaking device wasn't working". I have to agree. It was the weirdest thing I have ever seen. I can't stop thinking about it. I have seen weird lighted objects in the sky many times-infact several recently, but nothing like this. We all watched it for a while, then it broke into 2 shapes again and very quickly dropped down out of sight behind some trees.
Additional Information:
Hi Brian
I don't mind answering questions about this. I still have questions about it. I can't stop thinking about it. My son & I were talking about it again this morning.
The weather conditions were slightly cloudy.
It was in the eastern sky, slightly to the south. It was in between the horizon & straight overhead.
It stayed in the same general area for at least 10 minutes It moved fast as far as changing shapes, but stayed in the same area of the sky. It started out looking like a tornado shaped column of smoke or something. Then it spread out big, and it looked like there were a lot of little black shapes within the form. It kept changing around between being narrow looking and saucer shaped. Sometimes it was almost invisible, and then it would look very dense. Most often it looked like there was a saucer shaped object in the sky that was cloud camouflaged. I could see the outline, but it also looked like the clouds. A couple of times it broke into 2 or more shapes, then would come back together. It broke into 2 distinct saucer shapes before it dropped down out of sight behind some tall trees.
The area I saw it in was over a mostly residential section of town. There is a small municipal airport in the town, but this wasn't near it-we were facing away from the airport, and this wasn't the normal flight path area for planes.
There is no air force base here. There is a coast guard station, but this was more inland than I have ever seen one of their helicopters. There very well could be some kind of military/research facility here, but not one that is publicly known. We are right on the Straits of Juan de Fuca between Washington & Vancouver Island.
There was no light source emitting from it-that's what seemed so unusual to me.
I did not see any other aircraft near it.
There was a slight humming sound-I wasn't sure if that was coming from it or what.
There was no color really-at some points it looked like it was made up of thousands of black smaller objects, and then it was like the sky, only more dense, and kind of shimmery. That changed back & forth.
I wished I had a video camera. I only had my cell phone camera, which wouldn't have shown much.
Thank you to the witness for their report.
Bloomington, Indiana Red/Orange Orb Hovering In The Tree Tops
Date: January 27, 2005
Time: Approx: 9:30 p.m.
I don't have any footage to back it up just 3 witness's myself, Alice and John.
John was over here about 35 minutes ago he was on his way out the door after we were working on the page together, anyhow. John steps outside to leave and calls for me saying there is a bright object low in the western sky. I run over to the door and look and see a red/orange orb hovering in the tree tops. I thought maybe it was a star, but from experience I know to not second guess it..
Anyhow, I grab my binoculars, and watched it and it barely moved. Then it started flying north and grew in brightness. It began to move fast, I called for Alice, my wife, and she came to the door and looked, and said "which one?" I was like "huh?". Low and behold there is a second one lower in the trees moving north as well and just as bright as the other and fading from red to orange.
The objects went out of site, and John said he was taking off. About five minutes later John calls me and says he seen 5 objects hovering over Bloomington, and one moving west.
Thank you to the witness for the report.
Southern Scarborough, Ontario Multiple Objects Filmed
Date: January 27, 2005
Time: Daytime
Now that you have viewed the pictures, I can give you a detailed report of what I observed with my eyes. On Thursday January 27, 2005, I was facing south, cutting off the sun's direct rays with part of the building's top dock door, making it just right to view the rich blue sky. I noticed a single white (almost light) object moving from north to south heading towards Lake Ontario, which would be 4-5 miles away from my position.
Temperature was between - 16 to -20 degrees C. After the first one went by approx.100+ mph, I brought my camera to take photos. I noticed these objects moved in intervals, one at a time, about every 30-60 seconds. All were moving in a straight south flight path, about 1000-1500 feet high, I would guess. You only had a window about 6-10 seconds to view each one passing, due to the direct sun's rays to the south. I tried to show a co-worker having a smoke, her eyes were too sensitive to the sun's glare, and she also wears glasses. She tried, but gave up to quick, and left, after finishing her smoke.
Sad, she didn't have the patience,witnesses are helpful,but I feel photographic evidence is better than a 1000 witnesses now. I can tell you that all of the many objects viewed in the photographs were not seen with the naked eye, I saw one prominent object at a time, maybe two, not dozens. As seen in the photos. Brian, I have sent you previous photo's of orbs taken on the following dates: Thursday, January 6, 2005 and also Thursday, January 20, 2005 and now you have Thursday, January 27, 2005. Do you see a pattern? Not to mention the unmarked black helicopter, Thursday January 13, 2005 around the same time, 11:55 a.m. to 12:35 p.m. Today, on January 28, 2005, around the same time, viewed some more, and asked one of my previous UFO witnesses to view this one.
He said, yes!, I think I saw something, he too had problems with the sun's glare also. You can't start a spectacle too long at work. He seemed convinced he saw something, so we left it at that and I told him to leave my area, as he was not on lunch break. I snapped a couple more pictures, I'll send them to you if they are worth viewing. The good news is, I'm going video next week, and we'll see how that pans out!!!! Anything else you want to know, I'm here with you on this. I know there will be better photos and video coming in this year as it should pick up this spring like all the other previous sightings in the last two years, especially in the month of August. And brother I'm ready, even for contact!
Take care and thx very much. Enjoy!
Photos can be viewed at: 46
Thank you to the witness for the report and photos.
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