Overthrow Of The American
Republic - Part 68

By Sherman H. Skolnick
It was a time of throwing stones. It was an era of an eye for an eye. Treason, long tolerated, will not much longer be endured, was, however, an idle pass word.
Experts on upheaval were studying the fault lines. People-quake students tried to get a handle on the early warning systems. Secret societies and their aristocracies examined their options.
Could those in the high windows, ready to piss down on peons, get away with more deception? Blame more on the Moslems? Stage another supposed "terrorist" horror? Set loose another private army of alarmists and neurotics to scrape away the last of the insulation between raw nerves and arrogant power publicly flaunted?
Through digital rants, amateurs as bloggers, circulate their Internet visions of insurrection. Do Americans really know how to carry off a successful Revolution? Who persuaded narrow-brains that the American mercantile class, rising up against the Crown in London, constituted a genuine "Revolution"? How many professors, with or without tenure, dare write that President Franklin D. Roosevelt was one of the greatest counter-revolutionaries in History?
Passing out bags of flour amidst "Fireside Chats" and such, FDR cooled down the rage of the foreclosed and the unemployed. A barrage of alphabet-soup Federal Agencies, kept idle hands from picking up the bomb and the gun.
With FDR's control, the Red Flag of Hope interwoven with Despair, never became the Black Flag, of "Kill the Rich Bastards!" Nevertheless, the Ultra Rich fortified some of their mansions, some building machine gun emplacements. The Injustice Department in Washington was equipped with machine gun nests.
The unpaid teachers and other local county and city employees, sent home with near worthless scrip, vented their anger against "The Jews!" The belly bombast was certainly well fed in places like Chicago, where the City Hall toilet paper money was redeemed with dented cans of beans peddled by a Department Store chain with a Jewish name, Goldblatts Brothers. Actually, the stores offered bargains through low-cost slightly damaged merchandise and were generally sympathetic to the plight of the poor and the jobless. Plainly, hate needed an easy target.
Among the industrialized nations, the U.S. is the most heavily armed populace. Americans go beyond mere hunting deer with a rifle. They don military-like garments and with their friends, go off into the woods to shoot at each other with paint-balls. Yet, when the Ultra Rich, the Establishment, "the powers that be"---that is THEM---the Ruling Class as labeled by some, mutter "To Hell With The Middle Class!", few if any American gun owners reach under their bed for their weapons.
Overseas, non-Ammericans in their own cynical tone and lingo, snort "American fools are All Mouth!" Realists realize that without a Second Amendment, no Bill of Rights exists as against a Bill of Wrongs.
Fatalists, in a moment of extreme anguish, may well cry out, TABERNACLES OF TRAITORS PROSPER, AND THOSE THAT BRIBE HIGH COURT JUDGES ARE SECURE.
More coming. Stay tuned.
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