Witness To Irony -
Canada's Third Mad Cow

By Robert Cohen
New Year's Day, 2005, brought Canada its third case of Mad Cow, E-I-E-I-O.
Canadian officials quickly announced that the ten- year-old animal had not entered the food supply. How about her milk? What have Canadians been drinking during these past nine years of that cow's milking life? Duh.
Would you drink milk from a sane cow? I hope not. Drinking milk from a Mad Cows exposes humans to the same brain-wasting encephalitic disease.
Consider the logic. One cannot donate blood in the United States if he or she has lived in England. Yet, a cow filters 10,000 liters of her own blood through her udder each day. Many people call milk "white blood." Milk can contain the infectious particle which causes Mad Cow Disease.
Now for the great irony. A few years ago, America invaded Afghanistan, then Iraq. Many nations turned their backs on George Bush, II. Canadians would not send troops nor lend support. America's national anthem was booed when the New York Rangers and Islanders played hockey games in Montreal and Toronto.
In the best example of the elite ruling mob in Washington, the "don't get mad, get even" rule was applied. Shortly after the boos, the first case of Mad Cow Disease was discovered in Canada. The United States immediately closed its borders to all cattle and meat trade. That embargo has remained in effect for 18 months, virtually destroying Canada's cattle and meat industry. During that embargo, America confirmed its own first case of Mad Cow Disease. We threatened nations who would place a similar embargo on our meat. Deals were made. However, our punishment of Canada continued.
Here's the irony. A few weeks ago, after much negotiation, it was decided that Canada had suffered enough. An announcement was made that the borders would again be opened to meat trade. So, in the spirit of "great timing," Canada health officials announced the case of another newly identified Mad Cow. Bureaucrats on both sides of the fence, desiring not to kill secret deals having nothing to do with human safety, issued press releases to assure Canadian and American meat producers that Mad Cow Disease is a mere illusion. The borders will soon be opened, because the embargo was never really about Mad Cows. Canada is our friend again. Don't you feel safe that somebody is looking out for your interests?
Robert Cohen



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